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THE CARDIFF and BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS NAUTILUS, JOHN ALLEN, Commander. I XiABY CHARLOTTE, HENRY JEFFERY, Commander, ARE INTENDED TO SAIL V-l\(I "Ur' '^e WEEK, a« follows— (From the Bute Ship Dock.) FROM CARDIFF SEP. 27.. Monday Nautilus .2 afternoon 28..Tuesday L ady Charlotte 3 afternoon 29.. Wednesday. Nautilus 3j afternoon 30..Thursday .Lady Charlotte 9 morning CC,r. I..Friday Nautiltis. 6 morning 2..Saturday Lady Charlotte KliOM BRISTOL. | SEP. 27.. Monday Lady Charlotte 3 afternoon 28..Tuesday .Nautilus. 8 morning 29.. Wednesday Lady Charlotte morning 30..Thursday Nautilus 6 morning OCT. J.. Friday. Lady Charlotte 2..Saturday Nautilus 6 morning Cllrridgeand Horses must be along-side all hour and a half previous to the time of Sailin, otherwise they Cannot be Shipped, in consequence of Locking through the New Docks. FARES; — After Cabin. 5s.—Fore Cabin,3s. Children under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.— Dogs, Is each. A Female Steward attends on Board both Packets. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Four-Wheel Carriage, zls.; Two-Wheel Carriage, 10s 6d.; H., rses, fjs. each; Horse and Rider. After Gabi n Os.; Fore Cabin, 7s. 6d.; Cattle, 6s. j Sheep, Is. 6d I These Fares include every expense. q::?* Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the NAUTILUS to be sent to No. If, Quay Street, or to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin Locks; and for the LADY Cll AliLOTTK, to Clare Street .Hall, Marsh Street, Bristol. Goods will he hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets, at the. expense of the Companies, Merthyr, Newbridge. Aberdare, Cowbridge, Bridycnd, I;Iantrissetit,atid Cae)-philly.-Goo(is forwarded to these Plaoes in Spring %Vaggoyi- and l,ock-iii) Citiial Boats im- mediately on arrival, unless ordered by any particular conveyance, in which case tlioy will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.—Freight to be paid on deliverv. Goods, Package-, Parcels, &c. forwarded to allpar's of the Kingdom witlioii-(ielay, when sen t to either of ther Steam Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to Freight, &c. will be readily obtained by applying to the Agents. Mr Woodman, Agent, at the Packet Office on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr John Griffith Jones, Agent, No. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the NAUTILUS Par. Itet; and of Mr Donovan, at the Packet Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to MrW. B. Owen, 29, Avon Cres- cent, Hotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CHARLOTTE Packet. NOTICE.— The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, Leakage or otherwise) unless Booked at either of their Oifices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value of 40s., unless entered at its value, and Carriage in pro- portion paid for the same, at the time of Booking.— Goods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees All goods to be considered aR lieiis, not ouly for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously Iln- satisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets. Disputed weights or measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannt t be allowed, ullles a written notice of the same be sent it, the OiEce on the day of delivery. Gilestoa IVSanor, near Cowbridge, GLAMORGANSHIRE. IMPORTANT SALE OF FARMING STOCK. STo be SoiiJ jiurtioit, By Mr. T. WATKINS, On the above PREMISES, on THURSDAY, the 30th SEPTEMBER, 1841, and following Day, THE whole of tlio FARMING STOCK, and IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, the Pro- perty of the liev. JOHN EDWARDtS. consisting of 104 Jireeding Ewes, 52 Ycarline ditto, 77 Lambs, 6 Rams, 4 Ram LamLs; several Milch Cows and Heifers in Calf, 2 Spayed Heifers, 7 good Oxen, 2 Fat ditto, several Yearling Steers, Heifers and Cal-cs; 5 strong Cart Horses, one entire, a'Mare in Foal, a well-bred Filly rising four, (by Hercules). 2 ditto rising three, one Yearling ditto, a Clever Bay Hack rising six. 5 Sows with Pigs, and in farrow, 15 young Pigs, and one Boar. The IMPLEMENTS are Two good Waggons, strong Carts, Three-Wheel Butt, with several Sets of Harness, Iron and Wood Ploughs, Drags, Harrows, Stone and Wood Rollers, Corn Sacks, Sieves, Screens, Bins, Cattle Cribs, Pis Troughs, Hay-making Machine, Win- nowing ditto. Chaff-cutter, Hurdles, Pikes, Rakes, &c. The Sale will begin precisely at Eleven o'Clock, to commence with the Live S ock, and Three Monti s' Credit will be. ¡:i"pn to Purchasers of £20 and upwards, Upon such security as shall be approved of by the Auctioneer. The Cattle are of the Pure Devon, excepting a few crossed with the Hereford the Sheep are of the Leicester and Cotswold; the Pigs, Berkshire and Chinese. The Auctioneer earnestly recommends the above very Superior Stock to the attention of the Agrictiltiti-ists of tli and the adjoining Counties, especially the Cattle, Sheep and Pigs, which have been selected with great care and expence, and cannot be surpassed in the prin- cipality. N.B. The whole will be put up in suitable Lots, and sold without Reserve. GLAMORGANSHIRE. o lie Uet, AND ENTERED ON IMMEDIATELY, ALL thai COLLTLRY and COAL WORK, com- monly known by the name of the RHYGOS COLLIERY, situate and being at RHYGOS, in the Parish of YSTRAD Y FODWG, in the County of GLAMORGAN, with all the Machinery and Ap- paratus used or employed in working the same. The above Coal Field comprises an area of Several hundred acres of Land, and contains Six workable Beds or Strata of Coal, varying from Three to Eighteen Feet in Thickness; some of the lowest or which are of the Anthracite description. The nine feet Vein has lately been found to be of superior qualify. An extensive Range has recently been opened upon it at the Baily Glaes Farm. A great quantity of Coal might be obtained from this Colliery at a cheap rate of working, and there are great facilities of conveyance of the produce by Tram Roads to the heads of the Neath and Aberdare Canals; from the former of which the Colliery is distant Two and a hatf mites only. There is a considerable Stock at the Colliery, consisting of Tram Waggons, Tram Plates, Weigh- Ing Ilaehiiie, &c. Also a number of new Canal Barges adequate to an extensive Trade, which Miglit either be included in the letting or taken at a valuation. A Coal Wharf, eligibly situated, at Britton ferry, with all the necessary conveniences thereon, ^ould also be let with the Colliery. R For terms of letting, applications should be made to Mr. Steel, Mining Engineer, Cardiff; ot, at the Office of Mr. E. P. Richards, Solicitor, Cardiff. Mr. Morgan Phillip, of Baily Glaes Farm, will SheNv (lie Colliery. FATAL ACCIDENT.