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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Trade Addresses. JOHN AND CHARLES SANKEY, TEA DEALERS, 9 FAMILY GROCERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS, DuisrRA.VB]sr PLACE, THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED GROCERS IN BRIDGEND. ESTABLISHED 1363. ssr AGENTS FOR ————— W. & A. GILBEY'S 'VINES AND SPIRITS. T BASS AND ALLSOPP'S BURTON ALES. pEYENISI AND CO' S E Y :nl 0 U T HAL E S AND GUINNESS DOUBLE STOUT (in Cask and Bottles). GCHWEPPS AND gUMMEKS J\< £ IXERA.L RATERS. STOWERS' LIME JUICE, Is. 3d. PER BOTTLE. THE DRINK FOR HOT WEATHER. NO MUSTY FLAVOUR. J. & C. S. guarantee all Goods sent from their Establishment to be of the very Best Quality obtainable, and at the Lowest Possible Prices, and Customers may rely upon all Orders (per first post) being Executed same day as received. Any Article required and not m stock, can be procured at the earliest possible moment. 5203 PIANOS! PIANOS! PIANOS! Best Value Ever Produced at the Price. CLASS 0.-20 Guineas 10s. 6d. per Month on NEW HIRE SYSTEM. CLASS 1 24 Gninpas 14s. per Month on NEW HlKHi bYblLM. 2-30 GtaSSs 17s. Si- Month on NEW HIRE SYSTEM. C^ss 3.-36 Guineas 21s. per Month on NEW HIRE "SYSTEM. Iron Frame with all modern Improvements, Specially Manufactured for THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LIMITED WYNDHAM STREET, BRIDGEND, ALSO AT QUEEX'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF, SWANSEA, NEWPORT, MERTHYR, GLOUCESTER, PONTYPRIDD, BRISTOL, CHELTENHAM, MAESTEG, AND PENARTH. SOLE AGENTS IN SOUTH WALES FOR TKE CELEBRATED ESTEY ORGANS OF WHICH THERE ARE 215,000 in use. Prices: From 16 to 300 Guineas. 8ST A Great Reduction to Cash Buyers. Old Pianos taken in Exchange. Catalogues Free, with Photographs and Designs. 1361 SPEC IAL SHOW OF SUMMER FASHIONS. B. EVANS AND COMPANY Have much pleasure in stating that they are now showing a very beautiful selection of New and Choice Goods for the Summer Seasoil, Including the Latest Fashions and Novelties In Costumes, Mantles, Capes, Jackets, Blouses, Millinery, Ladies' and Children's Outfitting, Laces and made-up Lace Goods, Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiery, Sunshades, Silks, Velvets, English and Foreign Dress Materials, Tennis Flannels, Washing Dress Fabrics, &e. Never have B.E & Co. held a Larger or mere Representative Collection of fashionable Goods than at the present time. Purchasers may therefore have the full assurance that they can procure Garments and Materials of the Very Latest Style, and at a Moderate Cast. WORKROOMS.—Those in charge of the Dressmaking. Mantle Making ard Millinery Workrooms have had a training equal to the mot.t skilful cmploypes in Firms of th" highest rank in London r, I I and Paris. B.E. & Co. are thus enabled to carryout all orders in the mo~t approved manlier. The Carpet, Furniture. Furnishing Drapery and Household Linen Departments are all splendidly stocked with Goods of the choicest and most reliable land, whilst Customers may rely upon getting in these, as well as all other Departments, the best po'Si jIo value, with ready z!l and careiul attention to all commands. TEMPLE STill-ET, SWANSEA. SEASOU 1894, "EAGLE" CORN, SEED, AND IMPLEMENT STOBES, COWBEIDGE. EDWARD JOH1T, HAS NOW IN STOCK, ALL KINDS OF SEASON IMPLEMENTS, lncludincr MOWERS by the following Makers Messrs. Hornsby & Sons, Granthan, 11 Harrison McGregor, W. A. Woods, McCorniicks, and Samuel.son <fc Co. HAYMAKERS and