Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



PREPAID A D VERTISEMENTS. S«!'T?J 's, » i»,y XF.W.S, \"ORDS O"C" TIIHEI"" =- TDIES, i Tl:.1E. 20 Words 0 6 1 oj 1 6 30 Words 0 9 1 6 2 3. 1J1 1: — SEWS 40 Words 1 0:2 0 3 0 L K?Yio." Each extra! j 20 Word3 10 Words! 0 3 0 6 0 9 21" ;== | j i! 30 Words v>/o 40 Words 5/- Each Extra 10 Words i_ ¡- Each Extra 10 Words i_ 50 Word? 1 3 2 6 3 9 60 W ords1 It 3 0 4 6 1 to the cUisscs of Adver- tisement specified ùelmc, and are, strictly confined to those which are ordered for consecutive insertion, nnd paid for previous to insertion; ij either oj these conditions is not cor,iphed ivtth, the Advertise- i.icnt v>»ll be chargcd by the Business Scale: A >iar t file at s, SilutUtons Vacant or Wanted, T'o be or Sold, Lost Found, and Miscellaneous 1 Vflnt, '• MBIHIB SPF.C'jAL Notice.—Applicant mlin replies to Advertisements addressed to initials or fictitious -James, nt ibis office, are requested not to send original ",estinio.iials with applications, but to enclose ;opies of testimonials OHA*. personal. OjMOKF. Archer's Golden He terns." Sweetest Tobacco manufactured. 6231 artnErs hip. '1:T AXTED, :1, Partner in ;1. ood Wholesale and V Retail >Vir.y and Spirit "Business, in an Î1n.. portant town in South Wales capital required, £ 1,500 everv investigation allowed principals only. —Address P.* W., -125, Messrs Deacon's, Leadenliall- street, l.onuou. 611 V f arrangeable established business; good chance extend high profits.—Apply Middle, South Wales 177 islatrimonial. BUSINESS Gentleman, comfortable circumstances, medium height, Rood appearance, age 26, would correspond with affectionate Young Lady with means view, marriage genuine strictest confidence no agency.—Adiiress Jack, Daily News," Swansea. 7180 ^KTOUNG Lady, in business, nge 23, medium height, 1l good appearance, would like to meet Gentleman, *ith mc[1,us! view to early marriage; thoroughly Swan sea. '1 ^lusxral. f^ANDSMEN.—Three Higham's full size Bass "y D.'ums perfect good heads, one Coat of Arms ;>boe 45s.—Turtle, Instrument Maker, Ardwick, Man- chester. MISS Astle. alter twe'.ve very successful years in Cardiff, continues to give lessons in Pianoforte and ingi!lg.-Lcsson:, can be given at the residence of iiD'iile or i't- 22, C'harles-street, Cardiff. Terms mode- iate. 3SOT_ MUSIC Mad*; Easy.—Easy Practical Method for all to play Pianoforte, Harmonium, Is.—Rev Wm. Hughes, Mill-street, Manchester. 123 tf«14, Piano, beautiful walnut case, iron frame, ful1 c',mpas, solid pannel worth twice the money g$l Parcel of Music for Is fid, pose free, songs, dances, or pianoforte pieces.—Jones, 33CE, Snow-hill, Birmingham. 651 Jiu&iral. ANTED, at once, a qualified Dispen.-er must V be strictly sober Apply, with testimonials antI rtferetice, to Du Id. Huishes, Ton, Pent re, Ehondda Valley. CbucsiicrtaL fTlRENCH, Spanish, Italian, German, Private JjJ Tuition. Classes. Special Classes for Commercial Jorrespondence and Conversation. Candidates pre- pared for the Medical, Law, Civil Service, Excise and ''ustoms Examinations Scholarships through the post Arithmetic Book-keeping, Shorthand.—Mr W llainec.. Public Translator, 25, Park-street, Cardiff. 487 I OJ HOETHAND, Shorthand.—Evenings spent, plea- santly. Pupils taught the art and qualified for appointments by an experienced tutor, orally or by post. Corresponding and reporting styles.—Apply Principal, 21, De Burgh-street, Riverside, Cardiff. TTBT" ANTED, Ex-P-T. for St, John's Bovs^ School, Crock'.ierbtown, commencing £ 45.—Apply Vicar, Cardiff. 7105 ICosi antr 3fonntt. FOUND, at Tredegar, 10th inst., Skye Terrier. If ]:1 not claimed in three days will he solrl to defray expenses.—Apply W. K, tiirhowy Station, Tredegar. flj'.OUNDTSetter ov Lurcher redeemed by paying §i expenses; sold if not claimed in three clays. — 43, ij!jh-treet, Ebbw Vale. 607 LOST. Wire-haired Fox Terrier Dcg Pup, about 6_J five months old lemon-marked hearl. Detainer prosecuter1. pply 27, Windsor-place, Cardiff. 604 IOST at Cyramer, on the 11th March, Liver and Tan A Spaniel Dog. Finder rewMGed.-hf: Pot- 661 ùm27.ítir J^riiants. "ffJ^XPERIENOi D Nurse wanted for two children.— Apply Df Greener, I, Clare-street, Cardiff. 41 INDUSTRIOUS Working Housekeeper, from 35 to 45 years, required by gentleman.- References and [nil particulars to Housekeeper, Echo" Office, Cardiff. ANTKI), respectable Working Housekeeper, age V 7 40 to 50, educated comfortable home.—Apply Ihos. Thomas, Carpenter, Manordilo, R.S.O. 552 WANTED at once, trustworthy Woman as Ilonse- keeiier only one child moderate wages and a good hum —Apply D., Echo Oftice, Newport,7165 WANl'MO, strong Girl, 13, country preferred, help in Bedroom and wait in Coffee Tavern good reference.—Apply Parish, I,]ew2]yn Ann; Tern, perance Hotel, Neath. coo "'S/ST'AN'i Ei), by ApriJ 14th, Rood pMn Cook aide V" to bake.—Mrs Henry Martin, Dowlais. WANTED, a good General Servant.—Apply 6, Rectory road, Canton. 626 W ANTED, good Cieneral Servant from the country preferred.—Apply Mrs Phillips, Lon- don House, Pontymister, Newport. 4o0 'S'TT'ANTBD, immediately, General Servant good character indispensable.—Apply Avon House, b. C'anlitr. 466 WANTED, good General Servant, immediately no washing boy kept.—Apply Plencaira Kou.-e, Neath. 473 ANTED, General Servant, must be tariy riser T T and able to cook.-Apply personally, Mrs 11, Graigwen-place, Pontypridd. 241 WANTED, General Servant good character, early riser, understand cooking small fa1llily.-Apply between 6 awlS at 103, Newport-road, Cardiff. 116 LEVER COOKS can add to their list of dishes in tiie preparation of choice dainties for a dinner and sauper table by consulting the pages of a little book r.tit1ed "Pastry and Sweets," given to all cooks semI- ing their addresses to Alfred Bird and Sons, Birming- ham livery lady and housekeeper in the laud should hive Pastry and Sweets' handy ior reference. Thele i nothing to pay, and the book will ùe sent ùy return ns free to any address. 1105 Situations diatani. o AKER,- Wanted at onee, good Hand. well up in JtJ hrearl and smalls, who can use :\11' Gco, Davies's T.iuii Steam Oven; must be a respectable baker.— A'oply, wages, T. Lewis, Elliott's Town, New Tredegar. BAKERS.—Wanted at once, a good Third. Hand must be a good dough maker and moulder alsy iviiiicg.—Jones, t,erphilly. 732 ILl" AlvKRS.—Wanted, a good Man accustomed to Jl.J smalls also a B .y, about 16, to dellvcr.-Apply ) once, T. E, .fol1č.3, iheThomastown Bakery, Thom:cs- stieet, Merihyr. 484 Diuc K!,AY12KS are -;?'1;t;i-t-Zep ,13 Cardiff and District Ül1rin the present Dispute. COJIPOITORI- WanteLt foi- a few months, a j Welsh Hand; must be of soue. habits. -ADplv to Joseph Williams, "Tyst" Office, Merthyr. 665 URG EI'IC Men Wanted salary and commission | j £ 5 per week.—Pendlebury and Co., 84, llarwic'n- 691 STMlltNITURE Packer wanted must be steady, A trustworthy, and experienced man.—Apply, with references, to Packer, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 206 itOCER S Haulier wanted jnust be well used to .T horses state references and wages outdoor.— W. Edwards, Grocer, Bridgend. 741 (1 ROCERY.—Wanted, by March 20th or thereabout, Jf a Young Man as Haulier, and to make himself gent-rally useful must be an abstainer, and aceus- tomcll to horses.—Apply 1J.t once, stating age, salary, and references, to J." Evans, Grocer, Pontnewvnydd, Moa. 480 d < ItOCERY.—Wanted, strong Y oung Man to attend "jy to horses and deliver goods indoors.—11. 4;. Davies, Aberkenlig. __H_' 150 ■STASONS are requested to keep away from Cardiff j3'M and District. Strike still on. 574 PA I XT' l.itS.—Wanted, a Working Foreman must be good all-round hand.—State experience, wages, Ac., F. I'enarth. 544^ fSTAILORS are requested to call at the Club House, Jl. before seekmg employment at Pentre. -Rhondua VaJley Branch A.S.T. rij^O Bakers. — Wanted, Young Man used to hot plate. JL —Apply Gadlys Bakery Co., Aberdare. 624 r 'W Brewers.—Practical and Experienced Brewer Jl required must be welll1P in brewiJl high-class llrer and fresh ales, and thoioughly acquaintell with SnUnlnl!1 and cleansing system, with good reference. —Asply Khor.dda Valley Brewery Company, Limited, Tieherbert. 212 rjT^O Butchers.—Wanted, respectable Y'oung Man, .il. Cd;) slaughter 1':<;11. and main, himseif generally useful.—Apply Mauud. Butcher, Brecon. 511 T 0 Butchers. — Wanted, young lan fl;r-hp aîd slaughter-house must have good l'eferencc:i.- Apply, stating age, \\Oages,&c. (indoors), to (t¡¡nl11, Butcher, Abercarn, Mon. 316 rino Hairdressers.— Wanted, Youth Impro live JL out.—State age, wages, and references to 32, ^v'indsor-road, Nealu. 614 Tailors.—Wanted, Coat Hand none but steady I. Juen need apply-V:;wis Thomas, Cwinannn, Aberdare. 605 WANTED, at once, good Coat Hand; log paid.— T Price, Albion House, Tonypaudy. | WANTFi), a ood Baker; must be well np in small oods.