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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

13 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Sales by Auction. TO HOUSEHOLDERS, PARTIES FURNISHING, AND OTHERS. Highly Attractive Sale of Genuine and Substantial HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Books, and various Effects. AT DOUGITAS HOUSE, BATH STREET, RHYL. ON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20TH, 1881. TI TESSRS AINSWORTH AND JONES having IT I received instructions from the REV. DUNCAN MICOBEQOE, -who is leaving Rhyl, will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION the very Substantial HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects, compiising a very noble Spanish Mahogany Sideboard, fitted with cupboards, drawers, slide trays, cellarette, and sur- mounted with a raised carved back; Mahogany Telescope Dining Table with two loose leaves mahogany easy and single Chairs two unique corner Cabinets a superb ROSEWOOD CABINET, with needle- work panel doors the work of Mrs Hemans, (the poetess) grand Drawing Room Suite in Walnut, upholstered in fancy green repp; an equisite three- fold door Screen; charming gipsy and other occasional Tables; Conversational Chairs fender Stole wire Fern Stand brilliant plate Pier Glasses Time Piece in gilt case; terra cotta Vases Oil Paintings; water color Drawings; Photos and Chromos Ornamenls; Glass China Plate Fenders Fire-irons excel- lent Brusfcells Carpets a well-made Oak Hat and Umbrella Stand; Hall Table to match capital Hall Clock, and a quantity of Books, including The Royal Dictionary Cyclopedia," 15 vols.; Dr. Rees' Cyclopedia," 43 vols. "Barnes' Notes on the Old and New Testament," 20 vols. (complete). The Bedrooms disclose handsome Brass and Iron Bedsteads, curled hair Mattresses, superior birch Toilet Tables surmounted with oval glasses upon six drawers, Wash stand to match with marble slab top, Drawers to match, Spanish Mahogany Drawers, Toilet drawers, Toilet Ware, Glass, &c., &c. In Kitchen, &c., are a large Cupboard surmounting a nest of drawers, a capital Wringing and Mangling Machine, a Lawn Mower, and a variety of useful Domestic and other Culinary Effects. Sale at Twelve o'clock. On View the Morning of Sale. Catalogues may be had from the Auctioneers, 5, Bodfor street, Rhyl. The whole of the above are in excellent keeping. This Bijou Residence is TO LET. PRELIMINERY NOTICE OF SALE. MR FOSKETT, who is changing his residence, desires to call the attention of the residents and visitors of Rhyl and the neighbourhood to an immediate SALE BY AUCTION of a portion of his FURNITURE and a splendid collection of OLD CROWN DERBY CHINA and other articles of vertu, a description of which will be given at an early date. Catalogues may be had of Messrs DEW & SON, Auctioneers, Bangor and Rhyl, in a few days. Education. jgDUCATION BY THE SEASIDE. rENRHOS COLLEGE, COLWYN BAY NORTH WALES. Miss POPE, Head Mistress (daughter of the Rev. Dr. Pope, of Didsbury College), Assisted by a large Staff of Teachers. EPWORTH COLLEGE, RHYL. DR, RABY, Head Master. With a full complement of Teachers. Term Fees at both Collegps, when Music is taken, and ;C I X13 13s., and £ 15 15s., payable in advance. Further particulars on application to the Principals or Secretaries. Rev. Fred. Payne, | Hon. Rev. E. LI. Jones, j Sees. ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAP EL' J'J SUSSEX STREET. THE REV. DUNCAN MACGREGOR, MINISTER, Sunday Services, Morning at 11 Evening at 6-30 Tuesday Evenings at 7. As the maintenance of Public Worship is entirely supported by FREE OFFERINGS, a collection is made at each Sunday's service. ENGLISH "^TESLEYAN CHAPEL, i;iGllTON ItOAl), IUIrL, TO-MORROW REV. PAUL ORCHARD Will Preach Services— Sunday, 10-30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Wed- nesday,?- 15 p.m. Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7 p.m N G LI S II P R E S B YTE KI AN CHAPEL", BRIGHTON ROAD, HUYL. TO MORROW REV. J. OGWEN JONES, Will Preach. Services, Morning at 10.30 Evening, at G.;30, Collection at each Service. BOY'S SUITS. JUVENILE SUITS. BOY'S OVERCOATS J. m A R T I N, 25, BODFOR STREET, Having just purchased for CASH direct from largest Mannfacturer in the Trade is now prepared to show largest and best assortment in North Wales. BOY'S SUITS 3s. 6d. to 21s. DO. OVERCOATS 5s. 6d, to 25s. BOY'S HATS. CAPS. COLLARS. HOSIERY. Worthy of your inspection. STEAM SAW MILLS & JOINERY WORKS, MORLEY ROAD, RHYL. J. w. 10 N E S (Son of the late J. Rhydwen Jones) BUILDER, CONTRACTOR, TIMBER AND CEMENT MERCHANT, &c. Begs respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public generally of Rhyl and the surrounding district that he has taken the above named Works, which were erected and conducted for so many years by hib iato father. 1. W. J. having an intimate knowledge of the BuiUUag Trade in all its branches, bepes, by close attention to business, to secure the patronage and support \of) fully enjoyed by his prede- cessor. Experienced men are kept in all departments of the business. To the trade he can offer Sawing, Moulding, Rabbetting, Tenoning, and other Machine Work on advantageous terms. Price lists on applica- tion. Funerals furnished throughout. Repairs of all kinds punctually attended to. ESTIMATES FREE. Agent for the Alliance Fire and Life Assurance Company and The London and County Plate Glass Insurance Company. 0~ NE SHILLING.—The CHAMPION FAMILY KNITTER, the greatest Novelty and Wonder of the Day can be Worked by all, Young and Old, and turns out at great speed O'Shanter Hairs, Jerseys, Stockings, Scarfs, Cuffs, Slippers, Mats, &c., &c. £ 3 a week easily earned no Experience or Practice necessary. Sent to any Address for Post Order or Stamps, Is. 2d.—L. MQBtQ 48, Hiadoa-street, Piiuliw, Loudon. Notices. MEMORIAL TO THE LATE MR. J. RHYDWEN JONES. A Ta Meeting of the workmen and friends of the late r\ Mr. J. RHYDWEN JONES, held at the Cocoa Rooms, Rhyl, at 8 p.m., on Thursday, September 6, 1881, MAJOR PENN presiding, it was unanimously resolved:— 1. That a Fund be raised to erect a tombstone in Rhyl Cemetery in memory of the late Mr J. RHYD- WEN JONES, as a mark of respect and esteem in which he was held by his workmen and friends. 2. That this Meeting do form itself into a Com- mittee, with power to add to its number, to carry out the above object. 3. That Mr. W. E. SMALLEY be requested to act as Hon. Treasurer, and Mr. ARTHUR ROWLANDS, Hon. Secretary, to the Fund. LIST OF SUBSCRIPTIONS. £ s. d. Already advertised 24 9 6 Mr Dale, Birmingham .220 Mr W. p, Jones. 0 10 6 Dr. Easterby, St. Asaph 0 10 6 Messrs Wright and Sheffield 0 10 6 Rev. E. Tudor Owen 0 10 0 J. M. 0 10 0 Mr J. Brown 0 10 6 Mr J. Foulkes 0 5 0 Mr W. H. Foulkes. 0 5 0 MrThos. Williams, joiner 0 5 0 Mr Wm. Jones, painter 0 5 0 Mr Jos. Williams, builder .0 3 0 Mr Jos. Williams, Gas Office 0 2 6 Mr N. Costigan 0 2 6 Mr R. P. Jones 0 2 6 Dr Eyton Lloyd 0 2 6 H. W. 0 2 6 Mr H. P. Jones, Lome Hotel. 