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THE POLLUTION OF THE DEE. It was but to be expected as one of the results of the investigations by the Chester Council of the pollution of the Dee that steps would be quickly taken to prevent the exit of sewage into the various tributaries. The first body who have received notice in this matter is the Wrexham Rural Sanitary Authority. A letter was received at their meeting en Tuesday last calling their attention to the fact that the sewage of Ruabon flows into a tributary of the Dee, and that no means whatever are adopted to render the sewage harmless. The communication further reminded the Authority of the provision of the Rivers' Pollution Act, and asked what was pro- posed to bo done in the matter. Well, the latter question is just the one which has been before us for a long time. Take the sewage on to land belonging to Sir W. WILLIAMS WYXS is the reply of most people, but then Sir WATKIX has objections to this, and has gone so far as to say that he will even contest the matter in a court of law. WThat else to do with the sewage is a great puzzle to the Authority, but now that the Chester people have taken up the subject the question will have to be solved. Necessity is still the mother of invention, and let us hope that the saying will prove true in this instance. But this is by the way. The Authority replied to the letter from Chester to the effect that they had a scheme prepared for the proper disposal of the sewage of Ruabon, but its application was prevented for the present owing to the difficulty of an outfall site. They, however, would again make an endeavour to remove the difficulty of an outfall site, and divert the sewage as quickly as possible. This reply will be satisfactory to the Chester Council so far as it goes, but it must be admitted that it is somewhat indefinite. We all know the length of time it takes an Authority to get a sewerage scheme adopted and applied, and the probability is that the Chester people will not consent to have their water tainted much longer by the sewage of Ruabon and will show their impatience by some decided steps. As the CHAIRMAN remarked, the Authority are plainly liable to prosecution under the Pollution Act, and something will certainly have to be done in this matter quickly. However, as was remarked, Ruabon is not the only place which contributes to the pollution of the River Dee. The Chester people are perfectly aware of this, and the Wrexham Council will undoubtedly be reminded of it also before much more time is spent. Circumstances, however, are propitious, and the Wrexham Council can well reply to the Chester circular that they have under consideration a scheme for the diversion of a large quantity of storm water from the sewers, which will prevent the overflow at Hafodywern and consequently the pollution of tbe brook in times of heavy rain. We would again venture to call the attention of those who are considering the matter of the Stansty sewerage to the convergence of all circumstances in favour of the proposed reception by the Urban Authority of the sewage of Stansty and the consequent diversion of the storm water. There is but little doubt that WTrexham will have to divert a portion of her storm water whether she accepts extra sewage or not, and the question is assum- ing a similar state to that of the new streets, viz., when and how it shall be done. The question having parsed from the permissive into the absolute state, -any fatal difficulty to the t I adoption of the scheme for the reception of the sewage of Stansty will be a great misfortune to Wrexham, as it will, probably, entail the expense of the diversion of the storm water without the proffered advantage of the sewer in Chester road.