-Apply H., Lakefleld Advertising Office, Ll"neJJy TATEÖ, a good Monumental Mason at onee.- Apply to Morgan Thomas, [Stonecutter, Peny- v,;i. Bridgend. 728 ANTED, respectable Lad, 15 or Ib, to attend V V to pony and maks himself generaliy useful live in.—No. 5, T:-amnx1.I1, Pontypridd. 633 M. Fury, 8, Larnb- 7 V kne, Glebeland-street, Merthyr. Du \~f ANTED, a General Smith; must be a good y sin er.-4\pply, with copies of recent testimonials, to Mv V/ni.iiii, Managing; Director D. John & Co., Ld., Pentre, lthondda Valley. 176 "W'^TANTED, a Man Servant, 21 to 25, sober V v acquainted v/ith all farm work willing to make himself neÎul.-Tho". Da\-¡es, Coedlal Farm, Tonyrefail. 554 if. r ANTi',D, a gooite;1(lyLaI?pmri-at once.tür T T large collierv,-Apply, stating wages reqmred awl experience, to .LampI11an, Daily News 9tliee, Cardiff 7117_ -.qc.¡f'AX1'j.:Ü, Commercial-room Waitress (experi- V 1j e!lced) also Boy, about 16.—Apply Hughes, Thistle Hotel, LlwynYil. 156 Wr ANTED, a good Sawyer, accustomed to shilrpen 5aw.-Apply to Box 32, Swansea. 7181 (Ti2 Weekly and Upwards may be honestly realised by either sex, without hindering present occupa- tiol!For sample (returnable) &c" enclose addressed envelope to Evans, Watts & Co. (PI37), Merchants, Binniiifihani.—This is genuine. 6"; Sijop -\55Üílant5. V^lLOTKIEllS.—Wanted, good Hand also goarl Janior Welsh. —Gibbon and Co., Pontypridd. 602 I CLOTHING. — Wanted, an expeneneeù Young Man as Firt Hand Webll.-Appiy to ',V. I. Edwards, Carmarthen. 181 DRAPERY.- Junior Hand wanted Welsh good reference state salary and experience. Also Y<,unff Lady Apprent;,c(:Alldrêss Morga.1I Evans, Ysialvfera. 7225 DRAPFRY.—Wanted, an experienced Young Lady .1 for the Showroom must he a good sales, womin (to live úut).-ADply with full particulars to Lewis Lloyd, Draper, Pontypridd. 7235 D- RAPEÙY-Wallted, a Young Ian as Junior slate i'? hry ami rl!le:"cnce. U. Miles, 2, Bute- street, Cardiff. 576 :¡-b,PEltY.-W:wted" Young Man a Junior for lLi' Manchester Department; sleep out,—Full par- ticulars, with carte, tf) George orl,-?mper,re21):.u- O RAP FRY.—Wanted immediately, several smart Young Men.—Apply, stating full particulars, Griffiths and úns, Newport, Mon. 7206 DRAPERY. — Wanted, respectable Youth (Welsh) as Apprentice.-Apply J), R. Evam, Golden Key, Ammanford. 558 11APERY.-W:J.nt0d. <1, Junior A'1sist;mt.-Apply ..IJ/ to J. Whicher and Son, Milford Haven. 541 DRA-pmŸ=\Y;t-â- immediately, Young Lady for Counter cloe two o'clock Wednesdays.— Applv personally, J. O. Roch, 20 and 22, Broadway, Cardiff. 378_ D It APERY.—Vacancy for a Young Man for Fancy D Departments outdoor:Apply, mIl particulars, Isaac Thomas, Wbarton-street, Cardiff. 468 D:-RAP1i'W:\ute.d, Young Man, experienced good window dresser Welsh for new premises. -Apply Klli.¡t_'l1rl Son, _S\\anS2- 7182 -J-)- lS\:PEgY.-W1tuted immediately, a steady Young Man also a floofl Junior; Welsh.—State ful1 prLicu hrs, E. Owen, Drapery Bazaar, Cardigan. 383 -5)- RAPEltY.-Wanted, Young Man for Dress and 1- Manchester Department musl, he good window dresser.—State particulars Jones anù Co., Abertillery. OR A PEE Y.—Wanted, a. sharp respectable Youth as an apprentice.—B. Wiliiams, The Circle, Tre- degar. 317 DRAPERY.—Wanted, an experienced Young Lady to serve must speak Welsh.—Apply, stating ex- perience, salary, and age, Thos. Yorat-h, Swansea. 7157 DR A.PERY.—Wanted, an experienced Young Man for drapery counter also experienced Young Lady for fancy Wd.J¡.-Appl,f to W. IC. Edwards, Carmarthen. 1b2 DRAPERY.—Wanted, a good Salesman and Win- 1 dow Dresser. Also Young Lu.dy.-App1y E. Gamage, Parade, Leamington. 130 DRAPERY and Outfitting. W:nted, Young Lady Apprentices to the Drapery ,1lso smart Youth, as Apprentice tn the Cent's (}utfittill, indoors.- Apply Edwards, 35 and 37, Salisbury-road, C'athavs, Cardiff. 461 RESrsMAKIXG.^Waated, a thoroughly experi- eneed First Hand (to live out) mut he good tit and style; none but competent hands need. apply.- state full particulars in lir,t letter tu Lewis UOYll, Dr3per, Pontypridd. 7197 4 GROCERY.—Smart. Junior wanted a: PlIce; per- i X sonal application preferred.-Apply John Evans, American Stores, Cnimlin* 500 GROCERY.—Wanted, immediately, an apprentice, —Apply D. Lewis, Llanbradach Stores, Pwlly- pa.rit 657 G ROCT1RY.—Wanted, a Strong Lad as Apprentice- s' —Apply Timothy Jones, Gorseinon, Swansea. 5 i EOCERY and Provisions —Wanted, intelligent \JC La i as Appreu'ica siroiig an obligi. g one from country preferred.—Apply "David Davies, Mer- chant, Ebbw V. Mon. 695 3 1LLINER.—Wanted, First Hand, of good ex- j »JL perienee Welsh: able to serve in show-room fall particulars.—Stephens, London Hou:;e, Llandilo. "TVjTLLLINFE.—AVanled, ,1.T1 experienced Milliner; must have good reference.pply Donald Knight, Cardiff. -_u- 239 I' -ILLINER, thoroughly practical, to take and 1" execute orders, keep stock, and serve throu,h.- State full particulars, Clarke, Crwys-road, Cardiff. 42 j-l1LfI:iERY'=""alïteC a good Practical Second ;t 1l:1.!lll.-Apply lo J. Whicher arid Son, Milford Haven. 5QO i.t ANTED. good Dressmaker must be thorough 'ff good fit 11.11(1 style.-Apply, full particulars, A>rs Goodwin, 13, High-street, Tvnewydd, Ogmore Yale. 738 WANTED, strong and teaïÿ Y; (Welsh "1' preferred) to drive out and to make himself generally useful must i.e abstainer indoors.—Apply Richards, Grocer, (Jat..htrect, Neath. V40 WANTED, by 1st of April, an experienced 5iilÚnër t' 3, I irst Hancl.-Apply, with fun particulars, J>. J. Meyler, Draper, Swa,¡¡ea. 7228 "\T ANTfj5 immediately, a g,;Z(¡-;m,¡:t pushing Junior for Manchester Department. Personal :l,'p1ication.-J. E. Davies and Co., 1el'thyl'. 79 "V ANiE-D, 1; epiê¡(istanttoihgrocery f and provision trades ouuloor Welsh neces- s'2?'-=-\PI'l)' Manager, Co-operative Society, Ferndale. 1;XT A,XTED, for Pontyvridd, a first. class Provision Ibnd; out.-Apply Evan Cule, Treherbert. 623 WANTED, pushing ;a¡-rnan for Gentlemen's Hosiery georl references l'equi1'e(1.-A1Jply Molyneauxand Co., 43, Queen-street, Cardiff. 667 stylish Milliner, able tö serve.1-;0 a H Young; Lady for General Drapery must be obliing.-Apply, with full particulars, A. Thomas, Manchester House, Brynmawr. 344 WANTED at once, an Apprentice for Grocery.— 'f 'f Apply D. Price, Hong Kong, Porth. 398 W"ANTED, l' Drapery.—Apply to I). Buckland, IIaverfort!- west. 39J WANTED, an experienced Milliner; Welsh pre- l' 'f f21're(1.1. Williams, London House, Gilfach, near Bridgend. 125 OSkrks, jUanag£rz, &-r. t. N Architect, having spare time, would be glad to help Architects requiring .¡;,ist3.!1ec.- Write V 536, "EdlO" Onice, CanlitL 5.36 BOOK-KEEPER and Accountant (24) seeks re- AJ engagement. varied experience, well educated, and excellent references moderate sal<1ry.-Bri'lge, "lhily News Office, Cardiff. íOO 4 1 ÜÚm Wanted must he quick and correct, sober, wailing used to Grocery trade preferred state •salary reference.—Phillips, Grocer, Merthyr. 485 WANTED, good .Junior Clerk, well up at in- voicing.—Apply, by letter only,giving references and stating salary required, to Willer and Riley, Batter Shippers, t redeg u-street, Cardiff. 400 WANTED, all Office Clk, thoroughly coiiver.-ant If ¡' with the grocery and provision trade; mut have 0 I;1üwledge of Welsh, he a good writer, [tnrl accurate at fi2;ure:¡\pJ'ly William Harris 144, Hi-h- street, Merthjr. 252 J\.g£UåtS, Œ:ralr£lltf£í, & 4 GENTS wanted, whole or spare time commis- sion and bonus.—Ireton and Co., Ltd., 92, Gracechurc'n-3treet, I.ondol1. 503 A GENTS wanted. Liberal terms. Whole or spare £ time.—Address "Finance," 222 to 225. Strand, London, w.e. 387 A GENTS wanted everywhere for Bmines jC%_ l'r<(1esman's Account Book c01llmis. sion ar.d bonus; £ 4 earned weekly.—Messrs H. Pamphiion, Congleton, Cheshire. 142 & GENT'S Wanted everywhere for our marvelled xl. Nimrod Bicycles incomes largely increased rc- pairs a speciality.-Appiy immediately, Simrod Gvcle Company, Bristol. 4^8 AGENTS wantel throughout Glamorganshire and -£Jl. Monmouthshire to take orders ("n our new hire systfem)forour well-known pianos, organs, harmoniums, I lJI.eloneons, onl'tlt1a.s, violins, banjos, and all kinds ot brass musical instruments wache, clocks, smdl1g 1n1.c!lInes, mangles, washing machines, perambulators, family Bibles, albums, opera glasses, electro plate, <c. Iirst-cla:s commission tu capable men; 110 rik or responsibility illustrated cta lo!{ue" 011 application good references and security Jndben5aiIle.-Jones amI Jones, Porth. 6910 t^LUB Agents Wanted, to form Clubs for Watches, j Clocks, Jewellery, Silver Plate, Opera Glasses, Musical lusts., <Sc. Members pay Is per week. Terms, 11uslcal lusts., &c. Members pay Is per week. Terms, Catalogues, &t: Kendal & Dent, 100, Cheapside, I ),onrlon. Splendid value. Great suœess. Mention paper. J.a(i: and Gents' Silver Levers 42s., worth 70s. r ANTED, Traveller for wheelwright works, to f T solidt orders for carts, Wal!gon3, brewery drays, etc. salary and Cnmmis5ion.