0 2 6 Mr J. D. Ainsworth 0 2 6 Mr. Clarke 0 2 6 Friend 0 2 6 Mr Jos. Williams 0 2 6 Mr J. Frimston 0 2 6 Mr F. Jones 0 2 6 Mrs Lloyd Jones 0 2 6 Friend 0 2 6 Sums under 2s. 6d. 0 3 0 JE3214 6 Further subscriptions may be paid at the North and South Wales Bank, Town Hall, and the London and Provincial Bank, High Street. ARTHUR ROWLANDS, Hon. Sec. Rhyl, Sept. 23rd, 1881. SCIENCE AND ART CLASSES. AT the commcenement of the fourth session of the above named classes, in connection with the Science and Art Department, South Kensington, the Committee are particularly anxious that the sons and daughters of Artisans should avail themselves of the advantages now offered to them but all classes are cordially invited. Classes will be formed, if a sufficient number of Students present themselves, in the following sub- jc GEOLOGY, Thursday evening, ï-S, Teacher, Miss M. H. DAVIES, Glanymorfa. BOTANY, Thursday evening, 8-9. Teacher, MR. GILBEY. 0 PHYSIOLOGY (for ladies), Friday evening, 7—8. Teacher, Miss ANNIE WILLIAMS, West Parade. I CHEMISTRY, Friday evening, 8—9. Teacher, MR. P. C. WILLIAMS. ART, Saturday evening, 7-8. Teacher, MR. NOIRBTJRY. I The above five classes are subject to Government I Examinations, and Certificates and Prizes, according b success, will be awarded. ASTRONOMY. Lecturer, Rev. J. OawEN JONES, B.A. In connection with the above subject, G. E. FIELDING, ESQ., Fernlea, will write a series of articles for the Rhyl papers; and exhibit to the Students the phenomena of the heavenly bodies, by means of his Telescope. A FRENCH CLASS will be formed early in January. Teacher, Miss M. J. DAVIES, Glanymorfa. The two last named classes will be subject to a Committee Examination, and Prizes will be awarded according to merit. FEE, 2s. 6d. for each class. It is earnestly requested that intending Students should give in their names immediately otherwise, it may prevent the formation of some of the classes, and cause inconvenience to the teachers, as well as dis- advantage to the Students themselves. An opportunity for enrolment will be given at the close of the Rev. DUNCAN MACGREGOR'S lecture, on Thursday evening, October 13th. The classes will be held in the Board-room. Further information will be given by any of the TEACHERS or by the Chairman, S. PERKS, ESQ. the Treasurer, W. WYNNE, ESQ. the Secretary, Miss JONES, Clifton Villa. A FORTUNE. IN the event of a stroke of good fortune you can win 400,000 marks. The winnings are guaranteed by Government. You arejinvited to participate in the CHANCES OF WINNING in the grand draw- ings of prizes guaranteed by the State of Hamburg in which more than 9 MILLIONS 100,000 MARKS have to be won.-In the course of these Advan- tageous Drawings, which contain according to the prospectus only 100,000 tickets, the following *,Prizes will be forthcoming, viz :— The Highest Prize will be ev. 400,000 Marks. Premium of 250,000 Marks 55 Prizes of 5,000Marks 1 Prize of 11)0,000 Marks 5 Prizes of 4,000 Marks 1 Prize of 100,000 Marks 109 Prizes of 3,000 Marks 1 Prize of 60,000 Marks 212 Prizes of 2,000 Marks 1 Prize of 50,000 Marks 10 Prizes of 1,500 Marks 2 Prizes of 40,000 Marks 2 Prizes of 1,200Marks 3 Prizes of 30,000 Marks 533 Prizes of 1,000 Marks 1 Prize of 25,000 Marks 1074 Prizes of 500 Marks 4 Prizes of 20,000 Marks 100 Prizes of 300 Marks 7 Prizes of 15,000 Marks 49 Prizes of 250 Marks 1 Prize of 12,000 Marks 60 Prizes of 20OMarks 23 Prizes of 10,000 Marks 100 Prizes of 15 0 Marks 3 Prizes of 8,000 Marks 29115 Prizes of 138 Marks 3 Prizes of 6,000 Marks etc. etc. in all 50800 prize which will be SURE WON in 7 drawings within the space of a few months.