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'Leader' Classified 1 Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OR WANTED, TO BE LET. LOST AND FOUND. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions, insertion* 23 Words. 1 0 2 0 3 0 50 Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 <9 Worda. 2 0 4 O. 6 0 FOR SALE, PRIVATE ANNOUNCEMENTS One Three Six Insertion. Insertions, lnsertiost 20 Words.. 1 6 2 6 3 b 30 Words. I 0 3 0 4 6 40 Words. 2 6 3 6 6 6 BIRTHS, OtATHS, IN MEMORIAM, AND MARRIAGES. 0 tic 1, b I-ce Six v' Insertion. Insertions Insertions 20 Words.. 1 6 3 6 6 10 iO- Words. 2 0 b 0 slo 40 Words.. 3 0 7 0 12 '0 EDUCATIONAL. one Three Six Insertion Insertions Insertion* 20 Wprde.. 2 0 3 0 4 6 I 3d Words. 2 6 4 0 5 6 I 48 Worde. 5 0 6 6 ? 6 MOt4EY.-4d. per line. MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS 'I V' VACANT. 1 f I A GOOD Underuresaer tmale or female) A and stood vest .tiaiidti.—Apply E. Mar- #U*. 547 Union Cuamuers iwu uoorj. 176A12-15 C01UŒuêïii. TEACHERS (awa nd i e- ? "ibale) required m several important towttB in Gieat Britain. especially 101 fchorthand iypewriuntr ifc-ok-kcfcijiii^ — Vv nfca. elating atfe, expeiienue quaiuiea- tione. and saiary reouireu, to Box No. 78o Cauibi'ia. Uany i^eaa^r C1Z-1Z ~\I\I ANTED. Neath, ilarried Couule or Vr Widow; rent. ooai, ligiit anti garden return for wife's servi(.-e,W rite "Require- ments. I .leader Office, is eath. Cl'i-ll WOMEN AND GIRLS. l^^iAKwOJklAN reauirtd daily. &iao StronH Murl tp Assist iii .Bakehouse —Aprily Mr». W. A. Kees. Clydach Bakery, near Swansea. 17&A12-15 "VATANTED. pne Smart Young Lady As- TT 6i<sta;. £ to the Drapery.—Williams Drauer U liland. Swansea. C12-13 "t! A!iTED, immediat{<l.'{ër-anú f V ftorters.— Appiy to the Manageress. The?Ba.ths und Laundry. C12-32 t?f ANTED. Younc Lattice to tram a& W Clerks; moderate premium: Uay and Evening Classes.—Apply for freo proepectu- to The Bar Lock School..36 Chappell's Chambers. Caetle-street Swansea. 174AJ2-12 h Domestic Servants. mJ>OK-GENERAL.—Wanted, oy January 6tli, a capable Cook-General—Apply Mrs. ttees llarne-s, The lloigoed. Poutar- diiiiiis. C12-17 GENERAL required at once: comfortable home: good wanes.—Aouiy blrb. Edles- ton?ark?roa.d Crydaeh 178A12-?6 fpHOROUGHLY ExDerieneed Maid -r-; J. enured: small family; comfortable home: must bo renned. -Mrs Prytbeicn. 6t. Elmo, Oiri-road. Llanelly. 175A12-1.5 "J A IS i ED, a Uay Housema-id; gocd reler- t?' encc?.—?lrs. Herbert Morgan, ?. Kingston-road, toketty. 181A12-13 \) £ ?ANTED, fSingie Person or Widow. 3û.3ö; YY genera) house work and plain cooii- imgi hot¡¡ 5 p.m. —Write, stating.. wages required. T. VV, "Leader" oafcf; Swansea.. 181A12-lo f% A?TED a good General: no washing t ? —ADoly Mrs. Walters, Brynjíi, Sprindleid Alorr?ton. 180A12-12 Vk,, AN'IED, Respectable Girl; two in WV family.—Appiy 19, St. tlelen's-road Swansea. 180A12-O MEN AND YOUTHS. I MEN AtiD YOUTHS. JOINERS Wanted. iminetl;ateiy.—x. Grnath Davies ana uo. paxtoii Yard. i^xton-dtreet, avvansea. y* iLAii'i. Otiiue boy wanted Docks Collier) O Omce: enortiiand ee^ential.— vv rue in wva uituuwubiig, oolaery. Daily jueader. 012-li SUPEKiNTEN"DENTS and Agents wante? ks a Brynammaii Gamant. Llandeuie. JUandilo. Llandovery, PenyKroeo, Cross itauoo Tumuie, and Pontybeiein.— Apply JuMstnct superintenuent 1. Norman-ioutl, Ammanford. 18.A.IZ.11 "V* AN i-t-D, Motor Mechanic who kiiowt his .iob: start New i'ear — Watkins Garage Kayner-piace. ÙT"b1J- uatj iJiiigine Driver; must be u&ed to Suction Gas Plant.—^|)piy, Joii/i LeWi. bori and Co. Prince of h aiee Dock, Swansea. Cil-lii AN liu, a ManaKef for brst-class Cafe V? in Soutu wales; previous expencucé *,sseiitial. -ii-e ply oJ. R. llareest. Century Cnambers. Cardiff. Clii-lo \.t, A?ThD, at once. a eood Man a« Cart Hauner and look alter hoi?es; wee?y ?&ces?4—Apply K w. Xhomas loai -A, ItsOAl.,N:, -¡\-¡-ÄN1'ED, turneceman and Douu-e T» Apply W?tn 'lwvlate ?orks, Briton- ferry. Clli-li "li'AKTED, Jomer.—ADfly ? Tyler < T Builder aud Contractor. Kieharason street Xard Swanoea 176A1Z-L* WANTED, Smart ioune alan. knowledu- of traveling, to work up Wholesale CoBBCttton of Urapary and Clothing Busi- ne,w- with view to partnership. sma i capital reqoired.W rite flapstal," Leader. Office. 