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DAVIS BROS., GEORGE STREET, PONTYPOOL, In returning thanks to the Inhabitants of Pontypool and District for the very. liberal patronage bestowed upon them during the past year, 1890, desire to call attention to the following AGENCIES which they hare: — FIRST —SPECIAL FOR W. & A: GILBEY'S WINES & SPIRITS. AGENTS MfeAGILREY! VIJ SECOND- Just a few words are necessary, not as put but honest truths, as te QUALITY AND VALUE— no better Guarantee can be given than u., faot that about every Fourteenth Wine and every Thirty-Ninth Bottle of Spirits, consumed in the United Kingdom Is SUPPLIED THROUGH W. & A. GlLBET'S AGENTS. %i- -I! I ir, .111, ii I *11 I- "I ftp, ROGERS' BEERS. The Enormous Trade done by us since we were appointed Sole Agents for the Districts of Pontypool, Abersychan, and Pontnewynydd, is a sufficient Guarantee that this is the Article for the People.—We can thorougly recommend the 10D. BEERS (MILD AND BITTIR). THIRD- TEAS.—MAZAWATTEE (CEYLON) Is truly described as the Tea re-calling the delicious Teas of 30 years ago. As far as we are personally concerned, we can truthfully say that our Tea Trade has Trebled since having been appointed Agents. ri A CLASC TEA t,' W E T C, f N -r r t" L US ii CEYLON, 'IF. v *■ rw Vith reference to the other Departments of our Business, gueb as BUTTER, CHBESB, N, FLOUR,-Ivory Artieie Sold is, Guaranteed to be the beet obtainable. I ^TTARVEST B^ESp3os. per barrel; EQUAL TO ANY SOLD AT 30s. INMAN LINE Royal Mail Steamers to New York. VNMAN AND INTERNATIONAL STEAM 1 SHIP COMPANY, LIMITED. From LIVERPOOL Every WEDNESDAY, Calling at Queenstown every Thursday. Moderate Saloon and Second Cabin Faxes. Steerage Fare as low as by any other First-class Line. Through Bookings to any part of the STATES ■«* CANADA, including Manitoba and North and South-West Territory. Apply to RICBABDSOH, SPSHCB, & Co, 22,Water- vtmet, Liverpool; or to John Morgan, Post-office, Pontypool. Joshua F. Evans, Stationmaster, Pontnewydd RobertTilnsy, G.W. Railway Station, Cwmbran Henry Brain, Postmaster, Abersychan. 'Thos. Bevan, 6, Philip-street, Blaenavon. D. H. Pugh, Post-office, Crumlin. Thomas Yendall, Pioneer Stores, Risca. Hx A. H. Thomas, New. Agent, &c.. Blaina. tmmm- A-LUA-TN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS TO UNITED STATES & CANADA. (Under contract with the Canadian Government for conveyance of the Canadian Mails.) FROM LIVERPOOL. Nnmidian For Quebec and Montreal.. Sept 24 Nova Scotiaa ..For Halifax and Baltimore Sept. 29 areang" FDr Quebec and Montreal..Oct. 1 Sardinian For Qaeobe and Montreal Oct. 8 Cotbaginian.For Halifaxnnd Baltimore.. Oct. 13 Mongolian For Quebec and Montreal.. Oct. 15 OCEAN RATES: Saloon 10 to 18 Guineas, Intermediate, £ 6 0,, STEERAGE AT LOWEST BATES. i »°>s^°v':b wiSSs are landed on the railroad wharf anf S-SnU ship to train without any inconvenience & and expeaae. The company's special conductor ac Ik oompaoies West-bound passengers. ■| "Note.