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e: ——— 5 fOR IMMEDIATE DISPOSAL 5 1 An Attractive j I CONSERVATORY æ AND i I GREENHOUSE RANGE I iJ!1 CONSISTING OF = I Central House -—45 ft. by 15 ft. g 32 and 26 feet æ Two Flanking Houses respectively by 15 ft. = 235 0 an In ouses respectively Ity 15 ft. i Now standing in the Grounds s H °f a West of England Estate. i I SUPERSTRUCTURE of WOOD & IRON i I HEATING APPARATUS AND PIPES | H All in fair condition as far as known. f§ = I Buyer to take down and remove at own cost. I Ii CAN BE INSPECTED BY INTENDING HJRCHASERS ON E ï APPLICATION TO BOX A.b. OFFICE Of THIS PAPER. = f .I -TIE 0 0-0 1 7. I W' ..7 L ,T? I WATKINS, Plumber and Decorator, Having released his plumbers to serve in the Army. has now got Staff together in normal tituea, and also a (Practical) Registered Plumber. Good work and reasonable charges guaranteed WALL PAPERS FROM 1/3 to clear, to make room for frsh stock. 15 ell 8a Terrace Road & Custom House Street. STEAM SAW MILLS, ABERYSTWYTH. R. ROBERTS & SONS TIMBER AND SLATE MERCHANTS. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF JOINERY DONE QUICKLY AND CHEAPLY. ait AND BOATS' SAILS made on the Premises; also all kinds of SACKS, COAL BAGS, &:0. ESTIMATES GIVEN. JOBBING DONE. FELtOES FOR CART WHEELS, TRAPS AND OTHER VEHICLES Boots Book-lovers Library. BOOTS THE CHEMISTS wish to remind patrons that they have recently opened at their Aberystwyth branch a handsomely fitted modern Circulating Library, where for a small annual subscription (com- mencing at any date) subscribers have the choice of an up-to-date selection of the best literature by popular authors. A capable librarian is in charge to render courteous assistance as desired. Twelve months' 4 A Subscription from lv/ O The special Travelling Subscription is a real boon to travellers, for if Permits the cxclutnge of books at any Branch where there is a Library, veitliout the necessity of giving notice. Full Particulars gladly furnished on request. Local Branch: r 4 The Arcade, Terrace Rd., ABERYSTWYTH. 455 Branches throughout the country. BOOTS CASH CHEMISTS (WESTERN) LTD. MOTHER "SEiCêÏl:S I* SYRUP Mother Seigel's Syrup by its gentle tonic action on the organs of digestion- stomach. liver and bowels t —tones, strengthens and stimulates them to healthy ^uwwalUd^ § activity. In this condition they are then able to do the work nature requires of them efficiently and without strain. Thus Indigestion and its attendant miseries become impossible. Put it to the test. A REMEDY FOR. iiu JNDIGKflTOK^ TlU: FURNISHING WAREHOUSE, Great Darkest* Street. BEST VALUE IN FURNITURE. J. LEWIS EVANS, CABINET MANUFACTURER. UPHOLSTERER, AND UNDERTAKER Begs to inform public that he has always a large Stock of Furniture, &a.. made on the promises. James Morgan FRUITERER AND FT,ORI.RT. FISHMONGER AND POULTERER. 11, Pier Street, Aberystwyth EGGS. EGGS. EGGS. Bought In any quantity for cash The Borth Motor and Engineering Works (Adjoining the Hotel). Under the Management of late Workshops Officer R-A.S.C.—M.T.) Cars for H ire. Petrol, Oil. Tyres, Repairs, Accessories, &c Quotations for Car Lighting & Starting Sets -also for- Electric Petrol or Acetylene Gas Lighting PJaata lor Private Houses. Estimates Free

Football Season.



Lleyn Council.




Comrades Column.



Aeroplane Accident. I



¡Praise for Aber Police.

Machynlleth School.

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