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BARRY AND CADOXTON LOCAL BOARD. nfo — THE PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE. A monthly meeting of the Public Works Com- mittee of the Local Board was held last Friday at the Local Board Offices, Vere-street. Mr. George Thomas presided, and there were also present :— Dr. O'Donnell, Mr. William Thomas (Barry), Mr. Barstow. Alderman Moggitt, Mr. John Robinson, Mr. Walker (the Board's engineer), Mr. Pardoe .(surveyor), and Mr. J. A. Hughes (clerk). THE ISLAND SEWERAGE AND THE BARRY HARBOUR SEWER. Mr. Walker reported on the matter of the Barry Island sewer, a question having been raised by Mr. Thomas at the last Board meeting as to whether it would be possible to take the main sewer across the Island and do away with the necessity of a separate sewer for the Island. Mr. Walker illus- trated his plan by means of carefully-drawn plans. He estimated one scheme wculd cost £ 11,500 to carry out, and another £ 14,668, or to carry it out across the Island £ 16.150. He recommended the Board to proceed with the scheme for Barry which had been before the Board.—After a long and rather animated debate, Mr. Alderman Meggitt proposed, and Mr. Barstow seconded, that the Com- mittee recommend the Board to proceed with the scheme recommended by Mr. Walker, as previously adopted. — This was agreed to unanimously. -The Committee next went through the conditions agreed upon between the Barry Co., Lord Windsor, and the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board.—Mr. George Thomas proposed that they recommend the Board to agree to the terms laid down by Mr. Hughes and Mr. C. R. Walker on behalf the of Local Board, and Mr. Forrest and Mr. Downing on behalf of the Barry Co.—This was agreed to.—Mr. Meggitt asked if the Board had control of the Barry Co.'s sewer. The Clerk 0 replied in the negative.—Mr. Meggitt said there ,was a large number of worhshops on the docks, and he questioned whether they were connected with the sewer.—The Clerk said they had had -enough difficulty already.—Mr. Meggitt said he thought it very important that the cesspools con- nected with the workshops should be joined to the •sewer. At the Graving Dock for instance, a large number of men were employed. These men lived in the town, and paid rates and he thought it was their duty to look after the men's health. He begged to move that the Board -should ask the Barry Company to give them con- trol over the Company's sewer.—Mr. Meggitt stipulated that this request should not delay the present agreement.—This was carried unanimously. MISCELLANEOUS. The surveyor's report was read, and on his re- commendation it was decided to pay the Board contractors in future monthly. It was decided to serve notice on the owners in Glamorgan-street and Vale-street to carry out the private im- provements. The Surveyor reported that the fixin"- of the iron work of the slaughter- house was going on satisfactory ly, and would probably be finished this week, and the slaughter house would no doubt be ready for use in a short time. He recommended that the Slaughter-house Committee should now fix a scale of charges.—It was decided that the Slaughter-house Committee should hold a meeting on Tuesday next.—The boiler of the steam-roller had been forwarded to Messrs. Aveling and Porter, and those erentlemen advised that it should be Tepaired at once.-Ag-reed to.—The Surveyor sub- mitted plans of improvements in a lane in the Holton-road. which was agreed to.-A letter was read from the Rev. Aaron Davies, of Pontllctyn, in reference to the arrangements of his houses in the Court-road. He had orderad the requirements -of the Board to be complied with in the houses. With regard to the drainage in his field he asked that, as the Board had laid down pipes in it without asking his permission that they would do the necessary work.—The Clerk said that Mr. Davies had done work that he was not compelled to do, and which, if he had not done, the Board would have been compelled to do, and the cost of so doing had been "IIlore than of that which he asked the Board to do, which was about £ 12.—The Committee decided to do the work. if the cost of it could be included in Mr. Rutter's loan.—Messrs. Richards and Gethin wrote to say that Mr. Forrest consented to the -alteration of the name of Gwenthine-street to Flora-street.—The Surveyor asked for instructions as to whether he should build a permanent or a temporary building in which to place the disin- fecting apparatus.—Mr. Barstow proposed, and Dr. O'Donnell seconded, that a temporary shed should be built. This was agreed to.—The Chairman ex- plained. at the surveyor s request, the jointure of the Dock View-road and the Holton-road, and the sewer connected with it. He announced that, instead of making a road 40 feet wide, the owners had determined to make one 60 feet.—The Sur- veyor submitted plans of houses on Barry Island for Messrs. Pile and Bass.—At the instance of the Surveyor, the drainage of Barry-road and Gilbert- street, and the houses behind the Witchill was -again considered.—The committee decided that the work should be carried out if a loan could be ob- tained for the purpose. A ROUND OF INSPECTION. The Surveyor read a list of the streets in which -private improvements should be carried out.—The Chairman said he thought that the committee should go over the district and see where private improvements were required, before ordering them to be done.—This the committee decided to do, and the district was divided up as follows :—Cadoxton, Mr. Barstow and Mr. Robinson; Barry Dock, Dr. O'DonnelI and Mr. George Thomas; Barry, Mr. Alderman Meggitt and Mr. William Thomas. THE CARRYING OUT OF THE BYE-LAWS. The Surveyor having submitted plans of villas in Court-road for Mr. J. Davies, Dr. O'Donnell said it was one of the Board's bye-laws that before any buildings were erected plans should be sub- mitted and approved by the committee. This was not done. The buildings were put up, and when -half finished plans were submitted. He proposed that in future the Board require plans to be sent in before any building be done.—Mr. W. Thomas seconded.—The Clerk said that as this was one of the bye-laws of the Board, no resolution was -wanted in the matter. They only needed to insist upon a strict fulfilment of the bye-law in question. THE OPEN PITS. Dr. O'Donnell drew attention to the many open -pits half filled with stagnant water in the district. On a hot day these pits smelt very badly, and caused a nuisance.—Mr. Thomas moved that the attention of owners of property be called to the matter.—After some further discussion it was de- cided, on the Clerk's recommendation, to leave the matter to the Health Committee.