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j Thirty Years of Torture. A SKIN DISEASE THAT DEFIED PHYSICIANS. Branded, Scarred, Burnt with Acids. MIRACULOUS RECOVERY. It is quite possible that never at any lime has there been such suffering as is disclosed by the following statement made at a special interview by one who after SO years of hideous torttira-t)r(tTi(le(l, scarred and burnt with acids—has at last found relief. Mrs. L. F. Haine's story, whioh we give here, is one of great impoitance. It should be read carefully and seriously by anyone who suffers from any form of skin affection whatso- ever. If your trouble appears but trifling, remember that 3U years ago Mrs. Raine, who lives at 4, Margaret-rd., Whitley Bay, near Newcastle, had but one spot on her face, but from that spot arose a disfigurement that made her life a misery. To neglect a skin disease is a most serious matter, for it is impossible to tell where such disease neglected may lead. MRS. RAINE'S REMARKABLE STATEMENT. After 204 X-Ray Operations and Burnings under Chloroform, a Simple Preparation Cures a Repulsive Skin Disease. It is now over SO years ajn," said Mrs. Baine, "when Seven times I wen under chloroform, my ftce being I flrtt went to take up a position as te acher in a d »y scraped and the flssh on the no?e, right down to the school. At thit time my skin from hsad to foot was as cartilage. t clear as my child's. M> face was absolutely free from 11 It seemed I wrs not to be cured, for all his torture, spots, it was clean arid heilthy. After I had b«en at my all these weakening operations, did not prevent the school some time I noticed that "t the bridge of my sores from still spreading and growing worse. nose had appeared a small red spot. I naturallY" By this time I hld almost become re-it;ned to my thought it would disappear in time, but instead it fate, but still I went to yet other doctors, who en- stayed and grew in size. I went to a Dictor, the best deavoured to heal my trouble by burning it out with known in t0wn-the most skilful, I may say, in the strong acids. d in spite of his advice and direc'ions, the" Now 1 must teil you how I came to know about spot bagan to sprea-1. I hecime alarmed, for instead of 'Cadum.' I was sitting one evening with my husband a small spit on my nose a great p ace was f n-miny, and reading the newspaper, when I saw the paragraph gay- Seemed to be spreading all over my face. Tnis, as you ing- Cadnm was good for skin diseases. will see, proved onl, too true. But let me tell you first I read it to my husband, who said Why rut try that before this I had visited every fiist class doctor in it ?' I s,id I would, and went next day to our chemist, my tow". I was determined if possible, to be rid of whoobta'ned me a supply. 1 cvnnot say I was very my trouble. I spent pounds in doctors' fees. i went hopeful when I bought ihe box o' Cadum, for you must from one to another but no relief came. At last I remember [ had tried every possible mesris of getting rid decided to go to the infirm ry at Newcastle, and there I of my trouble. I had bad the best advice of the clever- saw the most brilliant doctors, including one who is e"t doctors, and after thirty years was suffering with an recognised as the best authority on skin troubles. awful disfigurement, so terrib'e that I was ashamed to I told him, in consultation with another doctor, the go out in the street, peop'e remarking about my face, history of my case, and he gave me little hope. Anyhow, I bought the box of (Jadum, and used it as At that hosp tal I underwent "204 X-ray operations you stated in your directions. without any good result: indeed my face had become" Can I tell you how pleased I was to finct on the first worse. I cannot explain the feeling one has when seated day after use some difference. When I had usf-d the tin under the X-rays, !t is horrible; indeed it used to some of the sores on my face had ceased to spread, some affect my nerves and make me sick and weak. even actually healing. "Thelast time I went I almost fain.e-l in the street "Can I tell you my surprise when, what medical men as 1 came away. You can imagine I was nearly heart- had failed to do, what the big doctors of a great broken when all my sufferings under the rays came to hospital could not do, what the spending of a hundred nothing. pounds could not give me, I was getting from a small Worse yet came, more suffering, f r after I left the tiu of your Cadum. Infirmary 1 went again to private doctors. You can '• Every day I see some improvement, and I feel con. well imagine the great expense all this was to us-my fident that if I persevere I have every hope of regaining husbind and 1. Every day money was spent on my a clear, hpalthy skin. trouble, a d I am sure over a hundred pounds has gone I cannot say how grateful I am of Cadum, I give ycu on this alone, for I have not suffered one year, but full leave to use these details in the Press. thirty years. All this cannot give any idea of the awful suffering I went to one doctor who decided that the only way I have undergone, but I give the facts so that they may to stop the disease spreading was to burn it out. My be of help to others. face was such an awful sight that I said they could do (Signed), anj thing. I went under chloroform, and a doctor seared my face over with a hot iron. f y —* • I must tell you that before this one doctor t">ld me -y £ the only way to be curtd of n:y trouble wa3 to cut CX is X/ away or scrape the sores. This is but one case of many where Cadum has proved its power to heal the most dis- tressing and the most long-standing cases of skin disease. Day by day letters come to the Proprietors of Cadum from those who have suffered for many years from such troubles as eczema, scaly skin, eruptions on the face, pimples, blotches, rashes, &c., stating that Cadum has brought relief, after all other treatments have signally failed. Many of the cures effected by Cadum may be truly described as marvellous, and have exceeded'the most sanguine expectations of the distinguished chemist who gave it to the world. CILdum possesses superior antiseptic preporties that destroys disease-producing gerim, allays inilammation, and exerts a wonderful soothing and healing influence on the skin tissues. I An important feature to be noted in connection with Cadum is that it stops the terrible itching of Leczema at once, and begins the healing process with the first application. Surprising results are often obtained with an overnight treatment. ff yosufrer from Eczema, Psoriasis, .Ringworm, Shingles, Acne, Itch, Herpes, Hives, Itching Piles, Cuts, Sores, Burns, Chafing, Sunburn, Prickly Heat, Facial Eruptions, Boils, Pimples, Blackheads, Rash, Salt, Rheum, Scabies, and other skin troubles, Cadum will bring you immediate relief and effect a speedy cure. Cadum is sold at 6d. and Is. per box by all Chemists, or will be sent post paid on receipt of price by Omega, Ltd King Henry's-walk, London, N.


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