—-This Line provides the cheapest ana "TnnTI.enient route to all parts of Canada, Mani- SSi andtheNorth-WestPrpTioees, British Columbia, ■»d the Western States of ttaerioa. ■»d the Western States of ttaerioa. rT TOURISTS, SPO&TSMEll, and Other, Trit) Tickets combinw»,lkcurBions to Niagara wfvu the wonderful scenery a«L Sporting District*) fio Ttnekv Mountains and British Columbia and taSwt to IJ.itrf 8l.lM and KlSu Programme of tours on application. ^jritteh ddepttwnew reports and all the latest maps -— and Philadelphia all the year round. Full particulars on applioation to ALLAN BROTHERS 4 CO., James Street, LIVBBPOOL. MB BRAIN, Poet-office, Abersyclum. MB A. H. THOMAS, News Agent, to., Blaina. J A.B. ROBERTS, Graig Post Office, Pontypridd. JRBDK. ALLEN, 15, Flannel-st Aber- pwany. CAN LINE: TWTTED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. ?J^^lVBRP00Lt°PHILADKLPHlA BVERY WEDNESDAY. jirgt nlaim. full-powered iron Steamships. Aeoemmodaticm for passengers, equal to any ■SSean Line. Passengere and Mods landed atpSSdelphia on the Wharf of. the Pennsylvania Bear"& Second Cabin Passage, A6 GII. This is ihe SBOBTBST and BMT ROUTB to the wS^-AwS to RICHARDSON, SPENCE, and Ob,, is a&i 18, Water Street, Liverpool. LOMI Asents: J. MOBOAXT, Pontypool. H. BBJUN, Poet-oiffce, Abersychan. A. B. THOMAS, News Agent, Ac., Blaim ? Txos. BIVAX Blaenaron. J.jTmo HAS,. Commercial- road Tiedegai. AMERICA. CUNARD LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. The Steamers of this Line have an unequalled record •f half a century for safety and comfort, ana take specified coimes according to the seasons of the year. FROM LIVERPOOL VIA. QUEENSTOWN. P^T'lo NEW *OBK „ 'I'o BOSTON A.URANIA Sat., Sept. 26 SCYTHIA Thur., Sept. 24 SALLIA Tue»., Sept 29 CATALONIA, Thur., Oct. 1 UMBBIA Sat, Oct. 3 CEPHALONXA/Hror., Oct. 8 SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATION at moderate fares for FIRST and SECOND Class Passengers; also through to CHINA, JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, and AUSTRALIA. STEERAGE PASSENGERS to all parts of America and Canada at Low Rates; those by Boston Steamers booked to NEW YORK without extra charge. THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED, 8, Water Street, LiTerpool; OR TO THEIR AGENT, JOSEPH R. MORGAN, Post Office, PontypooL BESPOKE TAILORING. D. DAVIES (Upwards of so Years at Messrs. Powkes) IS NOW SHOWING THE NEWEST PATTERNS IN SUITINGS, COATINGS, TROUSERINGS, &c., FOR THE PRESENT SEASON. SUITS TO MEASURE 30/- to 75/- TBOUSERS „ Bill to 22/- SPLENDID VALUE. Bert Makes in Ladies and Gents? Waterproofs. Workmanship, Style, and Fit Guaranteed. 19, NICHOLAS STREET (3 doors trcnn Albion-road), PONTYPOOL. THF- > pONTYiOOL pREE pRESS IS THE BEST MEDIUM FOR ADVERTISERS, AND HAS A LARGER AND WIDER CIRCULATION Than any other Newspaper published within th Northern Division of Monmouthshire. OFFICES :— OSBORNE ROAD, PONTYPOOL. E!,()ILINC WITH r'LOTHES NUS OA SAVES RU.13BINC NEVER FAILS if DIRECTIONS are FOLLOWED. 8AVES MOKEY, LABOUR, AND TIME. POT? AN END TO WASHING-DAY WORRUBG. CLOTHES PBE8BRVED—NEVER INJURED. FURIFIE8 AND SWEETENS EVERYTHING. CAN BE USED IN THE ORDINARY WAY. t GOOD FOR ALL HOUSEHOLD PURPOSES. ) OUTSHINES ALL OTHER SOAPS. 1 II. J W J "J T. FREDERICK, CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER, AND CARPET FACTOR, COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS. NEWPORT, MON. THE LARGEST MANUFACTORY AND SHOW ROOM IN SOUTH WALES. Special Deliyery of CARPETS and FLOOR CLOTHS! Special Delivery of Carpets and Floor Cloths, in the Latest Designs, for the Presebt Season. furniture MADE TO ORDER. Every Article Warranted. Prices tor food, substantial Furniture not to be equalled. — AW Getds Delivered Jfoe* of Charge m Spring Vans, to Pontypool and District. — FURNITURE REMOVED. OPPOSITE 8t. PAUI/S CHURCH, COMMERCHAL-STREET, 1 4 NEWPORT, MON. NOTICE TO CYCLISTS. BEFORE deciding jour MOUNT for the coming Season, call and see our STOCK OF