HORSE RAKES by the Leading Makers, And a Large Assortment of WEARING PARTS. V ■ h for the purpose of avoiding deiay, that his Customers wouicL, when ordering Parts, bring W1Sthe Number of the Parts required, and the date of the Machine, to ensure correctness. „ E.J. also begs to inform his CUSTOMERS that he intends EXHIBITING a COLLECTION of AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS at the GLAMORGANSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SHOW to be held at NEATH, July 25th and 26th. 296 C9D CARDIFF FUR STORES (Late of the Hayes). Manufacturing Furriers, Skin Dressers and Dyers, Sealskin Jacket and Mantle Manufacturers, Re-modelling of Seal Jackets, Fur Mantles, and all kinds of Furs a SPECIALITY. Furs of all kinds freed from moth, repaired, altered, and lined. SHOW & FITTING ROOMS (1st and 2nd floors), j 23 HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. H R. HARRISON, MANAGER. Established in Cardiff: 1888. TO SERVE at the Bell Inn Laleston, two pure- bred BOARS (Berk* and Yorkshire braerf;. ol9 J VISITORS TO MARCROSS AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Can be Supplied with REFRESHMENTS at the SHORTEST XOTICE by J. DAVID, THE SHOP. BSfcT HORSE AND TRAP FOR HIRE. T. PARKINSON, Accountant, Estate Agent, and Mortgage Broker, 6, PARK STREET, BRIDGEND. Rents and Debts Collected at usual commission. Mortgages negotiated.and all kinds of Insurance effected. Tradesmen's Accounts made up periodically. NOTE TO B'JILI/EES.—T. P. has now to let several valuable Building Sites at Bridgend and elsewhere with special advantages to Builders. Particulars given on application. i I • ■■ V, 1 .J.' > '• IT1. Uitblit SlaBta. :js.«» ». #ji }i* < i-r* PAROCHIAL STAT Em ENT. ———————— I <: COWBRIDGE HIGHWAY DISTRICT, YEAR ENDING MARCH 25TH, 1894. 3*73 -D I RECEIPTS. Balance p EXPENDITURE gjis-es in favour of. Balance Balance Balance a-2 c3 Parish at against in favour of PARISHES. the Contributions AU h Pariah at TOTAL. W' Pariah at TOTAL. ■_ S 3 5 M%SRT £ S&' "F- '~F RR=T N"A0P"" I 111 of this year. Fund during pJ™s of this year. District Fund § § t E 11113 year. apportioned. •; Sla 2 § £ 8- d- £ s- d. £ s d. £ S. d. £ S. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ iT d. £ s. d. £ St, Athan 82 19 0 0 8 11 83 7 11 1 19 3 77 7 8 4 1 0 83 7 11 2212 Colwinstone 10 11 6 71 2 9 0 7 4 82 1 7 66 6 11 15 14 8 82 1 7 1897 Donats. Z i 2 055 60 3 11 48 12 0 11 11 11 60 3 11 1389 Lglwysbrewis 2 12 0 16 03 016 18 13 9 14 19 1 3 14 8 18 13 9 427 Memingstone 4 5 £ oi 3 0 3 3 35 12 0 29 1 9 6 10 3 35 12 0 831 Gdestone 1 1J 9 21 lo 6 0 2 3" 23 10 6 20 4 7 3 5 11 23 10 6 578 18 9 ™ 0 9 0 7 8 91 6 5 67 3 0 24 3 5 91 6 5 1920 Llanblethiau 31 5 10 208 5 6 l 1 10 240 13 2 194 16 7 45 16 7 240 13 2 5554 L andough 54 L 0 0 4 3 54 5 3 10 7 11 37 1 0 6 16 4 54 5 3 1059 Handow 7 10 6 55 1 9 0 5 10 62 18 1 51 8 0 11 10 1 62 18 1 1469 L anaan 56 16 3 0 6 1 57 2 4 1 12 8 52 19 10 2 9 10 57 2 4 1515 Llanharran 56 8 5 3/9 19 0 1 19 11 438 7 4 355 0 9 83 6 7 438 7 4 10132 Llanharry 64 i3 9 0 6 11 3 14 8 68 15 4 8 8 4 60 7 0 68 15 4 1725 Llanharry 64 13 9 0 6 11 3 14 8 68 15 4 8 8 4 60 7 0 68 15 4 1725 Hamhd 4 17 4 32 6 6 0 3 3 37 7 1 30 3 5 7 3 8 37 7 1 862 L anmaes 9 5 0 61 13 9 0 6 7 71 5 4 57 11 2 13 14 2 71 5 4 1645 Llanmihangel 4 6 6 28 12 3 0 2 11 33 1 8 26 14 0 6 7 8 33 1 8 763 Llansannor 10 10 1 68 19 3 0 7 3 79 16 7 64 7 0 15 9 7 79 16 7 1839 Llantwit Major 33 18 1 316 0 3 1 13 3 351 11 7 295 4 6 56 7 1 351 11 7 8427 Llantwit Major 33 18 1 316 0 3 1 13 3 351 11 7 295 4 6 56 7 1 351 11 7 8427 Lisworney 7 4 10 47 10 3 0 4 11 55 0 0 44 6 7 10 13 5 55 0 0 1267 Marcross. 