- .M., "Sonth Waks Daily News," Cardiff. X VANTED, 'Jr'1;ï¡;fU;e Counties of Brecon- •/ V shire and Ra<lnorshire, to seU on commission hops and condiment.—X.Y.X., "Daily News," Cardiff. WANTED, Bottling Agents for White's Non- intoxicating Hop Ale and Hop Stout; prices 011 ¡¡ j'j)11C,ÜlOJ1: IlIte and Sons, Hre\\er> Pontvpool. 9 3 WRIGHT aud- Greig, Limited, Distillers and Wholesale Scotch Whisky Merchants, Glasgow, wish to Appoint an Aellt, with a goorl connection in the trade, t, rencsellt them in the West, of England and South Wales. Theil" brands are well known and widely usee'. -Apply by Jetter onlY. 585 Situations Iftanfrit. .1, D\ ERTI.SER (18) seeks some Evening Emplov- Je ment; good wnter, quick at figures.—For par- tlc,¡]aad(lress ,Junior, EdlO" Office, Newport, 7133 "giAKEK swfcs Situation ,»s First, Single, or good J* Second abstainer married; age 30.—Hales, -J' _^?mmercial-street, Abergavenny. 729 H>AKERS—Youi:g Man requires Situation good JL# second or third'; accustomed to making smalls state wages.—I. Leat, l:S<'1ll1pton-str.!et, Tivcrto!J,Devon. € COOPER, unemployed, used to the mixed work of to -1..1 and country shops; temporary or perma- liency accepted.-9, Buzzard-st., Newtown, Cardiff. 462 TjilNGINE Driver, 22 years' experience, wants em- JL'J ploy ment, 10t:omotlVeor any ot-her steam engine. — Please apply 2, John-street, Llanelly. 47^ (N ROCERY and Provisions.—Situation required"»s Jf Junior to above good references llsed to both :ter=-0__I(¡I.oI1ù_ Barry Dock. 606 IRONMONGERY. —Situation wanted as Junior As- sistant fj years' experience.—Apply T. Jones, Ironmonger, Blaenavon. 45 1 COTCH JJrapery.-Advertiser (35);;eks Sïtuatiw tS Traveller in above trade; good references a,tt3.mer.-APPl':Î John Henry, Post-office, Carmar- I- 603 'T A1'lTED, Situation as General Tin-plate \VO;ker. V T References ii required.F. Abbott, Bell air, PUtou, })¡;¡.rn;;t¡¡ple. 6&3 I I SUB-contracting Pieceworl of all descriptions in connection with the Building Tr;, including Dressed Stone, Walling, and Brickwork,1 0 any amount; other branches if required, with or without tinrling materials.-Address 9, Tudor-road, Riverside. 323 mo Grocers.— Wanted, a Situation as Third or JL Single, in general grocery trallc age 20 6 years experience excallent references. — F. Pile, Parra- combe, Barnstaple. 230 1- ,0 Master Tailors —Wanted, situation as Cutte7; holds first-class London :diplom:J, also London experience age 24 market town preferred.—.T., South Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 475 mo Master Tailors.—Young Man seeks Situation as JL Cntter's Assistant or Trimmer in gootl class trade 61'2 years' experience on the board total (1) stainer.-Address A, Echo Office, Newport. 7169 mwo Ladies, inexperienced, desire Engagements i Theatrical Company good appearance Ethel, (hrk Roe, fair; ages 18.—K., "Chronicle" Office, X eath. • 87 WANTED, by Young- Lady, Situation as Barmaid thoroughly experienced good London refer- ences; please state alary.-])" 6, Rhandir-terrace, J'<1.I1feIIe-I2: 6C8 WANTED to Apprentice, a strong Youth to the Bntehering B, Hams, Lint- hill, Skenfrith, near Monmouth. 395 WANTED in South Wales, Situation Parlourmaid 'f or good needlewoman good references.-S. b., John-street, Thornburv, Gloucester- shire. 128 \7OUNG Man wa;Jt -i;'Jatio1: Shoeing and Jj General Smith; good shoocr.-Apply H, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 320 úùgingst J\.parfnt.enf5t &.£. BOURNKMOUTH, tile Health ltesort, a lovely spot, Cremona House, 8t Nicholas-road.— 5s per day, or a Lady and Gentleman three gllineas per week for Board and Apartments, all included. 356 g ENTLEMAN Lodger or Lodgers Wanted. Com- \J fortable and roomy quarters and low charge. Tram passes door.—31, Salisbury-road. 531 PENARTH.—Lansdowne Private Hotel. Extensive Chanlld view. superior accommodation. Moderate charges. Special terms to permanent residents. 703 -lifoa(,ETER.-ComÎortable Home, bomd, 13 weekly, to respectable per.-011 as Companion to another, middle-aged and active, living alone; slight assistance nothing meni1.I; one servant house cheerfully sitnatNlnear Cathedral, Churches, anil Sta- tion.—Address Woodward, Ivy Honse, London-road, Worcester. 59L 11.T0115£5 t & £ H-c-1iOUSI;.ted at onee Canton preferred rent about Ss per week .-Address G. F. C., 7, Con- May road, anD. 458 MOUSE wanted tl) rent, off Newport-ro;¡d throe .i sitting-rooms an(1 kitchen on ground floor; no ù:J5ell1er1l.-Amold, Park Hotd, Car<Liff. 55 PONTYPRIDD.—Wanted, to purchase, a good Dwelling-house in Pont.ypridd.- Write, stating full particulars, M 131, "South Wales Daily News," Cn ntiff. 134 Jfcr nlt.1.111Ul.ít, 1Cattb, &£. FOR Sale, Villas in Clare-road, comprising 6 rooms, bathroom, wash-house, and cellar.—Apply 266, Newport-road. 529 F-1 OR Sal52, St. George's-terrace, containing nine rooms and all conveniences lone lease.-Apply Daniel Phillips, Auctioneer, Swansea. 7209 FOE Sale, Two Houses, Bridge-street, Newport long lease; low ground rent.-AppJy Mi's Morgan, Field Villa, Chepstow-road, Newport. 7205—668e IT^OR Sale, one semi-detaclied Villa, M, Llanishen, Jll opposite Vicarage gates, near station 6 bed- rooms, 2 reception r00ms hot and cold bath, and Usual offices electric hells rHpered and ready for o'()atinJJ_.=Appy_ B. 412, "EdlO Office, Cardiff. 412 FOR Sale. 8, Miskin-street, Catliays; nine-room house hot and cold bath, lavatory, w.c.—Apply premises, 6 p.m. 296 ¡-LASII"iHE1'l,-For Sale, Cheap, with immediate U possession, handsome double-fronted House, "t,lncljl1 in its own gl"(lU11ll-; 6 bedrooms and Iate4 iillnrnveTuent:Pric¿ and particulars 26,Miskin-street, Cardiff. 713 FENARTH.—Small Villas for Sale, £ 470 to £ 530; good sanitary and plllmbin work.-F. Speed, House Agent, opposite Station, Penartl). 543 l'n 10, Habershon-street, The :\loors.-For Sale, newly, a built Dwelling-house, containing front parlour sitting-room, kitchen, 1Lnrl scullery, three bedrooms, and the usuitl oftices in splendid condition capital situation for letting. Apply W. C. Clarke and Dovey, 31, Queen-street, Cardiff. 7013 181, Newport-Road, Cardiff.—For Sale, a well-built House; three reception rooms, five good bed- roomo, hot and cold bath, w.c. sanitary arrangements perfect; well-stocked gardens; capital stable, coach. house, conservatory low ground rent; moderate price. Apply above address. €0 he I'i>i-1g0us £ s, 1ait&, &£. rf1.ESIRADLE Building Plots to Let, Penllyu Park U Estate, Newport, for semi-dcl<.t.ched and terrace houses every facility offcred to builders arrange- ments can be undo to finance good men.-Apply for particulars, W. L. Gnffith3, Architect, 27, High-street, Newport. 7140 F-n-oii FfJRNISHED and UNFURNISHED Kesi dences, Cardiff aHI Penarth, see Messrs Hcrn's Register.—94,St.Mary-street,Cardiff 1049 3^ENARTII (Plymoutli-road).—To Let, comfortably 8 Furnished House. Two sitting-rooms, five bed- rooms, good g:nden.pply 20, Plymouth-road, Penarth. 384 PENCOED, Bridgend, Maes yr Haf.—To Let, this Commodious Residence, with six acres of excellent land; possession in Iay. House eontains nine rooms nd offices, excellent supply of water, fit) ble, coach- house, ¡¡addle-room, c0wlJOu:c, good garden, vinery with heating apparatus.—Apply George Evan. Suriny Side, Pontypridd. 202 FORTHCAWL.—To LêÇ ïlTeÙate possession, 8- roomed House. Shoo, Stable, alld Coach-house, suitable for any business good position close to railway statioD.-Apply to Pugh, Radnorshire Lairy, Porthc<twl. 193 TO be Let, that desirable semi-detached Villa Resi- dence, known as Carlton House, 8itm.te ia Avenue-load, Abergavenny, cnntaiuilJg on ground floor dining and drawing-rooms, kitchen, back kitchen, china pantry, larder, and usual offices on first floor three bedrooms, dressing, and bath-room, and w.c. on second floor two bedrooms, servants' room, and hox- room. Has been recently paintcd and decorated throughout, and is in close proximity to the L. & No W. Station; excellent cellar, 1<1.wns at front Rnd rear, conservatory and small kitchen gardn, planterl with ehoico fruit treps. Possession arranged to uit tenant, -Apply to 1111' T. H. Tomkins, 5:,11., Frogmore-stret;t, Abergavenny. 7150 rr- -0 Let. small Farm, about 70 acres of rich arable J_ and pasture hud in a high ,n,te of cnJt;v:1.tion, acmi-ably adapted for market gardening and rhiry purposes, with water-power Grist l1ill and 8-roomed House, close to 1 ail way station, and three miles from Cardiff. Rare opporrtll1ity; romantically situated. Immedhte possesion can be had, and unexpired lease can b taken over sllbjeet to landlord's approval.