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Pontypridd's Water supply.…


Pontypridd's Water supply. More Complaints. DISCUSSION AT THE DISTBICT COUNCIL. REPORT BY THE MEDICAL OFFICER. Mr P. Gowan, J.P., presided over Tuesday's meeting of the Pontypridu District Council, -when the following letters were received from Dr J. Shaw Lyttle, Cilfynydd, with regard to the water supply at his house, "Dundella," Cil- fynydd:- "Dear Sir,—I notice that at the last meeting a letter was read from the secretary of the Water Works stating theat Dundela has had a constant supply, but owing to the drought the pressure was not sufficient to reach the top of the house for a short period.' This statement is entirely contrary to fact, and as I see the matter hILs been referred to by the members for Cilfyn- and Coedpenmaen, I t)eg to enclose for their information copy of a letter I have sent to Mr Morgan. When he speaks of 'the top of the house' he is not quite accurate, as we have no water higher than the first floor." The following is the copy of the letter sent ta r Morgan Morgan, referred to above: — "Dear Sir,—I cannot refrain from expressing my amazement on reading in the "Free Press" that at the last meeting of the District Council a letter was read from you stating that 'Dun- dela has had a constant supply, but owing to the drought the pressure haa been sufficient to reach the top of the house for a short period.' I have to give the statement that we have had a constant supply a most emphatic denial, as it was entirely contrary to fact, and considering my frequent complaints, and that you yourself wrote to me on the 24th of August that your directors had intimated you to inform me 'that the intermittent supply has been dne to the drought,' it is really astonishing that such a statement has been made. I have now to repeat that it was a frequent occurrence for the water t) lie off on the ground floor as well as upstairs, but it is true that I complained more of the latter owing to the intolerable inconvenience and annoyance caused thereby. "You say that we bad not water at the top of the Eouse for 'a short period.' The 'short per- iod' lasted, I believe, from tke 7th July to the 25th August, exactly seven weeks, during which time the servants were obliged to carry water upstairs to flush the drains and fill the tank, the alternative to the latter being to dispense with a fire in the range.—Yours truly, (Signed). J. Shaw Lyttle." The letters were referred to the members of the Cilfynydd aDd Trallwn wards. The Sanitary Inspector produced two samples of water taken at Pwllgwaun and Hafod, which were anything but olear. A third sample was produced, the colour of which closely resembled that of whisky. The Chairman pUoted that he had never seen the water in such a state as during the last week or nine days. It was simply a disgrace to have water that the Water Company sent out in the state they did. He did not th;nk it was filtered. Mr H. Bramwell also condemned the water which was to be found in the taps in the Bhondda ward. Mr James Roberts thought the water sup- plied to the Rhondda. and Treforest must come from different sources, as there was no cause for complaint at the latter place. The medical officers of health, Dr Howard Da- Ties, presented the following report on the water supply of the district: "I have again to complain of the water as supplied to your district by the Pontypridd Waterworks Company. In the pre- sent instance I have not to complain of the scarcity of water supplied to the inhabitants, but of the quality of the same. During the past week and up till to-day (Tuesday) the colour of the water bas been of a brownish colour, and the same upon standing for a short while leaves a sediment of peaty material. This fact clearly indicates that the water is not properly and efticiently filtered prior to its entrance into the mains for distribution to the public. This tur- pidity of the public supply is of such frequent occurrence that it is high time it should be put a stop to Your Council should insist upon hav- ing all the water supplied to the inhabitants of yeur district by the Pontypridd Water Works properly, thoroughly and efficiently filtered by the said company prior to allowing it to enter the mains at their waterworks at Maerdy. Mr James Roberts: Do you deal with the whole water supply for the district? Dr Davies: It would be very difficult to deal with the whole. Mr Roberts: It is partial then? Dr Davies: It is the greater part of the dis- trict, including the Rhondda ward and Town ward tspeciamy. Mr Roberts: We must be getting our water from adifferent source then t Treforest. Mr Watkin Williams said the water at Trefor- est was the same as at Trallwn. They had failed to drink it at his house. T\ I InAn • T.j- l~ia a h.n.- _I"T\0,0_4- nT'\ -4-ill 1/1 Ita!LV UArO u. wuovauu .P v.&& w day. Every day last week and up till to-day it, has been of a bad colour. The Chairman: It is your wish to have the samples analysed? Mr Bramwell: I don't think it is necessary; it speaks for itself. Dr Davies: Mrs Llewelyn, the Grove, had to send up to Graigwen for water. Mr Bramwell: I don't quite agree with the doctor's report; he mentioned a week. I am quite oortain it has been going on during the whole summer. Dr Davies stated thaft the tanks in his houses were covered with an inch and a half of peat, and only a month ago they were cleaned out. Several of the members thought the water did not go through t!1. filter beds at the reservoir, but Mr Roberts pointed out that the beds have been dose away with, and patent filters adopted. It was resolved to have the sample taken by the inspector in the presence of the Waterworks official analysed, and the clerk was instructed to write to the Company asking Tf the sample taken was a specimen of their filtered water.

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