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._------------BOARD OF HEALTH…


BOARD OF HEALTH MEETING. This was an adjourned Meeting of the above -Board, for the purpose of further consideration of the Waterworks question. The following gentle- ^men were present:—George Cansick, Esq., in the .te&hair. Aldermen Col. Pearce, K.H., and John Villiams, Esq. Councillors :—John Morris, John ^^Briffiths, John Da vies,Phillip Bright, Lewis Hughes, fiand Thomas Trew. S. B. Evans, Esq., Town Clerk. 7 The Town Clerk informed the Board that the WMeeting had been adjourned for the purpose of ^ascertaining the amotut of each tender according to the quantities supplied by the Surveyor, and with his assistance they had made the necessary calcu- lations. The highest tender for the whole work was Griffiths and Thomas, of Newport. Here some interruption took place by some of the members making enquiries, and the Town Clerk proceeded, stating that Mr. Jordan, for No. 1 Contract, was the lowest Messrs. Guest and Crymes, for No. 2 Contract; and Hargest, for No. 3 Contract. Mr. Bright said that at the last meeting, Mr. Davies, the Surveyor, &aid that he bad a detailed estimate, and would ask the Board if it had been put in. The Mayor said he had not got it. The Surveyor said that he would again produce it, and at the request of Mr. Morris, handed it to the Town Clerk, who, without going into the detail of the estimate, gave the sum total for each contract separately, viz.:— Contract JNo. i, 2329 19 4 Contract No. 2, 146 7 0 Contract No. 3, 3411 13 0 Land 705 15 0 Regulator. 60 0 0 Total £ 6653 14. 4 Mr. Bright said that it did not matter to any very great extent for a few pounds, or if it went to hundreds, but it appeared to him, as it was, it was most material, it did not stop at hundreds but went to thousands, the cost of land &c., &c., having to be added to the tenders sent in. The Board had only power to borrow the sum of £ 5000, and the Surveyor had stated in the first place, that -thi whole connected with the construction of the works should not exceed S4600, the Surveyor to the Board, Mr. Kirk, also said that the town could be supplied with a sufficient supply from Rhydgoch brook, for a sum not exceeding S4500. The Board therefore acting on the advice of the Surveyor, considered there was ample margin in asking for powers to borrow X5000, which powers had been granted them and they would have no difficulty in obtaining that su-m—now X7000 or upwards was said to be required, he would ask where was it to come from, and how to be repaid- the calculations which showed that the Board could pay interest upon and repay the principal were upset if X7000 were required-he was as anxious as anyone for the construction of new and good water- works, he had a great deal of trespassing on his land through there not being a sufficient supply of good water; and according to the scale of the surveyor two years ago, and as had been shown to the Home Secretary at the time powers were granted for borrowing the money, the whole to be paid off in 30 years, from the water rental, and he would ask the Town Clerk to produce the documents which were given in to the Board two years ago. Mr. Davies asked the Surveyor if the service pipes were includedin his estimate of costs. The Surveyor said they were, but not to every house in the town, it would be the duty of the Board, to take the service pipe to the house, in the same manner as the Gas Company did, but to charge the consumer for them, and then they would be under their control. Mr. Bright said that he understood that the pipes should be supplied by the Board, the Board finding the pipes to the limit of private property, in the same manner as the Gas Company did. The Town Clerk in reply to Mr. Morris, said that the amount estimated by Mr. Kirk, was £4500. A discussion here ensued, and according to Mr. Blight's request the Clerk referred to his min ute book, and stated that the powers granted by the Secretary of State was £5000. And that in 1863, Mr. Davies the Surveyor, and Mr. Kirk, the Surveyor to the Board, had stated that the cost of supplying the town and the Railway Companies, would not ex- ceed S4600, which would be a great benefit to the ratepayers of the town. This was done in conse- quence of Mr. Cobb applying to the Board to allow him to make use of the name of the Board, to have their powers, and for a Is. rate in the SI, he would supply the town with a good and sufficient supply of pure water. Mr. Kirk, at the time also stated to the Board that he had examined the different water courses of the neighbourhood, and that he considered Rhydgoch preferable to any. On the 24th of August, 1863, in accordance with these statements, it became a resolution of the Board which was agreed, that application should be made to the Secretary of State, for powers to borrow the sum of X5000. Alderman Col. Pearce asked if the debt remaining on the old waterworks, was included in the X5000. The Town Clerk said it was not. Mr. Bright said that after hearing the reports read of previous, meetings, he was supplied with what he wanted Hh^would therefore ask Mr. Davies what was the reastfjji the amount was so much greater than two years^go instead of being £ 4600, it was £ 7000 or more. The