5 9 il 28 14 ll 0 4 0 1 6 5 35 15 3 35 15 3 35 15 3 1022 ^aryC|r"n 5 n « JJ i 032 35 11 5 29 0 2 6 11 3 35 11 5 829 ai ¥aryuHl11 I ? 1 n « 0 4 10 53 6 8 42 17 11 10 8 9 53 6 8 1226 Monknash 9 3 6 63 0 9 0 6 9 72 11 0 58 16 2 13 14 10 72 11 0 1681 SMji: 1 18 I 13 1 9 0 1 4 15 1 8 12 4 3 2 17 5 15 1 8 349 vv-" ll 6 0 10 7 116 16 6 94 2 7 22 13 11 116 16 6 2690 Peterstone-super-Montem 13 7 J 117 12 9 0 12 3 131 12 4 109 15 11 21 16 5 131 12 4 3137 Stem bridge 2 1° ? ,? ,? 9 0 0 3 2 13 9 1 19 7 0 14 2 2 13 9 57 istradowen 9 0 1 61 14 6 0 6 7 71 1 2 57 11 9 13 9 5 71 1 2 1646 Total 277 15 3 2185 6 2 11 9 1 5 11 2479 9 7 22 8 >2 2035 18 5 421 3 0 2479 9 7 58148 Seventh day of June, 1894.. JOHN STOCK WOOD, CLERK. 333 ,) I Notices. I MONDAY, JULY THE 2ND, 1891. THE BRIDGEND SEVKXTTI XXX UAL EISTEDDFOD PEOMISES TO ASSUME NATIONAL PROPORTIONS. The COMPETITORS will NUMBER about 3,000. E LARGE CHOIRS, 9 MALE VOICE PARITIES, 9 SECOND CHOIRS- 15 BRASS BANDS. All Duettists aDd Soloists (Vocal and Instrumen- tal) are kindly requested to proceed at once to the Field from the Train, as the number of Entries is umprecedently large. Preliminaries will commence af £ .30 a.m. sharp. For Excursion Trains (See ifeilway IBills). ADMISSION Reserved Scats (numbered) 4s-, Sccond, 2s.; Field, Is. Plan of reserve d seats may 'be seen at Messrs Thompson and Shackell's, '3ridgend. J. GS-. JENKINS, Hon. Sec., Tii3 Boa rd Schools. CASTELL Y COITY. O V X K 1^1 It EISTEDDFOD FAWEEDDOG, fX Y LLE UCHG3, DY DD Llun (Gwyl Mabon)., Medi 3ydd, 1894 Y CANII MR. D. W. LEWIS, BRYNAMAN. BETETSIAD Y FARDDOXIAETH, &C. Y PARCH. J. GWRHT'D LEWIS, Tonyrefail. Llywydd y Dydd A; J. WILLIAMS, Ysw. Arweinycld Mr W. G. RICHARDS. Cyi'eilyd<ies Miss I>LA N'CHE E. MOORE. PRIF D J) ARN; I'r Cor, ddimdan 60 mewn nifer, gano yn s. d. oreu, "Xr Aionig." (D.Thomas, Bridgend). Gwobr 12 0 O. A Qiadair hardd i'r Arweinydd. AIL d>D ARN: I'r Parti o F-esbion, dim dan 35 mewn nifer, a gano yn oreu, Wyr'Phillistia" {Vcill!ant Warriort). (D. Jenkins, Aberystwyth). 0 Gwobr 8 0 0 Y mae programmes yn barod, ac i'w cael gan yr Yegrifenyddion. WILLIAM DAVID, Spencer Road Coity, EVAN THOMAS, Post Office, Coity, 180 YSGRIFEXYDDIOX. Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Abertawe. CYNHEiLIR YR EISTEDDFOD UCHOD, YX YR ALBERT HAI..L, Dydd Llun (Mabon) Medi 3ydd, 1894. i BEIRNIAID YGAXIADAETH—MR. T. RICHARDS (ApGlyndwr) Pontycymmer, a MR. J. SINGLETON, G. & L.. Taibach. BAi UDONLAETII, &c.—Y PARGII. E. REES (Dyfed). I ARWEINYDD R DYDD ABRAHAM H. THOMAS, Ysw., J.P. (Crymlun). PRIF DDARNAU I'r Ccr, heb fod dan 70 mewn rhif, a gano orea, Bendigedig fyddo Arglvvydd Dduw Israel" (John J Thomac, Llanwrtyd). Gwobr, £ 20, a £ l i'r Arwein- ydd buddugol, a 10/6 i bob Arweinydd anfuddugo'l. | I'r Parti o Feibion, ddim aaa 30 mewn nifer, a j gano yn oreu, Wyr Philistia {Volitu.t Warriors) (D. Jenkins)yn Gymraegneu yn-Saesonaeg. Gwobr, 410. -L. I'r Fife and Brum Band a chwareuo yn oreu, Merch Mogan," Difyrwch Syr Watkin," a Nos (B. Parry. Abertawe). Gwobr jE5, a Meiromone hardd i'r Arweinydd. t £ T Am y gweddill o'r Testynau giv-ely Programme, Isd. trwy y Post. EVAN THOMAS, Birehgrove, JOEN H. THOMAS, Llansamlet, 265 YsGRIFEiTTDDieX. Glamorgan County Council Technical Instruction Committee. A NEW COURSE OF LESSONS IN COOKERY WILL COMMENCE On Monday, June the 25th, 1894, AT SEVEN P.M,4 AT THE BOARD SCHOOLS, BRIDGEND. Instructress