Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

8 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



MEETINGS. LLANBADARN-F A WR. A SPECIAL MORNING PRAYER & SERMON, IN ENGLISH, WILL he held in the Nave of the above Church EVERY SUNDAY at 11.30 a.m Summer Months, commencing on the First Sunday in Hymns Ancient and Modern. (Old Edition.) Offertory towards the Restoration Fund. SHROPSHIRE HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. PRESIDENT :—• THE RIGHT HON. THE EARL OF POWIS. THE Committee have the honour to announce that the annual grand FLORAL AND HORTICULTURAL FETE Will be held in the far-famed Grounds of THE QUARRY, SHREWSBURY, (Kindly granted by the Mayor and Corporation), WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY, AUGUST 15 & 16,1877. The Exhibition of PLANTS, FLOWERS, FRUIT, &C., Will be held in splendid Marquees erected for the occasion, and will be the finest display ever seen in the County. PRIZES TO THE AMOUNT OF P,250 ARE OFFERED FOR COMPETITION. The SHROPSHIRE BEE-KEEPERS' ASSOCIATION Will also hold their first Show of BEES, HONEY, BEE APPLIANCES, AND THE MANIPULATION OF BEES, On the same Ground, at which liberal Prizes will be awarded. MILITARY PROMENADE CONCERTS On both Days of the Show by the magnificent Band of the COLDSTREAM GUARDS, (By permission of Col. Hon. PERCY B. FEILDING, C.B.), Conducted by Mr. FRED GODFREY; and the FULL BAND OF THE SHROPSHIRE MILITIA, (By permission of Col. CORBETT, M.P.), Conducted by Mr. PARRY. THE NATIONAL OLYMPIAN SOCIETY Will hold its Fifth Great FESTIVAL (Open to all England), in the Grounds of the Horticultural Society on the same days. GRAND TILTING TOURNAMENT, At which the Champion Tilter of England will Challenge all Comers. FIFTY SILVER CUPS, &c., of the Value of P,240 and SILVER and BRONZE MEDALS of the Society will be awarded in the following Contests:- Tilting at the Ring over Hurdles and on the Flat Pentathlon, or General Com- petition Quarter Mile Hurdle Race Mile Flat Race Half Mile Race One Hundred and Twenty Yards Hurdle Race Quarter Mile Flat Race One Hundred Yards Flat Race High Leap Long Leap Pole Leaping Throwing the 321b. Shot And other Races. W GRAND AMATEUR REGATTA, Under the Management of the Pengwern Boat Club, open to All England, when the following PRIZES will be competed for :— SHREWSBURY PLATE, value £30, and 4 Silver Medals. CORPORATION PLATE, value P,15, and 4 Silver Medals. LADIES' PLATE, value 910, and 4 Bronze Medals. QUARRY PLATE, value £ 5, and 2 Bronze Medals. A SCULLING PRIZE, value £ 6, and Silver Medal. A SCULLING PRIZE, value 93, and Bronze Medal. SCRATCH FOURS, for 4 Cups. The Athletic Competition will be held on both days. The Tilting Tournament and Regatta will take place on Thursday. At dusk, each evening, a magnificent display of F I R EWORKS, BALLOON ASCENTS! GRAND ILLUMINATIONS of the Quarry Walks and magnificent Avenues of Trees by Coloured Fires and Lamps, producing picturesque and fairy-like effects, on a scale hitherto unattempted in Shrewsbury. The Illuminations and Fireworks will be raider the superintendence of Mr. Follows, of Stafford, sand will far exceed anY-pyrotechnic display ever given in thiR-County. Special Excursion Trains, at cheap rates, freoo all parts. Prices of Admission: Wednesday, One to Four, 2s. 6d. each; Four to Seven, Is. from Seven to Dusk, 6d. Thursday, from Eleven to Four, Is. frim Four to Dusk, 6d. Tickets sold at the following prices-Half-mown Tickets at Is. 6d. each, and Shilling Tickets at 9d. each, if pur- chased on or before Monday, August 13th. Full Programmes and Tickets may had 4rom Messrs. ADNITT and NACXTON, Booksellers, Shrewsbury, who will forward Tickets per return of post, to any address, on re- ceipt of Post-office Order or Stamps. JdffirFiret and Second Class Refreshments and Tea Tents will be provided by Mr. TRENTIIAM, Shrewsbury. H. W. ADNITT, 1 tt c. W. W. NAUNTON, i Hon* Secs- MONTGOMERYSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. THE SEVENTH SHOW WILL TAKE PLACE AT MACHYNLLETH, 'ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2kT, 1877, PRESIDENT The Most Noble the Marquess of LONDONDERRY. ENTRY Forms, List of Prizes, and all other in- JLJ formation can be obtained from the undersigned. R.