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ITrade Union Notes


Trade Union Notes By Trade (Unionist.1 I THE RAILWAYMEN'S DEMANDS. Interost at present centres in the negotiations proceeding between the N.U.R. and the railway companies. The Union is demanding an in- crease of 10/- a week, bringing the sum total of advances since war broke out up to 25/- per week. Many of the large districts, such as Liverpool and South Wales, have passed reso- lutions demanding an increase of sEl a week. The railway companies have offered a 5/- ad- vance, which was rejected by the railwaymen's conference. With a view to bringing pressure to bear upon the employers, the Liverpool district has decided to adopt" oa canny tactics, or, in other words, the go slow policy. The South Wales men, with the same objective, have threatened to stop work unless the 10 demand is conceded. Mr. J. H. Thomas, M.P., is as- suring the men that be is still hopeful of a satisfactory settlement. We trust that his hopes are well founded, but undoubtedly there is grave danger of a strike. The railwaymen are a long- suffering people; they have, for a well organised and highly intelligent body of people, submitted to more humiliating conditions tham almost any other class of workmen in the country. No ujilon recognition, low wages, long hours, and many other jfrievious conditions have obtained almost up to the present day. But these is an evident note of determination in their present agitation, which can only mean that a change for the better is imminent. MERTHYR BAKERS' ADVANCE. Last week the representatives of the Merthyr and District Operative Bakers met the Master Bakers in conference, and an agreement was arrived at granting the operatives an advance of 7 J a week, bringing their total advances since the commencement of the war up to 18/- a week above pre-war rates. That is not so bad, all things considered, although some classes of workmen have been able to secure much more than that. I often wonder how the unorganised workers, who, being at the mercy of the employers, are unable to secure an advance at all, are able to exist under present conditions. ,UNREST AMONG SPINNERS. I The Amalgamated Society of Operative Cot- ton Spinners have rejected a 10 per cent. ad- vance as from December lith next, and a fur- ther advance of 10 per cent. on March 18th next, which was offered by the employers as; against an immediate advance of 32| per cent. demanded by them. Should the employers not amend their offer, they have decided to tender notices to cease work in the week beginning December 17th. ICARDReOM ADVANCES. The Oardroom workers, who had applied, through their organisation, the Amalgamated Society of Oardroom and BI owi ng-iroom Oper- atives, for a 25 per cent. advance, were made the same offer as the Spinners. In this case the men were not so emphatic in declaring their -intentions in face of the refusal, their resolu- tion being to leave further consideration of what action shall be, taken te their Executive Council. HEED OF THE MOMENT. I Many other bodies of workmen are demanding increases of wages, thereby trying to keep pace with the increased cost of living. It seems likely enough that the tendency towards amal- gamation and fusion between unions, which would result in fewer unions and more unity is thwarted just now by the very fact of the unions being so much occupied with the task of securing better wages. Verily there is need to evolve some system which will render impossible all the strife now so rampant.. With these eternal differences cropping up continually, how is it possible for production of wealth to reach the highest point in quantity and quality ? and how is it possible for those who produce it to enjoy the fruits of their l,a,boiir P The evil will be always with us, as long as Capital is held in private handr,, an d industry carried on for private profits. The Trade Unions must consciously work for a trans- formation, which will effect the transfer of in- dustry in its ownership to the State, and in its control and management to those engaged in it.


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