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KIDWELLY NOTES Tho visit of the Musical Boys from Dr. Bar- nardo's Homes excited a great deal of interest in the town and district, and there was an excoik-nt attendance at each of the meeting's. The boys, with whom were Mr. Alfred J. Mayers, deputation secretary, and Mr. Aarcn, instructor, arrived in town on Saturday afternoon, and proceeded to the;r temporary homes, where they were hospitably entertained throughout their stay. The following ladies and gentlemen, who kindly provided the re- quired accommodation, deserve the thanks of all interested in the beneficent movement inaugurated by the late Dr. Barnardo for thtir disinterested generosity:—Mr. and Mrs. W. D. James, The Barbican, who had Mr. Mayers as their guest; Mr. and Mrs. James Williams. Pendre, with whom Mr. Aaron stayed; Mr. and Mrs. D. Davies, Park House, who accommodated four boys; Mr. and Mrs. W. Graveil, Gordon-terrace, two: Mr. and Mr?. F. Sheppard, The Bakery, two; and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Gower, grocers. Water-street, two. The first meeting of the series, a special picture service for Sunday scholarft, and young people, WaJ; held at Capel Sul on Sunday afternoon, when, in the absence of the Mayor, Mr. D. 0. Jones. Castle School, pre- sided. There was a splendid attendance. Mr. John Thomas, deacon at Capel Sul, opened the service with prayer in Welsh. Mr. W. D. James read a suitable portion of Scripture, which was followed by an excellently rendered solo by Mr. Mayers. After a few remarks by the Chan-man, and a selec- tion by one of the boys, Mr. Mayers delivered an interesting address entitled "From darkness to tight." A collection in aid of the homes having been taken. the boys gave a line selection ón the ocarina which was much enjoyed. The singing of "Abide with Me," and the pronouncing of the Benediction by the Rev. NN-. C. tonkins brought to a close a thoroughly successful service. In the evening the spacious chapel was crowded, and the meetinc. presided over by th" Rev. W. C. Jenkins, proved most inspiring. On Monday afternoon, there was a very large attendance at the Town Hall. when the Rev. D. Ambrose Jones. M.A.. vicar, was in the chair, and an excellent pro- gramme was rendered by the boys- The last meet- ing of the series was held at the Town Hall on Monday evening, when Mr. W. D. Jaitifts presided over a packed audience. The inadequacy of the hall was once more demonstrated, as scores of sympathisers had to be turned away at the doors. An appropriate address was delivered by the chair- man. after the singing of the hymn "0 Lord of Heaven." and the offering of prayer by Mr. Mayers. The programme, which was one of the best ever presented before a Kidwelly audience, in- cluded handbell, mandoline, sleigh lwll. and cornet selections. The Highland Pipers, in full dress, rjuite charmed the audience, and they had to respond to an imperative encore. A similar re- ception w,, accorded the olnymir of W elsb airs on the silver-toned chimes and the sailors' action song. Durftig an interval a powerful address on the work performed bv Dr. Barnardo and his successors was given by Nfr. Slavers. who concluded with an effective pp- rho> close of the meeting Mr. Mayer- expressed himself well pleased with the reception of himself and his party, who had been hospitably and generously treated by the townspeople. He thanked all who had contributed to tho success of the yi"it. making .special mention of his kind host, Mr. W. D. James, that night's chairman; the Mayor and Mayoress (Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Bowen). who had entertained the party to tea at Rumsey House on Monday afternoon; to the Rev. W. C. Jenkins, and the deacons of Capel Sul for the use of the chapel: to Mr. Geo. Jones. Boro' Stores, for the part he had taken in making arrangements for the visit; and to Mr. D. 0. Jones. Castle School, who had organized the Saturday col- lections in the town for some. years pa-t and al.