—Some man, name unknown, was run over and killed by the Aherystwith Mail, on the road between Tcwksbury and Cheltenham, on Saturday evening last. It appears the man was lyin>> across the road in a state of intoxication, and met his death in this awful manner, through the effects of k his own imprudence, THE ADVERTISER, AND GMTiM MMilM R IS PUBLISHED EARLY EVERY SATURDAY MORNING, AT THE OFFICF., !Q)1JlTrn (ft&roSIPE9. GENERAL PRINTING, S;J J ¿J œ II (])I1' llfj œ "i:l AND BOOKSELLING ESTABLISHMENT, HENRY WEBBR, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. PROPRIETOR and PUBLISHER of the above -L Journal, respectfully announces that his arrange- ments are now fully I completed for carrying on the above Business, in all its branches; and trusts, by moderation of charges, beauty of workmanship, and expedition, to merit a share of public patronage and support. ORDERS FOR Books. Magazines, and Periodicals, EXECUTED ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE; ]PME\,YUEW (GI Of every description in a superior style, THE EXTENSIVE 17artett) of Dttotrern (!tV).1£, BEING ADAPTED FOR BOOK, PLAIN, AND ORNAMENTAL WORK; HANDBILLS, lJILLS OF LADING, SHIPPING NOTES, attrticiteirirol (ratateguro, PUBLIC NOTICES, LAW FORMS, AND EVERY DESCRIPTION OF WORK rns<sm, PRINTED ON ht ^ftortrsit Hotter, In the best manner and most reasonable Terms; /Æ.(!J@w! RULED TO PATTERN, AND MANUFACTURED ON THE PREMISES; IV ALL ITS BRANCHES, COMBINING ELE- GANCE WITH CHEAPNESS AND DURABILITY, AGENT FOR THE BRITISH FIRE OFFICE. AHOHDEIIS directed to the GUARDIAN OFFICE, DUKE-STIIKET, Cardiff, will be promptly attended to, and satisfactorily executed. TAFF VALE RAILWAY. TIIE DIRECTORS are now ready to Receive TENDERS for LOANS of MONEY in Sums of not less than TWO HUNDRED POU N i)S upon (he Security of the Loan Notes, to be issued under the Company's Seal, hearing interest at the rate of 6 per Cent. per Annum, payable Half-yearly, enitlins; the Holder to receive Mortgage Dehen'uies of the Company, deliverable in the Month of FEBRUARY, 1843 or TENDERS may be addressed to the undersigned, at the COMPANY'S OI FICI., Cardiff; or to Ifessrs. TI,YN, I Halifax; AND Co., Bankers, London; Mr. wii. MALLARD, 27, Small Street, Bristol. JOSEPH BALL, Secretary. TsffVale Railway Office, Cardiff, Sept. 10, 1S41. NEWPORT DOCK. Tenders for Loans on Bonds. NEWPORT DOCK COMPANY are prepared, ) under the Powers of their Acts of Parliament, to receive TEN DEHS for the LOAN of MONT. Y, in Slims of not less than TWO HUNDRED POUNDS each, and for a Term of not less than Three Years, and to grant the said Company's Bonds as Security for the same, bearing interest at the rate of 5p rCent. per Annum If required, the personal guarantee of some of the principal Shareholder will be given for the due payment of Principal and Interest. Application to be made to the Secretary at the DOCK OFFICE, Newport. By order, JER. CAI liNS, Secietary. "ewport, Monmouthshire, September 9, 1841. GLAMORGANSHIRE. GENERAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. rpHE next ANNUNT, SPECIAL GENERAL MEET- | ING of this SOCIETY, will be held at the BliAP. INN. Cowt;r.II)Gr., on TUESDAY, the 2blh day of SEPTEMBER instant, where the COMMITTEE are requested to attend, at Half-past Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, to arrange the general Business of the day. Certificates for the Exhibition of Stock to he sent to the Secietary, on or before SVIURDAY, the 25th; and ;»ll Stock to be in the Field before Ten o'clock of the day of Show, or they cannot be afterwards admitted. As many SUliSCHIBERS are still in ARIiEAR, it is particularly requested that the respective amounts ina v be remitted to the Treasurer forthwith; in order that the account may be closed, EDWAHD BI5ADLF.Y. Cowbridge, 7th Sep., 1841. Secretary and Treasurer. MURDER AT ESKDALE. —On the morning of Tuesday so'nttight, Mrs. Robinson, wife of Mr. W. Robinson, a farmer, residing at Kskdalc-side, near Whitby, was left alone at home, following her avo cations, her husband having gone to Mgton market, and the servants being at the harvest fields. She was last seen by a Mr. Hill, of Iburndale, miller, who called at the house about half past ten o'clock. At noon, when the servants returned from the harvest field to dinner, they discovered the unfortunate woman laid lifeless upon the kitchen floor on her side, with her face towards thr; ground, surrounded by a pool of blood. On raising her body her neck was found severed from the trunk. The kitchen was all in a confusion, and the house ransacked. From a desk. which bore traces of the fingers of the murderer, being in several places stained with bloody finger marks, thirty-two sovereigns were abstracted, and a box be- longing to some of the servant men was broken open, and a pocket-book coniaining a quantity of silver, taken away, which they afterwards found about 200 yards below the house, in a field leading to the rail- road. Behind the kitchtvi lire a clasp knife, the handle of which was partly burnt, and the blade marked with blood, was found, with which, doubtless, the murderer had committed his crime. An inquest was held on the body on Wednesday, and also, by adjournment, oil Thursdav, when the jury returned a verdict of ilful murder against some person or persons unknown." Two Irish reapers, who had been seen near the house during the morning of Tuesday, were apprehended oil suspicion, and investigated by the Whitby magistrates, who remanded them until the coroner's inquest was concluded, when they were discharged. There arc several incidents (circum- stantial) relative to the murder, which stamp a strong conviction on the public mind that this atrocious crime has been the act of some person well acquainted with tbe premises, DIOCESE OF LLANDAFF. ORDINATION. rlIIE LORD BISHOP of the DIOCESE < intends to hold a GENERAL ORDINATION in the CATHEDRAL CHURCH of LLANDAFF, on SUNDAY, the TWENTY-SIXTH day of SEPTEMBER next. The requisite Papers must be sent by the Candidates addressed to the said Lord Bishop at Hardwick House, Chepstow, on or before the 0th day of September next. BY ORDER OF THE LORD BISHOP. EDWARD STEPHENS, N. P. D. Registrar Llandaff, 2nd August, 1841 Diocese of Llalldaff. ORDER OF CONFIRMATION THROUGHOUT THE DIOCESE. THE LORD BISHOP of LLANDAFF will JL hold CONFIRMATIONS at the following places this year, viz. :—. At Cowbridge Monday. 