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IVjustard and Cress. y


IVjustard and Cress. y The total rainfall registered at Maedderwen, Pontypridd, during the month of August was 5.52 inches. The maximum heat in the shade was 78 degrees, which was registered on the 12th and 16th ult. The mean temperature was 61.2 degrees. The Bill of the'military at Pontypridd was a postponed item at the Joint Standing Commit- tee of the County on Monday, when it comes up for settlement there will be some gnashing of ratepayers' teeth we fear. When folks are invited to the oounty and nothing for them to do, it is not surprising that hotel bills run up. The people of Treherbert would like to see the red-painted wagon which has been standing on one of the Dunraven Colliery tips removed. They are a bit superstitious about that wagon, and the prevailing sentiment is., that there will be "no go" in the re-starting of the works until i is sent out of sight. Perhaps Mr Wight will oblige and order its removal forthwith. It will relieve the people, and it will figure much better as a moving thing travelling via Cardiff, Barry, or Swansea, with precious loads of black dia- mond lumps. The opinion is pretty unanimous among trades- people in the Rhondda that last Saturday even- ing was the dullest from a business point they have had since the beginning of the strike. Why so is as good as a conundrum. One would have thought that wfoh the prospect of money and having had a week's working,the financiallilreeze would have freshened a little. But it was the deadest of calms and tradesfolks generally stood at their shop doors in a state of dreamy misery. De all regret to know that the Rev Towyn Jones is laid low by a serious illness. His ad- mirers are many and widely distributed, and therefore to-day his sympathisers are a legionv We heartily pray for the speedy recovery of the genial and eloquent Nationalist. By next week the output of the coalfield will probably be as large as it was before the stop- page. Swansea, has come out of the strike exceedingly well. The coal shipments for August totalled 192,383 tons, oompared with 151,493 tons in the corresponding period of last year, whilst the total for the eight months works out at 1,251,676, against 1,220,278. During the eight months the shipments of fuel totalled 268,948, against 237,999. The total exports and imports for the last eight months amount to 2,245,980 tens,com- pared with 2,208,991, an increase of 36,899. This is Rot pleasant reading for either Cardiff or Newport. On Monday, at the meeting of the Rhondda School Board, one of the members expressed the opinion that their attendance officers used their uniform to attend chapel or church on Sunday, and for no other purpose. The "Shipping World" has had experience of cheap travelling, but bows to the latest rate of five shillings for 600 miles, which is in regulation between competing lines trading between Syd- ney and Melbourne. This reminds us of a won- derfully cheap holiday of an official on the Taff Vale Railway. A few years age he went away for two weeks, and did the thing to his utmost satisfaction for a crown. He must go again, and try to reduce the reoord. He can do so by spending only four shillings and elevenpence. We recognise that there is a possibility of divid- ing a penny. But our nerves would not stand the report of its accomplishment. It would be well if certain deacons in the npper part of the Valley were to be more dis- creet and mare charitable in their opinions to- wards persons appointed to examine their Sun- day Schools-that is, if they have the success of their school at heart, We are pleased to note that Mr Henry Da- vies, County Lecturer, will conduct mining classes at the Llwynypia Institute during the doming session. Dr Goelz will also hold classes in French. This will afford exceptional oppor- tunfties to young men uesirous of improving themselves. Classes in mathematics, Shorthand and Building Construction will also be arranged Every student attending Dr (Soelz' class last session obtained a First Class. You can see with half an oye" that FRANK THOMAS (" My Hatter,") sells the bast 3/9 Hat. The chief characteristics of G. P. HACKICR'S Photo- graphs are Fidelity and Artistic Finish. Samples may be seen at his Studio-12 and 13, The Arcade, Pontypridd.; 4219 ANY Photograph enlarged and finished in Black and White. Crayon, or Oils by THOS. FOBBEST & SONS, Cambrian Studio, Pontypridd.

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