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0 Early (Spring Season ,> .? i t APRIL. 1 Q S 9. 1 JOHN EVANS & CQMPAHY, BEG TO STATE THAT THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS ARE NOW WELL-STOCKDD WITH NEW GOODS SUITABLE FOR EARLY SPRING:- Silks, Underclothing*, Handkerchiefs, Velvets, Curtains, Lace3, Dresses, Linens, Gloves, Mantles, Calicoes, Hosiery, Jackets, Flannels, Jerseys, Millinery, Crettonnes, Trimmings, Flowers, Art Muslins, p' and Umbrellas. I An Early Visit will Oblige. Pontypridd^ April 9th Iss9.. i, LLANWONNO SCHOOL BOARD. f t Sir37i2k.'X,lE31^EK3IWX,1 „t The District Auditors' Act, 1879, (42 Vic. cap. 6). 11 "Statement of Receipts and Expenditure by the LlanwoDno School Board for the Half Year ,e!ided29t!iSeptembeM888. RECEIPTS. Totals, £ s. d. To Balance on March 25th, 1888, (if in hand) 501 19 4 „ Grants from the Committee of Council on Education (including Grants from the Science and Art Depart- ment, 2068 4 1 „ Payments made to the Treasurer by RatingAuthorities, at 3id per Pound 2500 0 0 School Fees ••• 826 15 6 „ Income arising from other sources— Contributory Districts: £ s. d. Merthyr School Board 24 18 0 Llantrisant School Board 46 8 0 Llantrisant Overseers 130 0 0 Llanfabon Overseers 25 0 0 —————— 226 6 0 l i • J & I f W jE6123 4 11 OUTSTANDING LIABILITIES OF THE BOU;D AT THE EXD OF THE HALF YEAR. £ s. d. Loans from Public Works Loan Commi sicners out- standing 24024 17 2 ( EXPENDITURE. AMOUNTS. TOTALS. £ S. d. £ s. a. (1.) EXPENSES OF ADMINISTRATION:— By Election Expenses 151 6 0 Legal and other Expenses of Administra- tion 59 0 7 —————— 210 6 7 (2.) EXPENSES OF MAINTENANCE OF PUBLIC ELE- MENTARY SCHOOLS:— By Salaries of Teachers 2504 3 1 Books, Apparatus, and Stationery 311 7 2 Fuel, Light, and Cleaning, and Replace- ment of Furniture, and Repairs to Buildings and Furniture 981 3 4 „ Rates, Taxes, and Insurance 22 6 7 —————— 3819 0 2 (3.) CONTRIBUTIONS TOWARDS, OR EXPENSES OF, INDUSTRAIAL SCHOOLS (IF ANY) (4.) CAPITAL CHARGES ;— (5.) LOANS :— I By Payment of Principal of Loans 438 18 0 I ,,InterestonLoaBs 436 19 0 875 17 0 (6.) EXPENSES NOT INCLUDED UNDER THE FORE- GOING HEADS :— •„ T. By Ystradyfodwg School Board 49 15 1 —————— 49 15 1 *TOTAL EXPENDITURE, viz. (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), and (G), as above ■ 4954 18 10 By Balance on 29th of September, 1888, (if in hand), viz.- £ s d In hands of Treasurer 1173 2 2 Less orders of the Board not paid by Treasurer 6 6 11 1166 15 3 In hands of Petty Cash Keeper 1 10 10 —————— 1168 6 1 £6123 4 11 MEMORANDUM. £ S. d. £ ~fT~cL Total expenditure as above 4954 18 10 Deduct— (1.) Parliamentary Grants 2068 4 1 (2.) Contributions (if any) to other School Boarus 49 15 1 2117 19 2 Net Expenditure to be Certified for the purposes of the above Act 2826 19 8 I certify that this account has been examined and passed by the School Board as provided by section 17 of the Act 36 and 37 Vict. Cap. 86. J. W. JONES, Chairman. 10th day of October, 1888. SAMUEL SHIPTON, Clerk to the School Board. 