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f—' F Q Balm o Gilead fu KOK R*.V/ LLVJ «— Q GEORGE'S PILLS i mi." "They are more than Gold to me-they saved my life." One wonders that things so small should produce such mighty results." I 9-W PILE & GRAVEL Many of my customers have been cured who have suffered for twenty years." The three foims of this Remedy:— No. 1.—George's Pile and Gravel Pills. | 1 3 Q 1 No. 2. George's Gravel Pills |" | | I No. 3.-George's Pills for the Piles. I In Boxes, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each; by post, Is. 3d. and 3s. I Proprietor :-J. E. GEORGE, M. R. P, S., Hirwain, Glam. I .u C11BEIAS CELEBRATED AL WATERS, RUTHIN. MANUFACTURED BY THE RUTHIN SODA VV AT ER CO., LD UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL, By Dr. O. B. FKAXCIS, late Principal of the Medical College in Calcutta-an entire stranger to the Company See The Indian Magazine, September, 1888, On the best mode of preserving health in India,' page 487: Among the BEST SODA WATER SOLD is that supplied by the Ruthin Soda Water Company—the Wate beiug obtained from an Artesian Spring in the Vale of Clwyd, North Wales. Ask for the CAMBRIAN WATERS." ODA WATER. LITHIA WATER. LEMONADE. GINGER EEER. ELTZER WATER. AERATED WATER. GINGER ALE. BREWED do OTASS WATER. QUININE TONIC. ZOLAKONE. LIME JUICE, &c. Cambrian Hop Bitters, from best Kentish Hops, By New Process. Goods forwarded free to all Railway Stations in Great Britain. Price List, Testimonials, and Report of Analysis, post free on application^ Address—Manager. Cambrian Works, Ruthin, North Wales, T J. WILLIAMS' -I GREATANNUALSALE ao CV-Z 34, XXiglx Street, I>enbigh, [I Commencing MONDAY, February 1st, and, coniinvAng for ONE MONTH. The whole Stock, without reserve, offered at greatly Reduced Prices, in order to make room for Spring Novelties. T. J. WILLIAMS is compelled, through want of room, to offer the remaining portion of his WINTER STOCK At most REMARKABLE REDUCTIONS. The Goods are fashionable, and in good Condition. ¡ T. J. WILLIAMS does not think it necessary to submit a List of Prices, nor to fully enumerate the class of Goods in the various Departments, as the general character of his Sales are so well known. Purchasers will tind this Sale as eminently satisfactory as any previous one, and the extraordinary Low Prices cannot j fail to be appreciated and secure willing Buyers. All Goods marked in Plain Figures for CASH during the Sale. This Sale offers a grand opportunity to obtain in all Departments I Real Barga.ins. Mantles, Jackets and Capes, Ladies' Waterproofs and Imperial Cloaks, of hand- ) some designs, including Real Seal Skins, the litest Novelties in Styles will be sold regardless of cost. WIillinery Goods I- Will be offered at Special Prices to clear, Dress Materials. Some extraordinary Bargains are offered in this Department, regardless of cost. Furs, Hosiery, Gloves, Umbrellas, and General Fancy Good", are all offered at extremely Low Prices. Flannels, Blankets, Sheetings and Linen of every description, marked down. Special purchases in Calicoes, Oxford Shirtings, Prints, Cretonnes, Flannelettes, &c., all reduced. DRESSMAKING.—Dress Fabrics bought at the Sale will be made up at much less than the usual cha rges TaLiloriiig Department, Style, Fit, and Finish guaranteed. Very Special Terms offered daring the Sale. An immense selection of the Newest Patterns. READY-MADE CLOTHING DEPARTMENT. Boys', Youths' and Men's Cloth:ng in Suits, Overcoats, and Single Garments, Waterproof Coats, &c.; unrivalled variety of the most tashionable productions, offered at a substantial Reduction for the Sale. General House Furnishing and 1897 DESIGNS OF WALL PAPER, All Reduced for the Sale. A VISIT OF INSPECTION SOLICITED. HUGH WILLIAMS. TAILOR AND DRAPER, CHAPEL PLACE, DENBIGH. Begs to inform the public generally that he has on view an excellent ASSORTMENT OF NEW GOODS of the latest design, and of the best quality that money can procure. LIVERIES of every description execui on the shortest notice. Riding Rreeclies, a Speciality. H. W. being a practical Tailor and Cutter (holder of a Diploma) and having a staff of experienced work- men fit and style is guaranteed, consistent with MODEEATE CHARGES. j A TRIAL ORDER RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. -.uns- Furnishing on the Hire System. FRED KOBEETS AND CO. (Late DEANm and ROBERTS), -ul 3. RUSSELL BUILDINGS, RHYL, Offer the best faciiities to parties wishing to furnish upon the Hire System, having a large Stock of Drawing Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen Furniture, Aud every requisite to furnish a House-Bedsteads, Bedding, Bassinnettes, Bicycles, Mail Carts, ífcife lVIa chines, Wringing Machines, always on hand, and ready for immediate delivery. For Ready Cash, or Easy Payments. Only Personal application required to get Furniture on our easy payments. jr- The Amoiunt of Deposit or Payment can be reduced or increased to suit the convenience of Customers. Return Raiwav Fare for Orders over £ 10 allowed to those.conntry Customers whrrcan make a personal visit. FRED ROBERTS & CO., The House Furaishers, 3, Russell Buildings. Rhyl. ANCIENT AND MODERN DENBIGH: Descriptive Histories of the Castle, Borough, and Liber-ies: with sketches of the lives and exploits of the Feudal Lords and Military Governors of the fortress to its final siege, &c. By JOHN WILLIAMS. Price 5s. in boards. DENBIGH, AND DENBIGH CASTLE :—Price 6d. AN KXGUSH AND WELSII DICTIONAPTY, Adapted to the present state of Science and Literature; in which the English Words are deduced from their i^inals, and explained by their ynonyms in the Welsh Language. By the Rev. D. SILVAN EVANS. In 2 vols., in boards, price S2 half calf, £ 2 5&0&; and full calf, £ 2 7s. 6d.. THE KN(M.ISH-WI:I.SII HANDBOOK. AND VOCABULARY. By Rev. T. LL, PHILLIPS, B.A. Price Is. 6d .in boards. BOARDS OF ( Their Constitution, Duties, &c. Compiled for the use of Guardians, in Wales and Monmouthshire, by TJBIKCHAM, General Inspector Local Government Board. Price 3d. May be had in English or Welsh. ( T. GEE AND SON, PUBLISHERS, DENBIGH.




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