Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

6 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



I NOTICES, &c. A CARD. JAMES MILLS, lano Forte Maker, Tuner, and Repairer, FROU MMJH) 9 r, MAKERS TO mE&M HER MAJESTY. t>, P. 21, WILLIAM STREET, HAMPSTEAD ROAD L O ND 0 N, BEGS moat respectfully to return his grateful thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of CARDIFF, MERTHYR, COWBRIDGE, and their vicinity, for the liberal encouragement with which they have honoured him, and to inform them that he is now making his usual Half-yearly Tour, and has brought with him some of his splendid toned 6; Octave Cottage Piano Fortes, and a Second-hand Square, by Tomkinson warranted of the best Material and Workmanship, not to be surpassed by any Manufacturer, which he offers at remarkably low prices. N.B. J. M. has also a large assortment of new and ap- proved Music, in great variety. INSTRUMENTS BOUGHT, SOLD, EXCHANGED, OR LENT ON HIRE. AltOrders, addressed to the Guardian Office, Cardiff; or, the Bush Inn, Merthyr; will be carefully attended to. J. Mills's visits to this County are in JANUARY and JULY. References from some of the most respectable families in the County can be given. TAFF VALE R A I L WAY. TENDERS FOR LOANS. THE DIRECTOR8 of this Company are prepared, JL under the provisions of the Act of Parliament, 3rd and 4th Victoria, cap. 110, to RECEIVE TENDERS of LOANS of MONEY, on Mortgage of the undertaking, in Sum* not less than 1:200 each, for the term of Five, Seven, or Ten Years, bearing Interest at the Rate of Five per Cent. per Annum, payable half-yearly by Coupons attached to the Debentures. Tenders, mentioning the amounts and the term of years for which they are proposed to be lent, to be addressed to the Secretary, at the Company's Office, Cardiff. By order of the Directors, A. F. MORCOM, Secretary, February 20th, 1843. Pro Tem SALT FOR MANURE. THOMAS HOPKINS & SON, have on SALE a few TONS of SOILED SALT, at 9d. per Cwt., and some Tons of Clean Small at Is. Gd. per Cwt. the latter fit for Bacon curing. T. H. & SON would be glad to receive offers for both Lots, as the room it occupies will be wanted in a few days for some other purpose. Angel-Street, Cardiff, Feb. 23rd, 1843. rpHE following INSOLVENT DEBTORS will be heard JL at the COURT HOUSE, at CARDIFF, on MON- DAY, the 20th day of MARCH, 1843, at Ten in the Morning precisely :— EDWARD LOVELUCK, formerly of WATERTOWN, in the Parish of COYCHURCH, GLAMORGANSHIRE, Maltster, Farmer, and Dealer in Cattle and Sheep and late of the same place Farmer, and Dealer in Cattle and Sheep, and Farmers' Labourer. EVAN LEWIS, formerly of WATERTOWN, in the Parish of COYCHURCH, GLAMORGANSHIRE, Farmer, and Dealer in Cattle and late of the same place Labourer. JOSIAH JENKINS, formerly of PONTARDAWE, in the Parish of LANGI/ICK, in the County of GLAMORGAN, Mason, Grocer, and General Shopkeeper and late of CRAIGTREBANNOS, near Pontardawe, aforesaid, Dealer in Quarry Stones, Mason, and Publican. LLEWELLYN REES, formerly of the Parish of YSTRADYFODWG, in the County of GLAMORGAN, Farmer and Hallier; then of COYTRAHENE, near Bridgend, in the same County, Farmer and Hallier; and late of TY ISHA. near Bridgend, aforesaid, Farmer and Hallier. LEWIS GRIFFITHS, formerly of MAESTEG MILL, LANGONOYD, GLAMORGANSHIRE, Miller, Carpenter and Builder; then of GADLYS MILL, Langonoyd, Miller, Carpenter, and Builder; then of MAESTEG, Lan- gonoyd, Publican, Carpenter and Builder and late of MAESTEG. aforesaid, ('arpenter and Builder. STIVIN STOURENGHI, formerly of BROAD- STREET, CARDIFF, GLAMORGANSHIRE, Jeweller, Dealer in Marine Stores, and General Dealer and late of BUTE-STREET, Cardiff, aforesaid, Dealer in Marine Stores. WILLIAM RICHARDS, formerly of CAEDRAW, MERTHYR-TYDVIL, GLAMORGANSHIRE, Publican and Miner and late of the GLEBE-LAND, Merthyr-Tydvil, aforesaid, Publican and Miner. WILLIAM JOHN, late of CWM MAJOR NEW- CASTLE LOWER, GLAMORGANSHRE, Thatcher and Dealer in Lime. WILLIAM POWELL, formerly of NEATH, GLAMOR- GANSHIRE, Mason and Builder and late of the same place Mason Builder, and Beer Housekeeper. THOMAS RICHARD, late of WATERTOWN, in the Parish of COYCHURCH, in the County of