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GREAT ALLIED GAINS. GUILLEMONT FOREST AND CLERY WON. 2,000 Prisoners on Somme. FRENCH ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF COMBLES. Another great Allied advance on the Somroe has taken place. As a result our own troops have captured part of Ginchy, the whole of Guillemont (the much contested vil- lage south of Longueval), and several hundred prisoners. The French have taken the villages of Clery (on the marshes of the Somme) and Le Forest (east of Maurepas). They are on the outskirts of Combles, and between Forest and Clery all enemy positions liave been won. The advance is on a front of four miles. Over 2,000 prisoners have been taken, with 12 guns and 50 machine guns. BRITISH OFFICIAL. Press Bureau, Monday, l.{5 a.m. General Headquarters Sunday, 12.30 p.m. In co-operation with the French on our ^immediate right, we attacked the enemy today at seweral points. We have captured part of Ginchy and the whole of Guillemont. Our front now runs some 500 yards east of Guillemont, from Guincliy, to near Falgemant farm. On the east side of Mouquet farm we have also gained ground. We have captured several hundred pris- oners. Between our right and the Sommo the French have made substantial progress, and captured a considerable number of prisoners. Fighting continues. Our aircraft did most useful work in co- ..operating with the artillery and infantry. The enemy's aeroplanes, which made desperate attempts to interfere, were sac- cessfully engaged in many aerial fights, and driven off with a loss of three machines destroyed, and at least four others damaged, whilst we lost three. WHERE GROUND WAS WON. The above map shows the scene ot the gains announced in the official news given to-day. FRENCH OFFICIAL. Paris, Sunday night (received Monday). North of the Somme our infantry, in conjunction with the British Army, at- tacked about mid-day the German posi- tions on a front of about six kilometres. All objectives were carried .by us. The villages of Forest (east of Maure- pas), and Clery-Sur-Somme are in our hands. North of Forest all the German trenches to the outskirts of Combles were carried, besides all enemy positions be- twen Forest and Clery-Sur-Somme. The road connecting these two places has been crossed at several points. A German counter-attack south of Forest was repulsed. Over 200 prisoners, 12 guns, and 50 machine guns were taken. Violent German attacks to-day on Vaux and Chapitre Wood, and on the right bank of the Meute were repulsed several ti. pies, but eventually the enemy got a footing in a salient of our line, where tierce tig luting continues. East of Flen-i-y we carried several Ger- jnan treiiffhes aii-d a powerfully fortified work, and north-west of Fleury re-oc- [ tcupied a part of the crefct running from jFleury to Thiaumont Wort. In these at- tacks we captured 30ft prisoners. fit will lye seen that the number of •< .prisoiK'rs its her? given as 200, but the total .is probably 2,!HX>. as in the version given below, a. figure certainly more in keeping with the scale of operation described and the number of guns taken.] 1.. ANOTHER VERSION. Another version of the French official i report is as follows:- 11 p.m.—On a front of four miles, from north of Maurepas to the Somme yester- day French and British attacked. The enemy was unable to withstand the onset, and our troops swept away the considerable forces opposed to them aad carried everyone of the fixed objectives Forest (east of Maurepas) and Clery- fcur-Somme are entirely in our posses- sion. All the German trenches north of • Forest along the road to Combles have been taken right up to the edge of the latter village and at some points beyond .it. Enemy counter-atacks were repulsed in disorder. Up to the present over 2,000 un. o wounded prisoners have been taken. ENEMY'S PRELIMINARY.' i Sunday's German official says:— The artillery battle in the Somme t region has become very violent. Between Maurepas and Clery strong French at- tacks were frustrated yesterday evening. On the right bank of the Meuge exten- eive artillery preparation on the Thia- mont-Vanx front was followed by enemy -attacks on both sides of the Vaux-Souville road, which were repulsed.