10th day of October, 1888. I herebv certify that I have compared the entries in the above Statement with the* Vouchers and other documents relating thereto, and that the regulatio 10 with respect to such Statement have been duly complied with. I hereby ce fy that I have ascertained by Audit the correctness of such Statement, and that the total amount Expended as above by the School Board i ring the half-year ended the 29th day of September, 1888, and allowed by me at the Audit, is £4,954 18s 10d, and that the Expenditure for tie purposes of the Act 42 Vict. cap. 6, and allowed by me, is £2,836 19s 8d. As witness my hand this 7th day of March, 1889. ALFRED W. ROBERTS, •? District Auditor. i COWBRIDuE ANNUAL E I 8 rr E 1) UFO I). li WHiT MOSDAY, June 10thf 1889. CONDUCTOR; W. ABRAHAM, Esq., M.P. (Mabon). ADJUDICATOR (Singing): D. JENKINS, Esq., Mus. Bac. CHIEF PRIZE.—To the Choir not less than 60 in number, that will best render Worthy is the Lamb." Prizet25, and £1 each to the Conductor of the unsuccessful Choirs. To the Male Party, not less than 35 in number, that will best render Monks War Song." Prize Y,7 (Dr Pariy.) PROGRAMMES are now ready, and can be taS.tth.Mual price. JQHN DAVIEg> J03N DAVIES, Hon. Sec., Cowbridge. The Best and Cheapest Shop for and Provisions IS THE Town Supply Stores. FRESH. SUPPLY of Carmarthen Butter every week; also nice selection of Caerphilly Cheese Heme cared & Wiltshire Bacon always in stock mild and lean Rams, largp stock of Tin Uoods, Jams, Marmalade, Preserves, and Pickles at the very lowest prices; splendid Flour, at 2s., 2s. 2d., very best 2s. 4d.; Teas at Is. 4d., Is. 6d and 2s Agent for the Pure Ceylon lea Co., London. One Trial secures your regular custom. T HE TOWN SUPPLY STORES, 76, Taj}-street, Pontypridd, T. V. JONES, Proprietor. THE SOUTH WALES UNION BM, LIMITED. BRANCH of this BANK will be opened very i shortly at Pontypridd, under the manage- m3nt of Mr Morgan R. Williams, the District Manager. By Order of the Board, T. R. R. DAVISON, General Manager. Dated 19th March, 1889. rHH ACADEMY, 20A, MORGAN STREET, PONTYPRIDD. E, Dunmor Edwards, M,A, MASTER. f) UPILS Specially Prepared at a Moderate Cost I for Commercial Pursuits, Colleges, London Jniversity, Matriculation, Preliminary Law, Medical, and Pharmaceutical Examinations, Ac. The QUARTER COMMENCES Monday, APRIL 1st. TERMS, &c., for Day Scholars and Private ?upils, may be had on application, WANTED a good strong GENERAL SER- VANT.—Apply to Mrs EVANS, Junction Hotel, Aberdare Junction. TO BE LET.—A COMFORTABLE RESI- DENCE, within a few minutes' walk of the Station. Garden and Stable.-Apply Walter H. M organ, Pontypridd. Caerphilly Castle Eisteddfod, WHIT-MONDAY. JUNE 10th, 1889. THIS EISTEDDFOD, under Distinguished Patronage, (and by the kind permission of Lord Bute), will be held in the far-famed ruins of Caerphilly Castle, on the above date. PRESIDENTMAJOR JONES (American Consul.) Vice-Presidents—Dr. J. Llewellyn, J.P., Henry Anthony, Esq., J.P., E. M. M. Corbett, Esq., and J. S. Corbett, Esq., Caerphilly. Adjudicators-Dr Parry, Mr Tom Price, A.C. Dafydd Morganwg, Mr Waugh, M.A. "Thanks be to God," £ 40; "Molwch yr Arglw- ydd," 910: Brass Band—"Athalie War March," £14; "Comrades in Arms," 95; Children's choir, E4; Solos, jEl each; Poetry, Needlework, Drawing, &c. Programmes, three half-pence by post. D. WILLIAMS, SEC., Caerphilly. FREEHOLD BUILDIRG GROUND. TO BE LET OR SOLD, Very desirable FREEHOLD BUILDING GROUND, well adapted for Villa Residencies, having