27 Cardiff. Tuesday ———— 28 Llantrisant. Wednesday.. ———— 29 Bridgend Thursday. ———— 30 Neath Friday October I Merthyr Saturday. ———— 2 1 iedegarWorks.. Monday. 4 Abergavenny Tuesday ———- 5 Skenfreth. Wednesday.. 6 Llantilio Cres- ? J senny -inursday 7 Raglan Friday 8 Trelleck Saturday. 9 U sk Monday. ———— 11 Pontypool Tuesday ———— 12 Caerleon Wednesday.. ———— 13 Divine Service will commence at each place at Eleven o'clock. The Clergy of the several Parishes will furnish their Candidates with Cards in the following form :— A. B. Examined for Confirmation, and approved, by me, C. D., Minister of E-. The Cards will be delivered to the Chaplain in attendance on the Bishop at each place of Confir- mation, to whom also each Parochial Minister will give a List, containing the number, names, and ages of his Candidates. It is expected that the Candidates will bring their Prayer Books with them, and that they will make the requistte"responses in an audible voice. BY ORDER OF THE LORD BISHOP. 2nd August, 1811. PEEPINO TOM; OR NOTES OF LONDON LIFE of this week. Contains CO.MINO TO TilE SCRATCH or a peep at the POLITICA L HDiG. With a Caricature Illustration. Our Leader WHO ARE YOU? or the HO US K OF LORDS ATCOVIiN- TH Y. Sheridan Papers. YVAti and PI5\CK. A com- parison, bv Richard Brinsley Sheridan, (never before published.) A full description of all who figured at the late VatixhaU Masquerade. Plav at the Royal Marine Theatre, called the. BLACK FLAG, or the I;Elt 11,1, of a FISHMONGER'S LIFE; Characters by well-known Personages in Billingsgate. Curl Papers On Gennine Wit—Retort (iotir coils-tj(,r Majesty and Melbourne on the choice of a Speaker—What i, riancin?. Gold, Dutiful Children—Astocial Scheme. PE10PIN(J TOW in the CORN MAKIvlil'. Leave untaxed the People's crust. Our Lord Mayor's Court. Theatricals, Martinuzi, the Press, and (he Haymarket Lessee. Brevities. The Captain en his Lees A just remark; A Literary Pun 13 rough run and Fitzdarence Substance not Shadow; The Wicklow Penchant; Going; the whole Hiw' BRITISH aud IRISH MINING COMP.Y! (Jem the Se l. An Irish Tailor. GRli.VT WESTERN I i, .IV,\ I'1 cutting commentary on the Folk of Aberdeen, Brighton, Bri-tol, Chaprltown, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Dover, Leeds, york, Shoreham, &c. &c. Gems of Gallautry. The Chinese Women and the British Soldier; Naomah and courage to o!d Maids • The Maid Servant's Friend. Our Parliamentary 111- telligeiiee, or the HOUSE OF UN-COM \]O\S. Peep at the Papers. Fiddler's Ode to his Fiddle. Peeping Ton. at Aberdeen, Brighton, and his visit to the Swiss Gardens, Shorehatn. The Blackguard Browbeating System at the English Bar. Plate Glass Couipary. And all the Spirit and Wit of London Lite. Published every Saturday, Price Twopence, by J. Crash, 9, Agar Street, Strand and \V. Strange. 21, Paternoster it,) \v.-lient-y Webber, agent for Caruiff. f- PATSOKS, HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY. HIS LATP. 1OT GRACIOUS MAJESTY HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF THE BELGIANS HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF FRANCE. And most of the Royal Family. C James Johnson, Physician Extraordinary to his late Majesty. Arthur T. Holroyd, Physician to St. Mary-le-bone Dispensary. T. Hodgkin, M.D., Lecturer on Morbid Anatomy, at Guy's Hospital. H. Howlcy, M.D., Physician to the Aldersgate-street Dispensary. G. H. Wcrtherhead, Lecturer on Moteria Medica and Therapeutics. T. Castle, Physician to St. Mary's llall, and to the Brighton Dispensarv. Amos Middleton, Senior Physician to the Leamington Hospital. Charles London, Physician to the Leamington Bath- ing Institution. D. Davies, Surgeon to their late Majesties Jonathan Pereira, F. L.S., Lecturer on Materia Medica. F. Tyrrell, 17, New Bridge-street, Surgeon to St. Thomas's Hospital. George Pilcher, M.R.C.S. L., Lecturer on Anatomy, Webb-street. F. Salmon, Consulting Surgeon to St. John's Hospital Jairett Dashwood, Surgeon to the Royal Humane Institution. C. Millard, Demonstrator of Anatomy at the School of Webb-street. J. Harrison Curtis, Auristto his late Majesty. THE above, and Two Hundred and Eight other -L Medical Gentlemen, have given the most fiatterill certificate, of the great value and superiority of WOODIIOUSE'S ETHEREAL ESSENCE OF JAltSAICA GINGDU, Which is par icutarty recommended to all Cold, Phleg. matic. and Nervous Constitutions. It is certain in affording instant relief in Cholera Morbus, Spasms, Cramps, Flatulence, Hysterics, Heartburn, Hiccup, Loss of Appetite, Sensation of Fulness, Pain and Oppression after Meals; also those Paius of the Stomach and Bowels, which arise from Gouty Flatulences; Digestion, however much impaired, is restored to its pristine state, by the use of this Essence for a short time. In Mottles, 2s. 6d.: 4s. (id. glass-stopped, 10s. 6d.: and 2ls. each. Balsam of Spermaceti, Coughs, Asthmas, Shortness of Breath, Weazing, Colds, Soreness. Tightness and Oppression of the Chest, and most affections of the Chest and Lungs relieved in ten minutes, by taking one dose of WOODIIOUSE'S BALSAM OF SPERMACETI, Oil PECTORAL COUGH DROPS. Persons doubting the efficacy of this Medicine may take a dose in the Proprietor's shop before they purchase. The Proprietor earnestly recom- mends a trial of these Drops to persons afflicted with the above complaints,[but he does not introduce them as being an infallible cure (as many do), but is warranted in as- setting their efficac y from the extensive relief afforded in numerous "ascs of the above description. Constitutional Coughs of three, four, and more years standing, have been cured in the course of a week by the use of these Drops, tn)he Hooi ing and Chin Coughs it will be found equally valuable; it will at all times release the most violent Consumptive (1ough. In Bottles, Is. I £ d.; 2s. 9d 4s. 6s.; and 10s. Cd. each. Prepared solelv by P. n, GREGORY (who has pur- chased the