17aA12-12 \.V\V 1EELESS TELEGRAPHY—We have thie year sent out 150 Students to per- manent positions, and are Booking students to enter tbe College in January ad have only a Few Vacancies: GO if you wish a Wireless Appointment, vou had oetter En- rol at once-Appiy Wireless Training Col- lege Ltd.. St Mary-street. Cardiff, or I (Jostle-street Swaneea. IV -A,\TED, tboroughtv experienced Short- V t hand Typist -Apply, stating age ex., periesce, etc., to Box No 01, Leadw- Offioe, Swansea. kTO) TO THOSE I BEQUIBING IMMEDIATE OCCUPATION No traimiiK necessary There Is a BUSINESS of a NON-SPECULA TIVE character of GREAT SCOPE, afford }hp Commercial OCCU PATIOM of a PER- T?INENT and COXUEMAL NATURE. The Business is VERY PROFITABLE and of UNIVERSAL IMPORTANCE, REQUIR- ING A VERY SMALL AMOUNT OF ¡ CAPITAL. ) ———— j It oan be trndertaljon ANYWHERE THROUGHOUT THE UNITED KINGDOM only requiring a person of ENERUY and lJ<TBLLiGENCE. who would assiduously devote himself to it. The ADVERTISER commenced SINGLE- R.DED.'cntil'ely UPoOn hit own account with no prior Special knowledge of the work and lia* now with the assietance o: one clerk succeeded by PIRPON AIJ EFFORT AND STRICT ATTENTION TO BSUTNESS. in earning a VERY LARGE WEEKLY NFT PROFIT. Solicitor's and Accountants' References jfiven if desired Any Person DESIRING to know the DE. TAILS of ther means. bv which these BIG RESULTS are beiyiz achieved (which in- fdrnsation would enable many with energy aarc}. intelligence to start work right" awnv. there being ample room for eimilar busi- nesses in any INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT) indii,t in the first instance apply ny lette- only (enclosing a etamned addressed en velone for reply), to MR. J. BILLINGTON. 31. EASTCHE.JP LONDON E.C.3. MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS WANTED. DEMOBILISED "soldier." late R.A.S.C Clerk. Seeks Post: Precis. Indexing. Correspondence; ood at tiure6' fair knowledge rencb: on G.H.Q. Staff whilst ip France: ?ood referonoM—Writp Box R 4. D IT' Leader Swansea. 178A!2t2 I)A1NTER seelus Situation; three months' F: experience. Write, Pamter," leader Office. Swansea. 71 A 12-:17 1 J i .ii.. EDUCATIONAL. I BIt ATE TUITION for London Matric I and all the Professional Frelim Ex. j ams: Shorthand and Book-keening rapidly 1 tanarhS at Ljhman'ø Coachine noife?e. 4041. worceater-ols" (opposite C"tis Cinema). -"lie.. TC TRADE ANNDUNGilmENTS. AMMANI;OKD —iiake Cnnatjuas of Rood A che?r. in trutn byiudi?iouspur ?iia?e?tot our MiuciH?Mauhintg.i'a.tty Tiiio, Joyce's Liab Ketuee. tlainitcs Cue lery, V»eek-end Cases, iiaiios «to.—ixarriea. tiie li'urnisher^ and ironmonsfcrs. AtiJii Dooto. low grade. 4Upau. bfctter oiaca 60 uaiit), £ 3 1C; Govern- Scrap Leather, 20a. cwt.. cash t\nb outer.—Weiton, Contractor, h'rattoji-ryad Portsmouth. 16cAli 11 v B i iy from the (i- owers.—l.iiU Boxes Cuoice Selected Otange Bien- ueiius Orange Pippiiie. Peai mains Kuseeu l(), úd. ¡;er box ¿.(jlb.: extra ,¡¡;X,dCovlHug, eN; bù, box: cash with order, boxes free carriage paid.—Bas«>eit. Woolastou Court Lydncy. Glos. 1MA1Z-2; BtiLulUM.—Sheet Glass in 3QOft. cates ■ JLt Horticultural Glasa. 21oz. 24 x i2 ano iJ x 14. fcpeciai quotations tor quantitiKt.— B. Shepherd. Ammanloid. Tel. No. 4b I CI 2-23 C1HRISTMAS PRESENTS.—Boys' and Gin Annuale, Picture Books Reward tiooks. biblea ISLObeld. Newoerry, ane leathers i: fountain Pens. Purses, and Waliete; for Sale at Enochs, iiigh- btreet Arcade Swansea. Real Bargains in bibles. 175A32-13 | ILNTiSTS' Mechanics to the Profession ?? Sn?ctaiista.m gold crown bar ur'd?e. and vulcanite work. Quick despatch Write for price list.—The Minerva Labora- tory :5 Charles-street I^URS RemodeLed.—By our process we arc £ able to make Old Eurs look like iNeNv. All tile Latest SLyles in t'ur Coat.s aiid Sets. -Teilnens 5, Cradock-street Nausea l ^URS.—Magnificent BIac:{ Set; largt ? Shoulder Vviap and lovely hIlow -?un- cœt .El4 14s. late laH season: never worn:, cost £ 1') wi/Jingly; genuine bargain; acccut 181A12-13 l{qRChristmPrt'e¿;}t.š-i-n-J ew ellery. Gold and Silver Brooches, Rinjrs H atches, go to A. Joseph, vVatccmaker am. Jeweller. lieathfield-street. (Next to Bullin's., 178A12-16 lOR l.{n;J Uwd Value in toot?ear. W 1: M. > nomas, the ?naute Boot store.- tving Edward-road. Swansea. (T.C. 0°t:the :,hop where you get most vaii. when buying your ?.uia? Presents Gold Brooches from 6s. 6d.: Gold Gem Ring" from 12s. 6d.; Solid Uold Wrist Watche- from k5. Al,) fine selection of other Jewe., iery at A Joseph, Watchmaker and Jewel ler (next to Bullin's) Heathfield-street Swansea. 