—Press Aeeo- Ration. w THE WEEK-END NEWS. The earlier news of the week-end lighting shows that the British" have re- taken the small portion of their lines -which the enemy had captured on Thurs- day. Yesterday afternoon Headquarters reported that fighting was in progress on throe sides of Thiepval and at the other end of our front about Falfemont Farm. Wp have gained ground. Xha Fsa" durinjt the week-end 1 ported violent and repeated German at- tacks against their new positions south oi Ess trees. The enemy succeeded in re- I occupying some parts of these positions at the cost of appreciable losses. I THE FRENCH GAINS. I I Details of the Progress. I Paris, Monday.—The expert French commentator says:— The day was a very brilliant one on the French front. The Somme offensive, which had been interrupted for nearly a week owing to bad weather, was resumed to-day with complete success. The opera- tion was prepared with the customary methods, a violent bombardment, and then towards mid-day, the French troops advanced to the assault of the German positions from Maurejjas to the Somme. The infantrymen. showed marvellous dash, and repulsed without the least faltering the German forces, which in large num- bers opposed their progress. They gained all the objectives aimed at, notably the two powerfully organised vil- lages of Le Forest (east of Maurepas), and Clery (on the banks of the Somme), after having captured in a single day all the intervening hostile positions. Our front, therefore, follows from now a vertical line from the north to the •outli, which leaves the outskirts of Combles and then follows a road which crosses the village of Le Forest, and then along to the east the road from Le Forest to Clery, where the Somme meets it. j The Germans at once attempted a vigorous reply, but their counter-attack, despite its power, failed completely under I the fire or our artillery, and we retained our gains in full. The progress is interesting for one thing, because we captured ground along a front of six kilometres to a depth 01 between one and two kilometres, and for another because it brings the line north and south of the Somme level, and con- sequently facilitates the developing of our subsequent operations. In addition, the number of prisoners captured (more than 2,000), and the im- portance of the booty taken (12 guns and 50 machine gun& have been counted up to the present), denotes the vigour of the attack, and its complete success. It is, in fact, one of the finest feats of arms achieved since the beginning of the Somme offensive, and it will be followed by others. In their sector the British attacked in conjunctior with the French troops, but at the present moment the result of the action is not yet known. The day was equally good on the Verdun it out, where the Germans attempted an important diversion on the right bank of the Meue. They attacked in the morning our positions at Vans and Cha- pitre, and at a cost of bloody sacrifices, succeeded towards the evening in gaining a footing in an advanced element of our line. It is a poor result, and one which is moreover far from being definite, for des- perate hand-tn-hand fighting is still going on. On the other hand, two simultaneous actions, one north-west and the other east of Fleury, enable us appreciably to clear the village and to approach the Thiaumont'Work along the whole front. -Pre Association War Special. ———.—- KEY TO PERONNE REGION. I I The French Press on Allied 1 Advance. Paris. Monday.—All the newspapers ex- press great satisfaction at the success achieved by the Allied troops on the Somme. and expect a continuation of the offensive. The "Petit. Parisien" whetht-r the offensive north of the Somme must be considered the prelude to a vast Frauco- j British offensive. That is a question to i which, as can be understood, we cannot yet give a reply, but it appears to be evi- dent our general staff has not begun this action without having come to an agree- ment with rhe general staff? of the Allies on a well decided plan having definitt- re- sult", in view. It is probable the British and French communiques will from to- day bring important new. which will fol- low one another without cessat ion. M. Marcel Hutin writes in the Echo de Paris":—" Yesterday afternoon's splen- did result has been to clear completely the ground between Combles Le Forest and Clery in such fashion that we are not more than three and a half kilometres from the great national road from Bethune to Peronne, and that the possession of Clery gives us the key to the "el-onne region." I BELGIAN OFFICIAL. I Havre, Monday—An official communique last night say. There were artillery duels in the region of Ran-i-,capelles-Boe-ginghe. -Pres Association War Special.





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