-The FIRST PRIZE- DRAWING is officially fixed and the prize is for a whole original ticket only 6 sh d or 6 Marks, a half original ticket only 3 sh d or 3 Marks, a quarter original ticket only 1 sh 6 d or 1 } Marks, 2 and I will forward^TIIESE ORIGINAL TICKETS GUARAN- TEED BY THE STATE (not prohibited promissory notes) even to the most distant countries, in return for the amount forwarded prepaid. Every ticket holder will receive from me gratis along with the Original Ticket the Original Prospectus provided WITH THE ARMS OF THE STATE and immediately after the Drawings, the Official List without any charge. The payment and forwarding of Sums won to those concerned will i cl have my special and prompt attention, and with the MOST ABSOLUTE SECRECY. Igg" All orders can be sent bvj the medium of a POST OFFICE O.EDER, or. in English Postage Stamps. POST OFFICE OPDER., or. in English Postage Stamps. Igg" Please to address the orders before the 2ND or NOVEMBER, on account of the approaching Draw- ing of the Prizes, in all confidence to SAMUEL HECKSCHER. SENR., Banker and Exchange Agent at HAMBURG, GERMANY. STAR LIFE ASSURANCE gOCIETY (ESTABLISHED 1843.) HEAD OFFICE: MOORGATE STREET, LONDON. Assurance Fund 21,725,176 14 1 Annual Income. 292,375 14 2 Bonus Apportioned 801,656 0 0 Claims Paid. 1,883,943 6 9 This Society has been Established Thirty-seven years, and has issued above Thirty-seven Thousand Policies. All Claims are settled Fifty days after proof. Prospectuses and every information may be ob- tained at the Head Office, or of any of the Society's Agents. W. W. BAYNES, F.I.A. Secretary. Aclice and Injhivntial Ay cuts Wanted. Apply- E. DAVIES, Bridge Street, CORWEN. GREAT SALE OF WELL-MADE gOOTS AND SHOES, Commencing THIS DAY (SATURDAY), OCTOBER 15TH, AND CONTINUING FOR 21 DAYS ONLY! AT No. 7, WELLINGTON CHAMBERS, Wellington Road (next to the entrance to the Royal Arcade), RHYL. The Proprietor begs to announce that the first CLEARANCE SALE will commence this day (Saturday), when the whole of the well-selected stock of Boots and Shoes, numbering nearly 2000 pairs, will be offered at such Low Prices as will ensure a Speedy Clearance. The Stock has been re-marked and arranged in lots, mostly to be sold UNDER COST PRICE. The following is an abridged price list of the Bargains Ladies' Elastic Boots, 2s. 4d. per pair worth 4s. Ladies' Kid Elastics, 5s. 6d. Usual price, 7s. 6d. A splendid lot of Ladies' Stitched-bottom Lace and Button Boots, 8s. Worth lis. 6d. These Goods will be found to be of the Best Make. A large quantity of Ladies' Elastic Stitched Boots in various styles, 7s. 6d. Worth double the money. Women's Strong Lace Boots from 4s. 6d. good value. Several hundred pairs of Children's Lace and Elastic Boots at Cost price. Special—Gent.'s Lace and Elastic Boots, 5s. lid.; worth 8s. 6d. The wholb of the Gentlemen's Lace and Elastic Boots (of the best Northampton manufacture) will be offered at Cost Price during the Sale only. Navvies strong Boots, 9s. lid. usual price lls. 6d. —the best nailed boot in North Wales. Bluchers and Lace-for Men and Boys-strongly made and well nailed, under Cost Price. Also several hundred pairs of Boots of different makes, which will be sold considerably under yalue. Particular attention is directed to the Nailed and Navvy Boots as being the Cheapest in the town, and the best make. TERMS-STRIOTLY CASH. Please note the Address- AMOS'S, 7, Wellington Chambers, Wellington road (next to the Royal Arcade). RHYL. SPECIAL NOTICE! J. PARR y JONES, READY-MADE CLOTHIER, Has completed his PURCHASES FOR THE WINTER SEASON. OVERCOATS AND ULSTERS in EVERY SIZE. BOYS', YOUTHS', AND MEN'S SUITS, Cheapest ever offered in Rhyl. WOOL SHIRTS, PANTS, SINGLETS, & SCARFS In Every Variety. GENTLEMEN'S OUTFITTING At extremely low prices for the newest and most fashionable offered. MACINTOSHES AND UMBRELLAS, And every requisite for Winter wear. An early visit is respectfully solicited to the CHEAP READY-MADE CLOTHING WAREHOUSE, 162, WELLINGTON ROAD, (CORNER OF QUEEN STREET), J. PARRY JONES, PROPRIETOR. Miscellaneous. O LET, the LOCK-UP SHOP, 3b, Water-street. For particulars apply RALPH J. EDLESTON, Rhydorddwy, Rhyl. WANTED, ayoung girl as HOUSEMAID, and to assist the nurse.