- Appiy, No. 7069, Daily News" O Cardi 7069 '1'0 Let, St. Fagan's, two minutes' walk from G W. Railway I"itation, 4 miles from Cardiff, a charm- ing Country Family Residence, with all modern im- provements, bath-room, hot and cold water, 2 cottages, 23 anos pasture bnrl, stabling, coach-houses, harn, piggeries, fowl-houses, and other ontbIlUdings.-Apply S. Brukewicli, 112, Bute Docks, Cardiff. 992 rnt> -]et'JC:u i 1 (li!lg' Ground on the Tredogan Farm, JL situated near Barry; good site for vilbs splendid view of the Channel.-Apply to J. William. Agent, Trealaw, J>OItp- 147 v, jCTOIUA House, near 'J'intern Abbey, extensive view, to Let, 25th March next; iC-roomed house, lawn, greenhouse, stable, cowshed, garden, seven acres hnd rent mo,leral e, — Thomas, 43, Victoria-l'O;1,ù, Ebbw Vale. 14 -'Y-;11{Ai:mYXAC-H. A commodious, wel¡:-bllm B Villa, fine situation, to Ld at once.-A pply d'iams, Halp Inn, Gelligaer. 739 (* Lower Station-terrace (opposite Tatf Vale Railway 1 >, :-3téltion), Part House to Let best ill row.-Apply 011 tho Premises. 731 )- 0[11 31fd.-16uzint£íz f3rmis £ 5, & A large number ùf Front Offices or Show-rooms, with kitcJ}(>IJ, cellars, dinner and luggage lifts, Ac., Pelican Club Buildings, Custom House-street, Cardiff, to be lct in ono lot. or divided into suites, with immediate possessiol1.el1ts Jenkins, Clarke and Co., Cambiran-chambers' Westgate-street, Cardiff. 4 DA:\IDO\VN.-J,a.rge Shop and Premises, suit- Á-i-'1L able restaurant or butcher low rent; eady IDS3e,'isioll.Jcnkins, Clarke, and Co., Cambrian, chambers, Cardiff. 1050 d ^ADOXTON.—A Shop to Let in Vere,street.-Appiv 'i to Lewis Lewis, Auctioneer, Barry Dock Chant- bers, Yere-street, Cadoxton-Barry. 666 tIANTON. —Convenient Shop and Premises, ith J Bakery antI Stable low rent; immediate posses- sion.J eakins, Clarke, and Co., Cambrian-chambers Cai 1059 G. Ù>ÖD-uite of Offies in St Mary-street, with jj" immediate po:,sessio!l.J enkins, Clarke, and Co., 1 G, W estgat.e-street, Cardiff. 1050 MOUSE and Shop to Leó snit butcher or grocèr,- Apply Queell's Hotel, Blaina. 593 tCJ"KWPOET.—Large Shop to Let; suit outfitter! .Ll draper, etc. (no outfitter near) already fitted can Ù rented with shop vacant 111 three wecks,- Apply W. Evans, Boot Manufacturer, Newport, Mon. N- EWPORT.-1'o be Let, Suite of Offices, four rooms J. and lavatory centrally situated in Tredegar- piace.— Particulars of Manager, Daily News" Office, wn. 1300 OFFICES to L3t (double 0,' single suites), ground floor, Masonic 1Iall, Dock-street, Newport, Mon. —Apply Henry Hellyer, 107, Dock-street. 542 OFF [CI1. S to Let single or other rooms, second or third floors, Reform Club, Custom House Bridge, facing Great Westem ltailway 1:o>t:ltion.-J enkins Clarke and Co., Cambrian-chambers, Cardiff. 1050 O ONTYPOOL. -TIai,bury Arcade 4- commo<lious, JL new Shop* to Let early May plate-glass fronts plendid po,;itJOn.-Apply Secretary. 7218 PON 1YPRIDD.—To Let, with immediate posses- sion, huge Grocery Premises main thoroughfare, containing Shop, Warehouses, splendid living accom- modation, stables, c?i1ch-honse.Apply J. WiJJial11<, Lanmer,roa'.1, Lblld:1o; or 4, Chanel-street, Porty- pvidd. 281 mo Let, House and Shop, suitahle for Butcher or A other 11".lrle; situate at 6, Holmesdale-street, lately occupied bY;1 bUlcher.-Apply So Andrews allll 1.2, Holmesdale-street, Grangetown. 586 nro Let, Office in Town Hall; second floor; leading thoroughfare suitable for 8oJicitor.-Terms and particulars. Pmllips, Town Hall, Tonypandy. lJ52 fjlO Let-, as lock-up Shop, large Premises at MarkeT- JL street, 72ft. x 20fr, double plate glass frout mahogany counters and fittings complete.-F. E. Griffiths, Market-street, I.hTIelly- 186 rl-iõ,Let, 3-Stailed Stable and Loft also Drawing- SL room and live Edwin Beard's 220, Bute-road, Cardiff. 420 WELL-enclosed Yard and Buildings tobe-illi;i; 't' lease and mcder<1.te tenus: ui[;:1b¡e for en- gineering 01' similar purpose, with sidi>¡¡r, etc., adjoin- ing Docks, Ncwpo1'L-Apply Joseph Heald. Rolling Stock Works, Cardiff. 6705 ESTON-SUPERTMARE.—To i. valuable -Bï;- ness Premises, n best pan oÍ town command- in shop, with <iwelling,house and usual o1DceH, in first-class repair. —Particulars of H. G. Miller, Water- 100-stleet, Weston-super-Mare. 64 WESTON-SUPER-MARE.—Royal Arcade hops; 'f plate-glass fronts; plendid thoroughfare thou"3:nds visitors promenalle immediate possession • rents twm £ 25.—Apply Forse, Contractor. 946 ^usiit255 £ s fDr Disposal. CAPITAL Refreshment House, with (*' '3fectionerv I V> and Tobacconist Business attached, In centre of Cardiff rent and ingoing modera.te.-App!y for full partieulars to Jenkin ,Çlarke, and Co., Cambrian- chambers, Cardiff lOW CIGARS, Tobacconist, and News-agency Business, direct route to famous Suspension Bridge good living trade everything £ 60.—Apply Te'obs, Agent, Bristol. .<016 CIOFFEE Tavern and Dining-rooms; profits t:4 j weekly letting beds partly dears rent; price for everything as it stands, £135; great ba.rgain.—Apply Tebbs, Agent, 83, Old Market-street, Bri-tol. 12 ) "¥7^0R immediate Disposal, a good lJrapery BIlsiness i principal thoroughfare on Moors, near Dowlais Ironworks stock optional.—Apply 54, Cowbridge- road, Cardiff. 170 iTIOR Sale at Cardigan, a well-established and lucrative J\1Jllinery and Fancy Business in the vest street, and recently fitted, fwd with all modern requirements. Rent moderate tbe most searching inve5tjr-ation penuittell into tho bona-fides of the concern.—Apply Graystone House, Cardigan. 194 ROCEEY" Business for dispssal, in the centre of JT Pontypridd best position, doing a. good ready money trade, which could bc greatly increased satis- factory reasons for disPO¡ng'APP1Y T. Evan", Draper, Pontypridd. 7139 OPPORTUNITY seldom met with, smart Coffee Tavern ^and Dining-rooms, taking £ 12 weekly Tavern :and Dining-rooms, taking £ 12 weekly Jeuing clears rent; everything, including furniture, £ 75.—Tebbs. « 216 SUIT Lady admirably, Confectionery, Sweets, and Registry Office delightful neigh?U1'hood,Clift?n profits £ 3 weekly proprietress retiring everything only £ 65.—Tebbs. 216 ° 'fE.\IP.ERANC-J0r.illl Commercial Hotel, command- ing finest position, Bristol made nearly £ 20 weekly always commanded good trade ingoing £ 200. —Apply Tebbs. 216 public lexises. ATTRACTIVE Central Beerhouse, doing living trade; same tenant 11 years good opportunity for business people only £ 30 ctsh required.—Apply Tebbs. 129 NEWPORT'.—To Let, Royal Oak none but capital- ists and principals need apply.—W. Gibbs, Pro- prietor. 7145 .1 ists and principals need apply.—W. Gibbs, Pro- prietor. u 7145 OMART and attractive bold corner Outdoor Beer- ).1 house and Geneml Business nspectable street, Bristo1 profits nearly £ 5 weekly easily managed I only S70 cash required.—Apply Tebbs, Agent, 83. Old Market-street, Bristol. 129 TO Brewers and Others.— To Let or Sell, that old- established Free Double-Licensed House, known as the Farmers' Arms, opposite the Cattle Market Gates, Abergavenny.—Apply on the premises. 391 IHrtJtifs, &r. CYCLES, Cycles, Cycles.—Large Stock of 1893 patterns at exceptionally low prices District Agents wanted mac1.ines stocked on sale or return easy terms to hire system purchasers.-Birmingh¡¡,m Cycle Co., Castle Arcade, Cardiff. 714 PNEUMATIC, 1893 Duulop, detachable tyres, long Ja. wheel base, ball head, weight 301bs, full roadster, warranted to stand as well as any machinc that cost B20 cash £915, Sent on approval with pleasure. Also new machines, never been ridden, cushion tyros, at S4 Cycle Works, Weston-super- I Mare. 774 SAFETY, semi-diamond, solid tyre balls all parts ball pedals, l1R.mmock saddle, lamp, bell, wel plated, lined, and enamelled warranted new not used six times no use to owner, £ 3 15s approval.— Frank Buruell, 5, Regent-street, Weston-sup'er-Mare. SAFE toy, diamond frame, ball head, cushion tyres 11¡4in., best quality, ball pedals, and all other parts splendid machine, 1893 latest pattern, Humber, new (not used a dozen times), hammock saddle, best lamp, bell. & approval cash So 10s bargain.—F. Meager, 45, Great Alfred-st Weston-super-Mare. 640 SAFETIES Safeties Safeties !!—Write fr most complete List in the Trade, post free, containing over 5°0 New and Second-hand Machines, all of the latest patterns. Machines from 25s, cheapest and best in the world. Trade !;upplied. Fifty per cent. cheaper than other makers. Large list post free.—W. It. Warri- low, Regent Cycle Works, Weston-super-Mare. 6626 ORRIS Jg EOS., C Y C L E WOEKS. PONTYPEIDD. 1.(.-2,000 Worth of Cycles and Children's Horses, Ac., cV to be cleared about Half-price for Cash, to make room, We offer the best show. We have taken the lead in South Wales for LO years, and cannot be beaten, because we have fully equipped engineering, electro- plating, and enamelling plants, with competent men at our disposal, and give prompt- attention." Repairs at trade prices. Cyclist's outfit for 6s 6d, carriage paitl, with lamp, bag, alarm, &c. See our Light Racers, Geared Ordinaries, and Patents of all kinds. Parcel of Books, Lists, and Hints, Ac., 9ù post free, worth double. 