178A 12-h IN Everybody's Mouth! Mackav's Iieri>«. lab lets for Cnest, Throat, and Voict Unrivalled Of all Confectioners 2d ounce Wholesale of Mackay s, Mfl:, Confectioner; Did Market-etreet, Bristol. LAUGE Stock of Sweets and Cigarettes V Sell. Rowntree'8 Clear is. lOd. per lb Crystallised Gums, 23. lb. Best Cichout. 3s. 6d. lb. Sen-Sen and many other varietiet- I'erms cash.—Paul, Northampton House Pontardulais. 181A12-3C ORDERS taken for Christmas Poultry Geese, Turkeys. Ducks, and Fowls trom own farm.—Bassett. Woolaston Court Lyaney. Gl 171A12-li SEE the Dainty Booties for Christina Presents at the New R.G Shoe Stores Gat-street. 380A12-lr SPECIAL NOTICE.—Alfred Tennens th< ? Erpert Ladies' and Cente Cutter bp?- to announce that he ha« a Splendid Selec- tiO n of Gent 9 Overcoats Suits, and Jjadies Costumes from 6 guineas: perfection in cut and style, Gradoek-street, vSwausea. 169 A12-8 SALE of Overeoats- Men's, 655.; Boys' 38= • Also Ladies' and Gent's Raincoats at half-prices. Weekly payments to respect- able householders.—London Clothing Co, Bay-street, Port Tennant (tram terminrs) 175A12-12 SPECIAL Clearance of Ladies' and Maids' All-Wool Tweed Coats, Furs etc.. at Half Usual Prices: Gent's Raincoats at 50s. to clear — Richards, High-class Milliner 40 King Edward-road, Swansea. 181A12-13 Is PL,CIAL NOTICE.-Alfred Tennene, the Expert Ladies' and Gent's Cutter, bee* to announce that he has a Splendid Selec- tion of Gent's Overcoats Suits and Ladies' J Costume# from six guineas.; perfection in cut and style.-Cradocii-street. Swansea ?." L ?,_??SOA]2?r nRu ICA: AptJliancesTrI!8!1e6 Surav° ) ? ?ncmM.wSur?eons'BtthhpT (?Joveq und ,I ruicat f?iibhe? of every rlefiptjnn Writi fo" Catalogue, eot post free -Le Rrassenr Surtrica! Co.. Ltd Dc-pt. O V I, go and 91 Worcester-street Birmingam. TC UNCLE BERT'S Full Cream Walnut and Almond Toffees are now on Sale at his Oxford-street Shop. Pre-war Quality. The First and theBest. 1S2A12-17 W ITY Not Grow Your Own Fruit? f have the Trcœ and Varieties that will suit vou from the Smn!ie?t to t! Lirs?t in Cultivation- also lar?? stock <? Dwarf and Ctimhim Roses and Sbrnhs W Ewart Thomas F R.H S. fl f A The- Nur- series. Upper Loughor. Glam. 167A 12-16 NOTICES, CCONTINUED Su?ct?a.-Madam Fletcher. V M.B.PS.: Test Re?dins tre? Send uirth date and stamped envelope.—5, Ar- cade.^J'outypridd, Glam. 17aA12-13 JNDlAN Palmistry and Clairvoyance- -L Noted Indian: scientific investigation: «;dvicts by natural Law: Ordinary Advice, I ices. 5s.; High Cla&» bv engasenicnt. Dr. l\igmi? B.A P.H.D.: 11. ?.JQ p.m.—92. bceil-street Ma nselton. "S wan sea. l76A:2-lo MADAM DALMA date 19 Park-treet) 1. wishes to inform that her Coneuiting Rooms arc now at No '?47. Osford-street, Swansea (next ?ka?ting Rink). 179A12-16 ■' JUIE Drawing for H. Jones, Melin Tinplate ) X Finishing Dept., Neath, is postpwiei; I, for a month. mZ-E 1 1 IAXI for Hire: Skewen. Liailsamlet. and 1 District.—T. M Davies. Neath-road (near Phone Exchange, Llausamlet. 176AI2-14 PROFESSIONAL. MR. Frank Walton. M.E Harv. Honour iV-L Lond.. and Ars. Walton, Cei'nncateu urse and Massetise have taken over the practice of Massage and Electrical Treat I chen tG formerly carried On by .Nurse Evans I iloth 'Past and present uitieritg may be as- sured of the highest skill and care. Mas- sage Remedial Exercises. 'X Rays High Fre auency. Radiant Heat Bathõ et,(, a, Fty- roi-c-etreet. Swansea. 181A12-17 I FURNITURE. ¡ CHRISTMAS BARGAINS.—Bargains for ? Christmas of aU kinds of Househohs Furniture at Hm 's. who wish to announce that their Annual Sale of Surplus Stock. which i» very large and gr^at in variety. of Bedroom and Parlour S 'ites Sideboards | and BookcMes, Bedsteads Mattresses and Bedding. Kitchen Dresaer, aid7 th,- ()odR too numerous to mention, wibe Sold at the Lowest Possible Prices All in tcndinc Durcha?crs should caH at 611ce and inspect before the best bargains are gone ¡ Any troods stored free of charge Cash or I EaSlI Terms. Delivery to arv na-ts of the coti iitrv.- Please note the Address—Hill's Gower-street. Swansea. Aleo 14 Windsor- road. Neath. 331A32-17 F1 OR SALE. Solid Inlaid Satin IV-Inilt 1 t- Bedroom Suite: chean to immediate! buyer: room wanted.—Write Box W 4 Daily 1 Leader. 181A32-5 tMTFNlTTIRE -Best Price given bv rnp Ii I for Seeoml-hand Ku>T:iture and Mttiuue i Vu-nittire of anv rlpscription Drop me a rosfeanl or mil Wm James. 