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DENBIGHSHIRE INFIRMARY. ANNUAL MEETING OF THE GOVERNORS AND SUBSCRIBERS. THE annual meeting of the Governors and Subscribers of the Denbighshire Infirmary was held on Thursday at the Committee Itoom of the Institution, when the following gentlemen were present:- Col. Mesham, Captain Cole, Col. Lloyd Williams, Major Conran, Lieutenant Col. Heaton, Rev. Basil Jones (Rector of Llanfair, D.C.), Messrs. T. Gold Edwards, Thomas Gee, E. A. Turnour, Mr. Davies (solicitor), J. Parry Jones (Town Clerk), E. J. Swayne, Guy Francis, F. J. Preston, William Parry (Clwyd Villas), Dr. J. R. Hughes, Dr. J. Lloyd Roberts, Dr. Pritchard (Rhyl), and the secretary, Mr. W. Vaughan Jones. Apologies were received from the Mayor (Mr. William Mellard), Messrs. E. O. V. Lloyd, Berth and J. P. Lewis, Denbigh. On the motion of Col. Lloyd Williams, seconded by Mr. John Davies, Col. Mesham was elected chairman of the meeting. THE COMMITTEE'S REPORT. The Chairman moved the adoption of the 89th annual report of the Committee of Management for the year 1896, which con- tained the following facts and figures:— Number of in-door patients, 203; out-door pa- tients, 1,966 total receipts from all sources £ 1,623 18s. Id., as against £1,100 18s. 3d. in 1895. Gross Expenditure £1,545 16s. 7d., as against £1,362 6s. lid. The sum total of donations came to J6592 Is. 8d,, mostly due to the appeal made in the committee's re- port of the previous year. Amongst the legacies received was a sum of £ 500 from the executors of the late Mrs Harrison for the establishment of a free bed, and zC20 from the late Miss Lloyd, Denbigh. The collections made in church and chapels amounted to £78 9s— £ 62 15s. Id. from the church, and S5 13s. from chapels, as against £54 Os. 8d., in 1895. The present liabilities of the institution amounted to £1)18 3s. 7d., as against 9676 6s. 3d. at the end of 1895. The sum expended on drugs,O&c. was X114 8s. lid. in excess of 1895. The report then pro- ceeded to state that the institution gene rally was in a. good working order, and in the concluding paragraph the committee called attention to the 60th year of theReign of Her Majesty, and to the fact that all kinds of schemes were now on foot to commemorate the event. They were desirous to know whether it would not be possible to make a grand and special effort over the large area from which the Institution derived its pa- tients to collect funds to place it on a soun- der financial basis, and to get all classes to unite with the view of wiping off the pre- sent debt. On the motion of the chairman, seconded by Captain Cole, the report, which was re- ceived with applause, was adopted. Captain Cole proposed that the grateful thanks of the meeting be accorded to those kind friends, who, during the year, had sent such donations towards the 'Infirmary [as a result of the special appeal made by the committee. • The list of the donations were read, and the total amount received came to X592 Is. 8d. Mr Preston seconded the motion, which was carried with applause. The Chairman said the institutiou was still in a critical financial position, land he sincerely hoped that a further effort would be made to place it on a better footing. Col. Heaton proposed, and Col. Lloyd Williams seconded, that the thanks of the meeting be given to the Medical Officers for their services during the year. The Chairman said they were extremely indebted to those gentlemen who had given their services for the benefit of the patients. They certainly deserved the most grateful thanks of the meeting (hear, hear). The motion was carried, and Dr. Lloyd Roberts suitably responded. On the motion of Mr. Swayne, seconded by Captain Cole, a vote of thanks was passed to the Committee of Management, the Honorary Treasurer and Auditor, and it was also decided to request them to continue their services for another year to further objects of the Charity. Col. Lloyd Williams moved and Mr. John Davies seconded that the following dona- tions to the Ball fund received in November and December last, be appropriated to the use of the charity with many thanks:—Miss Griffith, £5; Miss Gabriel Roberts, El Mrs. Luxmore, X5; Miss Fenton, zEl Is. and Miss Williams Wynn, £5 5s. The motion was carried. On the motion of Mr. Preston, seconded by Mr. Swayne, the thanks of the meeting were given to the clergy and ministers of the Nonconformist congregations which made collections in aid of the charity during the year. The Chairman said the amount received through this source was larger than the previous year, but they would like to see it larger still (hear, hear). There were a great many places in the district that made no collections. The area benefiting from the existence of the Institution was a very large one, and many patients were received from parts of the county where no collections were made, thereby causing the increase of the expenditure. He hoped these places would do. something to assist them (hear, hear). I On the motion of Mr. William Parry, se- conded by Mr. E. A. Turnour, Mr. William James of the North and South Wales Bank was re elected Hon. Treasurer. Mr. J. Parry Jones moved, and Captain Cole seconded the re-election of Mr. Charles Grimsley, St. Asaph, as Honorary Auditor, and the motion was agreed to. Mr. Gold Edwards said they should not part that day without acknowledging th kind assistance given them by the Mayo and Miss Griffith, of Garn, on a recent spe- cial occasion when their services were very highly appreciated (applause). Through their efforts, they had secured a substantial sum as a result of the special ball last month; and although those taking part in the next annual meeting would have an op- portunity of recording their formal thanks to the Mayor and Miss Griffith, yet, he did not think they should part that day without passing a special resolution to recognise the assistance given by them (applause). The Chairman, in seconding, said he was very glad that Mr. Gold Edwards mentioned' the matter. It was extremely kind for the Mayor and Miss Griffith to come forward to render their assistance, in the way they had done (hear, hear). The motion was unanimously agreed to. THE ELECTION OF PRESIDENT. The Chairman said they bad always de- ferred the election of President of the