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ABEFtiiARE. DELIGHTFUL WEATHER at last )for Muslin Dresses. We have just a few White Muslin Dresses, all sizes, from 36 to 51 inches, to clear at 3s lid .each. Fresh and clean. Also nice Ready-to-Wear Holiday Hats.—J. M. Evans, Gadlys Road. NOW IS THE TIME to see the best selection of wallpapers in town. Won- derfully ciieap. Also paints, Varnishes, -oils, etc.—Einrye Evans, Aberdare. SEION (IV.).-This pulpit was occu- pied on Sunday evening last by Mr T. J. How ells, Mountain Ash, who took his text from John xiv. 21-23. PERSONAL. Mr J. D. James, of 13 Hawthorn Terrace, has succeeded in II passing the Local Preachers5 Examina- tion in connection with the English Baptist Association. TABERNACLE. — On Sunday next the puljit of Tabernacle English Con- gregatioial Church will be occupied by the Rev Cynon Lewis, a well-known Congregitional minister and a native of Trecynoi. ST. ELVAN'S. At this church on .Sunday morning the Te Deum was sung to Goss in F, and the Benedictus to I Woodward in E flat. The Rev. H. G. Griffith B.A., officiated. At the even- ing seivice the Canticles were sung to Stainer The Vicar officiated and preached. ST. VtARK'S. On Sunday night last, at this place of worship, the ser- vice wis conducted by Messrs Theo- philus Davies, T. G. Chivers, D. Tasker and George Lee. A very ap- proprnte sermon was preached by Mr Sidney Ponting, who is initiating him- self iu:o the duties of a Church layman. The nission was crowded. Mrs LI. M. Jones presided at the organ. WEDDED IN CANADA. — Y Drych" the Welsh-American organ, recorcs the marriage in Toronto, Can- ada, m June 29th of Mr Percy Cnarles Jones formerly of Traethbychan, Angleea, and Miss "Margaret Rogers, formerly of Aberdare. The Rev. J. K. Evans officiated. Mr Thomas Hughes was best man, and Miss Maggie E. Jonei, bridegroom's sister, was brides- maid The honeymoon was spent at N iagna Falls. OHTUARY. We regret to record the leath of Mrs Jackson, wife of Mr J. Jickson, Abernant Road, who is the loca' representative of Worthington's. The deceased lady, who passed away on Saturday morning, had been ailing for a considerable time, and had only recently returned home after a month's eta; at Bath, where she had been under- gone treatment. She had a host of frifftds, who admired her courage and chterful disposition under a long and trying illness. There is one daughter, wih whom, as well as Mr Jackson, grat sympathy is felt. The interment tares place to-day (Thursday) at New- PTABERNACLE (CONG.).—" The pre- sent meaning of the story of Philip md the Ethiopian official" was the subject with which the Rev. J. M. .ones, Af.A., dealt in his sermon from he pulpit of Tabernacle on Sunday .'veiling. This great Ethiopian, said he, had come from the ends of the earth in search of something which lie could not find in his own country. He was a searcher after the best that life could give him. and this was typical of that age, an age in which men and women had become tired of cynical liiditter- ence. A great many people were still seeking—in a book—ease of heart and ease of conscience. Some sought iiieqe in the Bible, others in other great literatures. The Ethiopian had come to the end of the power of the book, be- cause there was no interpreter. If tha man needed the book. the book also needed the man with the living voice and living' experience. In all our searchirg, when groping after the truth in written words, there was nothing that could kindle the human soul like another soul akin to itself. Neither our age nor any other age was going to be saved by ancient writings or elaborate ritual, but by living inter- preters, who were the incarnations of or elaborate ritual, but by living inter- preters, who were the incarnations of faith and hope and love. TRINITY. The pastor of Trinity English C.M. Church, the Rev. J. Lewis Jenkins, officiated at this church on Sunday. In the morning Mr Jen- kins addressed a good number of chil- dren, taking as his subject, The Wishing Well." In his usual homely way he gave the juveniles some sound advice, and the questions he put were readily answered. Mr Jenkins took as his dual text the beatitude, o Blossed are the pure in heart for they shall see God," and a No man hath seen God at any time." There was, he remarked. an apparent contradiction in these two passages. Some people argued that there was no God from the fact that he could not be made visible to the eye of the flesh. Neither could we see God by means of an intellectual process I No one by thinking only came to know God. Man arrived at the transcendent conviction Of the existence ot <jtod oy means of the heart. Five minutes of penitence gave us a better view of him than years of study. If a man love me I will manifest myself to him," said God. It was through the tragedies of life that we often came to the conclu- sion that there was a God. It was the heart bowed down that recognised the great realities of life. Let us thank God that it was possible for the meanest intelligence in Aberdare to come to a thorough knowledge of him through Jesus Christ and come into possession of a faith which the jeers and sneers of the sceptic and the cynic could not shake.—At the close of the service Mr Jenkins referred to the terrible Balkan war. He did not wish to refer to the political aspect of the question, but he regretted the failure of the Powers to effect reconciliation. He deplored the jealousy which existed between the Allies, and which was responsible for the perpetuation of the bloodshed. He wis afraid that the church was too indifferent to the slaughter which pre- vailed. We should pray fervently that God in his wisdom might bring peace into the hearts of men, and cause a cessation of the terrible bloodshed of which we continually read.


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