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ART TREASURES & INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION OF NORTH WALES AND THE BORDER COUNTIES, OF LANCASHIRE, CHESHIRE, AND SHROPSHIRE AT WREXHAM IN 1876. OPF,i TN G ON THE 15TR JULY AND REMAINING ON VIEW FOR THREE MONTHS, t9 GUARANTEE FUND, ;ci,ooo. PATRON. HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. PBØiDT :-HIS GRACE THE DUKE Of 0 WESTMINSTER, K.G. VIOB-PATRONS. (Those marked with a Dagger are Guarantors also) ttbe, Barl of Denbigh +The Earl of Powia + The Viscount Newport, \f.P. -ilfSrlO l> The Lord Richard Gjosvenor, M.P. The Lord Edwin Hill Trevwy M.P. j £ T. f. +Lord Clareuce Paget ..».« s'.p r_ The Rfc. Rev. Lord BiahopofSt. Asaph Th«» Lord «ie TabJey » j The Lord ? vi? ti i>*>»- +The> Lord Vivian .i tTbe Lord Psorbyn .¡;¿, -J V iTheRt/BotvW. 15. Gladetilie, M.P.'> ftirl ,M; tThe-Hon. George Keujou ? The Honi Wilbrabam Kgerton, M.P. tSir Watkin V\ illiams Wyun, Bait., M.P. tSir Philip de Malpas Gray Egerton, Bart., M.P. fflir Robert Cuuliffe, B trt. Sir Pyem Moatya, Bart. Sir Thomas Myddletou Biddulpb, K.C.B. L u 8"r, tSirWillimn ft. Drake, F.S.A. Sir Richard Brooke, B»rt. y rjoohi "'1 Ui +Sir Baldwin Leighton tC-ptaio A. C. Arkwright, Oswestry tMr R. Myddleton Biddulph, of Chirk Caitle tbfr,Oliver Burton, of Gwayuyno d 7 tKr Bler;ud, of Pool Park 1 +Mr- W. D. Buddicow, of Penbedw +Mr'C'. P., Boyer, bf Llintysilio Hall Mr F. Benuoch, F.S.A. +Mr Thos. Barnes, of the Quinta, Chirk, High Shliff of Denbighshire +M:r Scott Baukee, of Soughfcm Hall tCaptiia B. T. Griffith Boscjweu, Trevalyn Hall, Wrexhaui ,tLiout.-Coloriesl B. G. Davies C 'okn, of Colomendy tMr.'Willi,%mChaml:res, oi D >1 ben "fMr P. H. Cbambn-s, of Ujs-Mei<c'nion tCapt. Conwy Rowley Couwy, of B .d, hydrlao +Maj'>r tockttyue CuRt, M.P. Eiies!uer<r tgr G. LI. Dickin, (,f T;.n lwfr, Llaugolieo tMr Whitehall Dod, of LUutrca, St. Asaph tMr George Drumusoi,(i tAtf John Douglas, <;f Chester tMr Chas. Edwards, of Dolserau it iiO tMr Edward Evans, of Bronwylf^ tMr G. A. Fernley, of Helton Mersey, Manchester +Lieat.-Col. Wynne Finch, of Voelas tMr T. L. Fits-Hugh, of Plas Power +Mr J. H. Ffoolkes, Wrexham +Mr H. R Hughsa, of Kinmel, Lord-Lieut. of Flintshire + Mr Charles Hughes, Wrexham +Mr 8. Carter Hall, F.S.A. tAir Stmuel Holland, M.P., of Caerdeoa, Dolgnlley tDr. Jeokios, Ruthin tMr J. F. Jesse, of Cae Vroo, Ruthin 1 tMr Carstaiis JonM ,41 t tMr T. Lougueville, Oswestry tMr A. P. Lons-iale, Acton Park tlieut -Col. Naylor Leyland, of Nantelwyd HaB tMTH"rtttntH"yd,ReoerdeFof Chester « tllr William Low of Hu-teaeatb, Wrexhata tMr E. Ftaberry Lyster, of Gisourne, LiverpiDo! Mr G. Osborue Morgan, Q.C., M.P. +}[rTowu8heu,l Main",iU!ll, of GaHtfiWoan Mr S. Kynastoa VI aiy waring, Qf Oteley Park +Col. J. Maddocks < 1*Mr Theodore Martin, Bryntiailio • f Captain Meshaai, Poutryflfydd, St. Asiph lAout.