GLAMORGAN, Labourer. THOMAS WILLIAMS, late of PWLLYWHEAD, MERTHYR-TYDVIL, GLAMORGANSHIRE, Miner and Beer Housekeeper and formerly of the same place Collier. JOHN DAVIL) POWELL, (sued as John Davies Powell), formerly of CHEPSTOW, in the County of MONMOUTH, Grocer, Baker and Confectioner, and Car- penter; and late of CARDIFF, in the County of GLA- MORGAN, Baker and Confectioner. RICHARD THOMAS, formerly of the Parish of LAN- GONOYD, in the County of GLAMORGAN, Labourer; then of the same place Dealer In Quarry and Paving Stones then of MAESTEG, near Bridgend, in the County of Glamorgan, Dealer in Quarry and Paving Stones, Beer Housekeeper, and Butcher; and late of the same place Butcher. GALSWORTHY & NICHOLS, 9, Cook's Court, Lincoln's Inn, V For LANGLEY, Cardiff. THE following INSOLVENT DEBTORS will be heard at the COURT HOUSE, at CARDIFF, on MON- DAY, the 20th day of MARCH, 1843, at Ten in the Morning precisely JOHN WINSTONE, late of the Town of MERTHYR- TYDVIL, GLAMORGANSHIRE, Cabinet Maker and Auctioneer, and previously of the same Town, Cabinet Maker, Auctioneer, and Beer Seller. EDWARD EVANS, late of the Town of NEWBRIDGE GLAMORGANSHIRE, Nailer and Leather Cutter. GALSWORTHY & NICHOLS, 9, Cook's Court, Lincoln's Inn, For MORGAN, Cardiff. INSOLVENT DEBTORS TO BE HEARD at the COURT HOUSE, at CAR- DIFF, in the County of GLAMORGAN, on the 20th day of MARCH, 1843, at 10 o'clock in the Morning WILLIAM THOMAS, formerly of No. 3, GLOSTER- LANE, BRISTOL, carrying on Business there in Part- nership with Robert Lewis, under the firm of Thomas and Lewis, as Tallow Chandlers; afterwards of No. 4, Old King Street, Bristol, carrying on business there with the said Robert Lewis, in Partnership, as aforesaid, as Grocers and Tallow Chandlers; after that of No. 47, Milk Street, Bristol, out of employ after that of Saint Mary Street, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, in the employ of Nicholas Brown, of the same place, Tallow Chandler; then of Bridgend, Glamorganshire, out of employ then of Maesteg, near Bridgend, aforesaid, out of employ then of Bridgend, aforesaid, occasional Wholesale Dealer in Flour, Cheese, Tea, and Lucifer Matches and lately of Bridgend, afore- said, out of employ. DAVID PREECE, the Elder, late of NEWLAND FARM, near COWBRIDGE, Glamorganshire, Farmer and Lime Burner. JOHN ROGERSON, Solicitor, 24, Norfolk-Street, Strand, London, For M. GROVER, Solicitor, Cardiff. WHEREAS, a Petition of THOMAS DAVIES, of the Town and Parish of SWANSEA, in the County of GLAMORGAN, an Insolvent Debtor, having been filed (in the Court of Bankruptcy,) and the Interim Order for Protection from Process having been given to the said Thomas Davies, under the provisions of an Act of Parlia- ment passed in the Parliament holden in the 5th and 6th years of the Reign of Her present Majesty, intituled "An Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors," the said Thomas Davies, is hereby required to appear in Court before RICHARD STEVENSON, Esquire, the Commissioner acting in the matter of the said Petition, on the Sixth day of MARCH next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon precisely, at the Bristol District Court of Bankruptcy, at the GUIDHALL, in the City of BRISTOL, for the purpose of being then and there examined touching his Debts, Estate, and Effects, and to be further dealt with according to the provisions of the said Act. All Persons indebted to the said THOMAS DAVIES, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to Mr. ALFRED J. ACRAMAN, of Saint Augustines Place, Bristol, the Official Assignee, nominated in that behalf by the Commissioner acting in the matter of itthe said Petition. s-'Zs R. G. SHUM TUCKETT, I'¡:ç; Deputy Jtegistt&r, BrieWl NOTICES, LETTINGS, AND SALES. WANTS A SITUATION A S GARDENER, or GARDENER and FORESTER, A a Married Man, aged 30, who has been living with some of the first Families in Wales and Ireland,—be per- fectly understands Pines and Grapes, &c., and has gained several First Prizes for them from the Royal and Practical Horticultural Societies. The most respectable references can be had as to sobriety, honesty, and ability. Address, B. C., at this Office, P.S. To be heard of for One Month. MR. THOMAS