-GILLART, Hon. Sec., Machynlleth. W. ASHFORD OWEN,-Secretary, Welshpool. MERIONETH: === A GRAND FANCY BAZAAR In aid of the fund for building a Church at Bryncrug in the above named parish, will be held in the MARKET HALL, .On WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, fte 8th, 9th, and roth of AUGUST, 1877, Under the patronage of The MARCHIONESS OF LONDONDERRY. The HARLECH. The LADY WlLMAMS WYNN. A varied selection of .Music will be played throughout -each day. Open on the first day tfrom 12 till G 30 p.m. On the other days from 2 till 8 Admission each day, 1& after 6 p.m. on the two last days, 6d. Refreshments provided as. moderate charges. TREGARON CHURCH^ A BAZAAR IN aid of the F&mds for tke Restoration of the above Church WILL BE HELD IIS THE SUMMER •OF 1878.. Further particulars will appear in tuture advertise- ments. STONE GUTTER BUSINESS. WANTED, a MANAGING PARTNER for a Stone Cutter's Business *b Portmadoc, which is already large, and promises to became exteiasive. A raue opening.—Apply to M. E. MoBHiB) Portmadoc. THE ■w 2BLUIE BOOKS" FOR TOURISTS M NORTH AND MlfD WALES. JwAt PublishedPopular Edition, Is. fld., With Small mlps; Half-crown Edition, with small maps, Routes, andPAIN ORAM A of SNOW DON, 2s. 6d. and Crown Edition, with 12 maps, Panorama and additional chapters (superior paper), 5s" the OSSIPING GUIDE TO WALES G LIT- ASKEW ROBERTS, We bzvv not seen a feook about Wales more useful tu-vi this gay and clever guide."—Public Opinion. Full of interesting intelligent gossip."—Spectator. By far the laost amusiag guide we nave seeuJ"—Standard. Not only aajusing, but instructive."—Era. Remarkably accurate.Figaro. This admirable joiide baok Certainly one of the most stoeurate and complete text books for tourists in the Principality wo have ever seen.Ila?tchegter.Eca?niiier. Supplier all thing* needful to ii stranger."—Liter pool Courier. "Chatty and amusing as well .as useful."—Leisure Hour. As", wlwk, beyond comparison the best tourists' handbook o Wales yet published,"—Cheater Chronicle. London; Sodder & Btoughton; Oswestry WoodaU Ii: Venables < PUBLIC NOTICES. THE ABERYSTWYTH PUBLIC BATHS COMPANY (LIMITED). REGISTERED 18th JUNE, 1877. Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1862 and 1867, which limit the liability of Shareholders to the amount of their Shares. CAPITAL, S5,000, IN 1,000 SHARES OF £ 5 EACH. Payable £ 1 on Application, £1 on Allotment: balance by Calls not exceeding £110s. per share, at intervals of not less than three months. Should no Allotment be made, the Deposit will be returned in full. The Directors will be elected at the First General Meeting of Shareholders, to be held early in August, when the Provisional Directors shall retire from office. Solicitor: Mr. GRIFFITH JONES, Aberystwyth. Bankers THE LONDON AND PROVINCIAL BANK, Aberystwyth. Secretary (pro. tem.): Mr. DAVID JONES, Accountant. Offices: 19, BAKER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. PROSPECTUS. Tfco nrimnrv obiect of the Company is to provide at Aberystwyth, the well-known and fashionable Watering- place S^VUMMING, PLUNGE^ anc^ PRIVATE SALT WATER BATHS, as well as TURKISH BATHS, to meet'a long felt want which exists for such accommodation; and thereby adding materially to the many attractions °f The other objects of the Company are, to establish a Museum, Public Library, Reading Room, Gymnasium, and an ^For^the'purposes above set forth a lease for the term of 75 years has been obtained from the Corporation of Aber- ystwyth of a most eligible piece of land in Newfoundland Street, with a frontage of 150 feet, and a depth of 87 feet, or equal to 1,450 square yards, at the low annual rent of 210. The site is situate immediately at the back, and with- in 50 yards of the Marine Terrace, and having approaches from Terrace Road and Queen's Road respectively. Plans and Specifications for the erection of the buildings will be prepared forthwith, and it is confidently anticipated that the Baths will be opened for public use by next season. The estimated cost of the Baths is £ 3,000. c „ In addition to the source of revenue derivable from the Baths there will be the income from the letting oi Ke- freshment and other Rooms which will be provided in connection with the undertaking. It is believed that the Baths will be largely patronized not only by the many thousands of Visitors who are brought to the Town annually, but also by the inhabitants of the Town and neighbourhood, and especially by the Students of the University College of Wales, and the Pupils of the several middle class Schools of the 1 own. Persons residing in the vicinity will gladly avail themselves of Turkish Baths, which cannot now be obtained without considerable expense and