1186 T° CYCLISTS. Our LARGE STOCK of CYCLES for the COMING SEASON NOW ON VIEW. We SELL THE FINEST MACHINE in the WORLD, The HUMBER Also the much-boomed NEW HOWE," the unrivalled "RUDGE," and the celebrated QUADRANT and B.A., amongst ethers Budge Eacers, 20lbg weight Road Racers, 271bs all on. W. II. DAVIES & CO., THE CARDIFF CYCLE DEPOT, 6847-481e CARDIFF. JttudjmmT, <!raolz, &c. jpECKETT AND Q10NS, LOCOilWTIVE ENGINE JgUILDERS, BRISTOL, Have in Stock, ready for immediate delivery, NEW LOCOMOTIVES with Cylinders from 10" to 16" diameter, -4 and 6 wheels cû,ple, with aU the LATEST MPEOVEMENTS. Full particulars on application. 1081 B01LERS,-Three 30ft. x 7ft. and- two 28ft. x 7ft, JLF for 801b working pressure, and others for 7olb, 60lbs, or lower good second-hand at proportionate prices. Vertical, double-rivetted Boiler, 13ft. x 4ft. diameter, and other sizes. Several Egg-ended Boilers, both for steam pressure and rec2i\"ers or cliffe and Sons, Hawarden Iron Works, Chester. Tele- grams, It:Jtdiffe Sons, Hawarden. 7123 BIncK Machinery.—Oft. Perforated Pan, with heavy Rollers about 5ft. 6in. diameter, and three tons each very strong pan, by Leeds maker, £95. 9ft. solid bottom clay Pan. strong false bottom, £38, Strong horizontal Pug and Brick-cutting Table, £35. 8-h.p. Portable Engine, by leading maker, to be seen under 60!_bs steam pressure, £ 58. Box 7130, Daily News Office, Cardiff. 7130 FOR Sale, the following Flat Rope Winding Pul- 3' leys, with shafts aiurpedestals, viz. :—1 pair, 11 feet diameter 1 pair, 102 feet diameter and 1 pair, 10 feet diameter.-Apply for price and further particu- lars to the Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Company, Aber- laman, near Aberdare. 73 IOH. Sale. Six double-flued double-rivetted Boilers, JL' 30' x T for 751bs. pre-sure. Five ditto, 28" x 7' for 701bs pressure. Fifty others for pressures up to 651bs Engines of all descriptions, singly and in pairs, including 6", 12", 15", 18' 23", 26", and 30" for winding, driving, and hauling. Locomotives, Portables, Semi-Portables and Pumps. EDWARD RATCLIFFE, I 6731 Hawarden, near Chester. Telegraphic Address "MERCHANT, HAWARDEN." THE Hovnsby Patent Safety Oil Engine simplest, safest, cheapest, hest; for all purposes, from 2-h.p. to 20-h,p.Price lists and full particulars free from Sole Agents, Hibbert and Sons, Castle-street, Car- diff, where one of these engines may be seen at work. TO be Sold, a bargain, one of Clayton and Shuttle- JL worth's double 8% cylinder, 12in. stroke, 16 h.p. Portable Engines;; had very little wear.—Apply Lemon and Sons, Hayes, Cardiff. 67 FOE Sale, KYTE and CO.'s well-known MORTAR JfL' MILLS at Reduced Prices. Intending Purchasers should call and inspect them before goinco elsewhere Good second hand Alillsin Stock. Also a large number of New and Second-hand Portable Engines from Six to Eight H.P. Saw Benches, Pumns, &c., and all kinds of Machinery, VERTICAL and OTHER BOILERS. N.B.-Sole Agents in South Wales and Monmouth- shire for Marshall, Sons, and Co., Gainsborough. GEO. KYTE, Mill-lane and Atlas Engineering Works, Cardiff, 2013 tCLAYTON & Q HUTTLEWORTH, LINCOLN. MAKERS OF SIMPLE AND COMPOUND PORT ABLE ENGINES, UNDERTYPE ENGINES. HORIZONTAL ENGINES, SPECIAL ELECTRIC LIGHT ENGINES. AGENTS jp JT>AKEE & ^O., £ jARDIFF, WHO HAVE TWO OR THREE NEW PORTABLE ENGINES ALWAYS IN STOCK. Also Improvoa Mortar Mills, Saw Benches, and Machinery of every description. 3880 C. & S, have Made amI Sold over 27,600 Engines JgjNGINEsT horizontal, with all connec- tions and fittings and 2 massive fly-vheels good as new throughout. £16;). 6 N.H.P., by Crosslev, horizontal, with all connec- tions and fittings; can be seen at work by apoint- ment a thoroughly good engine. £100. 3 N, H, P., by Crosslev, horizontal, with all, connec- tions and fittings a specially constructed engine, and hag only done a few weeks' work. 3 N. H. P., by Crossley, vertical, complete with wattr tank, 2 fly-whecb, Ac. £25. 1 N.H.P., vertical, by Day, complete with two mas- sive fly-wheels, tank, &c. perfectly new. £52. Va N.H.P., vertical, by Day, practically eoua.1 to new, amI can ùe seen at work by appointment. £ 28. 1 M.P. Bisschop," by Andrew, complete with fly- wheel, Ac. £10. The above Engines are ready for immediate delivery, are as described, and can be seen at any time by appointment on application to CHARLES D. PHILLIPS, NEWPORT, MON. Telegrams MCagotts aufc ODallurg lltquísíttS. 4 CARDIFF Rolling Stock Co. (J. Heald) always have new Wagons in progress to the latest regulations also a barge number of good second-hand Coal and other Wagons ready for letteriug several Locomutives in stock prices 011 application —Works aud Offices, East Moors, Cardiff. 52 0 RAILWAY WAGONS for Hire or Sale. Cash or jLt' deferred payments.—T110 Midland Railway Car riage and Wagon Company, Limited, Midland Works Birmingham 3082 Coal Merchants.—10 large 8-ton G.W. Coal JL Wagons, with side ami end doors suitable either for retail trade or shipping cheap, for cash, or 5 and 7 years' purchase hire.—Apply J. Heald, East Moors, Cardiff. 6683 | TON COAL WAGONS FOR SALE. A number of New to Latest REGULATIONS, Side and End pools, ready for instant delivery. Also 25 SECOND-HAND in excellent- condition, Side I and End Doors, and of first-class build. All 1",TON N Elt, and can be seen at Cardiff. To inspect and for prices apply THE BUTE WORKS SUPPLY ce., 133d, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. nrS£5, lifo tOtkt Carriages. BY Private Sale, my very handsome dark brown Mare, Winnie, height, 15or 15T, 6 years old with nice action, fast, free without vice and sound perfect in harness, and clever hunter up to 13 stone, good tempered, nice mouth, carries lady with style reasonable trial an 6!V.S. allowed price 30 guineas.— Apply 11, So ward-street, off Queen-street, Cardiff. 245 CARRIAGE Lamps,—Inspection invited.—Best se- lected Stock in the West.—C. E. Gurnsey's Carri- age Lamp Works, Mcrchant-street, Bristol. 7126 GURNSEY'S Carriage Lamps, first quality and best, X value ever offered. Lamps repaired. Large stock uew and second-hand lamps.—Works, Merchant-street, Bristol, and 18 and 19, Bute-lane, Cardiff. 7126 EDWARD ROGERS and CO., Coachbuilder College-place, Bristol. Telegrams, Carrossier, Bristol. Telephone, No 247. Established nearlv a century. 1168 FOR Sale, great bargain. Brake, in splendid condi- j' tion, carry 20; would prefer exchanging for brake carry 14 Also for sale. Waggonette, carry nine. Offers amHnspection invited.—R. Sampson, Porthcawl. 737 JOBMASTERS aud Undertakers. — Great Sale of Carriages at John Marston and Co.'s, 24, Bradford-street, Birmingham, incluÜin twelve Lan- daus, twenty Ilansoms, forty Hearses, (new designs), Reform Funeral Cars, elegant Washington Cars, Light Omnibuses, ten Brakes (large and small), several Char- a-bancs, ten Broughams, some second-hand Vohicles. Great bargains. Easy terms. Catalogues free. 709 1VEW, Landau, Trap, Lorries, Second-hand Phaeton, J. ^1 Whitechapel Brake (seat 13), Mounted Double Harness, Brakes, Vans.Traps, etc, building Furniture ans, all patterns, built or re-constructed. Speciality —Vans, 16ft. long, 16 cwt.—Melhuish and Dew, Carriage Builders, Maudlin-street, Bristol. 504 WANTED, light Coburg, to suit Baker.—Apply W.J.R., "South Wales Daily News" Office, Swansea^ 7183-658o 17UTLLFR, BIETILL AND COMPANY, CAE 1 EI AGE BUILDEES, CAEDIFF. 1 EI AGE BUILDEES, CARDIFF. TELEGRAMS CARRIAGES, CARDIFF. ON SALE NEW and SECOND-HAND LANDAUS, BROUGHAMS, VICTORIAS, WAGONETTES, STAN HOPES, FOUR-WHEEL DOG-CAETS. Surrey, Collingwood, Basket, Panel, Battlesclen, and Rustic Carts, Prince Dog-Cart, ail latest improve ments. Continued increasing demand for our own-made Carriages. WORKMANSHIP & MATERIALS GUARANTEED, THE LARGEST CAItEIAGE MANUFACTORY AND SHOWROOM IN THE PRINCIPALITY. 1246 Jfnr Jiai £ .-Jftisc £ llattmts. A CHEAP Lot,—Leather Suite, Mahogany Table, Overmantel, Brass Vender, Brasses, Carpet, and bargain-Barris, The Market, New- port. 597 A Second-hand Magic Lantern, only once used bought at £ 2 sold £ 1 10s.— Address J. Lewis, Abergorleeh, Carmarthen. 556 TJARGAINS.—Manufacturers' Remnants in 101b. I> parcels of Prints, Velvets, Calicoes, &c. price list free.—Black and Co., Bull's Head-chambers, Man- chester. 7lli BILLIARDS-" or~ lUgatelitT!—All" those equiring new or second-hand tables, requisites, or billiard work done should, before going elsewhere, semi for price list to Hennig Bros., 29, High-st., London, W.C. 17UEEWOOD—Oak and Larch. Special quotations for two tons and above on rails.—Price and Williams, Timber Merchants, Builth. 193 Williams, Timber Merchants, Builth. 