FORSTER, PORTRAIT & MINIATURE PAINTER, BEGS leave most respectfully to inform the Inhabitants of CARDIFF and its Vicinity, that he has REMOVED from Crockherbtown, TO No. 3, WORKING-STREET, near the Vicarage. T. F. takes this opportunity of returning his sincere thanks for the very liberal patronage lie has hitherto expe- rienced, and hopes to merit a continuance of public favour. Cardiff, February 20th, 1843. EDUCATION. THE REV. THOMAS DAVIES, Minister of High- Street Chapel, MERTHYR TYDFIL, purposes to RECEIVE a limited number of PUPILS, as DAY SCHOLARS, on the 27th MARCH next. For terms, enquire of Mr. DAVIES, Mill-street; or Mr H. W WHITE, Stationer, &c., High-street. Merthyr-Tydfil, February 22nd, 1843. Tale of the Coast Guard. Will be published with the Magazines, on the 1st of March next, and every ensuing month, THE SMUGGLERS: A CHRONICLE of the COAST GUARD. By FRANCIS HIGGINSON, R.N. In mari multa latent. "-OPPIA' In this tale the army, the navy, the civilian, the visitor to the coast, the resident on its shores, and the inhabitant of the city, are equally interested, and will find much to be sur- prised at, and more to be lamented. A mirror said to show Strange shadows of the present and the past." In monthly parts, at Is. each, containing two sheets of letter-press, with embellishments on steel, by approved artists. It is particularly requested that orders be given through a neighbouring bookseller" by those connected with, or in- terested in the service to which the story more particularly relates, as the publishers cannot forward retail copies. Whittakcr and Co., Ave Maria-lane, London; and can be had of all booksellers. THE RECENT TREMENDOUS HURRICANE— Storms, so fearful in their character and so distressing in their consequences as those above-alluded to, have not visited the coasts of the United Kingdom for many years past; hundreds of seamen have thereby been thrown in mis- fortune without the requisite clothing for protecting them- selves from the weather, the means of gaining food and lodging, or of reaching their several homes. But still more lamentable are the facts concerning loss of life. A large number of widows and orphans have been left without the least means of subsistence—in utter destitution. The Committee of Management of the SHIPWRECKED FISHERMEN and MARINERS' BENEVOLENT SO- CIETY earnestly crave the attention of the British public to the following particulars of the surviving relatives of 80 fishermen lost at the under-mentioned places:— 46 fishermen lost, leaving 13 widows, 45 children, and 18 aged parents, at Newcastle, county Down. 27 fishermen lost, leaving 7 widows, 42 children, and 22 aged parents, at Annalong, in the same county. A fisherman, at Ballina, county Mayo, leaving a widow and 4 children. Also, at Taibach, South Wales, leaving a widow and 6 young children. Five fishermen lost, leaving 2 widows, 14 children, and 2 aged parents, at Greystones, county Wicklow. Donations and subscriptions will be thankfully received by Lieut. Dornford, R.N., Cardiff; H. L. Prichard, Esq., Port Talbot; Rev. H. L. Blosse, Bridgend; Messrs. Wil- liams, Deacon, and Co., Birchm-Iane, London; by the 482 Auxiliary Branches; and at the Central Offices, 26, Buck- lersbury, London. EDW. WEST, Sec. Total number of persons relieved from the 8th May, 1839, to the 4th of October, 1842. Widows. 321 Orphans 1,155 Aged Parents. 195 Shipwrecked Persons. 2,891 Fishermen, Heads of Families left Destitute from Storms. 429 -4,990 TO BAKERS,A BISCIIT BAKERS, AND P R O V i S I ON DEALERS. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A WELL-ADAPTED PREMISES for carrying on an Extensive Trade in the above Lines of Business, con- sisting of a good SHOP, 3 excellent STORE ROOMS, BAKEHOUSE, with Oven newly fitted up, and KILN above ditto, with every convenience for the Manufacture of Ship Bread. The coming in will be light. Apply at Mr. SAMUEL J. REES, 17, St. Marv-Street, Cardiff. GLAMORGANSHIRE. o be ntu WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, PANTGLAES FARM, In the Parish of Llantrissent, CONTAINING SIXTY or SEVENTY ACRES, more C or less, of good ARABLE and PASTURE LAND The present Tenant will shew the Premises. For particulars apply to Mr. JAMES WILLIAMSON, New Mill. Letters, post-paid. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET, BAGLAN LODGE, SITUATE near the main road, Three Miles East of NEATH, containing—Entrance-hall, Breakfast, Din- ing, and Drawing-rooms, Nine Bed-rooms, Stable and Coach-house, Gardens and Pleasure-grounds, and any quantity of Pasture Laud not exceeding 15 Acres. ALSO, BAGLAN COTTAGE; Situated near the main road, Four Miles East of NEATH, consisting of Entrance-hall, Dining and Drawing-rooms, Six Bed-rooms, Stable and Coach-house, Gardens and Pleasure-grounds, and from 6\ to 12 Acres of Pasture Land The above Residences are well situated in the Parish of Baglan, and may be taken possession of immediately. Applications are to be made to Mr. William Llewellyn, Neath, Glamorganshire. 70 Tons of Bar Iron for Sale, at Southerdown, Glamorganshire. MR. M. WHITTINGTON WILL SELL BY AUCTION, (WITHOUT RESERVE,) For the Benefit of the Under-writers at Lloyd's, ABOUT 70 TONS OF BAR IRON, of various sizes, at SOUTHEltDOWN, near BRIDGEND, GLAMORGAN- SHIRE, being part of the Cargo of the Brig GEORGE CANNING." Descriptive Catalogues will be ready four days prior to Sale and may be had of Mr. W. L. Powell, Lloyd's Agent, Taibach; the Wyndham Arms, Bridgend; or of the Auctioneer, Post Office, Neath. Sale at 12 o'clock at Noon. If in the mean time Sold by Private Contract, due Notice will be given. Neath, Feb. 22, 1843. IMPORTANT AND UNRESERVED SALE, AT DAaaAK COTTAGE, Near the Navigation House, and Taff Vale Raihcay Station, GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE S@GJ BIY IRUCTOOMI By Mr. THOMAS DAVIES, On THURSDAY & FRIDAY, 2d and 3d of March, 1843, ALL THE SUPERIOR AND MODERN HOUSEHOLD EURNITURE, OF THE ABOVE COTTAGE; COMPRISING Mahogany, Dining and other Tables; Mahogany Hair-seated Chairs; Fancy, Bedroom and other Chairs; Mahogany Hair-seated Sofa; Wash-hand Stands and Ware complete; Feather and Millpuff Beds Four-post and other Bedsteads an excellent assortment of Bed and Table Linen Brussels Carpetting One Chimney Cottage Glass, in Gilt Frame; Two Swing Glasses, in Mahogany Frames various rare and fancy Pictures, in Gilt and Maple Wood Frames an elegant Single Action PEDAL HARP; Several valuable and interesting Books Nantgarw China Cut Glass Decanters Wine and other Glasses Kitchen Requisites; Two Gentlemen's Saddles and Bridles; and various other useful Articles, too numerous to mention. The Sale will commence each Day precisely at 11 o'clock in the Forenoon. Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneer, at the Bush Inn, Merthyr, or upon the Premises. N.B.—The Auctioneer begs leave to inform his Friends that the above Effects are in a good state of Ipresel vation, and worthy of their particular notice, The "Queen" Omnibus WILL leave the FIVE BELLS, CARDIFF, TUES- DAYS, THURSDAYS, and SATURDAYS, at. Half-past Eight o'clock each Morning, for SW ANSEA; and will return to Cardiff' MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, nnd FRIDAYS, at 4 o'clock each Evening.—Fares, Five Shillings. A. LAMB, Proprietor. CARDIFF. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A SHOP AND PREMISES, In one of the Principal Streets of Business in the Town, WHERE an EXTENSIVE GROCERY BUSINESS has been carried on for several Years; the Shop is 43 feet by 21*, well adopted for any large Trade. Also, a GOOD SHOP, with Plate Glass Front; and Extensive Premises attached, near the TOWN HALL,— Shop 28 feet by 16. Possession may be had on the 1st day of July next. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. EVANS & ;SON, Wine Merchant, Cardiff. ONE CONCERN. TO THE J Proprietors of Iron & Coal Works, Mining Agents, &c. in Wales. IMPORTANT SAVING OF 50 PER CENT. IN THE ARTICLE OF GREASE. JOSEPH PERCIVAL, of Green Street, Wellington Street, Blackfriars Road, London, begs respectfully to inform the Mining Interest, that he Manufactures an IMPROVED PATENT ANTI-FRICTION GREASE, for Whims, Tram Waggona, Carriages,' and all purposes for which Oil and Grease are now used. A sample will be forwarded free, on application as above

Glamorganshire Spring Assizes.


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