loss of time, there being no such accommodation in the district. It is proposed to hold at intervals, aquatic contests and entertainments, which undoubtedly will produce a con- siderable amount of revenue, and for which the Swimming Bath-from its great length-will be well suited. No promotion money will be paid. It is firmly believed that the undertaking will turn out a lucrative investment, as similar Companies are now paying ^It^proposed6^ issue Shares to the amount of £ 3,000 at once, and application should be made in the accompanying form, and sent forthwith with the deposit to the Company's Bankers Prospectuses and forms of application for bhares may be obtained from the Company s Solicitor, isankers, and Secretary, and copies of the Memorandum of Association can be seen at the Offices of the Company. July, 1877. This Form must be forwarded entire, together with the sum payable on application to the Bankers. THE ABERYSTWYTH PUBLIC BATHS COMPANY. (LIMITED). No. FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. (To be retained by the Bankers.) To the Directors of the Aberystwyth Public Batlis Company (Limited.) GENTLEMEN, Having paid to your Bankers the sum of £ being a deposit of kl per Share on Shares of B5 each in the above Company, I hereby request you to allott me that number of Shares, and I agree to accept the same, or any less number that may be allotted to me, and' to pay the sum of £1 per share on allotment, and the balance by subsequent instalments when called upon to do so, and I hereby authorize you to place my name on the Register of Members in respect of the Shares which may be allotted to me. Name in full Address. Profession or Business Date Signature. THE ABERYSTWYTH PUBLIC BATHS COMPANY (LIMITED). RECEIPT FOR DEPOSIT. (TO BE RETAINED BY THE APPLICANT AFTER BEING SIGNED BY THE BANKERS.) RECEIVED of this day of .1877, the sum of .Pounds, being a deposit of 21 per Share on application for.Shares in the Aberystwyth Public Baths Company (Limited). FOR THE LONDON AND PROVINCIAL BANK, £ PUBLIC NOTICES. I COUNTY OF MERIONETH TO WIT. AT the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace of our Sovereign Lady the Queen, held at Dolgelley, in and for the said County of Merioneth, the Third day of July, in the 41lit year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Victoria, by the Grace of God of the United King- dom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defeii4er of the Faith, and in the year of our Lord 1877, before Charles John Tottenham, Esquire, Chairman, and John Vaughan,Esquire, and others their companions, Justices of our said Lady the Queen, assigned to Keep the Peace in and for the said county, and also to hear and -determine divers felonies, trespasses, and other misdemeanors com- mitted within the said County; The Justices of the Peace for this County having at these Sessiotss, pursuant to an Act passed in the 9th year of the reign of his late Majesty King Geosge the 4th, intituled An Act for the better Regulation of Divisions in the several Counties of England and Wales," proceeded to the consideration of a certain statemeztfc laid by the Clerk of the Peace before the Justices assembled at the last General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held in and for this (County, of which the following is a Copy, that is to &,by "County of) We, the undersigned Justices of the "MerioMth > Peace for the County of Merioneth, are to wit. J of opinion that the Parishes of Llanegryn and LlanfihangelypennaaS, now forming part of the Talybont Division, ought to be annexed to the Estananer Division as a more convenient and proper arrange- ment for the purpose of holding special sessions for such Divisions respectively. Dated this seventeenth day of March 1877. WILLIAM R. M. WYNNE, W. WMS. WYNN, Wm. W. E. WYNNE." Anèiitaving been proved to this Co-ust that due notice of the raid statement and that tke same would be now here eaken into consideration hath been given in the Cambrian News, North Wales Chronicle, and the Herald Cgmraaj,!L-eiiig three weekly newspapers mually published or circulated in the said County, and in which the advertisements of County business are usually inserted, and it appearing to this Court that the several allegations in the said-ctatement are true, and that .the convenience of th a inhabitants of the said Parishes øf Llanegryn and Uajifihangelypennant will be promoted by the proposed alteration, Jt is ordered that the said statement and the