Miss STOPFORD. Fee for the whole Course, 2s. 6d. w The FIRST LESSON will be FREE, when in- tending Students can give in their W. COOKE. -r, I*OCAL SECRETARY. Bridgend, 15th June, 1884, J47 • -JT •: 'I'! i I! -M- j Notices. PEN COED, COYCHURCH, AN-B DISTRICT HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. THIS YEARNS SHOW J (Under Distinguished Patronage), will be held AT PENOOE D, On Monday, August the 6th, 1894 (BANK HOLIDAY). Horticultural aad Industrial Sections — Prizes ktrge and numerous. BRASS BAND CONTESTS: 1st Competition (open).—Teat: Pride of Wales LH. Round].. Prize, 3. 2ed Competition (open to Bands which have-not taken a prfce of £ 10 or upwards). Tesc ",Gems otCambria." Prize, £5. DRUM AND FIFE CONTEST: Tests: "•Harlech"'end "Caerphilly March," First Prize Second Prize £ 2 J2!r For SCKTOULE of PRIZES apply to the Secretary, J. EDWARDS-EVANS, 247 PENCOED BOARD SCHOOL, BRIDKND, FLOWER SHOW. UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE MAESTEG CHAMBER OF TRADE. EXHIBITION | OF j FLOWERS, FRUI T, AXD J VE€r ETABLES, 1 PICTURES, CAGE BIRDS, &c., WILL BE HELD AT THE OWN JJALL, M AESTEG, r On Wednesday, August 15th, 1894. I SCHEDULE of PRIZES and Particulars may be had of the Hon. Sees.—price Id. t PAUL H. WATKINS,) HON. RHYS D. MORGAN, I SECRETARIES. 156 CYMMER, GLYNCORRWG. -0- A GRAND EISTEDDFOD Inr be held at the abace place ON MONDAY, SEPT. 3RD, 1894. -O- Chairman E. Plummer, Esq. G-lyncorrwg Con- ductor: Mr T. Munroe, Corrwg Valley Collieries; Trpaaurertj: Messrs. J. Morgan and W.H. Plummer; Adj udiciitor of 'Music Mr Tom Price, Merthyr Adjudicator of. Poetry, Literature, &c.: Rev. J. Ceulanydd Williams, Maesteg. Accompanist: Miss Minnie Morgans, Sen. Cert., R.A.M., Maesteg. -0- To the Clioir not less than 70 in number that will best render "Wcrthy is the Lamb" (Handd), prize £1'8, and a Grand Chair to the Conductor; 10/6 will be given to every unsuccessful Conductor. To the MaleVoiceParty not less than 35 in number that will best render Wyr Philistia" (Jj. Jeuktux), prize £ 5.. To the Drum and' Fife Band that will best render Gospel Messenger (Wright and Round), first [ prize, £ 5 second paise, £ 2. For the best Elegy to the late Mr David Evans, contractor, Cymmer, pcize £3 3s. Particulars may be had of the Rev E. Bavies, Cymmer, R.S.O. For the best English Essay on a "Colliery Ex- plosion, prize £ 1 Is. 1 For the best WelshJEssay on Patriotism (Gwlad- J garweh), prize £ 1 Is. Programmes containing all particulars will be ready June 11th, and may be had for the usual price of the Secretary, 314 MR JAXES USADINO, Cymnaer, R.S.O. J^EATH 0HRXSANTHEMUM I AND AUTUMN SHOW WILL BE JlIr.D IN THE GWYN HALL, ox THURSDAY, 22nd NOVEMBER. For SCHEDULES, &c., apply to the Hon. Sec. :— MR. GEORGE WHITYINGTON, | 341 NEATH, i English Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, BRIDGEND. | THE S'VNDA Y SCHOOL ANN IVEPT S ARY, Will be held at the above place ON SUNDAY, JULY 1st, 1894, When Sermons will be preached by the REV. J.J. MORGAN, COWBRIDGE. j I The Choir will render special Anthems and Hymns I during the day. Services to commence at 11 a.m.; 2.30 and 6.30. Collections wilj be made ia aid of the Sunday j School Fund. 350 "J I; •. J a T lMMflttf r- -am 1. Notices. Neath Union. PORTER AND LABOUR MASTER WANTED. THE GUARDIANS of the NEATH UNION JL invite APPLICATIONS from Single Men for the office of Porter and Labour Master at their Workhouse. Salary, X25 per annum, rising £1 a year to LZO with rations (including Is. a week beer money), washing, and furnished apartments. Forms of Application and List of Duties may be obtained from me. The appointment will be held on 10th July next, but Applications must be in by the 3rd July, 1894. A knowledge of Welsh is essential. Personal canvassing of the Guardians will be a disqualification. By order, HOWEL CUTHBERTSON, CLERK. Union Offices, Water Street, Neath. June 12th, 1894. 