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-+- MARKETS. FARMING AND THE CORN TRADE. Messrs. W. L. Browne and Co. report:—Wheat has been difficult to move, and with an increased supply values have declined 2d per bushel. Oats have sold slowly at unchanged rates. Peas and beans have been steady. Flour has continued quiet, and business has been done on easier terms. Offals have experienced a less active demand, but quota- tions have remained unaltered.—The growing crops —especially the spring corn-and pastures ape sadly in want of rain. Owing to the continued drought the prospects in some districts have assumed a most serious aspect. ——— SIIKAWSBURT CORN MARKET, SATURDAY.—Quo- tations: White wheat 4s Od to 4s 2i, new ditto Os Od to Os Od per 751bs; red wheat 3s lOd to 4s Od, new ditto Os Od to Os Od per 751bs barley Os Cd to Os Od per 701bs old oats 14s 6d to 16s 6d, new ditto lis 6d to 13s Od per 2251bs; peas, lis 5d to 12s 6d per 2251bs new beans, 13s 6d to 14s 6d and old ditto 16s to 17s per 240lbs. WELSHPOOL, Monday.—Butter 6d to 8d per lb; eggs 18 to 20 for Is fowls 3s 6d to 4s 6d per couple chickens. 3s 6d to 6s Od ducks, 4s 6d to 5s 6d per couple; geese, Os Od to Os Od each turkeys, Os Od to Os Od each rabbits Os Od to Os Od per couple; potatoes, Os Od per cwt. NEWTOWN GENERAL, TUESDAY. — Eggs, 20 to for Is; butter, 7d to 8d per lb; fowls, 3s Od to 4s Od per couple; ducks, 4s Od to 5s Od per J couple; chickens 3s Od to 5s 6d per couple. LIVERPOOL CORN, TUESDAY.—Wheat quiet trade, ld under Friday's—1, Californian, 5s 3d to 5s 4d; 2 Winter, 5s 6d to 5s 6¥i; Spring, Os Od to Os Od; Beans — Saidi, 21s 9d to 22s Od. Smyrna, 00s Od to 00s Od. Peas, 4s 7jd. Oats unchanged —white 2s ld to 2s 3d; yellow Is lid to 2s Od. Maize moderate demand, steady prices new Mixed, 2s 114d to 3s Od old, 3s bid. Flour, un- changed. m LONDON HAY AND STRAW, TUESDAY. Fair supplies, and a dull trade, at the following prices:-Good to prime hay, 60s. to 85s Od; inferior to fair, 36s to 55s; good to prime clover, 65s to 87s 6d new ditto Os to Os; inferior to fair ditto, 38s Od to 60s mixture and sainfoin, 50s Od to 85s Od new ditto, OOs to OOs; straw, 20s to 40s per load. BIRMINGHAM CATTLE, TUESDAY. Fine weather. There was a good supply of stock throughout, but trade was slow. The quotations were as follows Beef, 4^d to 6jd mutton, 5d to 7 £ d per lb lamb, 8id to9*d per lb. 8id to9*d per lb. SALFORD CATTLE, TUESDAY.—At market, I,HC J cattle, 18,645 sheep and lambs, and 257 calves. The following' were the best prices obtained Cattle, 5d to 6Jd sheep, 5d to 8d calves, 5d to 6d per lb.; lambs, 9d to 10d. There was a slow trade for cattle; whilst there was a fair demand for lambs. The trade for calves was much worse. LIVERPOOL, CATTLE, MONDAY.—The supply of stock was larger than last, week, showing an in- crease of 135 beasts, and an increase of 4,918 sheep, which met a fair demand for all classes at late rates. Prices —Best beasts 6!d, second 5jd, third 41d per lb best Scotch sheep, 7!d to 6d other sorts, 7d to 5d per Ib; lamb, 9d to 10d per lb. Numbers: Beasts, 488; sheep and lambs, 11,195. CORK BUTTER, TUESDAY.—Primest, 78s; prime, 7^« • first 78s seconds, 73s thirds, 70s; fourths, 00s' Kegs: Firsts, 76s seconds, 70s; thirds, 00s. Mild Cured: Choicest, 76s; choice, 73; superfine, 76s • fine mild, 73s mild, 68s; choicest boxes, 78 choice, 74s. In market: 462 firkin, o34 mild, and 39WHI?CHURCH, FRIDAY. Wheat, 3S lOd to 4s Od per 75 lbs; barley 3s Od to 3s 6d per 701bs oats, 2s 6d to 3s 3d per 50 lbs eggs, 15 to 16 for Is; butter, 9d to Os lid per 16 ozs; fowls, 3s 6d to 4s Od per couple; ducks, 5s 6d to 6s 6d per couple; geese, Os Od to Os Od per lb; turkeys, Os Od to Os Od per lb; potatoes (per measure), Os Od to 0s Od • new, 0s 4d to 0s Od per lb; beef, 6d to 8d per'lb • mutton, 7d to 9d; lamb, lOd to 0s Od per lb. veal 6d to 8d per lb.; pork, 5d to 7d. OSWESTRY CORN MARKET, WEDNESDAY.—White wheat, 4s 2d to 4s 4d per 75 lbs red wheat, 4s Od to 4s 2d per 751bs; oats (old), 10s 6d to 13s Od; per 235 lbs malting barley, 14s to 17s Od per 280 lbs. beans, Os to Os per 240lbs; peas, Os Od to 12s 6d per. 2251bs. OSWKSTRY GENERAL MARKET, \VEDNESPAY. Butter, 9d to lOd per. lb eggs, 17 to 18 for Is notatoes 2s 6d to 2s 9d per cwt.; beef, 6d to 8d per lb mutton 7d to 9d; veal, 7d to 8d; lamb, lOd to lid oe'r lb • pork, 6d to 8d per lb; fowls, 5s Od to 5s 6d l 'T COup]e; ducks, 0s Od to 0s Od per couple; geese, 0s Od to 0s each; turkeys, 0s to 0s each rabbits 2s 4d to 2s 6d per couple; carrots, 3s Od to 3s 6d PeOswE8TRY WEEKLY CATTLE FAIR.-The above fair was well attended and there was a good show •^iww.rtments. Cattle were m good condition, in all departments ,_Beef from 6d to 7d per Pri'ppfl ruled as ioilows. i>cc\ prices ruie veal, 7 £ d to 8 £ d lamb, lb; mutton, £ a to oa > r- fi-, 9d Co lOd per lb; pork pigs 7s Od to /s 6d, and bacon pigs 6s Od to 7s Od per score lbs.




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