Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

10 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



"h C' i J f '1 .) J\ gne tJfiree Wise Men if j ~z. —an Gisforical note; lyV TV/J OST people enjoy a Mince Pie, and many are ccntcnt to enjoy it without I ryj 1V1 asking why we eat it at Christmas time. It is a custom which has come f )0( KX) down to us from very early ages; but the first Mince Pie was not quite £ rS?S xx I like the one we hope to enjoy this Christmas. It was not round, but was shaped j 00 (Ov > I something like a cradle, and was eaten at Christmas in remembrance of the j ty I Manger. The spices inside it represent the gifts of the Three Wise Men—or f rxS Magi, as they, are sometimes called. } VV It is said that if you eat a Mince Pie each day from Christmas Oy Day to Twelfth Night you will be sure of Twelve Months' Happiness. —START NOW! Ask your Grocer to-day for DO ROBERTSON'S MINCEMEAT | Be wire yoa get ROBERTSON'S. V It is said that if you eat a Mince Pie each day from Christmas Oy VI. Day to Twelfth Night you will be sure of Twelve Months' Happiness. -START NOW I <SJ Ask your Grocer to-day for DO ROBERTSON'S MINCEMEAT | Be- wre y= got ROBERTSON'S. \gt I -H. 0- O- Dainty Whiteness is a delightful feature in the linen of every well-kept home. ) —But the Weather Yes, the weather is awful but it need not trouble you, for whatever the weather the Aberystwyth Laundry Servi c e is as regular as the clock. Lingerie and Table Linen a srwci ality. Aberystwyth Steam Laundry, MILL STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Drop a card and the van will call. Proprietor: G. H, LIPTROT. .76-:0 Watch Our Windows, and come to inspect our Millinery Showrooms. We are making a special display of MILLINERY, BLOUSES, etc. of the newest Styles at Stitt! Stitt! (' Stitt! No. 17, TERRACE ROAD, A GRAND EISTEDDFOD AT J ABERYSTWYTH I ON New Year's Day, 1920 LIST OF SUBJECTS, 2d. From W. H. JONES, Ironmonger, Aberystwyth. —————^——» FOR THE VERY LATEST CREATIONS IN Millinery, Gowns, Neckwear, &c, Discriminating Buyers cannot do better than visit The Misses M. & E. EVANS, QUEEN'S SQUARE, ABERYSTWYTH (T°sr&i). Town Hall 1* &Sol, tw Wttrr B FOR OATAXQgPIC. Kley Bros., Ltd., BRANDING STAMP MANUFACTURERS, 118-120, Dale Street LIVERPOOL. j This man is saving time and money by using our FLEXIBLE COMPO- SITION STAMPS. cheaper and better than Stencils, and you can mark any Cases or Bags in the time you could stencil one. I UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES ABERYSTWYTH. I c/ne of the Constituent Colleges of the t alveraity of Wales). Opened 1872 President SIR JOHN WILLIAMS Bart. M.D. D.So G.C.V.O. Principal: JOHN HUMPHREYS DAVIES M.A. (Oxon). THE SESSION BEGINS in September Lectures commence early in October Entrance; Scholarships aDd Exhibitions, open to both male and female candidates above the age of sixteen are offered for competition at the commencement of the session. Students are prepared for Degrees in Art, Science (in eluding the Applied Science of Agricultural law, and Music. Sessional composition fees In Arts, £12, in Science, C16. Sessional aegis tratkm fee, 91. Men students reside in regis tered lodgings in the town, or at the Men's Hostel, Warden H. H. Paine, M.A., B.Sc,\ Women Students reside in tfce Alexandra Hall of Residence for Women; Warden, Miss 0. P. Tremain, B.A. For full particulars respecting the General Arts and Science Department, the Law Department, the Agricultural Department the Department for the Training of Element- ary and Secondary School Teachers, and the Hoetels apply to— THE REGISTRAR.

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Welsh Church Disestablishment.


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