-o had a hand in the preparations for the present visit. The singing of the National Anthem concluded a meet- ing which was an unqualified success from every point of view. The Musical Boys left the town for Ammanford on Tuesday morning, carrying away with them the pleasantest recollections of their stay in the town. marked as it was by the characteristic hospitality IC pi of the inhabitants. The friends who had charge of the preliminary arrangements desire, through this column, to express their hearty appreciation of thosr ladies and gentlemen who responded to the appeal for the accommodation and entertainment of the boys and their leaders. The half-yearly services. held at tin; Morfa C.M. Chapel, on Sunday Inst, and on Monday evening. were well attended, trad the preaching of the Rev. Alun Jones. Chwilog, and the Rev. E. J. Herbert, pastor, was much appreciated. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to Councillor E. Cole and Mrs, Cole on the bereavement they have sustained by the death of their son. Clifiord. a bright six-year-old boy. who pa.->*« d ;>.wa V on Saturday last, after a long irln. The funeral took place on Wednesday ;,r Hloain Bilp- tist Chapel. There was a t'airly large audience it rhe Town Hall on Saturday evening, the 23rd inst.. at a con- cert given by the Kidwelly Male Voice Choir in j' order to raisf funds to purchase a piano for the use of the party. Mr. John Thomas. Velijidre-, made, as is his wont, an admirable chairman, and Professor W. J. Bowen. Llanelly. proved an efficient accompanist. Programme :—Solo. ''Mereli y Cadben." Mr. Gwilym Thomas: solo. "Alone on the Raft." Miss (J.. Williams. Trim-arnn; solo. "Gwal"la Anwyl." Mr. D. P. Davies; solo, "Sweet Memories." Miss May Williams; recitation. "King ¿ ra!IC!S. Master Hubert Evans (encored); solo Y Pren Cryn," "I!, Sai-ali Williams, L!ar:e!i\ cored); solo. "Roc k of Ages." Mr. Ralph Kd wards: duet. -inow gently Deva." Messrs. W. J. Rees and D. P. Davies; chorus. '"Crossing the Plain," Choir; solo. "When the wild winds How." Mr. D. J. Morgan: solo. "Y Fellten." Mr. W. J. Rees; solo. "Galwad y Tywysog Mr. D. T. Rees; solo, "Holy City," Miss Kate Evan", ((,.noor.-O.); recitation, "Y Ffoadur," Master Hulx>rt Evans ^encored): solo. "BDnni Mary Lee." Mr. John Jones: chorus. "Fallen Heroes," Choir. The "Chairman having complimented the artistes on their performance, was heartily thanked for pre- siding. on the proposition of Mr. G. E. Bowen (mayor), seconded by Mr. W. D. ,1:IO..e. The public convened by rhe Mayor and •Corporation for the purpose of considering again the question of obtaining a District Nurse was held at the Town Hall on Tuosdav evening in this Is week. There was a. fair attendance, over which the Mayor presided. Having explained the object of the meeting, the Chairman read :L letter from Councillor John Harris. Castle Farm, who wrote strongly in favour of the proposal to -*K-ure a nurse. Referring to his recent serious accident. Mr. Harris said: "To the fortunate circumstance that a nurse happened to b- in the place at the time is due. in my opinion, the fact that the acci- dent did not prove fatal, and also the comparative^ rapid progress made to a state of eonvale^ence. I earnestly trust the meeting to-night will decide unanimously in favour of your proposal to obtsfn a nurse, in which event I premise to do all in mv •Dower to assist in making the resolution effective.* W. C. Jenkins. Mr. John Thomas Re«v T). G. Owen. Rev. H. R..Tones. Mr. H. E. Smart Conn.V Loosmore. Mr. Griff Evans, collier, and Mr. u. Graveil, collier, spoke in support of the movement, and on the motion of Aid. Wilkins, .seconded by Mr. W. Davies. New-street, a resolu- tion in favour of obtaining the service of a nurse wa3 carried unanimously. Other speaker- included Aid. D. G. Anthony and the Rev* E. J. Herbert The working of the scheme was left to a commit- tee to be composed of 15 workmen's representative- and 15 representatives of those outside" the various works, til#" .latter to he nominated by the Mavor. y

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