In- stitution so late, that was extremely diffi- cult to find a gentleman to undertake the duties. He would suggest that the appoint- ment be made that day. The meeting agreed to this. Mr. Gold Edwards said be had pleasure in proposing the name of Mr. Thomas Wil- iams, of Llewesog, who was likely to be the High Sheriff of the county for next year. Mr. Williams had given a large donation to the Institution, and took deep interest in its welfare (hear, hear). Col. Lloyd Williams seconded. Dr. Lloyd Roberts suggested that the chairman of their Management Committee, Col. Mesham, be elected. This was the Dia- mond Jubilee cf Her Majesty the Queen, and it would be a great compliment to ask Col. Mesham to take the presidency this year. He (Dr. Roberts) had no wish to put him up in competition with Mr. Williams, but did so in order to mark their apprecia- tion of his servicos to the Instition (ap- plause). The Chairman declined to be nominated, and said that the High Sheriff would un- doubtedly be the most proper person for the position. If they could secure the services of Mr. Williams, it would be better for them in view of the effort which would likely be made in aid of the infirmary (cheers). Mr. Gold Edwards said it was not quite right to ride the willing horse too much. Col. Mesham was present at every commit- tee, and took great interest in the institu- tion (cheers). He had already been their president, and 'with one exception, he had attended a larger number of committees than any other member: Mr. John Davies: And the exception is MT. Gold Edwards himself (laughter, and cheers). Mr. Williams' name was then agreed to. SPECIAL EFFORT TO BE MADE TO WIPE OFF THE DEBT. Dr. Lloyd Roberts drew the attention of the meeting to the last paragraph in the report, which appeared to him to be the most important item of all. He would pro- pose that that meeting be adjourned for a month, by which time the committee might elaborate some scheme by which the idea could be put into shape. The Chairman said that although he wrote the paragraph referred to, he felt some diffi- culty as to what steps should be taken to carry it out. It was highly desirable for them to secure the sympathy of all the locali- ties within the area from which the institu- tion derived its patients. They should try to get subscriptions, not only from those people who had been in the habit of sending their guineas and upwards, but should alsy try to enlist the assistance of the poor classes, and get them to send their contributions how- ever small they might be (cheers). Col. Lloyd William suggested that their new president, Mr. Williams, be communi- cated with. As the probable High Sheriff of the county, he would perhaps be the pre- per person to approach in the matter. Dr. Pritchard supported the suggestion of Dr. Lloyd Roberts. Movements were now on foot in different towns to commemorate the Queen's Reign in a suitable way, and he had no doubt that if a movement in aid of the Infirmary was started in Denbigh, it would receive hearty support. Rhyl was moving with a view of doing something in the town to commemorate Her Majesty's Reign, but he ventured to state that a large number of Rhyl people would be glad to do something to wipe off the deficiency now referred to in connection with the Infir- mary. Dr. Hughes thought the report should be referred Lack: to the committee so as to afford them an opportunity of elaborating some sort of scheme to get a large some of money in aid of the Infirmary, and to estab lish a Queen's Free Bed there (cheers). They might fairly to get thousands of subscrip- tions from a district embracing the Corwen, Ruthin, Denbigh, Co!wyn Bay, Llanrwst and the neighbouring districts. He would propose that a committee of three or four persons be appointed in each parish or dis- trict, I to arrange for a house to house collec- tion. Col. Heaton suggested that the police might undertake the collection in the rural districts, but this found no support. Dr. Lloyd Roberts said that meetings would no doubt be held in various places to consider the best way of commemorating Her Majesty's Reign. Ruthin, for instance, had been considering the desirability of es- tablishing a cottage hospital in the town. The Chairman said he had seen a letter from Mrs. West to the secretary in which she expressed a hope that every effort would now be made in aid of the Infirmary. She was anxious to do all she could for it. Although nothing was said in the letter about the cottage hospital at Ruthin, yet he thought that this expression from Mrs. West preclu- ded the possibility of going on with it. Captain Cole said that nothing had been decided yet ^t Ruthin. Dr. Lloyd Roberts said Itherewere two suggestions now before them. One was to place the institution on a sound financial basis and to wipe off the existing debt, and the second to establish Jubilee Free Beds. Mr. William Parry said there were objec- tions to Dr. Lloyd Roberts' motion as it stood. It was said that the onus of elabo- rating a scheme should be thrown on the committee, but he (Mr. Parry) questioned whether this would be fair after bringing 1 the matter forward at a larger meeting that I day. Another difficulty was this. It was desirable if possible to get the object now in view as the only object, or the best object at least, of commemorating the Jubilee of the Queen's Reign, but how could they get the different localities to recognise this ? In order to do that, he would suggest that the meeting be held on a larger and broader basis than the proposed adjourned meeting. Mr. John Davies said that the Mayor was going to convene a meeting at an early date, and that would probably he such a meeting as the one mentioned by Mr. Parry. He thought it would be well for them to see what the result of the Mayor's meeting would be. It was then decided to adjourn the meet- ing as proposed by Dr. Lloyd Robeits. The Chairman then proposed that they should adopt the last paragraph in the re- port, and put it in form of a resolution, and < -4 have it sent up at once to the Mayors and other authorities within the area from which thelinstitution derived its patients. This was seconded and carried. A vote of thanks to the chairman brought the meeting to a close.

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