193 FOE Sale, 20,000 Wheeler's Improved Cabbage 1 Plants warranted, 5s per thousand.—S. Phillips, Gardener, Filter Beds, Llanishen. 103 IT^UE BOA.—Lady has for immediate private dis- 1 posal a real Russian Tail Fur Boa, very dark brown, 10 feet long. immensely thick, soft. value 7bs sacrifice for 19s 9d perfectly new.—Can be seen by writing P.H., Daily News, Cardiff. 133 EWELLERY, Watches, Watch Materials, Toy^ Cutlery, Musical Instruments, Pipes. Wholesale list sent free.—Wright, St. Luke's-rd., Birmingham. 78 LADY", having Remnants, forwards 10 pieces Plush, JtU Satin Velvet, Is 2d 40, 2s 2d 300 Crazy Pieces, 2s 6d.—Graham, Margate. 553 7& .f ILK for Sale 30 gallons daily (refrigerated) by AT.l rail churns found.—.James Butt, Comptoii Bishop, Weston-super-Mare. 610 NE'JTING (tanned) for seed beds, poultry fences, 1 fruit trees, protection from frost, Ac., Id square yard carriage paid.—E. Parnall and Co., Netting Makers, Bedminster, Bristol. 7061 ONE of the grandest Oak Dining-room Suites in England in silks, saddlebags, beautifully carved, price £ 1414s, worth £ 30 also Drawing-room Suite ill silk velvet, £7 7s.—Edes, Old Curiosity Shop, New- port 7215 PIG and Poultry Feed.—Kiln-dried damaged Wheat jL reduced to B2 10s per ton, cash upwards. Sweet, clean Wheaten Chaff, 30s per ton.—Apply to Peter White, Corn Merchant, Liverpool. 613 POTATOES.- Splendid red orltght soil Magnums, JL grand cookers, loose or in buyers' sacks also splendid Seed Magnums.—G. Graham, Potato Mer- ciiant, Whitchurch, Salop 86 SPOONS and Forks cash urgently needed.—Lady offers new seven-guinea Silver Plated Service 12 each table spoons and forks, dessert spoons and forks, teas 60 pieces, for 35s approval, carriage paid.— Mrs H. Dalton, 312, Vauxhall Bridge-road, London. rpABLE Cutlery, Bargain.—Three-guineaT Service X for 21s cash wanted must- sell; pe fectly new approval parcels post, free 12 table knives, 12 cheese knives, pair carvers, and steel white pinned balanced handles makers, Hirley and Sons, Sheffield (Queen's cutIers).-Addres8 Mrs Neville, 39, Aldebert-terrace, Albert-square, Claphain, ],ondon, S.W. 137 mHE Matrimonial lleraid and Fashionable Marriage JL Gazette Official organ of The World's Great Marriage Agency, the only High-class Marriage Insti- tution in the British Empire. (10 years' public refer- ence. —Vide Press.) Price 3d (in envelope secure Írom observation 5d).—EDITOR, 40, LAMB'S CONDUIT. STREET, LONDON, W.C., or ordei of News- agents. 1184 WELSH Books, Papers, and Music, at Roberts W Brothers, 15, Working-street (late High-street Arcade), Cardiff. 6162 "V^TILLIAMS'" Typewriter excels all others. TT Bronght for IIIspection on appJicat.ion.- Wade, Agent for Wales, 64, Wind-street, Swansea. 204 —Handsome Walnut Suite, upholstered in gO) Oriental Saddlebags (nino pieced) an perfect-.— BtJiris, !>Luket, Newport. No connection wit<ny other address. 597 £ 10.—Complete, 4ft. Walnut and Rosewood Bedroom Suite massive Black and Brass Persian Bed- stead, 2in. pillars B5 I5s.—Harris, Markut, New- port. 597 4^0,000 Feet first class Dunnage Boards, Scantling, & and Deals, all sizes nnd lengths, cheap.-Shap- iand, 9, Canal-parade, Cardiff. 601 E L S H FEATHER BED S. THESE CELEBRATED BEDS ARE MADE IN WELSHPOOL, NORTH WALES. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST FEATHER BEDS NOW OFFERED. So 1.—Single Bd, Bolster, and Pillow, 6ft. 3ill, d. by 3ft. 6in., weighing 401bs 30 0 No. 2.—Double Bed, Bolster, and 2 Pillows, 6ft. 6in. by 4ft. 6in., weighing bOlbs 37 6 No. 3.—Double Bed, Bolster, and 2 Pillows, 6ft. bin. by 4ft, ( in., weighing 551bs. 41 0 WARRANTED DRY AND SWEET." These renowned Feathers are put into Best Union Ticking, and well made, sent carriage paid to any Station in the United Kingdom. Any sized Beds made to order for 9d. per lh. Samples of Feathers and Ticking post free. Feathers without Ticking, 6d per Ih. All orders must Le accompanied bv Cheque or P.O.O. payable to H. HANDY, FEATHER MERCHANT, WELSHPOOL. Sept.. 30, .892. 5749 iHisttllaittous Mants. DRAPERS',Outfitters',and Milliners' Stocks pur. chased for cash.—Applv Isaac Thomas, Stock Buygr, Wharton-reel, Cardiff 7093 FOREIGN Stamp Collection Wanted for cash.— Particulars and price to S.G.F., South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 694 OLD Artificial Teeth pnrchased, cash best price given remittance return post; misfits re- mrlellel1.Parcels must be addressed Goodman, 5, Bristol Bridge, Bri-tol. 38 Miscdlatuairs. IF you are married, or contemplate taking this im- portant step, we can send you valuable informa- tion which you ought to know. Send your address and we will send you catalogue and pamphlet free.— Address, H. G. Kerr, WesLllíll, Wandsworth, London. MAEQUEES, Tents, Pavilions, Flags for Hire 1V' Tarpaulings, Waggon-covers, Bags, all Canvas Goods made to order.—Apply Jonathan Jones, Swan- sea 7191 MAEQUEES and Tents to 78ft. wide for Hiie di-tance no object,—Apply Thomas Pugsley and Co., Newport, Mon. 772 TVTO more Notices to Quit. No n ore Rents to Paj\ > No Game Laws to brea.k. 160 Acres of Frei hold Land. A nice Trip to Queensland; all for £ 16 16s. Diito in tiaiM'fa, with a large cash bonus to settlers. for S3 0s 6d.—Tickets and certificates to be had of the Government Agent, James Jtoberts, Passenger, Ponty- pridd. 696 SUs Q UE Puis have for 43 years cured tens of thousands of indigestion, 1 iver Complaints, Piles, Rheumatism, Gout, Bronchitis, and all Diseases or the Biood. Boxes Is 11/tl, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis, of aU Chemists., Sent anywhere on receipt of stamps by Samuel Rushworth, Botanic Institute, N <}ttin]ull1. 699 New Hire system. Houses of Apartments completely furnished 011 a new eys- tem adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and inquiries usually made by other com panies are dispensed with. We have an immense stock of Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goods sold 011 the Hire System at ready-monoy prices. We make 110 extra charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private vall free of cnarge. No stamp or agreement charges made no bill of sale; everything private. Arrangements completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guaranteequality, and will undertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per cent, less than any price-list issued hy any firm in Cardiff. Eleven showrooms. Call and inspect our im- mense stock, and compare prices before purchasing elsewhere. We will supply £6 worth for 2s bet weekly £10 worth, 49 weekly worth for 5s weekly £20 worth, 6s weekly and so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the Address; SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY, 31, Castle-st. (opposite the Cas-lo). Cardiff. 12783-1105-10 1- Jtlcmm. MONEY— ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT BILL OF l' SALE, PUBLICITY, OR FEES FEOM ONE MONTH TO FIVE YEARS. THE NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, BALDWIN-STREET, BRISTOL. EST. 1875. The Directors of this well-known, old-established Bank are prepared to offer xceptional advantages to all responsible persons in need of temporary cash assi8tance. Private an Prompt ADVANCES made daily, on borrower's simple Promissory Note, AT 5 PER CENT. INTEEEST. The amount borrowed may be repaid by instalments 01 at the end of a stated period. SPECIAL NOTICE. This Ba.nk is not connected with any Loan Societies or Advance Companies, and he usual objectionable loan office routine is entirely spensed with. Apply in strictest confidence to MET. C. MILRUBN, 6001 Resident Manager £ 25 wanted for One Year, upon Personal Security will pay good interest.-Write H.C., "Daily SJews." Cardiff. ONEY LENT PRIVATELY AT A FEW l.?JL HOURS' NOTICE .A Gentleman having a largo amount of Capital ia willing to grant advances, upon note of hand <1Joae, for any term not exceeding 15 years, £1,000, at 5 per oenL, to Clergymen, Fanners, Hotel Proprietors, Lodging-house Keepers, Tradesmen, or to any responsible Person, Male or Femalo, in Town oJ Country. Without loan office formalities or bill of sale Distance no object, and so long as the interest is paid the capital can remain. No genuine application re- fued. All communications treated strictly priyate —Apply to the actual Lender, II. Harrison, Esq 87, York-road, Westminster Bridge-road, London. 