CYCLES, by all the Leading Manufacturers. CVSHION, SOLID, AND PNEUMATIC TTBED MACHINES IN STOCK. We have also a Good Stock of SECOND-HAND MACHINES at Prices ranging from Y.3 10s. and upwards. Cycles let out on the Gradual Payment System, or best possible Discount allowed for Cash. L THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN ACCESSORIES KEPT IN STOCK. BIND OND PJlNNY STAMP FOR CATALOGUE. Repairs, Nickel-Plating, and Stove Enamelling, at Coventry Prices. MAIL CARTS AND PERAMB ULATORS. IQTJI TUB ADDITMO: B. J. JENKINS & Co.. Cycle Agents, 114, Broad Street, BLAINATOH. DAYM.8 JQANOU/8 D ANMS DANIEL'S DANIELS D ANMS DAml:s D AMFUS D ANMUS D ANMVS DAN I E L'S fOYAL CAKES re lio'^aehold words, and are ufr- nurpassed for quality. They are manu- factured with great care, from fresh milk, eggs, and :drsi-class materials. If you have not already tried them do so at once. Can be obtained at all his branches. JJOYAL PJAKB8 R^C^5* JJ^OTAL QAKES £ ^OTAL CAKES J^OYAL QAKBS JJOYAL 0AKES ROYAL CAKES OYAL CAKES ROYAL CAKES ROYAL CAKES Daniel, Family Grocer, Pontypool. BEER IN BOTTLES. WHITBREAD & Co.'s (ldhted) CELBBBATBB LOWIDQIF ■f ALES & STOUTS. PER Doz. London Cooper Stout, 2s. 6d. Family Ale 2s. 6d. IN IMPERIAL PINTS-SGBEW STOPPERED SOLE AGENTS:- DAVIS BROS. OEOOEES, PO WTYPM14. LADIES SHOULD YISIT & MARRIOTT'S GREAT SALE OF MANTLES, Jackets, Furs, Waterproofs, &c., AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE. PARISIAN MANTLE WAREHOUSE, 174, Commercial Street, 174, NEWPORT. LION HOUSE, PONTYPOOL. i A I J. AUTUMN FASHIONS, 1891. EVERY DEPARTMENT WILL BE FOUND REPLETE WITH THE LATEST NOVELTIES I FOR THE SEASON. 4 GREATEST SELECTION W- MOST STRIKING NOVELTIES AT MODERATE PRICES. Dressmaking Under Experienced Management. SHAWLS AND FURS A SPECIALITY. E. FOWLER, PONTYPOOL. GENERAL SUPPLY STORES, PONTNEWYNYDD & CWMFFRWDOER. FOR 101 GOOD CAKE 11 TODWAIES CURRANT, SEED, OR SULTANA, UNEQUALLED AT THE PBICB. TO COMMITTEES & SUPERINTENDENTS OF SCHOOLS- GIVE WALL'S CAKE ONE TRIAL. Sure to please and give every satisfaction, and save your funds. NOTB ADDRESS W. G. WALL'S SUPPLY STORES PONTNEWYNYDD. ALL QBPTTRFL RECEIVE PROMPT AND PUNCTUAL ATTENTION. PHILIP MORGAN, (Late POOLS f MORGAN), STOOK SALESMAN AND GENERAL AUCTIONEER. PUBLIC-HOUSE, FURNITURE, STOCK, and other Valuations undertaken.; UFE. FIRE, ACCIDENTAL AND OTHER INSURANCE AGENT. MONEY LENT on MORTGAGE. Advaaew JU. made on Sales. Payment M AM qf Sok wholly mode if required. P. AL hold Sales of Fat and Store Stock n Abergavenny Market every Tuesday, and aft Uak the First and Third Mondays in each Month also other Markets, when ixurtraoted. (MM* — OitUB CHAMBERS, PONTYPOOL md 52. MARTS CHAMBERS, MONK 81 4 BUM Q A VENNf. CROWN HOTEL, I PONTYPOOL. H. TANNER, MANAGER. WHOLESALE AND BOTTLE DEPARTMENT. SPIRITS SCOTCH WHISKY— GAL. DOZ. BTLE. Good 16/- 32/- 2/9 Old 18/- 36/- 3/2 Very Choice and Old 24/- 48/- 4^2 IBISH JWIBIZY-— GAL. DOZ. BTLE Good (Half-proof) 10/6 21/- 1/9 Extra Quality (Strong) 151. 30/. 2/8 Very Fine 20/- 401- 3/6 Fine Old Dublin (Choice) 22/- 44/- 3/10 LONDON GIIN- GAL. DOZ. BTLE. Half-proof 9/. 18/_ 1/6 Fine London 12/6 26/- 2/3 Nicholson 8 Superior 14^. 28/- 2/6 BRANDIES- GAL. DOZ. BTLE. Good Sound 16/- 331- 2/9 FreQC|L 19/- 38/- 3/2 Very Fine Old 27/- 54/- 4/6 MartdVi and Henneasi If < •• «oo at store RUM- GAL. DOZ. BTLE. I Half-proof- 10/6 21/- 1/9 Good 15/- 2/6 Fine Old Jamaica 16/- 32/- 2/9 PORTS- GAL. DOZ. BTLE. A Good Sound Wine 7/. 