345 Neath Union. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the GUARDIANS of the NEATH UNION will, at their meeting, to be held at the Union Workhouse, Neath, on TUESDAY, JCLY 10th, 1894, ,at Twelve o'clock noon, proceed to the ELECTION of a MARRIEJJOOUPLE to take charge of a Cottage Home, and also to superintend two other <Jottages. In each of these there will be about 15 children who will be under the charge of an Industrial Trainer. The man must be able to keep the prescribed Books and Accounts; and he must also be able to fccach the boys gardening, spade, husbandry, and outdoor labour. There are about seven acres of Land (about four acres being pasture land) which the boys, under the direction of the Superintendent, must cultivate. The Matron must be able to cook for the inmates of her own cottage, and also to instruct the girls in sewing, knitting, and household work. A general servant is provided. The salary of the Master will be JB50 and that of the Matron JS20, with rations (including Is. each per week in lieu of beer), washing, and furnished apartments in the Homes. Applications, in the Candidates' own handwriting, stating age, and present and previous occupations, to be sent to me not later than 'July 3rd, 1894, and the highest testimonials will be required as to character and competency. Forms of Application may be obtained from me. By order, HOWEL CUTHBERTSON, CLERK. Union Offices, Neath, June 12 th, 1894. 346 Trade Addresses. I€E! ICE!! ICE! FRiESH DALLY. PURE ICE CREAM. FAMILIES AND PARTIES SUPPLIED. JD A. VIE S' 17, Wyndham Street, B RID G END. 545 i' !PERTH| | DTE | JWQRKSJ CHANGE OF AGENT. P. & P. CAMPBELL, The Perth Dye Works, Intimate that they have Trans- ferred their Agency from MltS. POWELL, to Mr. DAVID WILLIAMS, BOOKSELLER, 20, CAROLINE STREET, BRIDGEND, To whom all Orders should be.sent to secure prompt attention. DESPATCHES WEEKLY TO WORKS AT PERTH. CARRIAGE FREE. 330 MR. GOMER JONES, R.C.M. (Pupil of Mr. HENRY HOLMES, Principal Professor of Violin, R.C.M.), IS OPEN TQ TAKE PUPILS ON THE VIOLIN. Pupils prepared for R.A.M. and R.C.M. Examinations. For Terms, &c. apply at- 15, CAMBRIAN TERRACE, BRIDGEND. MR. JONES attends CAREY VESTRY, TONDU, on SATURDAYS. 344 FURNITURE I J FURNITURE I 1 FURNITURES Make your Homes Comfort&ble by going to i P. pREEDMAN & CO., | 34, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA, Where you can get Every Kind of FURNITURE | either for CASH, or on their EASY PURCHASE SYSTEM. TERMS:— £3 0 0 worth Is. 6d. weekly. £ 5 0 0 „ 2 0 £ 10 0 0 „ 3 6 j315 0 0 4 0 JS20 0 0 6 0 JB50 0 0 „ 10 0 IMMENSE STOCK TO SELECT FROM. Inspection Invited. All GOODS Delivered Free. P, FREEDMAN & CO., 34, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA, AND AT NEWPORT, MON. 291 11;: I .r .1 'V< c': ■ BRIDGEND. gRIDGEMD GRAMMAR SCHOOL HEADMASTHB—Mr. JOHN1 RANKIN, B.A. Lonrlon, 1st Division. Thorough Education, Preparation for the various Public Examinations. Cultivation of gentlemanlike habits and manners. Parents who desire the advantages offered by thia School are requested to communicate with tbe Head-Master, Grammar School, Bridgend. Next Term commences Monday, May 1st, 1894. IVY HOUSE SCHOOL, NEWCASTLE HILL. Established 1835. Conducted by Miss LEACH and Miss COMBED. Sound Elementary Education. Studies — English, Music, Drawing, French, Calisthenics. A Separate Room and Class for Younger Children. The School will Re-open D.V., MONDAY. JAN 15tb,1894. 