8. Fahn street St Thomas CT C i. wiumf—iiiiiai jra—■———a— FOR SALE. DON'T miss this—Good Cocking Apples; JL' WiOIS. fo; 5611)8 11. 6d; in bags 6d each: carriage paid. Cash with order. Hundreds of sanshtd customers.—H. Edwards, Fruit SALE, Grandfather's Clock: excellent condition; good time-keeper; Solid Oak as.(, -,v ltat offersi"—Write Graiidiatiier ueacijer Ojnce Neath UZ-1Z (,iOR tvVLE, a lare Quantity of New and .l Second-hand Raue <? various weights '•iiid sections, toiifctaer with an aoce^crice lor same. For price and further particu- lars, appiy to Messrs. iioliues and UoweL, 2, Glonce-ster-place. Telephone iNo. 8j1 Cell- i unl. Toiegrams "1)ire^ttiy/ai|tea." Cll-¿i J|L jtOB 6ALL. ?6 h.D. Suction Ww En^. .u and 1-ant. in good condition; eheau w I ciear.—Clarke, 46 Lieonard-street Neath. OONY and Governese Car for Sale, cheu- L nut Pony 13 hands: New Brown Har- ness. Lamps, and Brass Fittings. Price. i £ i'G the lot.—Apply 6 Masons-road, KinKS- ) bdde. 178A!2-1c, QAJ'j!:Š- (Fire Resisting) 20 to 43 inches 0 hi^h for Sale: also Steam Wagons; i>air £ 4 in. Winding En?uies; Pumpn.—?irt. ?7a.. Strand. Swamca. C12-20 "£ ^0 Hotel Proprietors and Job Masters.— tFor Sale Station 'Bus by well known makers; ia.mps, cushions, poles, complete; as new. Also Double Harness; a bargain.— Bassett, Woolaston Court, Lydney, Gios. 1 17 1 A 1 I! ■■■—— ii — — ^»i» LC.ST AND FOUND, OST on December 9th between Uplands Hotei and Mumbles a Green Crocodile weather Handbag containing valuable papers, two pass books, a wrist watel-I and ijme money.—finder rewarded on return- '[ln same to 6wausea or Mumbles Pohct Sta?un. ?OAi?. LOST on Monday La?t we?k. from South Wales Hotel Hjgh-treet a YorkEhire? lerrier. Answers to name of 'Digger. De tamer prosecuted. Return to South ttiue* tiotel. Swansea.. 175A12-13 iVSOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &c. LBION Chtssis.-Delivery of 50 owt am. ri. 60 cwt. Cnassis irom stock, subject t, jting unsoid; caso or easy tecluis.-d.. .or:ts, Ltd., Motor Depot., Diu w Y ll-streb, J .van sea. 'I l DELIVERY in January; Briscoe Cars Agent. J. 1(.. Watkixw Motoi engineer, Rayner-place. i79Al2-lo j?OR SALE 4? iiumber Combination: two .t speed ire? engine: excellent condition 1—- N__ orth Cottage. Ma?ona'-road. Gorseinon. 180A12.1i FOR SALE, 3-ton Daimler Lorry with 1 W-D body; in excellent running order: I-oing cheap owner purchasing Q-tonner.— IV rite Box J 4 Leader Office CIZ-12 .Vf^ORRiS Oxford two-seater; recently 1TX overhauled, repainted, a.nd reuphoi- sternd; £ 325. A.O. Runabout it, runnirt order: good tyres: £ 75. Zemth Motor Cycle; seen little wear; fitted with Gradua gear; £ 50. Have your Car Repaired wi! us. Prompt and personal attention.— Davies Bros., Motor Engineers, 15, Picton. iane. Swansea. 173 12-11 lNUËR.-For Sale. a smart Z-sente: iJ Singer Car; iust thoroughly over- nauled: all tyres practically new; perfect running condition; price S.325 with all Ac. cessories. Can be seen at Brcnyf,-rziig, Heathfield. Swansea. 176A12-35 Ivor L. Roberts', Motor Cyrle Specialist, Announcements. BOOK Now to ensure Deliveries.—1920 ModelR of Motor Cycles: A.J .S., Douit- Lw. B.S.A.. Entield. Triumph, Sunbeain. Rudge, Norton Levis. Imperial, Harley Davidson, eto. DELIVERY from Stock.—ihhx> B.»?X T.T. M'jJel. A.J.S.. 6 h.p. Comoination. Douglas W.D. 2-speed 21 h.D., Rudge Multi, 3i h.t).. Ruby Jap 8 h.D. Combination. D-,EÙVERY this month—22 h.p. Imperial DJAD. &-speed Model: al?o Z Imperial Jap 2-speed, kick starter and hand clutch. SECOND-HAND Motor Cycles for Sale— ? ??.Enneid.?b.D Combinadon engine z?r? aluled by makers aew'?yres and chains ?95. ORACTlCALLY New 2-ctroke 2-speed En. i1 CeM, complete with Lamps and Horn: perfect condition; 158. ,If OTOR CARS.-Agent for Austins, Stars, G.N. Morgan Runal outs. Boo To-day for 1920 Models. LIVE STOCrf, &c. DEAR eggs are a reu1ar little gold mine -L? W asera ot Karsw??d (Harmie?3) Spice containing grounr in??ts. wn?h douhip outOut-LackL6- ?M 7,1 Is.' i'?? Co.-Op Soc!. Ltd. 180A12-12 EXPECTING e?s from t€edin? ttble Escraps without adding karsweoti Poultry Spice iconwiining ground insects; w Iwe expecting good restuts m house building from bricks without mortar. i\arswood Spice ensures success. Packets 2a.. 7d., 1/i. J. L. Jones, Penlan House, uunvant. Olt SALE, a Black Mare 5 years old. and JL Harness and Chains included Rotrers White House. Mount Plasmarl. 