lieceipts). at his Laboratory, Church-street, Hackney and may be had Retail of every Chemist in the United Kingdom. V Ue sure ask for WOODHOUSE'S, GLAMORGANSHIRE. NOTICR IS HEREBY GIVEN. That the Next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the said County, WILL BE HOLDEN at the GUILDHALL, in the Town of SWANSEA, On TUESDAY, the Nineteenth day of OCTOBER next, At Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, when and where all Jurors, Prosecutors, and Witnesses are required to attend. All Appeals and Traverses must be entered before the Opening of the Court, and the several parties thereto be prepared to proceed therewith. At Half-past Eleven o'clock the Juitices assembled will proceed to the business relating to the Assessment. Application, and Management of the County Stock or Hate, and to the ititei-nal Kotu'ati,,ris of the County. All Bills and demands against tlie County Stock must be delivered into the O.Tico of the Clerk of the Peace Fourteen days before the Sessions and all costs given or allowed by the Court must be taxed at the same Sessions, or they will not afterwards he allowed, the several acting Magistrates are requested to return all Depositions into the Office of the Clerk of the Peace at Cardiff, on or before Friday, the 15 day of October next. WOOD, Cardiff, Sept. 23d, 1841. Clerk of Peace. GLAMORGANSHIRE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That at the NEXT GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS o:* the PEACI, to be HOLDES at SWANSE\, in and for the said County, on the Nineteenth day of OCTO- BER next, the Justices then and there assembled will, at Twelve of the Ciock at NoolI of such day, proceed to take into consideration the provisions of an Act made and passed in the Second and Third Years of Her present Majesty's reign, intituled •• An Act for the Establishment of County and District Constables by the authority of Justices of the Peace," and also of another Act passed in the Third and Fourth Yeats of her present Majesty's reian, intituled An Act to Amend the Act for the Establishment of County and District Constables" and to make and enter into such Rules, Orders, and Resolutions relating thereto, as may be thought expe- dient.—Dated this 23rd day of September, 1811. WOOD. Clerk of Peace. Norwich Union Societies. OFFICES. London—Crescent, New Bridge Street, Blackfriars. Edinburgh—Princes Street. Dtiblin-Capel Street. Norwicli-Suri-y Street. Fire Insurance Society. CAPITAL, £ 550,000. DIRECTORS. rresident,-E. T. Booth, ES1., Norwich. Vice- President,— Lieutenant-Colonel Harvey. Anthony Hodson, Fsq. George Morse, Esq. William Herring, Esq. Colonel Sir R. J. Harvey, C.B. Charles Evans, Esq. Isaac Jenny, Esq., Recorder of Norwich. Edward Steward, Esq. Captain Biakiston, H. N. Lewis Evans, Eso., M. n. William Martin Sep¡¡in\ Eq, Samuel Bignold, E-q Secretary. Insurances are granted by this Society on Buildings, Good" Merchandise, and Etfects; Ships in Port, Haibotir, or Dock from Loss or Damage by Fire, in any part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. It is provided by the Constitution of the Society, that the Insured shall be free from all responsibility, and to guarantee the engagements of the Office, a Fund of £ 550,000 has beensubscrib-d by a numerous and opulent Proprietary. Returns are periodical!j, made to the Parties Insuring. The Business of the Company now exceeds Fifty-seven Millions, placing it amongst the largest Fire Insurance Establishment in the Kingdom, RICHARD EVANS, Nutional Provincial Bank, Cardiff, Agent. Iiife Insurance Society. ESTABLISHED 1808. DIR KCTORS. PRESIDENT. Lieutenant-Colonel Harvev, Thorpe Lodge. V I C E P It K S l" I) E NT, Isaac Jermy, Esq., Stanfield Hall, Recorder of Norwich. Edward Temple both, Esq.. HoJncy Street, Norwich, Cotonel Sir U. J. Harvey, C. B., T. Steward, Esq., Dr. Evaus, &c. &c. Secretary, Samuel Bigaold Esq., Norwich, Actuary, IJichard Morgan, Esq., Norwich. This Institution was founded on the original principles of the London Equitable, with various Improvements; among the most prominent of which, is a Reduction ot the Rates of Premium of nearly One-tenth. Its Capital now exceeds £ 1,700,000. Its Income from Premiums, X19il,000 per Annum; and its Annual Issue of Policies is between Five and Six Hundred, Bonuses were decla-ed at General Meetings, held in the years 1810, 1S23, and 1830, by which, add tions to J the amount of £ 445,798 have been made to the sums Insured. The present state of the Society is that of a sound and prosperous concern. The FIRE and LIFE OFFICES are wholly distinct. RICHARD EVANS. National Provincial Bank, Cardiff, Age.t. BRECONSHIRE V SESSIONS. jVTOTICE IS BEREBY GIVEN, that the next, GENERAL QUA RCElt SESSIONS of the PE\CE for the County of Brecon will be held at the SHIRE HALL, in BRECON; in and for the said County ou MONDAY, the 18th day of OC rOBER, 1811, at one o'clock in the Afternoon, at which hour and place the business relating to the Assessment, Application, or Management of the County Rate or Stock will commence. Grand and Petty Jurors, Prosecutors, Appellants, Re- spondents and Witnesses, must attend on TU ESDA Y, the 10th day of OCTOBER, 1841, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. Depositions must be forwarded to the Cleik of the Peace Seven clear days before the Sessions, and, in all cases arisin" subsequently.immediately upon being taken. NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN, That all persons haviug claims upon the County, in respect of work done and articles furnished for the use of the County Gaol, must attend with their accounts before the Visiting Magistrates, at the Gaol, on Tuesday, the Twelfth day of October, 18H, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon; and persons having other claims upon the County, must attend with their accounts before the Magistrates, at the Shire Hall, Brecon, on Monday, the loih day of October, 1841, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, when such several accounts will be audited. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY LASTLY GIVEN, That all Costs of Prosecutions to be allowed by the County must be taxed at the same Sessions previous to or during which they shall be incurred, or they will not afterwaids be allowed Brecon, Sep. 18, 1811. POWELL, Clerk of the Peace fK the Cou ty of Brecon. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that RICHARD LAMBERT, of MERTHYR TYDVIL, in lh, County of GLAMORGAN, IRONMONGER, (carrying on Business under the style or firm of RICHARD LAMBKRT and COMPANY"), haib, by Indenture, bearing date on or about the 31st day of July last. AS- SIGNED all his ESTATE and EFFECTS, wha-soever aud wheresover, unto WILLIAM JONATHAN BEET, of SHEFFIELD, in the County of YORK, FACTOR, THOMAS LANG, of the City of BRISTOL, IRON MERCHANT, and JOHN PHILLIPS HODGKINS, of BIRMINGHAM, in the County of WARWICK, FACTOR, upon the Truss therein mentioned, for the benefit of all the Creditors of the said Richard Lambett, which said Indenture was duly executed by the said Richard Lambert, on the said 31st day of July last, and by tlie said Thomas Lang, on the lOui day of August last; and by the sa'd William Jonathan Beet, on the 1 Ith day of August last; and by the said John Phillips Hodgkina, on the 121h day of August last, and tin- execution thereof by the said biehard Lambert ant: William Jonathan Beet, respectively, is attested by Edward Hat ley, of the Citv of Bristol, Solicitor; and the execution thereof by the said Thomas Lang, is attested by Charles Ewens Dcacon, of Southampton, Solicitor, nnd the execution thereof by the said John Phillips Hoiigkins, is attested hv Timothy Smith Ryland, of Birmingham, aforesaid, Solicitor. And, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the said Indenture now lies at the Offices of Mr Edward Harley, No. 130, Broad Street, Biistol, for execution by those Creditors wlii. have not yet executed the same. EDWAllD HARLEY, Solicitor. have not yet executed the same. 'i's atit EDWAllD HARLEY, Solicitor. HERO. Reduced Fares to Worcester and Birmingham. -0- ÆTIllfillillÆ11fIT@ 'S'E'Snia -0- THE Public arc respectfully informed, that the JL above COACH leaves tlio CARDIFF ARMS HOTEL, CARDIFF, for WORCESTER, every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY Mom- ing, at Half-oast Seven o'clock. and returns every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, passing through NEWPORT, USK. MONMOUTH, ROSS. LED BUtfY, and MELVERN WEl.LS.and arrivps in Worcester in time for a TRAIN to BIRMINGHAM, LIVERPOOL, LONDON, &c., the same Evening. The. Hero leaves Worcester the following Morning, en route, on the arrival of the lialf-past Eleven o'clock Train, which leaves Birmingham at half-past Nine. 1Pro be .lolb tm Vribate Contract. AN excellent FARM, with HOUSE and suitable Out-buildings thereon, situate in the Parish of MAGOR. consisting of about 91 Acres. Abo, an E:-iT-\TE in the adjoining Parish of UNDY, comprising about 93 Acres, incljsivc of 40 Acres of Wood. These Properties are situate only Eight Miles from the Town of Newport, and may be purchased together or separately. For further particulars applv to Colthurst Bateman, Esq., Bertholey House, Caerleon, Monmouthshire; or to Messrs White and Son, 11, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. tto he goto ti "g Siucticut, By Mr. W. B. WILLIAMS, On the PREMISES, in GEORGF,-STREET, on MON. DAY and TUESDAY, the 27th and 28th SEP- TEMBER, 1811, ALL that neat and MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CHINA, CUT GLASS, and an excellent assortment of Earthenware and other valuable Effects, the. Property of Captain BARNES, who is about to leave the neighbourhood. IN THE PARLOUR One Chimney Looki, g Glass, in a Gilt Frame, 37in. by 21m.; one Brussels Carpet, 15ft. lOin. by 12ft. 9in.; Hearth Run to match Eight Mahogany Chairs and Two Elbows, with hair seats; One Mahogany 80"a, with Chintz covering; One very handsome Mahogany Loo Table, nea. Iy new a splendid Piano Forte in Rosewood, by Tomkinson One Stool One Set of handso me Bell- pulls One Moreen Curtain and Pole, with Bands C(linl)lete One Set of Chimney Ornaments; One Brass Fender; One Sc-t of Fire Irons; Four Ottomans; One FuotStool; One Fnncv Bellows, and Four Shells. IN 'FHI? BACIC PARLOUR. One Chimney Locking Glrss, in a Gilt Frame, 37 and-a-half in hy 20 and-a-half in. One Set of Chimney Ornaments; One Carpet, lift. 2in. by 13ft. 3tn. Hearth Rug to match; One Brass Fender; One Tea Urn; One laree Mahogany Si ie Board, 6ft. by 2ft.; Three Mans; Oue Jpaa Tea Tray; One Set of Bell Pulls; One Moreen Window Curtain, Pole and Bands complete; Ten Canc-bottotn Chairs; T\\o Mahogany Portable Desks; One Set of Mahogany Dining Tables with a portable centre piece a Spirit Case and Bottles IN BED JlOOAt No. 1. One Oak French Bedstead, with Co'oured Furniture Six prime GoOse-Fcathrr Beds, Boltsters and Pillows, Sheets. Blankets, and Counterpanes, Straw .Mattras* One Child's Crib, One Looking G!as', in Mahogany Frame, Five Rush-bottom Chairs, One and Two Elbow Cane-bottom ditto, One Painted Ciiest Bedstead, One Painted Wash-stand and Ware, Bedside GVoets, One Oik. Chest of Drawers. Stair Carpets and Bras; Roils IN BED ROD" No. 2. Half-te«tcr Bedstead with Hed Moreen Furniture, One Feather Bed, One S raw Mattrass. One M;¡ho"anv TCII! Bedstead, and Bedside Carpet, One Oak Ward Kobe One large Swing Looking Glass, in Mahogany Fraui", One Painted Dressing Table, One Painted°Wa<hsand and Ware, One Wire Fender. One Painted Night Co.n- aiode. IN BED ROOM No. 3. One Oak Dressing Table, One Mahogany Fcmbrokc ditto, and a ?\Ioreen Window Curtain. IN BEi » ROOM No.' 4. One Mahogany Tent Bedstead with Moreen Furniture, One Down Bed, Pollster and Pillows, One Straw Mata trass, One, Mahogany Dressing Table, One Mahoganv Box Looking Glass, One Mahogany Wash-stand and Ware. One Mahogany W ardrobe. One Mahogany Night Commode, One White Window C'trtain and Pole. IN THE ATTIC. One Stump Bedstead, One Feather Bed, One Straw Mattrass.One Millputf ditto, One Swing Looking Glass in Mahogany Frame, Twoltush-bottom Chairs, One old Tent Bedstead. IN THE PASSAGE. One Glass Lamp, a ,d Floor Cloth. IN TIIE KITCHEN. One Mahogany Dining Table, One Kitchen Dresser, Six Beech Chans, and One Elbow ditto, One large Deal Kitchen lable. One square Oak di'tn, Six Meat Covers, Three Japan Tea Trays, Brass and Iron Candlesticks, One laige Iron Fcneer IN THE PANTiiY. Rummers, Tumblers. Decanters, Wïnr. Glasses, &c. Dinuer, Desert, Tea and Breakfast Services. IN THE YARD. Two Water Casks. Tubs, &c., together with an exten- sive assortment of Kitchen I1cqllisites. The Auctioneer begs the favour of an early attendance as the whole will be Sold in one day, if possible. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon precisely. ¿l4rt: <*> :fW -r- I, 1 COURTS LE'T AND BARON GLAMORGANSHIRE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That tlie COURTS LEET of our SOVEREIGN LADY THE QUEiN, and GENERAL COURTS BARON of The Most Honorable JOHN CIHC'ITON ST# A RT M A h'QCESS OF BUTE, and F. A I L () E DUMFRIES.' B ARON CARDIFF, of t ardiff Castle, Lord of the several Manors herein after d, will be holden at the times and Piaccs following :— For the Manors of L, s alyb mt, Roath Dogfield, Roath Tewkesbury, Spittle, White Fr;a:s and Kibbor, at the Dwelling-house of Amy lhomas, Innkeeper. called the Cross Keys situate in the Town of Cardiff, on Monday, the 4th day of October next, at One o'clock in the Afternoon. For the Manor of Glynronthy, at the Dwelling-house of David Naunton, Innkeeper, at Pandy, on Tuesday, the 5th day of October next, at 12 o'clock at Noon. For the Manors of Leqneth, Landough, Cogan, Cos- meston, and Walterstone, at the Dwelling-house of Nicholas Rimbron, Innkeeper, situate at Lequeth. on Wednesday, the 6th day of October next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. For the Manors of Senghenith supra et subtus, cum Membris Whitchurch,Rudry et Lanved\v,at the Dwelling house ot Nicholas Hopkins, Innkeeper, at Caerphilly, on Thursday, the 7tu day of October next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. For the Manor of cum Membris, P^ntyrch and Cluri, at the Town Hall" Lantrissent, on Friday, the 8th day of October next, at Ten 0 clock in the Forenoon For the Manor of Ruthin, at the Dwe litg- hollso of Martha Howell, Innkeeper, Lanharran, on Friday, the 8th day of October net, at One o clock in the Afternoon. For the Manor of Llanblethian, at the Dwelling- house of James Ballard, Innkeeper, situate at Cow- bridge, on Wednesday, the 13th day of October next, at 12 o'clock at Noon. For the Manors of Bovcrton, Lantwit, and Lantwi Rawley, at th^ Dweiling-house of nliatn John, Ion- Keeper, si uate at Lantwit Major, on Ihursday, the 1-lth day of October next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. For the Manors of Lanmaes, Bedford, and Malcfant, t the Dwelling-house of William Williams, Innkeeper, situate at Lanmaes, on Thursday, the 14,h day of Oc'oher next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. When and where all Persons who owe Suit and Service to the said several Conns are required to attend uid pay their respective Q »it Rents, Fines, and other Rents, dite to the Lord of tile said Manors. EDWARD PRIEST RICHARDS, Cardiff, 20th September, 1841, Steward, BRECON COUNTY REVISION. -VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ROBERT iX CHARLES NICHOLL, and WILLIAM MILBOURNE JAMES, EsQiiinES, the Barristers ap- pointed to HEVISE the LISTS of VOTERS for the COUNTY of BRECON, in the Year 1811, will make a Circnit of the said County during the present month of SEPTEMBER, and hold Courts for the purpose of IN vising such Lists, at the places and times undermen- tioued, and that each of the said Courts will be held at the hour of 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon, (that is to sav)- At the G WYNNE'S ARMS INN. COEDDYCYMMRR, on FRIDAY, the 21th day of SEPTEMBER, 1841, for the Parish as' of YAYN"OIi, 1'END ERRIN, ana YSTRADFELLTY. At the TOWN HALL, BRECON, on SATURDAY, the 25th, for the. Hamlet of GLYN, in the Parish of DEVYNNOCK, for the Parishes of LANSPYTHI i) and ST. DAVID'S, and for all the Parishes and Places in the Hundreds of MERTHYR and PENKELLY, (except Land ilorvane and Vavnor) and for the several Parishes and Places in the Borough of BRECON. At the CAMDEN ARMS Tit EC ASTLE. on MON DAY. the 27th, for the Hamlets of etA Y GLYN. TAWY. MAESCAR, and SENNY, in the Parish of DEVYNNOCK, and for the Parishes of LLYWELL, YSTR ADGUNL\ IS, and I.\NDILORVANE. At the TOWN HALL, CIJICKHOWELL, on TUES- I)AY, the 28th, for all the Parishes and Places in the Hundred of CRICKHOWELL, and also for the Hamlets of GKONEFUVK and G xONEFECHAN, in the Hundred of TALGARTH. At TALGARTH, on WEDNESDAY, the 29th, for all the Parishes and Places in the Hundred of TAL- GARTH, except the said Hamlets of Groneiawr and Gronefechan- And at the LION INN, BUILTH, on THURSDAY, the 30th of the same mouth of September, for all the Pa,slies and Places i,,x the Hiindred of Buii,,rij, an(i for all Places, if any, n; t hereinbefore appointed to attend at any other place. At which Courts the Overseers of the respective Parishes arc hereby required to attend, and verify their respective Lists of Voters, and of Persons objected to, or they mav be liable to a penalty of 1.500. London, September 13th, 18-11. CHURCH OF ENGLAND LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE INSTITUTION. "*J-OTJCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Interest, _LN at tho rate of FOUR per Cent, per Annum, on the Shares of this Institution, will be in course of pay- ment, at the Head Office, No. 6, King-William-Strcct, City, on and after the ht dav of September next. (By Order of the Board of Directors,) Aug. 18, 1811. WILLIAM E.NI.IIENS, Sec. CHURCH OF ENGLAND LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE, TRUST AND ANNUITY INSTITUTION, 6, King-William-Street, City.— Em- powered by Special Act of Parliament. TRUSTEES. The Right Hon. Lord Sinclair. U illimn Sloane, Esq. Sir John S. Forbes, Bart. Robeit Thurburn, Sen., Esq. PATRONS. Thrir Graces the Duke of Beaufort, and the Lor 1 Arch- bishop of Dublin; the Lords Viscount Beresford and Lorton the Right Reverend the Bishops of Oxford, St. David's, CTiichester, Meath, Elphin, Calcutta, and Jamaica, HONORARY DIRECTORS. The Very fiev. the Dean of Ardagh Samuel Baker, Esq., Lypiatt Paris, Gloucestershire Robert Bodle, Esq Woolston II ill, Essex Rev. B. S. Claxson, D.D., Gloucester; Hev. C. J. Fynes Clinton, Rectory, Crom- well; Sir C. B. Codrington, Bart.; C. W. (lo(Iringto,i, Esq., M.P.; Rev. C. Colo, Peterhead; Rev. A. G Cornwall, Ashcroft House, Kingsrote, Stroud; Sir R. H. Cunliffe, Bart., Acton Park, Wrexham; Rev. John J. Dimock, Rector of Lrppinaham, I'utland Hev. J Dudley. Bromyurd Ri v. Jonn Do*phin, Bath, Rector of Pebmar-h. &c.; Hon. and Rev. T. Erskine, Bi;hton Vicarge, Sheffield Rev. VV, R. Evaus, Kingslaud Rectory, Leominster; Rev. Evan Evans, Llanerinore, IZ tliin Richard Fotliergill, E*q