1022 Bridgend College School (NOLTON STREET). RE-OPENS WEDNESDAY, MAY 2ND, 1894. Preparation for Examinations. J. P. JCNES. PORTHCAWL. pORTHCAWL HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (ESPLANADE.) (In union with the London College of Music) Principals The Misses JONES Head English Governess Miss Wrenford,sen.Cam. Second Miss Johns, 1st Div. Col. Pre. Pianoforte, Violin, & Singing, Miss Welch, R.A.M, and Mr Seaton. Drawing and Painting, Mr J. T. Phillips. French and Physical Training, Monsieur Robiette. Good home school for boarders. Thorougk education. Preparation for exams. High-class references. Private lessons given in all accomplishments. Summer Term, May 1st, 1894. JJOOELANDS, pORTHCAWL. ) HIGH-CLASS BOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Principals- THE MISSES GARSED, (Certificated, Oxford and Cambridge.) Assisted by Madamoiselle KARPRINSICA, resident French and Music Mistress. Masters for all accomplishments (if desired). PRIVATE LESSONS GIVEN IN MUSIC PAINTING, AND LEATHER WORK. Superior Adva. itages for delicate or backward Children. Summer Term commences May 8th. pOETHCAWL COLLEGE. PRINCIPAL-Rev. E. J. NEWELL, M.A. Late exhibitioner of Worcester College, Oxford, Author 01 History of the Ancient British Church, &c. Assisted by E. W. HURST, Esq., B.A., London, and others. A First-class Boarding School for Boys of a Superior Class. Large House facing the sea. Healthiest position in Wales for a School. Climate bracing in Summer and mild in Winter. Term begins May 1st. SWANSEA. A CADEMY OF MUSIC, WALTER-ROAD, A SWANSEA. MISS MINNIE FRICKER (Licentiate, Royal Academy of Music Member, Incorporated Society of Musicians) Gives Lessons on the Piano, Violin,Harp, and in Singing. Miss Fricker still visits Neath and Briton Ferry once a week. NEATH. JJUGBY GIRLS' SCHOOL, NEATH. Superior School for limited number of boarders. Professional teachers for all subjects. Locality- healthy. Highly recommended by parents of pupils. Articled Pupil wanted. Private lessons given in Leatherwork, Pokerwork, and other new works of art. School will Re-open May 8th, 1894. PRINCIPALS—THE MISSES WILLIAMS. MRS GWYN-LEWIS recommends Isytwyn, Neath Abbey, as being a School for good music,' thorough English, painting, drawing, and languages. COWBRIDGE. I THE GREAT HOUSE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. PRINCIPALS: MRS AND THE MISSES CULVERWELL. STUDENTS are successfully prepared for Oxford, Cambridge, College of Preceptors, Royal Academy of Music, and Trinity College Local Examinations. Private Lessons in Painting (Oils,Water Colocrs, Terra Cotta, &c), Drawing (Model and Freehand) Pianoforte, Violin, Singing, Harmony, Counter point, and Theory of Music. Special attention is given to the comfort, refine ment, and Physical well-being of Pupils exceptional advantages for Art Subjects. Terms moderate. Fees from entrance. Prospectus of School and Examination Successes on application to the Principals. References—Parents of present and ex-Pupils. The School will re-open May 9th, 1894. 