181A12-3 OR SALE Smart Pony it bands hi A years old, unbroken: price £ 15, or near. &3t offer. Also strong Hand-cart to be nold cheap: room wanted—Apply 2. Cadie-facb Cottages. Ravenhill Fforetotfach, Swansea. 175;3 RANI) Pair of Rabbits for Sale; cro;c-ec VT Flemish and Dutch.—Applj Gardener. Petiiel Green Llansamlet. 180A12-32 KARSWOOD PoultrySpMewill not L Knock eggs out of hens fed or? sawdust, but that it will laigely increase egg average of birds reasonably fed is ot-yond dispute. Contains ground in-sects. 2d.. nd., 1/3.— Hobbs. Corn Merchant lli^ft- street, Xoith. !81A12-li MUST Sell Youn Nanny (?oat. 8mom^ ivA old. in fat condition; no room to keep iL: cood milking strain; first; 259 get.. it c-iieap at double.—Summervill. Brynainilwe. Dunvant Swansea. 176AI2-11 MY pigs came on splenoialy after get- JLF-L tine: Karswocid Pig Powders, says one user although thev had no appetit' before Twelve powiler. Is. bv post 16 3d -Jordan and Sone. Chemists I'ontardawe 16'zl, A ONE Hundred 1919 and 1918 PnUetH lay. ?? in", 18 and 83. each.—Hoyd. 384 Fen- tregethm-road. Cwmbwrla Swansea  121A12-17 RAmE, Member of the NUP!- Pl'onltrY Food and Bird Seed Dealer )P- posite Church Hall. Sketty. Reasonabe prices, IOOAIZ-16 rfHE- greatest doubter is convireed ,ftr -L on? thorough tt of Karswood Spic. containing ground insects—the egg tro- Vlcer it is a pleasure to eell, because it trive<» patisfaction. 21 d. nd.. Is. 3d.—Thomn son and Son. Corn Marchanta. Arches, Fa- bian-street, St. Thomas 180A12-12 THE greatest doubter is convinced after I 1 one thorough tc,-Yt of Karswood Spice, containing ground insects—the egg pro- ducer it is a pleasure to seIL because It ?ive3 satisfaction. 2?d.. 7?d.. !13 -w. T. I Thomas, Chemist. Gorseinon and Old Bank I Pharmacy, Uanellv. 181A12-17 THE g'reaft doubter is ('onvinopri af?c" JL onp thorough te-t of Karswood Spice. containing ground insccts-the egg pro- i o'ueer it is a .rk:1¡'IIt'p to sell, becau«f il fives such sat: fact ;o.). id 7;d Is ,)(1. Skewen A!?";('UJtltrfll Association Ltd i~ New-road. WW—ii in ■ni !■■ ■ nwgjiwrT- j | SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM, i I { I, ■ SMALL ADVERTISE MENT ORDER FORM. —S > ■ ■■ < i i j „ —^ — -— — ■ »|» —I, £ Please publish the above advertiseluellt timet, for which 1 ,¡ enclose d. Name and Address: H desired, replies may be eent to Box ITamfcera ot t&o "Cambria Daily g Lender Office. Thie form should be addressed to Advertioement Dss)mrtment. "Cambria Daily Leader," Swansea t j j HOuoij AND SHOPS FOR I SALE AND TO LET. IIo" =i. -:O:C. 7'¡rt:ad.- X Write Box Y 3, Leader Ollice. 178A12-15 i,10il SALE. House, with vacant possec- i Ij sion; t>ix rooms and Lculle; y: near Jer- I ~ey Park St. 'iliamas. — For iuiUier particu- lars write Park," Daily OP. SALE. Five Freehold Houses Brvn- L hyiryd, Swansea.—Appiy 56 Strand, J-Swansea. 176A12-lo JiL ?OUR-ROOM House for Sale; vacant, poe. i- t3ts.sion.—Apply 45, Philip-street, Man- Wi-tail. 1'76A1213 iJfONTABDULAiS.—i'or Sale. Foui Free 1 hold, Houses (one vacam i; "'SO Least* iiold nouses. Mortgage given on any one.- Apply Mount Pleasant," Pontardulais. I75A12-11 i" hold Dwelling-houees for bale by Private Treaty.—Apply Edward Robert* and Son, Llanîair Buildings, Swansea. C32-U John M. Leoder and Son's Announco- ments. ERYN-ROAD.—Leasehold Residence fo; Sale, with poi«;etteion; 3 reception i uoins 5 bedroom-s, bath-room; electric Light. L LAZiDUliND,')I) WELM.-Froehol(i De. iJ tached Residence for S&ie, possession I jjarch 26th, 192u; 6 reception, 19 oedrooms, cath-room, 4 iavatories: eminently suitabli lor boarding house or nursing nome, LANGLAND BAY overlooking the Chan- U uel; glorious outlook; most comfort aoly arranged; Detached liouee; ail con \enienoes; freehold; for Sale, with posses. sion. i rO it SALE. St. George-street, Leasehold I Corner Dwelling-house; 2 sitting-rooms. j bedrooms, kitchen, scullery, etc. -t -f ,10 LET (Furniohed). Residence at Ca"s X weH; 5 reception 7 bedrooms, kitchen. <*cullcry. etc.; &tableandCoaoh-house TONES-TERRACE Swansea -Several four- w roomed Houses for Saie; leasehold; weir let; low figure. May be purchased eepar- ately if desired, fL"EBOETII.-For Sale, four Freehold 1 Houses. Brynsifi-terrace Treboeth; well let: moderate price. POUR Freehold Dwell i iig- j'or Sale. Singleton-street, Swansea, forming valu-able central site. LEASE cf Building Site in central posi- JU tion for Sale; suitable, for garage or stores. QUITE of Offices to Let Temple-strep* 0 Swansea. C12-12 APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS TO LET AND WANTED. APARTMENTS.