15/- 1/4 Nice Fruity mne 10/s 21/- 1/10 Good Invalid (S&ndenaan's) 16/- 33/- 2/10 Fine Old Ontsted Ports, in Great Variety, from J(SI- pet Dozen. SHERRIES— Carefully Selected Pale and Gold from 1/2 per Bottle to 5/- CLARETS- From 1/- per Bottle to 6/ Pints, 2/- per Double Dozen Extra. COLT BREAKING by Wtt. NEWMAH, Aber- sychan. ladies ana Gentlemen taught Riding and Driving. Hersee bought and aoldoa -ommmno. CUifWand TO FOOTBALL CLUBS AND OTHERS. I D. W. SIMPSON Desires to call attention to his large and varied Stock of FOOTBALL JERSEYS, &C. I JERSEYS. SASHES. QUARTERS. HALFS. SELFS and STRIPES. or KNICKERS. FLANNEL KNITTED SWANSDOWlT BUCK. HOSIERY. CAPS. BELTS, &c. window No BETTER VALUE. WTOM)w NOTE THE ADDRESS- D. W. SIMPSON, CRANE STREET, PONTYPOOL. BEVAN & COMPANY, LIMITED, REGISTERED AS THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS; Jt JgSTABLISHED in the Year 1850, this Business has, without any intermission, been carried on for the long period of Forty-One Years, and to-day it stands higher in popular farovr, and a considerably larger trade is being done, than at any farmer period i. its existence. These facts not only show that satisfaction is given to customers, but enable the Proprietor to Suppfy Thoroughly Reliable Goods at prices very considerably under dwøe of their competitor. Special attention is directed to our LtMe Stock of BEDROOM SUITES: THE 44 COTTAGE SUITE, comprising chest of dcawers, with, glass attached, marble-top tile-back washstand, two chain, and towel-rail, the whole nicely decorated, P,3 17s. 6d. ————— SAME CLASS SUITE (LARGER SIZB) £4 Iii. Id. rHE u STANDARD SATIN WALNUT SUITE, with plate-glasa door to wardrobe, £7 17s. 6d. DITTO (LARGER SIZE) £ 10 lot. rHE "MOULDED" SATIN WALNUT SUITE, including chest of drawers, bevelled plate a handsome suite £18 18g. rHE "EMPRESS" SOLID BLACK WALNUT SUITE, bevelled plates and St. Ann's marble, £ 22 10s. rHE 11 BEACONSFIELD SUITE in Satin, Walnut, and Hungarian Ash; bevelled plates R,26 5s. THE "EXHIBITION" SUITE in Satin, Walnut, and Hungarian Ash—a grand lot, £ 52 10s. EQUALLY VARIED IS THE SELECTION O* DINING AND DRAWING BOON SUITES, AT PRICES RANGINQ FROM FOUll TO TWENTY-EIGHT GUINEAS. EVERY REQUISITE FOR FURNISHING THROUGH- OUT AT REALLY MARVELLOUS PRICES. < All Goods Carriage Paid throughout the Principality and Border Counties. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES POST FREE ON APPLICATION. BEVAN & COMPANY, LTD., PONTYPOOL AND CARDIFF. MESSRS. J. & J. HOPKINSON Beg to announce that they have Appointed MR. W. H. HASKINS THEIR SOLE AGENT FOR PONTYPOOL, At whose Establishment may at all times be seen a Stock of their instruments, which may be obtained at Lowest Possible Prices for Cash, and on the most Advantageous Terms on the Three Tears System. J851 Prize Modal Yorkshire Exhibition of AXti M& 3old Hononr, PftFis «1855 Loods • « SIS London 1862 Gold Medal and Diploma of Honour, International Pn» and Fine Arts Exhibition, Exhibition, South Africa r» •«. wSfir i 1865 Only Go2d Medal for Great Britain, Tntnrnsffn—f £ £ 5 £ £ 5^ International Exhibition, Dublin 1885 Bxkibition, Pari* Si! takurtrial Kxhibitjon, Y«rk 1866 Prii» Medal, Indnstrii Kxhibition, York Mse MedaL Exhibition of ASrtm, Industries, and Gold Mfiai 'Highest Award), IHTWtioos KtbMh Maoiixaotnrea, Dubfin 1872 c Xondon Prixe Medal, InternationaWxhibitio vi: flbnrgh -1886 |TESnxomAI4«BOX OOUNOD,—I. 4U, &} VT _,1L "Ihaye had nnnmlnatin Irnl TTTTnTIfYtm TlitHitTTfriTwIfiTilmi lariifniil T —iliii>il i ituillt^il