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i THEATRE ROYAL & EMPIRE PALACE, Medhyi jI I Licensee—Mr. Will Smithson. Resident Manager—M r. Fred Dry. t | 6.30 WICE NIGHTLY. 8.30 jI I Week commenclnc MONDAY, MAY 13th, 1918.  I H. ARMITAQE & ARTHUR LEIGH'S COMPANY FIRST WEEK. ) S Monday, Tu?Bday, & Wedneaday—WHson Barrett's Last and Grestest Play- 2 1- Monday, I:üac Ky.daõwljnR"H A ttat Play- 1- I Thursday, Friday & Saturday- The Great Modern Morality Play § | THE HYPOCRITES! i I NEXT WEEK Armitape & Leigh's Famous Dramatic Company. I  ? Circle, 1? Stalls, 9d. Pit, 6d. Gallery, 3d. J &off $?o PLUS NEW TAX. It I Merthyr Electric Theatre j I Merthlrcom!!daY !.heatre I m S CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE FROM 2.30 TILL 10.30 P.M. DAILY. j I Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday- I | Prisons Without Walls I: | Featuring Myrtle Steadman and Wallace Reid. I 1- GLORIA'S ROMANCE-Part 17. THE MILLIONAIRE-Billy West. I I Comedies and Pathe's Gazette. I m m t Thursday, Friday, and Saturday— t I The Winning of Sally Temple I I Featuring Fanny Ward. I I THE RED ACE-Part 2. PIMPLE P.C. I Comedies, Pathe's Gazette, &c. § Id.; 6d.—Tax, 2d.; 1/—Tax, 3d. I I ADMISSION. 3d.- Tax, Id. 6d.- rax, 2d.; 1/ Tax, 3d. I Children's Performance at One o'clock on Saturdays. I Ordinary Saturday Performance starts at 3.30 o'clock. Other Days 2.30 as usual. Lt. It .t It .i BOOKS THREE ESSENTIALS IN THE SOCIALIST ARMOURY. SOCIALISM AFTER THE WAR ¡- By J. R. MAODONALD, M.P. THE STATE 1/3 By WILLIAM PAUL. INDUSTRIAL UNIONISM AND THE MINING INDUSTRY 1 By GEORGE HARVEY. & The Democrats Handbook to Merthyr 6d., reduced to Id., Postage 2d. (A Mine of looal Historical and Industrial Information). OURI SHOP, Pontmorlais, Merthyr MERTY-I-,LP. I I MEETINGS. OLYMPIA RINK, MERTHYR, Sunday Next, May 12th, 1918, At 2.45 p.m. prompt. Speaker: Miss Sylvia Pankhurst WOMEN SPECIALLY INVITED. Admission by Silver Collection. HOPE CHAPEL, MERTHYR, SUNDAY, MAY Iltb, 1918. Mr. HAROLD DAVIES University College, Cardiff. A CORDIAL WELCOME EXTENDED TO ALL ARE WE DOING YOUR PRINTING ? £ We have the most modern equipment, and ? good work is quickly turned out by Trade Unionists at reasonable rates. NOTE THE ADDRESS THE LABOUR PIONEER PRESS -w- Insurance Act Amendment. The Insurance Commissioners give notice that on July 1 the section of the Act of 1911 regard- ing the payment of contributions at a reduced rate where the vnpioycr pays wages during sick- ness will cease to have effecrt, and that; in con- sequence of the Act of 1918, contributions will fee payable by the employer in all cases at the following rates: Employed oontributor (man), 7d. a week; employed contributor (woman), 6d.; ex" person (man or woman), 3d. a week ( oyer's contribution amy). Bedwellty Union. APPOINTMENT OF PROBATIONER NURSES THE GUARDIANS of the above Union invite JL applications for the appointment of Pro- bationer Nurses at their Workhouse Infirmary, Tredegar. Applicants must not be under 21 years of age, must be single or widows without dependent children. Salary 210 for the first year; tl3 for the second year; and £16 for the third year, with Uniform, board, and residence, and an additional temporary allowance of 3/- per week. The Candidates appointed will be required to serve for a period of three months on trial in the first instance, and the appointments, for a period of three years, will only be made upon a satdsfacbory report from the Workhouse Medical Officer givm at the end of the period of trial. The appointments will be made subject to the provisions of the Poor Law Officers' Superannua- tion Acte, 1896-7. "Each candidate must forward with her appli- cation a certificate signed by a qualified medical practitioner testifying her physical fitness for the position. Applications for the appointments, in the can- didates own handwriting, with copies of three recent testimonials? on forms which may be ob-j mined by forwarding me a stamped addressed foolscap envelope must reach me not later than 10 a.m., on Wednesday, 22nd May, 1918. By Order, WILLIAM HALL, Acting Clerk to the Guardians. Union Offices, Tredegar, Mon., 8th May, 1918.

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