-Col. Jonii Mortimer, ot Plan Newydd, Ruthin tMr R. C. Naylor, of Keluoirsh Capt. Love Junes Parry, Madryn Castle I t Mr Trevor Parkins, Glao-irys, near Wiexhani fMr P. P. Pennant 'I •f Mr Edmund'Poel, of Brynypys Mr T. P. Jooes Parry, of Llwynonn Hall fMr Cecil Raikes, M.P. tgr W. Rigby, ot Glaa'rafon, Mold fMr J. Roberts, of Bryngwenallt, Abergele fMr Henry Robertson, M.P., of Pale, Ccrweu Mr Edward Samueiaon, Liverpool I tVIr Ht-n y Sandbicb, of Hafod-u'ios t -Mr D. Askieton SLaitti, of Vayti, I tMr James Sparrow, pt GweisyJtt Hi'l, Wreiham < tMr John, Tiiber Clari:uijtit, tcol. C. J. fOapt, E. H. Vern-y, of Ithianva, R;tl.!W, j tM* WagBtaff-, of Plak yti ViV'Kl V"'4-* alw.j tllr Alfred Walkr. ot Ct,e.,ler 4/0 u f ,wi.»itISiv' tMr Watkiu Willie s, Q.C., M.P. i tMr Peter Walker, or AVrexhain t t,r f Mr Brownlow W. Wyun, G<r>hewi« 1 t Mr A. Barclay W.ikr-r, D^wuti it fMr W. CornwAllis We8, of Ruthin C-^t!«, Lord Lieu tsnaot of DenbiahtV i'i ( ■» Mr E. Burke Wood, Chiik "Ii T Mr P. Wyune ? ke, "t Dyf5ryc-Al«d r tLt.-Gen. Yorke, G.B. 4 Dr. Williams, WrexUam His Worship The Mayor of Chester tRia W orsbip The Mayor of Liverpool f His Worehip The May or of Denbigh y vr^- «, a f flk Worship The Mayor of Wrexham EXECUTIVE COMMITTEB. Mr W. CORNWALL1S WEST, Lord Lieuteaant of Denbighshire, Chairman aBd Treasurer, •aifTT Ruthia Castle. Mr CHARLES BOW YE R, 191, Piccadilly, Loadm. Mr WILLIAM CHAFF bRS, Superintendent and Hon. Sec., 19, Fitzroy Square, London. Mr THOMAS FISHER, Curator, Leeds. GKSERAL COMMITTBE. TR ROBERT CUNLIFFE, B A RT. The Mayer of Wrexham Tue Vicar of Wrexham Mr William Low I Dr. Williams Mr Trevor Pa- kins J Mr John Jones MUSICAL DTitlECTOP- Mr JNO. THOMAS, Harpist to Her Majesty the Qu en. Å RCHTTECT. Mr H. KENNEDY, Bangor The Exhibition will te optr-ed on the 15th of July, at W, ezbam, in the present year, and remain of en for three monrbe. 1 The object i one which mut-t meet with 'he pproval of al1 who arteesirotis of diffusing an iotim-,ite know ledge of art in our manufacturing district-! hy the jfaplay of those choice examples which are ctcishrd by their owners and have been handed down as he r looms, or collected by those amateurs, who, fioiu ai> im^te !<>ve of art have foitunately possessed the weaus of acquiring them. It is to graiify the middle and workmg-clas^ s who hive Dot the facilities of inspecting the treasures prr. served in the mansions of the Noble and Wealthy families of our country, that we desire to accord tbe privilege of studying them under one roof an i give the Artisan an opportunity of cultivating and improving the intellectual faculties of the mind by observ.t.ou ana comparison, and to arouse within him a s^nse of t >e re- fining and enuobling influence of Art m *1111« tranches, decorative, pictoml, or ornamental, thereby phcing it in his power to apply artistic knowledge in everr descrip- tion of manufactured articles, in which good ta*to Mid appropriate ornamentatiul1 add materially to tti,-ir Ârrangempnte will be made for the display of P..iut- insfl and Drawings by the Old Makers, illustrating a. far AI practicable the various Schools of Italy, Germany, 1 Spain, Holland, Belgium, England, France, &c. Water- I colour Drawings, Engr*ving«, and Etchings aud the works of Modei- Artist*. A gaiiery of Welf-h VVortbie? will !