—Wanted, two Furnished Rooms, with conveniences: young re- lined couple; no children.—Write Box L 4. Leader Office. 175A1Z-1 Y j V" ANTED Bedroom and Sitting-room for v ¥ Young Business Man: or would share sitting-room with one or two other gents.— Heply Box M 3 Leader Office. 179A12-12 YOUNG Man (Single) requires Two Rooms JL Food, and AttenHance: Clydach or vicinity—Reply Box S 4, Leader Office. 180 A3 2,16 BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. aUSINESSES FOR BUSINESS for Sale: First-Class Fruit and 1? Ve?etn,ble: two shops; best position ?iB ntown; cash trade; low rents; established eight years; owner retiring.—Write, full particulars. Henry Bacsett, Woolaston Court. Lydney, Glos 171A12-17 PREMISES TO LET & WANTED qr'0 LET. Y.BLC.A Cmema'?for Morning'or TAfternoon .Meetmgd, Terms. apply to Manager CI 2-12 I. HOUSES WANTED. Purniehed Ilouse or Apart- l. ments; every care taken.—Reply "Metals," Leader OHice Swansea. 181A1-17 +'1-0-ëWPE1-tEDior- Po?seesion or In- yViU formation Leading to Possession of liouse in good locality.—Write Box 1) 5, Daily Leader. 181.A12-17 HOUSE PURCHASING.  VOID having your rent increased when A RestDction Act ends: C? 12s. per Xloo. ;LillI ea,sy repayments by arrangement.-S 3. 1 Leader Office, Swansea. 176A12-13 Y or O wnereb ip.—40,000 peopu. X hava already Purchased through our easy oystem.—For free booklet write box V 3, Leader OtSce. J.79A 12-i6 JL" A i \l I Advanced on £ 5tw houte. For full particulars apply to the Secre- ta-rie.s of the Landore Permanent Building Society, 61, Winu-street, Swansea. You may also invest your saving. with the Society: Interest paid half-yearly, free of Income Tax. 012-13 Å/6' WEEKLY will Purchase £450 HI1-ia i T/ V» anv district; uo?f-?iL' by arrange t.tcnt.- Lwadlord." Leader. Swansea. T C. I v. 11 la1 '^n MONEY. DO you Need Money foi Christmas I' Yes»! Then don't worry. Go to M. t oner. 9. Carltou-terrace Swansea, and you wou t be sorr. 162A12-12 E'LA vol '12-f:¡1Jd.rua,l. Neath Makea E. Casn Auvanceb frout ?3 und upwards, t ?trtct)/ Private i? U76. TC. It you require a Loan. appiy to Geoig* JL Thomas Church-stree. lopposite St iv'ary o Church). Swamsea. Private and Cor tidential. MONEY to Lend to Respectable House- holders; Private and Confidential — I I "or D TLolII:1l' 6. Waterloo-st.. f-vvansea. j AOVANCTS, III TO £ 5^0JIT j On written p-romise to rep<o or any security Principal remains or can b" repiid by. 16 or :¡ mi.ijtiijy lutjiuimeiits, uo cuai'se of any u..?iess business done; promptness ana privacy; avoid exposing your requirements locally — Vv rue oldest Company existing E. LAWRENCE, LID., Don Chambers, Wine-street, Bristol. ti.;SCgLLArt £ uUS WAfTG, A PIANO Wanted.—Lady wishes tu i A"lia ??e one, suitauie far cuiid'a prac- tice. Please state price—VVrite Box M 4. leader Om-e, avvausca; lr/3AiZ-lj wanted liacieai. UT must be a reaiiy good one.—VV rite Orpington," Leader Oidue. 17yA12-io BUY Furniture New and teeond-hano. JL Serkiti Z19 High-street Swansea. 175A12-13 I^EES Wanted over Pitwood size.—.ten I Iltigs. Ll VV oodworkers. Vviljiyweli road. B i's to j llot-theawl. STC. "5\ /47ANTED. 100 Boxes 1 0 Tinpiates, 2*6 V IbA 20 by 28. lowest quotation, foi export.—vVrite Box V 4 Leader Office. 18IA12-1; '— BL»Am«jhhi PERSONAL. I N lJ W.;Jf: B:t;1'olie-8ïïõp tberëis I l.Ut'IU OtIlY Uncle Beit ti?<?)t)t.hj!)??uutotyuu<uelp *ou,are '?<n'Yo'): Bit as we aid ours Thanks' i Wlf U:«a Ilia tilth!1 I l' i u tooiiieone Adopt (or otherwic(-. V t alter) bonny, healthy, uretty Babv "i icifcht niwuiis).'— Write BOA T 4, Leader Swansea. 180A12-12 iii' outiiSuiAM (34), reeidmg near a,?. wishes correspond with Widow.— write Welshman," Leader Office, wan- sea. 176A12-11 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. GRAMOPilONES.—Wonderful Machines; Horn or Hornlesa; Worm Drive Motors; £4 17s. 6d., E5 17s. 6d., etc. New Kecords. 2s. 6d.; second-hand. Is.—19, ■ Park-i street. Swansea. 178AI2-L P IANOfi, 28. 39, 49, 55 guineas; large selec- tion for cash rfhly Broadwood. Collard. ebe.-Piano Exchange, 19, Park-street (opposite Mond Buildings). Swansea. Thompson and Shackell's Announcements c lilCAGO Organ, 4 sets of reecs. d rtops. 2 knee swells; ver\ fine tone, £:1: Thompson and Shackell. JW., 39. Caetle- .-itreet, Swansea PIANOFORTE by Ralph Allison, full com. pass, ivorv kevs; 50 guineas cash. o I easy terms.