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SMPEUAIi PARLIAMENT. toSESs™ t'» tke'proccsi of swearing in the members of the House was resumed. Among the first to present themselves at the table to take the oaths were the Duke of Cambridge, Lord Llanover, Lord mflev the Duke of Buccleuch, the Duke of Richmond, the w«ri of Cardigan, the Earl of Wilton, and Lord Ravensworth. Shortly afterwards the Usher of the Black Rod, Sir A. Clifford followed by Sir C. Young, Garter King-at-Arms, in the elittering uniform of his office; by Lorl E. Howard, M.P., who represented the Duke of Norfolk, the hereditary Earl Marshal of England; and by three peers in their scarlet robes, advanced in single file from the end of the House oppo- -sita the Throne to the Woolsack. The three peers were the newly created Baron Romilly, and the noble Lords by whom he was introduced-Lord Belper .and Lord Kingsdown. Lord Romilly's patent of peerage having been in the first instance handed by Garter King-r.t-Arms to the Lord Chancellor, was delivered over to Mr. Bethell, one of the clerks of the House, by whom it was read aloud at the table and this having been done, the new peer took the oaths and subscribed his name on the rolls of Parliament. He then retired, still accompanied by Lord Kingsdown and Lord Belper, to one of the back Opposition benches, ana seating him;elf between these two noble Lords, bowed to the Lord Chancellor, with whom a second time advancing to the woolsack for the purpose, he shook hands, and left the House. A precisely similar ceremony was gone through in the case of Lord Northbrook, so well known in the House of Commons as Sir F. Baring, who was introduced by the Earl of Cork and Lord Foley. The Duke of Marlborough, the Marquis of Bath, the Marquis of Salisbury, the Earl of Carnarvon, the Earl of Shaftesbury, the Archbishop of York, the Archbishop of Armagh, the Bishops of Oxford, Ripon, St. Asaph, and several other peers, were subsequently sworn in. w 0 A few minutes after half-past 4 the Prince of Wales entered the House and took the oaths, alone. Some 60 or 70 peers in all were sworn in during the Bitting, and the House adjourned at 5 o'clock. Tn the House of Commons the Speaker took the chair at ten minutes past 1, when the swearing in- of members was proceeded with. The members were not slow to attend so that not much time was lost, and when the hour for ad- journment had come, as many as 160 hon. gentlemen had enrolled their names.. Amongst others Mr. Pim inscribed his name upon the roll, but being a member of the Society of Friends, made affirmations separately. The House adjourned at 7 minutes past 4 until 1 o clock on Tuesday.

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