>e a dist-inguish- ina ffa1 ure of the Exhibition, conBi-ttng of portraits of lu't' noble and illustrious pt-rsons barn or resident in the Principality. The Museum of Ornamental Art and Antiquities wiil be cl-:8sii«d as far apt practicable into material and afiarkei under Ep iohs in such a maDor as to be of I service t" the Student* of Archaeology and Art, and t'x- hibiting the peculiarities ard leading features of the various periods down to the md, cUbe last untui,y, viz.: —Antiquities found in the vicinity, vi. Horn an, British, or Sixou work; Glass Euamels; Gold and Silver .Plate; Metal WorK; Broozss Arms and Armour; Bijouterie.; VVatches and Cl ;cka Engraved {jenas; Carvings in Wood "wad Ivory; Majolica; Pottery and Ti- x tile" Pa I)riet-, including ICmbroidery, Lace &c.; Books and BookbindiLg; Mumiaated Nianuieriptx iinicipal Insignia, Musical Instruments, Oriental -Works of Art, &c. It is earnestly requested that gentlemen who are willing to assist tha protiietore in this truly National undertaking, by the loan of any works of art mentioned 'in the above category, will take an early opportunity of sitrnifying their intention to W. CSHNWALILS WKST, ESQR., liuthin Cattle, North Walee, Chnirman and Treasure!, or to 't. WILLIA)I CHAFFERS, f I SUPETUNTKNDEIIT AND HON. SEC., No. 19, Fitzroy Square, London. N;B.—Applications for apace in the Industrial Depart- ment, and other iuformatioD, to be made to the HOD. Sec., as above. 8600 1532-425 HAWLFREINTIAU Y MERCHED. G' TNXELIR CYFAUFOD GYHOEDDUS i drafod y cwestiwn 0 eetyniad yr Eth.>lfraint Seneddol i Dy-ddeiliad Beaywaidd, yn y PENRHYN HALL, BAKGOR, DYDD MAWRTH, EBRILL 4YDD, 1876. Rhoddir annerchiadaa gan MISS S^IUHGE A MIBS BEEDY, o Gymdeitbas Genedlaethol Hawlfrei-ritiau y Merched' a chan F -neidigion L eol. Cymprir y Gadair am Wyth o'r Gloch yn yr Hwyr, gan o A D B E V ERN J Y, R.N., yn cael ei gynnorthwyo gan Yr Hybarch Archddiacon Evans, Canon Ellis, Canon Walters, Cut. Vincent William. Parchn. Daniel Evans, John Prycp, Daniel Rowland. —. Bedolf, D. S. Davies, Hnxh R'ibrtrfi), Ishmael Evans, H. Lynch, LewiR Llovd, R. J. James, Charles Davids, Win. Jones, John Williams Dr. E li3, Mri. John Price, VVm. Pugh, J. H. A. Hall, W. C. Davies, John Dixies, Thomas Lewis, George James, ric ereill. Myundiad ilaQW11 yn rhad. Eisteldlooedd neilldu- edig, la. Tocyullu Tw cael-wrth, y drysau, acyn Swydd- fa'r North Walts Claronicle," .1. DRAPERY. Hrfeu, APPRENTICE i'r GENERAL I DRAPERY.—Ynwfyne.Prto Edwards and Jones, Draper, Li.,ng-iii. 428 i IVisiaii am Gyhoeddi Hvsbjsiadau yn LLAIS Y WLA.D yn unig. l' Hysbysiadau Seneddol, Annsrchiadau Etholiadol Sen eldol, Mynegiadau 0 Gynlluniau (Prospectuses) Cw'sniau Cyhoeddus, Hysbysiadau y -Llywodr.etb a'r Canghalf-lys, yn nghydag Hysbjsiadau talryredig o Ar\verthiarlau CyhOèddu¡¡.l,,¡ y liincll. Hysbysiadau Cyhoeddus a Chyfr^ithiol, Arwerthiadan Oyhoeddi-.d, Hysbysiadau Crynoedig i Baragiaphs, Annerebiadau Etholiadol L'eol ac amrywion6é y llineil. Kr.. Hysbysiadau Maanachol, Llyfrau, a Chyfarfodydd Di- fyrus o nodwedd leol—3o liiueU. Mesnrir yr hysbysiadau hyti yn ol y llythyreDau (type scale). Gwoeir Cyttun(lebau Neillduol am HysViysiadau Par- haol. 