37m PLAS HEN SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, COWBRIDGE. PRINCIPALS :—Miss PAYNE, Cert. Camb. Higher Local, and Miss L. PAYNE. Pupils successfully prepared for Cambridge College of Preceptors, Trinity College, and London College of Music Local Examinations. Prospectus and List of past successes on applica- tion. Next Term commences May 7th, 1894. 106 fpsir. MISS R. E. EVANS gives INSTRUCTIONS on the PIANOFORTE. Pupils Prepared for the R.A.M Examinations.-Newcastle Hill, Bridgend.[lllO Farmers, Gardeners, and Others, NOW is your time to apply to your Land the proper quantity of AGRICULTURAL SALT, If you wish to secure good results from your Seed cl Sowing. Its use cannot be too strongly recommended. Any quantity at- WALLINGTON'S SALT STORES, BRIDGEND. J [' ••• v. T •: } (3 LL.- .14<J".«' i Auctioneers' Announcements. MESSRS. W. THORNE & SON'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. NOLTON-STREET, BRIDGEND. Sale of Valuable Leasehold Dwelling Houses. MESSRS. W. THORNE & SON have received instructions to SELL by AUC'L'ION, on SATURDAY, the 23rd day of JUNE, 1894, at thf WYNDHAM HOTEL, at Three o'clock in the Afternoo I (subject to conditions to be then produced), the following Leasehold PROPERTY, viz. LOT 1. All that Dwelling-house and Shop, No 108, Nolton-street, Bridgend, in the occupation of Mr John Evans, at the yearly rent of £ 1S. LOT 2.-All that Dwelling-house, No. 109, Nolton-street, aforesaid, in the occupation of Miss Ann Roberts, at the weekly rent of 4s 6d The Property is heli under a Lease for a term of 3 Lives or 60 years, from the 1st day of May, 1849 at the yearly ground rent of five shillings. For further particulars apply to ° MR. S. H STOCKWOOD, Solicitor, Bridgend; Or to the Auctioneers, Wyndham-street, Bridgend. 324 Preliminary Announcement. DRILL HALL, BRIDGEND. Sale of Furniture. MESSRS. w. THORNE & SON have received instructions to SELL by AUCTION on THURSDAY, JUNE 28th, a large assortment of superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Removed for convenience of Sale. Particulars by posters. 16, Wyndham-street, Bridgend. 351 MR. JOHN DAVID'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. COWBRIDGE FAIR, JUNE 25TH. MR. JOHN DAVID has received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, on MONDAY (Fair Day) JUNE 25th, 1894, viz. Three-year-old HEIFER and STEER, 4 Yearling HEIFERS and STEERS, Yearling BULL, Hereford COW in full milk, 2 COWS in calf, 6 Fat OXEN, 15 Fat Yearling SHEEP. Also, 30 Cross-bred EWES and LAMBS. Three Months' Credit on the usual conditions, on the Ewes and Lambs. Sale at 10.30. Auctioneers' Office, Cowbridge. 337 S'A LE -VE-VT WE I) XL Si), 11". DIMLANDS, LLANTWIT MAJOR. Sale of Household Furniture, Glass, China, Green- house Flowers, &c. MR. JOHN DA\ ID has been favoured with instructions from the representatives of the late Lady Wyatt, to SELL by AUCTION on Wednesday, JUNE 27th, 1894, the following HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. ° MORNING ROOM.—3 spring-seated easy chairs, hair-seated couch, inlaid table, occasional table with twisted legs, mahogany and rosewood what- nots, wicker table, brass-mounted table, wicker and bent wood chairs, sketching table, mahogany table with two insertions, fire screens, several birch and mahogany occasional tables, &c., &c. DINING ROOM.