alteration (proposed thereby be adopted by this Court. And it is farther ordered and determineo by this Court thait:the said Parishes of Llanegryn and Llanfihangely- pennant be from and after the First dag- of September nesct disannexed from the said Division-of Talybont, in which they .are now situate, and thenceforth aaded and annexed to vthe said Division of Estimaner, and shall from and after the said First day of September .next be taken to be and form part of the said last mentioned division for aU matters aid things required to be transacted or de- termined at special and petty sessions, and -All other pur- poses whatsoever. By the Court, EDWARD BEEESE, Cterk, df the Peace. 2TESTINIOG UNION RURAL SjLXJTARY AUTHORITY. NOTICE is Hereby Given that it k, the intention of the aheve named Authority, on cr after the 1st day ef October next, to erect and construct an embank- ment 136 feet long, 60 feet wide, and 16 feet in height on the west side of Llyn Morwynion, in the parifti of Fes- tiniog, in the county of Merioneth, on lanfls belonging to Phillip Lloyd Fletcher, of Nerquis Hall, Mold, Esquire, and m the holding or occupation of David Josies and Robeiri Powell, for.the purpose of damming up the waters of the >«aid lake to enable the said Authority to supply their district with water from such lake. All persons affected by the said proposed workr, and objecti to their construction must give notice in writing of their objection to me on or before the 29th day of Sep. tember Jext. Dated 4ius 23rd day d- July, 1877. G. S. JONES, of Portmadoc, Clerk t« the said Sanitary Authority. NOTICE. INORTH -CARDIGANSHIRE AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION. A tl'(lose indebted to ihe Association OK account 0' Glasgow Laddie will please fpay w&q.t they frwe on Monday next to Mr. WILLIAM MORGAS„ at the 1 albot Hotel, A,:6e,-ystwyth. BALA GAfT COMPANY, LIMITED.. BALA GAfT COMPANY, LIMITED^ hSJOTK.E is Hereby that the Annual -Ll General Meeting- of the Shareholders of the above Company will be held at the Town Hall, Bala, on Tues- day, the 21st day of August instant, at 3 o'clock in the afterlioon., to receive the Auditor's and Directors' Report, declare a dividend, elect an Auditor and Directors in place of tke, retiring, and for other business. By ovdfrof the Directors, JNO. R JONES, Secretary. Bala, 1st August, 1877. PROMENADE AND TOWN BAND. MESSRS. WATERS & ADIE having commenced -IVi- the season at Aberystwyth with their celebrated band, beg respectfully to inform the visitors that the sub- scription book will be presented once each week-the band being entirely supported by voluntary contributions—and hope by a careful rendering of a choice selection of music they will meet with that liberal patronage an earnest at- tention to the musical requirements of the town deserves; and, while thanking resident subscribers for their patron- age, beg to remind resident non-subscribers that it is only fair the band should receive that support, while having to act as their own committee, they would receive were a resident committee collecting for them but still hope to have a favourable resident list to publish at the end of the season. Each subscriber will receive a printed subscription list at the end of the season. The band will play on the Terrace every evening, and in various parts of the town from 9 till 11 in the morning. NOTICE. I HEREBY give notice that I will not be answer- able for any debt or debts my wife, Ellen Jenkins, may contract after this date. Signed—JAMES J. JENKINS, Vulcan-street. WitMæ-J. L. EVANS. July 31st, 1877, Abei-ystwyth. VrOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the partner- -1-1 ship which has for some tim^ past been carried on by Edward Pughe and Jane Pughe (deceased), William Pughe and Griffith Pughe, as executors under the will of David Pughe, deceased, under the firm of D. and E. Pughe at Towyn, in the county of Merioneth, in the trade or business of ironmongers, of general and furnishing and agri- cultural implement dealers, shall be dissolved as from the twenty-fourth-day of June next by mutual consent. As witness-our hands this twenty-fourth day of April, One thousand eight hundred and seventy seven. EDWARD PUGHE. WILLIAM PUGHE. GRIFFITH PUGHE. MORRIS JONES. Witness to the signatures- WM. N. GRIFFITH, Solicitor, Dolgelley. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. ON Monday., August 6th, an Excursion Train will ruu to Wolverhampton^ Bilston, Wednesbury, West Bromwieh, Birmingham, Droitwich, Malvern, Worcester, Evesham, Warwick, Leamington, Banbury, Oxford, Reading, and London, leaving Bala at 6.20, Corwen 6.55. Llangollen 7.25, and Ruabon 10.0 a.m., to return on Friday following. Ticket* and bills can be obtained at the stations. J. GRIERSON, General Manager. Paddington Terminus. Now ready, Price 6s., the second Edition of TREMADOC SERMONS, chiefly on the SPIRITUAL BODY, the UNSEEN WORLD, and the DIVINE HUMANITY. By the Rev. H. X. GRIMLEY, M.A., Professor of Mathematics in the University College of Wales. Interesting and highly suggestive discourses.—Scotsman. Full of freshness itnd beauty. Some of them are gems. ■—Nonconformist. London: IEENRY S. KING and Co. To be had of all Booksellers. E. & J. JONES, J .n_- SUMMER CURTAINS in Ecru and White Lace. Early"EngEsh Designs. CARPETS, FRENCH CHINTZES, CRETONNES, DIMITIES, &c., in || Early English Design. ¡ CABINET FURNITURE. -1 One of the Largest Stocks in the pro- | vinces to select from. l I SPECIAL DESIGNS |; prepared on the premises. and Estimates given for Artistic Furnishing. I- !AI. t CABINET MANUFACTURERS, S OSWESTRY. -w- j Prepaid Advertisements. The Charges for the insertion of PREPAID ADVERTISE- MENTS referring to HOUSES TO BE LET, HOUSES WANTED, SITUATIONS WANTED, SITUATIONS VACANT, APARTMENTS WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, ARTICLES LOST AND FOUND Are as follows:— 3 Lines (seven words to a line) 1 0 Ditto, Three insertions 2 0 4 and 5 Lines (seven words to a line).. 1 6 Ditto, Three insertions 3 6 Ditto, Six insertions 6 0 For each additional line over five lines, when there is one inser- ftion, 4d.; when there are three insertions, or more, 3d. Remittances may be made in Postage Stamps; Halfpenny Stamps preferred. So Credit Advertisement is charged not less than Is Cd. WANTED, TO LET, &c. NOTICE TO MINE AND QUARRY AGENTS. WANTED, to purchase all kinds of OLD MACH INERY, METAL and SCRAP IRON. —Address MCILQUHAM, Machine Broker, Aberystwyth. N.B.—Mining Plant, &c., Bought and Sold on Commission. RAPERY.—WANTED, a Youth as an AP- JL7 PRENTICE to the General Drapery Trade.— Apply to J. OWEN, Paris House, Portmadoc. ANTED, a PATTERN MAKER of thorough TT experience in patterns for quarries and mine works. Liberal wages given.—Apply to J. and D. DAVIES, Rock Foundry, Machynlleth. CARDIGANSHIRE. FARMS TO LET, on the CROSSWOOD ESTATE, JD From 29th September, 1877 Pentredu, in the parish of Lledrod, containing 194 acres. Nanthenfotl Fawr, in the parish of Llanfihangel Ystrad, and near Lampeter, containing 350 acres. Apply to Mr. R. GARDINER, Crosswood Estate Office, Birchgrove, and on Mondays at 12, New street, Aberyst- wyth. TO BE LET, No. 9, Cambrian Terrace, Borth. Furnished, with exception of bedding.—Apply, L. C. JONES, surveyor, Borth, Cardiganshire. HOTEL TO LET. TO BE LET, and entered upon immediately, sub- ject to the stock, &c., being taken at a valuation, the well-known HOTEL called the Peniarth Arms," Mallwyd, in the county of Merioneth, distant 12 miles from Dolgelley, 12 from Cann Office, 12 from Machyn- lleth, and one mile from Dinas Mawddwy railway station and telegraph office. There is an excellent farm belonging to the Hotel, bounded for a considerable distance by the famous salmon and trout rivers Dovey and Cloivion, in which visitors staying in the hotel are allowed to fish. Forfurtherparticulars apply to Mr. EDWARD G m }"FITHS Plasnewydd Lodge, Ruabon. 0 LET, FURNISHED APARTMENTS, by Mrs. OWEN, Meirion House, Penrhyndeudraeth. RTHOG.—FURNISHED APARTMENTS, at Bron Meirion, near Barmouth, two sitting rooms, and five bed rooms. It is situated within a few minutes' walk to Barmouth Junction commands splendid sea and mountain scenery. Reasonable terms.—Apply to Mr. LEWIS MORGAN, Arthog, Dolgelley. TO BE LET, FURNISHED, for two months, from the 1st of August, on the banks of the Dee, a prettily situated Cottage, containing dining and drawing rooms, and small morning room, kitchen, and lavatory on ground floor, three large bed rooms, dressing-room, small bedroom, and servants' room, and all conveniences. Coach house and Stabling for two horses. Capital fishing in the Dee, and within five minutes' ride (by rail) of the noted Bala Lake.—Apply to T. E., Henblas, Bala, North Wales. REGISTRY OFFICE FOR FAMILIES AND SERVANTS AT NO WELL'S FAN C Y WAREHOUSE, 8, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, Opposite the Infirmary, ABERYSTWYTH.





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