'C' HYSBYSIADAU ATASNACHqt,4 Oybireddir,, y rhai hyu hefyd trwy gyttuudeti, fel y oanlyn :— Pau ltlap'r archeb am dri chyhoeddiad ar ddeg ac isod, la y fodfedd, coJ"fn sengl 2 y fodfedd, cdlofn d,.iwbl. Pan mae'r archeb am 26 o gyhoeddiadau ac Uod, 91 y fodfedd, co'o.l'n staiizl Is 6c y fodfedd, colofn ddwbl. Pan ipf.e'r archeb am 52 o gvhoedd- iadau ac is«»d, Ih y fodfedd, colofn "etlgJ Is y fod- fedd, colofn d<lwbl. ,• Gellir pe»4d y mater ddt»ywai'h mewn bysbvsiad am 13 wyth ,F;, pedair gwa;th mewn uu 26 wythnos,- a chwe' gwaith mewnjircbeb am 52 o wythnosaii. .oe-i- tivAVnaiahtd bla n-daliadol o'r uatur. II canlyn :— ,rAt Ar 0") i r Lleo>*dd rj El'sie'i x" L'eoed Gweiei'in Yat^feHoedd yn Ei-i.ii Ytstufelloedd ar Osod Arian yn Ei-ieu • A mrywiol GeiMadaii. Ar Goll ntu Cafwyd Un ""aith (20'» ei'iau) „ .f. Is 61 Tair gwaith (20-o eirian) ,• 2.6,f Un waith ('27 o «-iriau) Is 9d Tair gwaith (27 o eiriau) 3s Od ■SYLWADAU CYFFRRDIVOL. Pan dderbyrdr hysbysiad iie, riofiyn yu hyabysu yr amser yinae i ymidanszo,, parbo-ir i'w gyho^iidi kyd nes y ceir gorchymyn i'w adael alkn, Pvtuunir ar i'r »-hai. fyddout yo anfoa Hysbysiadau, enwi vr BWST y yn dewis i'r Hysbysiadau vin-, ddar.gos ar yr on pr\d ag a byddont, yn anfon yr orders. rAfT erfyuir r-r i'r Hysbyswyr anfon eu hysbysiadau lOijr grnna. yn yr wyttm. s ng y lyfldo b 'sibl, fel JUl i fod v u sicr olfi » cbywirdeb. gan nae gellir rboddi i lne.,Tn ,!Ifi oii.')' pennodol. Nis gall y Oyho-ddwyr « warantu i UJD11 allan nit rhoddi yr hyshyaiadau i mewn pa.) we ii eu derbyn ar ol wyth o'r gloch boreu dydd lau. At, golofnau dwni am naw boien dydd Mercher. sr p • o gohebiaeth ac orders o bertbynas i'r cy- I hoeddiad nchod i Ltel eu haufou yn gyfeiriedig i K. W. lUmglas, «•» •" Llais y Wlad Office, 1?wj4r) Bangor. Cheques a .P.O O. i fod yn daladwy i K. W. Douglas, Ba-iKor. TELEBAU GWERTHIAD "LLAIS Y WLAD." Pris pob copi unigol yw TJn Geiniog, aeu Geiniog a Dimai g i,'r post. Os bydd yd, rhai o'r. lorKynwyr yn dewis ei gael yn rheolaidd drwy y llythyrdy, aufonir ef diiynt bob nos lau am Is. 71c. y cbwarter, B'-1. 3c. yr hanDer blwyddyn os telir yn mlaen llaw. Telerait y gwerth- ad i ddosbarthWyr ydyiit:-NAIV CEINIOG Y DWSIN gyda'r Rheilffordd, neu DDEO OEINIOO y lhvsin drwy'r llythyrdy. f Pdb archebion, taliadau, &e., i'w. cvfeii-io, it Mr K. W. Douglas. YN ETSi AU. Carem glyweo (!' fia throad y post o.Jdiwrth y rhai a ddymunent gael en yen nodi yn ddosbkrthwyr LLAIS Y WL V P. Cant, vr pi" arferoi, a thao ein bod w(-Ii DYPLU MAiNTIOLI Y PAPYR, y malt hyuy, ynghyda'r prill isel yn sicrhao CYLCHREDIAD ARUTHR(t), Anfoner yn ddiord at y Perchenog, Mr. K. Vtr. DOUGLAS, Bangor.