Lowbridge House, Kendal Rev. W. Gray, Brafferton, Borotighhridge the Very Rev. the Dean of Guernsey; Joseph Halford, E<q., Charlemont Hall, StalTirdshi i e E.G. Hall-well, Esq., Long Court, Stlontl; H T. Hope, Esq, M^P. Thomas Holt, Esq., Itegi.nrar to the Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol; the Rev. Ilobert Harrison. Temple Sowerby Rev. Henry Hope, Rector of Christon, Somerset; Dr. Hoskins, Guernsey; the Very Rev. the Dean of Jersey Alexander Maealis er, Esq., Torrisdale Castle, Argvleshire Sir John NlacTicill, G.C.B. M'ni Robinson Matthews, Esq., Jersey Rev. W. Mayd, Withersfield, 1'ainbridgeshire jo-;eph Neeld, Esq., M.P.; John Neeld, E-q.l M P. Rev II. Nevill, Cottes- more the Hon. and iiev. B. W. Noel, Minister of St. John's Chapel, Bedford Rov Rev. W. Palmer. D D., Vicar of Yarcombe. Devon; the Sir George Provost, Bart.; Alexander Pringle, E.q., M.P.; VI. '~R. Sco't, Esq., 17, Devonshire Place Rev. James Shirley, Frettenham Rectory, Norwich; J. Sliipton, Esq., Gloucester; Rev. H. T. Tucker, Uppotterv Vicarage, Devonshire; v. 'I'll o iD as. rI lyrwhitt, Whitchurch; Rev. Wr. Walton, F.R.S., Allenhcads, Northumberland W. Preston White, Esq, Cork; the Rev. Daniel Wilson, Vicar of Islington; R. J. W i ickworth, Esq., Buckingham Street, Straud. DIRECTORS. William Sloane, Esq.. Chairman. J. Anderson, Esq., I Captain Macdougall. C.S. iot)ertso! INI.A. W. Camp Crane, Esq. George Sloane, Esq. H E.I C.S. i!ev. T. '"obertson, M.A. W. Camp Crane, Esq. George Sloane, Esq. 11. P. Hope, Esq. p, Heathcote Smith, Esq. B, Jackson, Esq. IJohert Thurburn, Sen., Esq Rev. H. J- Knapp, D.D, Sir William White. James Lamb, Esq. Rev. H. J- Knapp, D.D, Sir William White. James Lamb, Esq. I MEDICAL OFFICERS. Pliysici(in.-G. C. Child, M. P. Surgeo?a.-Ld ward Duflin, Esq. SURVEYOR. John Fulford, Esq., it, New Millman Street. SOLICITOR. E. M, Eiderton, Esq., 3, Lothbury. SECRETARY. William Etnmens, Esq. BANKERS. Messrs. Henies, Farquhar, & Co., St. James's Street. Union Bank of London, Moorgate Street. SCOTTISH BRANCH.— DIRECTORS,—Office, 4, Queen Street, Edinburgh. Ja- G. Grahanr., Esq. James Steuart, Esq., W.S. R. K. Greville, Esq., EL.D. William Stohart, Esq William Scott, Esq., W.S. Patrick Cheine, Esq. A. Urquhart, Esq Advocate T. G. Mackay, Esq., W.S. M.N. Macdonald, Esq. WS. Adam Hay, Esq., W.S. A. Urquhart, Esq Advocate T. G. Mackay, Esq., W.S. M.N. Macdonald, Esq. WS. Adam Hay, Esq., W.S. LIFE.-This Institution, while it grounds its title 'othe support of THE PUBLIC IN GENERAL, upon the sound principles on which it is founded, and oilers to them, combined in one Establishment, all the advan- tages presented by the numerous Metropolitan Assurance Companies, at Rates of Premium as low as are consistent with security, claims that of THE CLERGY more especially, on accal11.t of the appropriation of one clear tenth of the profits to the foimation of a Fund for the benefit of those of their body who may require, its aid, and the reduced Rate at which, in special cases, it Assures their Lives. VlRF..—The Premiums for Assurance against Fire are charged at the usual moderate rates, with a reduction of ten per cent. on the HESIDECE AND FURNITURE OF CLERGYMEN. ENDOWMENTS FOR FUTURE CHILDREN.-An extensive set of Tables has been prepared-expressly for the use of this Institution—whereby a fixed sum may be secured to every child (born of the same parents) attain- ing any age that may he desired, from 14 to 21 years inclusive; the payment of the Premium ceasing at the death of either parent, and before the eldest ciiild can attain the age desired. TABLE OF LIFE RATE*. ASCENDING SCALE. \ge Without Trorit. Iiofit. KirstSiven Sec Seven I'M.Seven -1- Years. Years. Tears- £, s d. £ ». <1. 20 117 4 I 13 |1 1 2 t> IIS 0 2 4 0 ■'0 2 6 10 2 2 1 8 0 2 2 0 2 10 0 -to X 3 6 2 1/ 8 1 10 C 2 18 0 3 18 0 Sit 4 13 4 4 4 II 3 0 2 4 10 3 6 1" 4 The necessary forms and information may be obtained I in application to William Emniens, Secretary. 6, King. Wi liam-Street, City or to any of the following Agents Cardiff .f r E. Leyshon. Monmouth T. M. Llewellin, E«q. Swansea Henry Bevan, Esq. Neath Thos. llargreaves, Solicitor. All applicationsfor Agencies to be Addressed io the Secretary. A LUCKY RAIN (XOT WIND-FALL.)—On MondaY week, in consequence of the heavy rains that bad fallen during that morning and previous night, two lads left Perth in search of rabbits among the liauf-h-; of Karn, and during the day succeeded in capturing 300 pairs. The plan they took was exceedingly simple. They were well acquainted with the rabbit burrows about the Earn; and watching the gradual rise of the river, when it was within a few inches of a "hole," they, with a small spade, dug a channel for the water to flow into it, which immediately ejected the inmates, who were smartly captured on attempting to make their escape. A c irt conveyed the whole to Perth, where at an average they were sold for fully 4d. per pair. The disciples of Isaac Walton will be rejoiced to hear thntthcreisctpitatsportfof them in the Tivv, no less than 29 fine salmons having been taken with the fly. in the neighbourhood of Lampetcr, within this fortnight. THE LATE MR JAMES W OOD.—In ourlast nnmber we stated that a good local sketch of "Jemmy Wood" was much wanted, and expressed an opinion that it was a pity that our respected correspondent, Mr G. W. Counsel, of this city, did not carry out the intention which he expressed in the spring of 183o, of writing Mr Wood's biography. We have since learnc-d that Mr Counsel is now employed in writing Mr Wood's life, interspersed with a great variety of biographical memoirs and anecdotes of that most extraordinary person. Two emineut booksellers of Cheltenham have offered Mr Counsel < £ 500 for the copyright of the woi-k.-Glosler Chronicle. A legacy of C 1000 has been recently bequeathed to the Church Pastoral Aid Society, by the late Thomas Meyrick, Esq., of Le-ant, Cornwall, for the special benefit of the principality of IVales.Ilo-rnin(I Herald. J. Jones, E-q., M P. for Carmarthen has paired off with J. H. Vivian, Esq" M.P., for Swansea, for the remainder of the Session, Mr Jones having suffered a rheumatic attack,thm avoids a journey to London this variable weather. Conx AVERAGss.