—Thompson end Shackell. Ltd 39. Ca-tt'e'street. 8wansea À LEAANDHA Paris, liarmonium; ,'2, ótOlJS-¡ x?L 4 sets of reed8; large powerful inbtru inent, suitable for place of worship: 935.- I iiompson and Shackell, Ltd.. 39. Castle- -M'pi't. Swansea I MUSICAL SUCCESS At the recent examination held by thei Trinity College of Muaic a.t Swansea Misses Uwladys Thomas, Ce £ n:oleu Cottage and Ivy Davies, Mayfleld. '-a ee Crosses, were successful in cbtaining Honours in the pre- paratory division, both having a high per- centage of marks. The above are pupils of Mr Ivor Daviee. Three Crowes. 380A10-11 SPECIAL ARTICLS In the "SPOftTING NfcWS." I SALES BY AUCTION. I SWANSEA. TO PROPERTY INVESTORS AND OTHERS. J. Barron Passes, F. S. I., F.A.I., tico been instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAMERON, SWANSEA, on TUESDAY, 16tli DECEM- DEH, JUiU (subject to Condtiions of Sale ro be then prdouced) the follow ing Val u- able Leasehold Properties: Lot I.-All that Valuable Double- !■ routed Shop and Dwelling-house situate and being Nos. 93 and 91, MADEL STREET, in the occupation of Mr. J. Campbell, Draper. Vacant Possession will to given on Completion of the Purchase. Lots 2 to 7.—Nos. 10, 11, 12, 13 and 15, SPRING TERRACE. Lot 8.No. 14, SPRING TERRACE, 'ogetlier with the Valuable YARD ad- joining. This is a Splendid Site for the Erection of Garages or Warehouses. Lots 9 and 10.—TWO LEASEHOLD iLOUNDS amounting to t9, arising out jf and secured upon Nos. 7, 8, and 9, -Spring Terrace Lots 11 and 12.—Nos. 62 and 63, WES- .LKN STREET. Salo to commence at 3 o'clock p.m. Further particulars, with Orders to View, may be obtained of as to Lot 1 to SO, Messrs. T. W. James and Co., Solici- tors, Goat-street, Swansea; as to Lois 1; and 12 of Geo. L. Thomas, Esq,, Solicitor, Central Buildings, Fisher-street, Swan- sea, and as to the whole of the Auction- eers, 7, Gower-street, Swansea. DUNVANT. ftaportanfc Sale of Freehold and Lease- hold Properties, one with Vacant Possession. Mr. Richard H. C. Roche Will offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the DUNVANT INN, DUNVANT, on SAT- URDAY, DECEMBER 13th, 1919, at 7 o'clock in the Evening, the following Valuable Dwelling-houses and Premises Viz.: Lot I.-The Leasehold Detached Dwel- ling-house known as ROSELAND HOUSE (This Lot will be Sold with VACANT POSSESSION). Lot 2.—The Leasehold Detached Dwel- ling-house known as GLAN-Y-MOR. Lot 3.—The Two Leasehold Semi- detached Dwelling-houses known as Bryn- NANT and GLANNANT, BRYNEIRON. Lot 4.—The Two Freehold Semi- detached Cottages known as QUARRY COTTAGES. The Mines and Minerals are Reserved. For further particulars see posters, or apply to the Auctioneer, at his Offices, 12, Oxford-street, Swansea. ST. GABRIEL'S HALL, ST. HELEN'S AVENUE, SWANSEA. WEDNESDAY NEXT, DEC. 17th. Mr. Joseph Harris Has been favoured with instructions to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above Hall and date, a Large Quantity of Superior Household Furniture AND OTHER EFFECTS, the chief items being:- Two Beautifully Carved Walnut Side- boards, with mirror backs, Inlaid Mahogany Bedroom Suite, Carved Wal- nut ditto, Mahogany Telescope Dining Table, Handsome Dining-room Suite and Dressing-room Suite ,All-Brass Red- steads, Wire Mattresses. Wool Overlays, Feather Beds, Splendid Mahogany Book- case, Brass Fenders and Fire Brasses. Hearthrugs, Walnut Hall Stand, Excel- lent Chesterfield Suite in Crimson Pltis,i Velvet (equal to newi^. ■ ■Over- mantels, Ducivesse Waslistand and Dress- ing Table, Pictures and Ornaments, Kitchen Table and Chairs, the usual Cul- inary Utensils, as well as a Full-Com- passed Iron-Framed PIANOFORTE, OAK CASE GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK LADY'S BICYCLE, and other articles too numerous to particularise. Goods on View Morning of Sale. Sale to commence promptly at 11 o'clock a.m. Terms—Cash. Auctioneer's Offices: 1, George-street, Swansea. Tel., 469 Docks. LLANGADOCK, at the CHURCH HOUSE STABLE YARD, at the Entrance to the Town. MESSRS. Wm. & Waiter James, F.A.I. Have been favoured with instructions from Mr. Tudor Lewis, to offer by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above Yard, on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18th, 1919, the following Valuable Horses, Cobs, Ponies, Dairy Cows, Timber Wagons, Tip Carts, Gamboes, Traps, Shaft and Leading Harness, and 80 Tons of Hay, viz.: 30 Heavy Draught and Colliery Horses (in a tit condition for heavy work). 