—Apply, Mrs TALBOT, Wirksworth House, Elwy. street, Rhyl. HOUSE WANTED at RHYL to rent Unfurn- ished, suitable for a residence, containing four sitting and 10 bedrooms.—Address M.B., Messrs. PIIILLIPSON & GOLDER, Eastgate Row, Chester. TO LET.—HOUSE in West-street, with a GOOD STABLE. Rent, 6s. 6d. per week.—Apply to AINSWORTH AND JONES, Rhyl. TO BUILDERS AND INVESTORS. TO BE SOLD, cheap THREE verv valuable Corner PLOTS OF BUILDING "LAND in Warren-road, suitable for detached or semi-detached villas. Bricks can be had to build the same at a sav- ing of 6s 6d per thousand.—For plans and further particulars apply to AINSWORTH & JONES, Bodfor St. N excellent NEW DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP to be Let, situate iu Abbey-Btreet. —Apply to JOHN EDWARDS, Builder, 26, Wellington- road, Rhyl. r |lO LET, FURNISHED, a DETACHED COT- I TAGE, containing five rooms, pleasantly situ- ated. Terms very moderate.—Apply, 40, High- street, Rhyl. TO BE LET FURNISHED, for the Winter Months, No. 18, CHURCH STREET, containing Dining, Drawing, three Bedrooms, bells, w.c., Kitchen, &c. —Apply on the Premises. TWO COTTAGES and SHOPS, TO LET near the Winter Gardens, Rhyl.—Apply Ainsworth Jones. TO LET. A Capital HOUSE and SHOP, with Bakehouse attached. Stock, Fixtures, and Furniture may be taken at a Valuation. Immediate possession. Rent, £ 30.—Apply on the premises,Belle Vue House, Crescent Road, Rhyl. TO BE LET or SOLD, 64, West Parade, contain- ing 28 rooms.—Apply to J. FOULKES & SON, Timber Merchants, Rhyl. OTTAGES.-TO LET, in Warren Street. With each house will be let a plot of land for garden. Apply, AINSWORTH & JONES, 5, Bodfor Street, Rhyl. N SALE.-Splendid lot of BUILDING LAND 0 in CRESCENT ROAD.—Apply to Mr. JAMES DAVIES, Estate Agent, Rhyl. A BUSINESS PREMISES TO LET, in Good position. Commodious SHOP and HOUSE Department, extensive.—Apply to Ainsworth and Jones, Auctioneers, Rhyl. TO, LET.—The most convenient and well finished HOUSES in Rhyl. Six good rooms. Situate in Wood-road, off Warren-road. Rent 5s. per week. Also those pleasantlv situated convenient and com- fortable BAY WINDOW HOUSES, called "Sand- field Place," adjoining the above, at very low rents. Splendid prospect. Rent, C16. Intended household- ers are invited to inspect them.—Apply to Ainsworth and Jones, Bodfor-street, or Mr. Rose, Hollinwood Terrace, Wood-road, Rbyl. WILL BE READY IN DECEMBER, rIlIE RHYL & VALE OF CLWYD ALMANACK AND TRADE DIRECTORY FOR 1832. PRICE ID. Containing a mass of useful local and general inform- ation, together with a Trade Directory for Rhyl, Rhuddlan, St. Asaph, Prestatyn, Abergele, &c. It will be found an excellent medium for advertis- ing, as a. large circulation is ensured. For terms, &e., apply to the Publishers— AMOS BROTHERS, "ADVERTISER" OFFICE, RIIYL. THE ItHYL ADVERTISER May be- hid from the Proprietors, Aaros BROTHERS By Tout. Delivered in Town. S. D. One quarter 1 8 Half-yearly 3 4 Yearly <j c s. r. One quarter 1 1 Half-yearly 2 2 Yearly. 4 1

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