a frontage to Court House Street. „ Also BUILDING GROUND for COTTAGES, fronting Brewery Road. Apply to MR HENRY HOPKINS. Fairlawn, Pontypridd. SILOAM GYFEILLON. CYNELIR EISTEDDFOD ra Y CAPEL UCHOD DYDD GWFNER GROGLITET, 1889. LLYWYDD- HENADUR WALTER H. MORGAN. PRIF DDARN- I'r Cor, heb fod dan 30 o nifer, a gano yn oreu yr Anthem,' Dyddian Dyn eydd fel Glaswelltyn," Gwobr £ 5, a Baton hardd i'r Arweinydd Buddngol. Yn yr hwyr bydd perfformiad o'r Cantata,tharles c'r BaJa, J 0 dan lywyddiaeth y Parch. Hugh P. Jonee, Porth. The Editor is not responBible for the opinions of his Correspondents. Every communication mast be accompanied by the name and address of the writer -not necessarily for publication, but as a guaran- tee of good faith. We cannot undertake to return rejected communications. No communication can be inserted if adaplicate is furnished to any oihei piper. TRAPNELL & CANE, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, 35 & 38, Queen-street, q CARDIFF, Hold immense Stocks of every requisite for completely furnishing, at a short notice, houses of any size. TRAPNELL AND GASE, FOR. BED S rr E ADS, Over 50 designs in all sizes to select from. The Iuviccible Bedsteads, full size with two brass rails, gold ornamentation, 12s 6d; and the "Challenge, a massive bedstead, at 23s 6d,, are made specially for us, and canuot be obtained elsewhere—Best value in Cardiff. TRAPNELL AflD GANE, FOR BEDDING A large stock in special department of guaranteed purity, Full Size Wool Bed, Bolster, and two Pillows, 8s 6d. Full size Spring M-itt: t-ses. l,'s Od e;.ch. Fall size Feather Bed, 32< fid. TRAPNELf & GANE. FOR DINING AND DRAWING-ROOM SUITES A larger selection than any other firm, at prices ranging from X3 15s Od., to 40 guineas. All. FOR BEDROOM SUITES, FENDERS, FIREI^ONS, LINOLEUM, FLOORCLOTH, CARPETS, RUGS, CURTAINS, and every requisite for furnishing. All goods marked in Plain Figures, so that purchasers may compare our prices with other firms. See advt. ca Front Page of this Paper. ur TRAPNELL AND CANE. The Noted Honse Furnishers, 35 & 38, Queen Street, CARDIFF. And at Bristol.] [Established 70 years. | IT OTIOE- BRISTOL & WEST OF ENGLAND BANK, LIMITED. AN AGENCY of this Bank will be opened on Tuesday next, at the Post Office, LLANTRI- SANT. ATTENDANCE WEEKLY on Tues- days and Fair Days, from 10 to 3, under the management of MR R. A. LkWIS, of the Ponty- pridd Branch. THE CAMBRIAN Furnishing Co. NO. 27, THE HAYES, CAR D IFF, SUPPLY SOUND RELIABLE Furniture AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES FOR CASH. Feather Beds In Splendid Bordered Ticks 31s. 6d. Handsome Bedstead, With all Brass extended Footrail 2us. 6d Spring Mattresses, Strong and well-made 16s. lid. Bassinette Perambulator, With Rubber Tyred Wheels, and latest improvements, 27s. 6d. Well-made Parlour Suite In Leather, £ 3 19s. 6d. Our own make. Easy C hairs in Leather, 12s. lid. Our Goods are well-made. Oar Prices are the lowest. Call and see our goods, aid compare prices before purchasing. We defy Competition. Easy payments arranged to suit purchasers if required. -0- All goods Delivered Free within 50 miles. -0- NOTE THE ADDRESS- The Cambrian Furniture Co. 27, THE HAYES, CARDIFF. I







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