-O,-i Thursday week the import duty on foreign wheat reached the lowest point of Is. per qr., and of course an immense quantity of grain W'IS immediately release 1 from bond. In the port of London there was no less an arrival than 116,300 quarters of foreign wheat. FIRE AT SEA.—The ship India was destroyed by fire on the 19th July. 11 degrees, South latitude. The narrator of the dreadful occurrence after stating that a strange sail had been seen (the first for fourteen days\ s tys, 1 returned to the cabin, and had not sat above half an hour, when I was suprised by a cry for water by the second mate, who was running from the stair leading to the store-room towards the saloon. I immediately sprang towards the 'door of the stair which leads to the store-room, where the cause was but too apparent from the smoke and light. Not a moment was to be lost the men were immediately called aft, with all the pails and pitchers they could lay hold of. This was done with the utmost alacrity the supply of water was, however, far from sufficient. When 1 came forward all was a scene of confusion and despair, the woman wringing their hands in the most heart-rending manner, and this, mingling with the screams of the children, presented a scene it would be vain to attempt describing. During this interval guns of distress were fired to attract the attention of the vessel in the distance. But in the mean time we sent away the jolly boat, with five men, to overtake or attract her attention to our situation its it was apparent that unless she came to our assistance ovcrv soul on board must perish. They next commtlllHpd clearing the long-boat of pigs, goats, &c., which were tossed overboard. The boat was strong and heavy, and it was with difficulty got over the side. After it was over, it was immediately filled with the children and as many of the females as it could hold, with four men to row them towards the vessel, and the gig was lowered and lav off about fifty yards to prevent its being swamped. It was by this time cv ident that the vessel in view was aware of our situation, as she ap- peared to be bearing down upon us, though still about nine miles distance, and although to the wind- ward of ns, it was not unreasonable to conclude at the time, that our vessel would not float till sho reach, d us, as she was now one glowing mass of flame from stem to stem below, and rising through the hatches, mid running up the rigging with inertdible velocity. In less than one hour from the commence- ment of the fire her mainmast was lying over her lee- side, and the foremast, from being stayed to the jib- boom, was brought forward across her hows, and carrying a'ong with it the jib boom, of which I shall have occasion to speal; hereafter. Several of the crew and passengers who could swim were now floating out towards the vessel, and the bowsprit was literally crowded and down the martin- gale. Tho captain and the first mate had liy this tiiue taken the water, and nothing but despair was now depicted on every countenance. Amitnborof the men remained perfectly cool under these awful circumstances, but at the same time every one's atten- tion was devoted to his own individual safety. Fa- thers, mothers, and children might all be found in different positions, in scarch of and trusting to such means of deliverance as they thought best and a great number are now floating in all directions, on pie. es of wreck. A spare mast, which had been thrown over, hid upwards of twelve clinging to it, and as they were nearly all on one side, it was con- tinually revolving, which caused them always to drop off, and the whole, I believe, perished. The foremast, which was lying across the bows, was crowded, and also the jib-boom. I proceeded along the martingale and laid bold of a rope whether I went down or was pushed, I know not, but I slid down, and when near the water I found the rope too long, allowing me to go quite over the bead, and with the rolling of the vesst-t the next moment suspended about fivo or six feet. The writer of the narrative describes his sufferings after he contrived to reach the masti stating his belief that he remained in this most perilous con- dition upwards of an hour and a half. By tnis time the decks were all burned, and the boats of the strange vessel had reached them. So great was the rush that one of tve boats was upset, and upwards of five or six men drowned by this accident. Their own boat had now reached them. By the management of the second mate all left on the wreck were brought away safety. *<The strange vessel proved to be a French whaler for the South Sea Fishery, about the size of tlic India, and well found in provisions. Every attention was paid to the wants of those saved from n the wreck, of whom many were actually naked, and none had been able to save any thing. 'The total number on board the India was 211, of whom IS pe- rished—vix., lGsteerage, one cabin passenger, and the boatswain. "The fire originated thus—the second mate and one of the boys were drawing off some gin, and as the candle was too short for a lantern, they took it out, and when placing it, it fell between two barrels, where some of the spirits had been spilled, and in a moment the whole was in a blate, the store room being full of canvass and other combustibles. We arrived to-day in the harbour of Rio Janeiro. At the time of this accident we were 600 miles, from land, and our boats would not have held one third of the passengers, and so rapid were the flames that we could not save a single article of bread or water, nor even provide ourselves with a compass." No blame could be attributed to the captain or officers, who all did their utmost at first to extinguish the fire, and when that became hopeless, to save the lives of the passengers and crew. A New York paper publishes the following under the bead of Londou versus New York. In London. In New York. Murdered i ]7 Poisoned 6 J 4 Killed by accident ]7l 83 Killed in various oiher ways. 0 28 Drowned 76 8(5 Burnt to death 0 53 SuicideR 29 45 Unknown deaths, proba- bly murdered 12 179 Still-born 592 Intemperance. 19 o3 Total 740 1130 Why is it that the murders committed in New York are seventeen tunes greater thau in London, whilst. the population or the latter city is five times greater than that of the former ? and why are the number of deaths from other causes abovementh.ned so dis- paraging to our metropolis? The answer I, There .-r(,. in New York five frog shops where there is one in I-ondon 1,