Surveyor, (Mr: Dshies), said that it was so deviated from the original\vey as to incur ad- ditional expense, the pipes were larger, and the extra supply which would be required by the various Railway Companies they would require filtered water, and larger beds would be necessary, because if the engines did not get pure water the boilers would soon get into a bad state. The amount of the rates of the parishes of St. John's, St. Mary's and St. David's, would at 6d. in the £ 1— Mr. Bright here reminded the Slrveyo Ir,,that, the rating of the various parishes had nothing to do with the estimate for the costs of the construction of the waterworks, and that he thought the inha- bitants of the town required filtered water as well as the engines of the Railway Companies, that he had calculated upon that in the first instance, but that Mr. Davies had answered the question so far as the Railway Companies were concerned. Mr. Morris said the rating of the Borough would be no criterion whatever, as they had no power to enforce the ratepayers to consume the water, they had only power to punish those who consumed it and did not pay. Mr. Davies said that he should like to hear the Surveyor out, as he thought he had said that the companies would require a great deal of water. The Town Clerk said about six months after Mr. Cobb had applied to the Board for power to con- struct the TV aterworks, he sent in a letter to the Board, withdrawing his proposal. The Surveyor then proceeded to state that when the five lines of Railway would be completed, Brecon would be the most central place, all the engines would have to be supplied with water, and the Board would find that they would receive an annual income of X200, and that for every Xloo they would expend at present, in five years hence it would cost them X500, when the demand would be so much greater. Mr. Davies said that the Surveyor's rate of 6d. in the Xi was very low indeed, it was not very likely that one half of the inhabitants would take water for a length of time. The Mayor said that they had had a very long and satisfactory discussion on the subject, and asked if they intended coming to some close. Alderman Col. Pearce said he hoped the Board would come to some conclusion, that lie should like to see the town of Brecon well supplied with good water, and the question would be, could they meet the extra demand required for the extra outlay ? Mr. Davies said that every member of the Board was anxious to get the works completed, but he thought the Surveyor should reduce the reservoir and filtering beds, which seemed to be the easiest to get at, he only took it in a financial and economical point of view, he did not think it right to go and exceed the original intention of the Board, £5000, the Surveyor said that it might be very easily done, and he was of the same opinion. The Surveyor in reply to the Mayor, said that the amount could be reduced, but he would remind them of what he had said before, that for every 100 they laid out now it would cost 500 again, and the income would pay full £5 per cent. Mr. Bright asked if that was to be the case, only pay the interest, what was to become of the body 1 When was that to be paid ? Their powers were to borrow and pay back in 30 years, and that would never answer, only to pay the interest. The Surveyor said that if the management of the Waterworks was so ably done as the Gas Company was, it would soon be paid off. Mr. Morris asked if the compensation reservoir for Cilwhibert Mill was included in his estimate. The Surveyor said it was not. Mx Bright said that the Surveyor had only him- self to blame for the difficulties he and they were placed-for if the estimate as then produced had been sent in with the plans he would have adopted the same course then as he did now-for it was quite clear that X5000 would not pay for X7000 worth of work. The Board presumed the plans had reference to the original estimate, and although he had a suspicion of their extravagance and had it in his notes to ask, it had somehow escaped him. Alderman Col. Pearce asked if any member of the Board would move that the present estimate should be adopted. Mr. Davies said that he thought that reducing the reservoir and filtering beds would be far pre- ferable by the ratepayers of the town. Mr. Alderman Williams said that the Surveyor- had shown that they would have an increase of £ 200 per annum, in addition to what they had when they had the powers to borrow the £5000, which made a material difference, if they did not see that they could carry the work out in the most advantageous manner, they had better abandon it. Mr. Morris said that he did not like the curtailing of the works in any shape. Mr. Davies said that he was not one of those who would support the lowest tender, but the one who could carry the whole of the work out effectually on his own part; and if he would move an adjourn- ment, could the Surveyor supply a revised report of the estimates of the cost of the works. The Surveyor said he could, and after some further conversation it was agreed upon the motion of Mr. Davies, seconded by Mr. Bright, that the matter be left to stand over until next Monday, being the monthly meeting of the Board.




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