—"Very massive mahogany dininsr table with four insertions, two handsome rosewood card tables, reclining invalid's chair, large easy chair, 8 chairs in Horsehair, easy ehair, 2 mahogany occasional tables, pigeon-hole cupboard small oak table, octagon table, wicker table, butler's tray mahogany Pembroke table, rosewood tea- caddy, centre table fountain, mahogony clawfeet table, and various other articles. SITTING Poo-,r. -Handsome inlaid card table, oak work table, mahogany table, large mahogany chest ornamental fountain, rosewood and "mahogany whatnots, bent wood and cane-seated chairs, mahogany bookshelves, occasional tables, occasional chairs, folding chairs, ornamental flower pots inlaid work table, brackets, 2 pairs oleographs, fire screen on brass stand, music stool, sundry orna- ments, &c., &e. ENTRANCE HALL.—2 mahogany chairs, highback ditto, marble-top consul table, marble top hall table, 3 square-seated chairs, 2 cupboards with moveable shelves, butler's tray and stand, iron frame reclining chair, large cupboard and other sundries, also A large quantity of GLASS and CHINA, contents ot IHESE BEDROOMS, also Servants' Bedrooms, Kitchen, Servants' Hall, and Dairy. GREENHOUSE PLANTS.-Including several dozen Bedding plants, carnations, fuschias, svslamens and various other flowers, together with the cucumber lights, rhubarb and sea-kale pots, large quantity various size flower pots, and the usual garden requisites. Sale at 12.30 punctually, commencing with tha garden requisites. Further particulars in catalogues, which may be had of the Auctioneer, at his offices, Cowbridge. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. ST. BRIDES-SUPKR-ELY RECTORY, NEAR CARDIFF. Sale of Stock, Household Furniture, &c. R. JOHN DAVID has received instructions XTX from the Executrix of the late Rev. W. W. Harries, to SELL BY AUCTION, the Third Week in July, 1894-, Stock, Household Furniture, and other Effects. Fuller particulars Next Week. Cowbridge, June 22nd, 1894. 338 Mr Robert Evans' Announcements. G I LFACHGOCH. SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD HOUSES. 1VJ"R. ROBERT EVANS is instructed by Mr u VIt\ Lvans, to SELL BY AUCTION on SATURDAY, JUNE 30th, 1894, at the BEAR IKN BRIDOKM), at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, subie^fc to Conditions of Sale, the following Valuable LEASEHOLD HOUSES, iz. :— L°Tf V^1 those TWO HOUSES in the occuna hon of Mr George Tudor and another, at the low rent of 16s. per house per month. lei 16s. per month. ground rent of £ 1, and are situate adjoining thf» main r0ad and within 200 yards of the Railway Station, and a short distance of the imnortani- Coal Co! ieriesof Gilfachgoch, anTeS Sd'SS and regular tenants and there is an excellent Well of water on the premises. For further particulars apply at the Offices of Mr ROP.T. EVANS, Auctioneer, Bridgend; or at the of MR. R. C. GRIFFITHS, SOLICITOR, 343 BRIDGEND. TREOES, GLAMORGANSHIRE. MR. JAMES JAMES (of the Firm of Morgan T i. ? Ja1mes' Auctioneers, Aberdare) is in- structed by the Representatives of Mr Edward ATTPTTrvvreaSrCltw te owner- t0 SELL BY AUCTION, at the WYXDHA.M ARMS, BRIDGEND, on SATURDAY, 21st JULY, 1894, at Three p.m., subject to conditions, a small FREEHOLD FARM AT TREOES, Four Miles from Bridgend. Consisting of a House, Out-houses Garden Orcnard and several Arable and Pasture Fields' the whole containing 11 Acres, 2 Roods, and 39 Perches, more or less, late in the owner's occupation. The above will be offered first in One Lot, and if not Sold then, in Two or more Lots. Also, a COTTAGE AND GARDEN in TREOES VILLAGE, occupied by Patrick Donovan. To view apply to Mrs. PYXK, the Poplars, Treoes, and for further particulars to the Auctioneer or to 1. SIOCKWOOD, SOLICITOR, 531 BRIDGEND. ■ ,,> i i :1,