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Seven Years' Sufferer from PILES Complete and Lasting Cure. .ftr-rortralt is cf Mr. J. G. Vale of a Waleran Buildings, Old Kent-road, London A.B.. who writes: 2t in with much pleasu"e I yrite to let you know 1 have tCcn completely cured by your CBaWre'g Blood Mix- tare.' I had been a. Great Infferer from Piles for seven rears and I tried several fdrertieed cures without an;* benefit Then I was advised ? try 'ClArke'a Blood t.xtnr?.' and after taking In small bottles was QUI?O 9! red, It is 10 months ninco the cure Md there has been to- return. • I shall reoom. 81eftdit to all I know, and W be pleased to answer *07 inquiries. ae. I* cannot Igeak too highly of 'Qarke's Blbod Mixture., in a fur- Jtfcer !etter. d?tod 6th June. W. oyer two yeans einoe k cure Mr. Vale wrjt: "I have not had any retum of?t?e Met.' I Sufferers from Bad Legs, Abscesses, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, Piles- Eczema, Bolls, Pimples, Sores and Eruptions, Rheumatism) #r-kindred complaints, should realise that lotions, ointments, etc., can but give tem, forary relief—to be sure of a care, complete and lasting, the blood must be thoroughly <eMMd of'tat impure waste matter, the ,true cause of all such troubles. Clarke's Blood Mixture expels the Impurities from the blood; that is why so many wonderful ftles stand to its credit. Pleasant to take, and free from injurious ingredients. Ask for and see you get Clarke's Blood Mixture "Everybody's Blood Purifier." Of all Chemists and Stores, 2IJ per Bottle. REFUSE SUBSTITUTES:  .r. r .II'IIo8rt. ".ï §,. 1"ft' ,I, ,I.s- t; -1; "l. "1.: '.h.   ?.?.??.?.??.?.??..?:?.?  ? Pure '"?? ? ?. r?? v AD?C?MHg?MMt *? ?????ML ? ? ? ? ?  j| 'i. 'a:' l"I' a,- "a B ki. d ?? Baking days are ?b?? ?{• I e. ;? a delight to the housewife who uses ? ?& ? ? B t?? ?"  ? ? Jg' BIHfe B \-7', .}.  f It is pure wheat flour, ground by the most 'd .11' h" up-to-date milling mac h inery. j. V It requires no baking-powder or yeast, and ¡. vi,Ids delicious pastry, cakes, puddings and bread. • Send for ow book of Economical Recipes for use with • Red Ring Flour to Ec!?r.'?, 242, Upper Thames Street, Loodon, E. C.4. Enclose lcL ?t?mp fo- ,postage- • *?/ ••• » F. a. I. Z"l. ".e. -y *••••.••* »*•••••••" ''••••••' • y. *.< ;X* •* i Spinal Paralysis | BIV Sirs. Strain, Ayr. An amazing miracle commented on in the pulpit. Paralysed lady unable to move, in bed four years, Permanently Cured by Dr. Cassell's Tablets. Mrs. Strain, St. Germain-stroc t, Catrine. Ayrshire. N.B., writes:—" Just a line to tell you that pro Cassell's Tablets for Weak and Nervous People have entirely cured me of Spinal Paralysis after lying helpless in bed for 4 years. I could do nothing for myself, as my amis had lost all power and were quite usels, and no treatment did me any good until I took the Tablets. I then soon found life returning to my fingers and arms. and in two months I was up and about doing my housework as well as ever I could. I attribute my, cure solely to Dr. Cassell's Tablets, apd nothing else." This was six years ago. Mrs. strain has recently written to say she is still keeping well and strong. Com me nt is needless. ■t Write for foil particulars of any of thø above cases. Dr. Cassell's %Moe Tablets Dr. Camel I's 'Tablets are the recognised home Remp-dy' for Nsrvtut Breakdown Sleeplessntss Wasting Diseases N«rvs Paralysis Ansomia Palpitation liifanttla Paralysis Kidney Trouble Vital Exhaustion Neurasthenia Indigestion Nervous Debility Specially1 valuable for Nursing Mothers and dur-ing the Critical Periods of Life. '801d b7 ..11 obemiBtt Md Stores throughout the Britjb TmptML Home Prices: ? 3d. and 36., th? 3& SiM bein* the ZM? economical. FREE INFORMATION as to the suitability of Dr. Cassell's Tablets in youi case sent on re- quest Dr Cassell's Co., Ltd., Chester Road, Manchester. ■H—————|M—1 CADOXTON, NEAR NEATH. FOR SALE? Bi PRIVATE TREATY, LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. .House, Shop and Premises now occu- I pied ae a Grocer Shop and Post Office, situate Francis Terraee, Cadoxton. 2.-4 I)welifng Houses, Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, Francis. Terrace, Cadoxton. 3.—4 Dwellin Houses Nos. 2, 3, 4, and 5, Beconsfield Street, Cadoxton. For further particulars apply to B. EDWABD ROWE, licitor, 20, Station Street, Port Talbot. 5 •• r AMMANFORD RECREATION GROUNDS HORSE, FOOT, and WHIPPET RACES, whit-Saturday, June 7th, 1919. JBrentc.—120 Yards Flat Handicap; Open T*K)tting; Galtop Handicap (ljmit horse V>- 80 .full mile), and One Mile Gallop; MO Yards Whippet Handicap. Prizes aggregating £80. Entrift Tueeday. June 3rd, to D. E. Thomas, Secretary. .\t. SALES BY AUCTION. LLANGADOCK. AT THE STORES FIELD. A GREAT HORSE SALE. MESSRS. Wm. & Walter James, F.A.I. Are instructed by Mr. Tudor Lewis to SELL by AUCTION, on the above Field, on THURSDAY NEXT, MAY 29th, 1919 (LLANGADOCK FAIR DAY), a Splendid Draft of 40 Grand Workir Horses* Etc., viz.: 20 British Bred Heavy Cart Horses, straight from work, 4 to 8 years old, re- liable in all gear. 20 Grand Welsh Cobs and Ponies, and 1 Donkey. Also 100 Couples of Cross-bred Ryeland Ewes and Lambs, 4 Dairy Cows (2 with Calves at their heels), and Several Traps, Carts, Gamboes, 2 Tim- ber Wagons, Farming Implements, etc. Sale promptly at 12.30 p.m. Credit on Conditions. Auctioneers' Offices, Swansea and Llan- cadock.

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