1115 '4 3 ONEY LENT AT FIVE PEE CENT. FROM iM. £ 10 to £ 2,000. V, HY pay more, when a Private Gentleman is pre- pared to grant Advances to Male or Female, upon their PROMISSORY NOTE ALONE, in any part of England, Wales, or Ireland, without loan office formalities or objectionable inquiries ? No Bill of Sale or ureties re- quired. The advttnce can be paid back by eagy instal- ments, or can remain out from 1 to 15 years by paying the interest only. Call or write to the actual Lender WILFEED WILBEEFOECE, ESQ., 11, Stroud Green-road, Finsbury-park, London, N. VJF ONl-LY LENT ON NOTE OF flANDATsnORT iVJL NOTICE, by a Private Gentleman, from £ 10 to £1,000, at 5 per cent. Why apply to Professional Money Lenders, so-called Companies or Banks, when any responsible applicant can obtain an advance Privately,withoutsuretiesand the usual formalities of a Loan, attiC!): For the benetit of Borrowers I alii prepared to gra.nt advances from one to ten years in any part of England or Wales, to male or female (distance no object), and if desired the in- erest can be paid quarterly or half-yearly, or as may be arranged, therefore the applicants get the lull benefit of cash advanced Apply in confidence to the astual lender II. HUNTER, Esq., 1135 13564 130, Westminster Bridge-road, London. .\1 E It C I A 1. AD VANCE BANK V, 19, 4UAy-STREET, CARDIFF c i can 11 ? obtained 011 the same da/ as applied for by professional gentlemen, tradesmen, farmers, cowkeepers, and householders. Applicants^may rely on the strictest secrecy being obsev\eu. Cuarges moderate, and no enquiry or other ees cnaiged unless cash odvaneed. Country applica- tions attended to without delay. Apply personally or by letter to Mr L. JOSEPH, „ COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BANK, H66 19, QiJAY-STREET CARDIFF. MONEY LENT WITHOUT SURETIES^ «n Borrower s simple Note of Hand, repayable as follows ;— 24 Monthly repayments of £0 17 11 JVon <!o' l!o- 4 1° £ 1C0 do. do. £ 1 9 7 Otlier amounts in proportion. No commission or legal cnargM incurred. Write or call for Prospectus to actual Lender, GEORGE H. SHOVE, 21, John-street Strand, London, W.C. 4025 MOXEY to Lend.— £ 2,000, Sl,000, £800, £600; jLTjt. these amounts and others ready to be advanced immediately on mortgage on good leasehold or free- hold propeit-ies in Cardiff.— Jenkins, Clarke, and Co., Cambrian-chambers, Westgate-street, Cardiff. 1050 £ 10 to £ 2,000advanced on personal security, deposits, share certificates, <fcc., without inquiry fees of any kind.—l or particulars call or write to Manager, 3, Bute-terrace, Cardiff. 5933 and upwards granted daily to householders, witli- c*oi out sureties, no delay, no fees, and confidential.— Apply, by letter or personally, to F. Gould, 88, Pont- woriais, Merthyr Tydfil. 6570 0/« jr AAA ltoa(Jy t0 he Advanced on good dWTCf_)»vFvr vFreehold or Leasehold Property, in sums of £ 100 to £ 10,000 also on good personal seen rit-y, reversions, annuities, &c. &c.—Messis Hein sums of £100 to £10,000; also on good personal seen rity, reversions, annuities, &c. &c.—Messis Hein Financial Agents, 94, St Mary-street, Cardiff. 1049 sporting. I- GUNS, Rifles, Revolvers, Air-guns, Air-pistols, C,\1' Targets, Riflemen's Shooting Requisites, aud General Sporting Tackle of Every Description at Prices previously unknown in South Wales; firearms re- paired at from 10 to 50 per cent. below local maktr i' prices; lessons given in the art of shooting on most moderate terms.—Wm. Ellicott, 18, Custom House- street, Cardiff. 70J1 ELLICOTT'S Specially-loaded Pigeon Cartridges are the Best the World Can J>roduce. One secret of their great success is that they are loaded personally by William Ellicott Gunmaker, Cardiff, who is weil. known throughout the universe as a devoted lover of the trigger; inquiries invited. 7091 ONE of the Greatest Aids to Successful Shooting is the confidence created by the use of Perfect Weapons I1mI Ammunition, hence the unvariable sue- cess of Ellicott's patrons. Hundreds of testimoDÎ don't miss a treat by delay.—W. Ellicott, Custom House-street, Cardiff. Agents wanted in Bristol, Cheltenham, Bath, Newport, and Swansea. 7031 W E. YAUGHAN AND CO., LIMITED, STEAM-POWER DYERS, FRENCH CLEANERS, &c., LLANDAFF.ROAD, CARDIFF. BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS 32, QUEEN-STREET, )r,PnTI,F 248, BUTE-STREET, /CARDIFF. 60, WINDSOR-ROAD. PENARTH. 52, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, 83, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR. 27, CASTLE-STREET. SWANSEA. 19, ARCADE, PONTYPEIDD. AGENTS IN ALL TOWNS IN SOUTH WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE, Whoreceive and forward Parcels regularly to the Work Agents' Addresses and Price Lists sent in answer to Post Cards. POSTAL SERVICE. Parcels amounting to Five Shillings sent direct to Works will be returned Carriage Paid one way. W E VAUGHAN AND CO., LIMITED, DYERS, Are doing the largest trade and working the most, efficient Machinery within a radius of One Hundred Miles, and ARE CELEB RATED FOR CLOTHES AND DRESS CLEANING by FRENCH PROCESS, pro- ducing permanent colours, a superior finish, moderate charges, and promptness of despatch. 1080 JpOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, AND NEURALGIA. DR J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORG- DYNE.—Vice-Chancellor Sir W. Page Wood stated publicly in court that Dr J. Collis Browne was undoubtedly I he inventor of Chlorodyne, that the whole story of the defendant Freeman was deliberately untrue, and he regretted to say it had been sworn to.— See The Timeu," July 13, 1864. DR J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORcT DYNE.—The Right Hon. Earl Russell com niduicated to the College of Physicians and J. T Davenport that he had received information to the effect that the only remedy of any service in cholera was Chlorodyne.-Hee "Lancet," Dec. 31, 1868. DR J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORO- DYNE.—Extract from the "Medical Times, Jan. 12, 1866 :—" It is prescribed by scores of orthodox practitioners. Of course, it would not be thus singu latly popular did it not supply a want and fill a place. DR J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORO- DYNE is the best and most certain remedy in coughs, cold, asthma, consumption, neuralgia, rhcu niatism, Ac. DR J. COLLIS-BROWNITS~CHLORO- DYNE is a certain cure in cholera, dysentery, diillThœa, itc. DR J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CIILORO- DYNE.—CAUTION. None genuine without the words "DrJ. Collis Browne s ChlordYlle" on the Government stamp. Overwhelming medical testimony accompanies each bottle. Sole manufacturer, J P DAVENPORT, 33, Great Eussell-terrace, Blooms- bury, London. Sold m bottles, Is li;d, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis. 4943-14926 ]VTO NAME OINTMENT. -i-l This Ointment is confidentially recommended as an old, tried, and successful remedy for scurvy, scrofula glandular swellings, ringworm, old wounds, ulcerated [egs, scald heads, blotcnes on the face and body, St Anthony's fire, burns, chilblains, bruises, piles, fistula, rheumatism, bunions, Ac. It will soon heal un the most obstinate eruptions 01 the skin of every kind. Please note the Trade Mark Label on each pot. "TVTO NAME PILLS. -uL^I I'or scrofula, scurvj, ulcerated legs erysipelas blotches on the face, eruptions on the body, pile:" fistula, glandular swellings, ifcc., etc. They "may be taken by persons of either sex are tonic and invigorating, and, acnng upon the secretions they are a truly valuable blood pari tiers, and may be used in conjunction with the No Name" Ointment in any of the above diseases. Sold in pots and boxes by all chemists. Price 71 d Is lid, and 2s Od each, No family should be without them SOLE PROPRIETOR:— J WHITEHOUSE 194, DERITEND, BIRMINGHAM, 2056 Aeent.s wan'ed in everv district. ^jgTvERY man | suffering from NEEVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY should send for a valuable pamphlet explaining how all nervous and organic derangements may be success fully treated without stomach medication. The method is easy and pleasant, [LUd will eIfl:ctj1 perfect and per. manent cure. Sent, sealed, post free.—Address i- NOETON, 249;, HIGH UOI..KORN, LONDON, W.C POSTAL DELIVERY N OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. The Proprietors of the SOUTH M ALES DAILY NEWS heg to announce that by tt special ooncession of the Postal Authorities they are enabled to despatch their First Edition each morning by the Mails leaving Cardiff at 2.30 a.m. and 3AS a.m. Country Subscribers residing within the limits of GLAMORGANSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE, PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE. As weU rts those portions of BRKCONSJIIRk and MONMOUTHSHIRE comprised within the Tredegar and Ehymney Valley Postal Districts, may now have the SOUTH W AI.ES DAILY NEWS delivered at thei residences daily by the same post as that which con veys their London letters. London & West of England subscribers receive their papers on the Îorenootl of publication The THIRD EDITION ot the SOUTH WALKS DAILY NEWS is forwarded (prepaid) to residents of the follow. ing and all other places within the Cardiff Postal District in time for the first morning delivery :— St Fagan's Sully Micliaelstone-le. Pencoed Courtyralla Vedw S Brides-sup,-Ely Dinas Powi.s Castletown St. Nicholas Cadoxton Marshfield Bonvilstone I Barry Penarth Peterstone Caerphilly Llandough Llandaff Bedwas Lisvane Eadyr Ystrad Mynach j Llanishen Morganstown Pwllypant Whitchurch Melir.griftith St. Mellon s 'i'aff's Well Peutyrch Cefn Mably Tongwynlais Peutyrch Cefn Mably Tongwynlais St. Andrew's Bdge PER QUARTEH, POST-FREE .099 PER HALF YEAH 0 13 6 PER YEAR 1 19 0 SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS OFFICES, Saint Mary-street, Cardiff, Ihtsntias THE pEOPLE'S pAPER n THE QARDiFF rjpMES A?