4 Hackneys and Cobs. 6 Strong Ponies (handled). Shorthorn Dairy Cows, in full profit. IMPLEMENTS. 7 Timber Wagons in good condition, 6 Tip Carts do,, i; Strong and Useful Gam. boes. HARNESS. Several Full Sets of Shaft and Leading Harness, Collars, Head do..Bridles. Gawho Ropes, Sundry Timber and other Chains. Also « About 80 TONS of the best HAY (35 Tons being last year's Hay). Sale to commence at 12 Noon. Terms—Cash. Auctioneers* Offices: Llangadock, Llan- dovery and Ltyndilo. COUNTY BOROJGH OF MERTHYR TYDFIL. Mr. Arthur S. T. Lucas Has been instructed by the Owner to I offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at tho BUSH HOTEL, HIGH-STREET, lEUTHYR TYDFIL, on WEDNESDAY, the 17th of DECEMBER, 1919 (subject to Conditions of Sale), at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon precisely, the following Valu- able Residential Leasehold Properties, viz.: Lot 1 (with Vacant Possession on Com- pletion).—No. 3, COURTLAND-TER- iiACE, containing 10 RooD", Bach-room and Offices, Front and Back Gardens, Back Entrance, Double Section Green- house, Spacious Cellar with entrance to main road. Lease 99 years from Novem- ber, 1855. Ground Rent, 2,1 14s. ljd. Lot 2.—No. 4, PARK-TERRACE, con- taining 8 Rooms, Bathroojp and Offices, Eroht. and Back Gardens, with Back Entrance. Let on Lease expiring in March 25th, 1921, to J. W. Lewis, Esq., Solicitor, at an annual rent of £28, lessee paying rates and doing inside repairs. This Property is held on lease for 99 years from November, 1891. Grour/d Rent, gi 13s. 9d. For further particulars 'f;J.Q for per- mission to inspect ICl T-, apply at the Residence; and as to Lot 2, to the Lessee; and for further information to Arthur S. T. Lugas, Auctioneer, 6, Rut- land-street, Swansea, and at Mumbles. Estbd. 1885. Tel., Central 230; or to Frank T. James, Esq., Solicitor, 131, High-street Merthvr Tydfil. Tel. 94. (No. 1683) GREAT SP\ k LE OF T' 1 ED 10 "L I iillf L TO-DAY r W-M, ri ay Saturday. AT iJ. I EY IS 40-41, '¡ Castle Street, Swansea. PELMANISM. | | The Great System of Mind Training. Call or write for full information, Director, I PELMAN INSTITUTE (4), | | 96, ST. MARY STREET, j- ,C" CAR DI FF. SAILINGS — J. and P. Hutchison, Limited. HAMBURG SAILINGS. s.s. "City of Frankfort." BRISTOL, 17th December. SWANSEA, 20th December. s For Rates and particulars, apply to J. & P. Hutchison, Ltd., Glasgow. Burgess & Co., Ltd., Swansea. E. Stock & Sons, Bristol. ——— U. TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are invited for the EREC- TION of TWO PLAY SHEDS at the 'I YSTALYFEEA INTERMEDIATE! SCHOOLS. Tenders to be in by DeC4.' 18th. Plans and Specifications to be Bee. with T. WADE EVANS, Clerk to the Governors, Bryncelyn, Ystalyfera. SALES BY AUCTION. | THE BRYN, near SKETTY GREEN, In the County Borough of Swansea, Glamorganshire. By the direction of the Trustees of the late T. Eden, Esq., deceased. IMPORTANT SALE OF DELIGHTFUL OLD-WORLD RESIDENCE, with Gardens, Pleasure Grounds, Paddock and Accommodation Land the whole com- prising nearly 18} ACRES, and known as THE BRYN The Residence of the late Miss Emily Eden which will L* offered for Sale, with VACANT POSSESSION ON COMPLE- TION, by MESSRS. John M. Leeder and Son at the HOTEL METROPOLE. on TUES- DA Y, DECEMBER 16th, 1919, at 3.30 p.m. Particulars and Conditions of Sale with Plans, may be obtained, with Orders to View, of Messrs. Few and Co., Solicitors, 19, Surrey-street, Strand, W.C 2. or of the Auctioneers, at their offices, 46, Waterloo- street, Swansea. 3205) 'PENCLAWDD. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. Mr. David M. Thomas Has received instructions to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the RAILWAY INN, PENCLAWDD, on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18th, 1919, the following Valuable Leasehold Property, viz.: Nos. 1 to 14 (inclusive) HENDY ROW formerly Gower Terrace), PEN- CLAWDD. All the Houses are well Tenanted. The Property is held under 14. Lease for a term of 99 years from Decem. liar, 1873,. at the Yearly Ground Rent of S10, of which Lots 1 to 13 shall each bear 14s. Sd., and Lot 14 shall bear 4s. 9d. Sale to commence at 7 o'clock in the Evening. 1 For further particulars .apply to- Messrs. Aeron Thomas and Co., Solicit tors, York-street. Swansea; or to the Auctioneer, Rutland-strec-t, Swansea. Telephone, Docks 46.