> r> SOUTH -^ALE-3-^EEKLY IOST JgEST JJHCTrON JpEATURES SPECIAL RETICLES I The following are some of the Special Features which appear weekly in its Columns MEMORABLE DAYS. Echoes from th3 Calendar, dealing with Saints' Days, Holidays, and the strange and interesting individuals and customs recorded in the Calendar. WORKMEN'S TOPICS. A weekly Article, specially written or the Cardiff Times and South Weekly News by Mr WILLIAM ABRAHAM (MABON), on current Labour Questions and the Conditions of Labour in Great Britain. Read by thousands of miners in the Khondda WELSH GLEANINGS Interesting Paragraphs of the doings and sayings of Welshmen in every part of the world. SONGS FOR THE PEOPLE. A drew Fletcher, of Saltoun, in a letter to the Marquis of )lontrose, wrote I know a very wise man that believed t hat if a man were permitted to make all the ballads he need not care who should make the laws of the ¡¡atioll. Under this heading appear weekly Poems dealing with the life, the ioys, :tl1(l the sorrows of tl1e People, culled from all sources. BOOKS NEW AND OLD. A special feature dealing with the best bookti published at prices within the reach of the People. GOSSIP OF THE DAY. Brigiit Tittle Tattle of doings and sayings in South Wales. OUR SATURDAY SERMON. A Pithy Homily weekly on life's duties, selected from the writings of the "Great Ones of the Earth." MUSICAL AND EISTEDDFODIC NOTES, By Maelgwyn, deal with all the more interest- ing Eisteddfodic and Musical matters of South Wales. FARM AND GARDEN. A weekly column of interest to Farmers and Amateur Gardeners. THE HOUSEHOLD. A collection of Recipes and Hints of value and interest to every housewife. A WOMAN'S LETTER TO WOMEN. A special illustrated articlc on Dress and the Toilet, written by a Lady Journalist. THE ORDER OF THE ROUND TABLE. The most interesting Children's Column pub- lished.—Conducted by Aunt Maggie Symington. Y GOLOFN GYMREIG, By DAFYDD MORGAN WG The best Welsh Column published. Read by Welshmen the world over. FICTION. MISS DORA RUSSELL'S New Story— A HIDDEN CHAIN. A SERIES OF ORIGINAL SHORT STOEIES, By FAMOUS NOVELISTS. EXPERIENCES OF A LONDON DETECTIVE. A complete story each week. WELSH TIT-BITS, Neu Wreichion Oddiar yr Eingion. By Cadrawc1. WIT AND HUMOUR. A column of selections from all sources QUEER STORIES. Grave and Gay True and otherwise. "FROM THE SOCIETY PAPERS.' Interesting paragraphs of doings in the World of Fashion. WELSH ECHOES FROM LONDON. Political, Social, Literary; specially written by Our London Welsh Correspondent. "THE WORLD OVER.' Under this head appears the cream of the Foreign Intelligence of the Week. ■ j— "CAPITAL AND LABOUR." The Week's News in the Labour World. In addition to tlieso Special Features the CARDIFF TIMES and SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS contains THE NEWS OF THE WEEK. The Largest, Brightest, and Best Weekly Journal Published in the Principality. All the Features of a Magazine and the News of a Great Weekly Newspaper. THE pEOPLE'S JOURNAL. 72 LONG COLUMNS Of Special Articles, First-class Fiction, and the Week's News for One Penny. ORDER FROM YOUR NEWSAGENT A COPY OF rrHE CARDIFF TIMES AND gjOUTH ^TALES ^^EEKLY J^EWS, ONE PENNY WEEKLY. IF YOU SUFFER Fhol BILIOUSNESS HEAD-ACHES, INDIGESTION, LIVER COMPLAINT, OR IMPURE BLOOD, TRY EUNICE'S VEGETABLE pILLS. They are easy to swallow, being very small, require no confinement indoors, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thousands, who pronounce them to be the BEST MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. TESTIMONIAL from J. BALBIRNIE, Esq., M.A., M.D., Lecturer on "Physiology," Author of "A Treatise on the Tllrldsh Bath," &c., ;— "I have examined tlJ6 Pills known as Kermck's Vegetable Pills.' I certify their composition to be purely Vegetable. 1 have also tried their effect, and consider them one of the best Aperient Pills for con- stipated habits thnt, 1 know of (Signed) JOHN BALBIRNIE, M.A., M.D. ERNICK'S V E G E T ABLE P ILL S STRENGTHEN THE SYSTEM BRACE THE NERVES, PURIFY THE BLOOD, And are universally ùeelarell to 1.>e TIIH BEST MEDICINE EVER DICOVERED They are specially recommended to FEMALES OF ALL AGES. Sold in 7!,|.d, Is I'.id, and 2s 9d Boxes. TO MOTHERS: One of the most prolilic causes of Worms in Children is UllOUlHI or unripe fruit; 8, weakly chilàis more saù- ject to them than others. The presence of these in- ternal parasites is shown by the following symptoms —Uncertain Appetite, Paleness, Disturbed Sleep, Grinding the Teeth during Sleep, Picking the Nose, I and even Convulsive Fits. Happily .1Il\OSt efficacious remedy may b ootainetl in f 1:0 shape of KERNICK'S VEGETABLE WORM LOZENGES. These Lozenges are entirpIy innocent in their charac- I, ter, and may be taken by Children of all ages with per- fect safety, as they strengthen the system by giving an appetite. Hundreds of Children are now alive who would have pined away were it not for these invaluable Lozenges In 7d and 13%d Boxes, with full Directions. Sold by all Chemists in the United Kingdom and the Colonies, or dired ou receipt of Stamps by the Sole Wholesale Agents, KEENICK ? SON, LMTD., Wholesale Druggists, &c., 12, NEW-STREET, CARDIFF. 7. 7 Hitstiuss AuDrpbSfS. i "i l l I BRILLIANT j S E R I E S OF TO R IE e I; BY WORLD-FAMOUS AUTHORS. j SECURED AT ENORJfOUS EXPENSE Foil ORIGINAL PUBLICATION IN THE CARDIFF TIMES AND SOlJTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS. THESE, STORIES HAVE NEVER BE- FORE BEEN PUBLISHED, anti are the Latest, Best; and Mpst Attractive, Works by the folioWirlf Distinguished Novelists :— Tft/TAKIE CORELLI, Author of A Romanbd A- of T\vo Worlds." "jTEROME K; .JEROME, Author of Thret# Men in a Boat." JOHN STRANGE WnáER Author of I FLORENCE WARDEN, Author of "The" House on Mie Marsh." MRS FRANK GRIMWOOD. The Heroine of Manipur. EDWIN L. ARNOLD, Author of Phra, rj the PhœllJcian." HELEN MATHERS, Author of COnlin. JLJL thro' the Rye." COMMANDER CAMERON. Author of In Savage Africa." WILLIAM WESTALL, Author of "A f Phantom City." MRS WALFORD, Author of "The Baby's Grandmother." HUME NISBET, Author of "The Jolly Roger." HAMILTON AIDE, Author of "Carr of C<\rrlyoll. STEPNIAK, Thtj Russian Exile A former Professor of Kieff University. THE EIGHTH STORY OF THE- SERIES WILL BE CONTINUED IN THE j CARDIFF rjlIMES i AND JgOUTH ^TALES "^TEEKLY OF SATURDAY, MARCH 18TH, 1893, BY QOMMANDER 0AMEHON The well-known Explorer and Novelist, Entitled "VENGEANCE gTEPNIAK Will write A RUSSIAN STORY OF A SENSATIONAL TYPE. As one who has suffered and studied on behalf of his country, he writes with feeling and effect. MRS J^pRANK ST. CLAIR GRIMWOOD, ) Who received from the Queen the Royal Red Cross of India in recognition of her heroism during the Manipur massacre, and who has written with success "My Three Years in Manipur," and a novel, "The Power of an Eye," is writing a complete Tale, entitled. TWO AND ANOTHER." MRS. L. B. WALFORD Is contributing a Complete Tale "A COURT TRAIN A STORY OF SUMMER." WILLIAM WESTALL Will be represented by a TwoPartStory, entitled, "DR. COLLETTS REVENGE." IfUME NISBET. Who has distinguished himself as a Writer of Australian and Sea Stories, is furnishing for this Series a Nautical Story of a dashing character, THE DARK-EYED DARLING." JJAMILTON AIDE, An Author welcomed by a large circle, is another contributor, his manuscript being entitled "A MODERN ISHMAEL." THE SERIES COMMENCED ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 7TH, 1893. It is impossible even briefly to describe each ÙLdiriduul contribution, but our Readers may rely upon works of First Class Character, Great Interest, and Thorough Originality. 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JJEECHAM'S PILLS Have the Largest Sale (Ii any Patent Medicine in the World FULL DIRECTIONS ARE GIVEN WITH EACH BOX. Prepared only and sold wholesale and retait by th Proprietor, T. BEECHAM, Chemist, St Helens Laura shire, and by all Druggists and Patent Medicin Dealers everywhere. In Boxes, dVvd, Is lId, and 2s 9d each. 6991 THE DE REES BILL-POSTING AND ADVEETISING COMPANY, LIMITED, PEOPEIETOES of 150 of the LARGEST STATIONS. NEWPORT, PONTYPOOL, RISCA, EASTERN and' WE,STERN VALLEYS. j TEEMS ON APPLICATION 160 CQMMIitiClAT, RQAQ NKWPQBiy I