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THE QUEEN'S DIAMOND JUBILEE ■ ■■ :0:- PROPOSED General Illumination on Jubilee Night, 2 2 x D JUNE. -:0:- The Cheapest and best means of Illuminating Cottages, Business Premises, or Mansions, are provided by the Vauxhall vari-coloured Lamps, -:0:- IN CONTEMPLATION OF THE ENORMOUS ADVANCE IN PRICES AS JUBILEE DAY APPROACHES JAMES AYER HAS, long prior to the increase, laid in an immense Stock of Vauxhall Lamps, Banting, Flags, .rt Shields, and other illaminating and decorative applianoes, which he offers at the following low pricesj Vauxhall vari-coloured Lamps, with lights to bum 5 hours, 2S. per dozen. Bunting, Flags, Shields, &c., at all prices, ranging from 6 to 175. xid. each. ■ :0: ORDINARY BUSINESS AS USUAL. ■ » ;o: All Goods Sold at lowest possible prkl, compatible with the good quality for which this Establishment is noied. ■ :0:- MILLINERY A SPECIALITY. ■ ■ .o: — ■' INSPECTION INVITED. -:0: VICTORIA HOUSE, VICTORIA SQUARE, TOP OF HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. RICHARD JONES, BUILDER, CONTRAC fOR, AND GENERAL FUNERAL UNDERTAKER. — m :o: ■" ■ RESIDENCE: BLODWEN VILLA, BJTYNFORD ROAD, HOLYWELL. K BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS AND WORKSHOPS "HOLTWELL—CROSS ROAD YARD; BAGILLT-PENTRE BUILDING YARD. SPECIAL NOTICE. Funerals completely furnished and personally superintended. Vaults and Brick Graves neatly built. Coffins of all descriptions promptly supplied. Wreaths, Shades, Tablets, Crosses, &o., in stock. Plans, Specifications and Estimates prepared for all kinds of Buildings, including Drains and Sanitary matters generally. :0:- JOBBING WORK PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. :o: ■ All orders at Bagillt will be immediately attended to by MB. ABTUUB JOINS, Gadlys Road Farm, JHgillt. I JOHN JAMES HUGHES, BOOT AND SHOEMAKER, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL, BEOS to announce that hehaaauoceededto the businessso longcarried on by his late Father, John Hurhes, at the above premises, and trusts that by prompt attention and moderate oharges, combined with good workmanship, to merit a continuance of publicsupport. THE HOME-MADE DEPARTMENT Willoontinneto be a specialfeature of the business and great care will be exercised to ensure the best materials only being used. STRONG BOOTS The best andoheapeist Home-made Beotsin the Market. WOMEN AND MEN'S BOOTS AND SHOES OF HVBBY DESCRIPTION KBPT IN STOCK. YOUTHS AND CHILDRENISBOOTS AND SLIPPER OF BVBBY VABIBTY OBDBBS PBOXPTLT ATTENDED TO. Repairs neatly executed — — Griffith JONES, -x BILL POSTER AND TOWN CRIER, UPPER SUMMER HILL, HOLYWELL The beat Potting Stations in the District. All orders promptly and thoroughly carried out. Corporation of the City of Manchester. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS & GARDENERS. CONCENTRATED MANURE Made from Slaughter-House and Market Refuae, BLOOD. BONES, FISH, &o., It contains 4i to 5 per cent. of Ammonia, 10 to 12 per oent. Bone Phosphate and Potash Salts and is the beat and cheapest manure in the Market. Oft- Delivered in bags, carriage paid, in 2 and 4 Ton lots within 100 miles, at £8 Per Ton. Special prices for smaller quantities, and for delivery over 100 miles. This Manure is suitable for all Farm Orops and or the growth of Fruit and Flowers. Samples, Testimonials and full particulars, may be obtained from:- R. D. CALLISON, Indoor and Estates' Superintendent, Oleansing Department, Town Hall, Manchester. Or to— xa. BOLD ALDRED, Stamford-read, Altrinohattt. V ST. WINEFRIDE'S BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES WELL STREET, HOLYWELL. COURSE-English; French; German; Drawing; Painting; Dancing; Calisthenics; Music (Vocal and Instrumental); plain and fancy Needlework. The Convent is under the Royal Academy for Ex- ams in Music, &e. I"" WEEKLY BOABDBB8 BHOBIVBD. ..7 A SELECT DAY SCHOOL for YOUNG LADIES is now OPEN at ST. WINEFBIDE'S CONVENT, Well Street. Only a limited number eceived.—For Terms, apply to the SUPBBIOBBSS. 'Oft. Ojf N A H' S QUAY. .11; .rl0f" GOOTf vS^-CUT BUILDING BRICKS ALSO, PRESS BRICKS. APPl. Y TO JAMES PRINCE, BRICK WORKS, CONNAH'S QUAY. -7* A.SCHWABZ, CLOCK AND WATOH MAKER, WHITFORD STREET, HOI YWELL BEGS to announce that after the ENLARGE MENT OF HIS PREMISES, he has been euabledto greatly increase hieStock. ALL KINDS OF JEWELLER KEPI IN STOCK Cloths and Watchcsof aliiescripttonstnhand HANDSOME-SELECTION OF JULBOTRO-PLATED ARTICLES RBPAIBSPROMPTLY EXECUTED ON THE PREMISES. A SPLBNDID ASSOBTHBHT Oir" Guinea Gold Wedding and Keeper Rings. A present given with each ring bought. A privateroomto seleotin. DEALBR IN LOOKING GLASSES AND BAROMETERS SPECTACLES AND EYE GLASSES in great variety. EMIGO v/EMimTToT AU* THOSU WHO DKSIKB INVOKM ATI ON ABOO-T ASTl-"iiH«ral Resource* of Canada, the X(!¡-th-We..t TcrrK«ries, and British ColumfJ?a, and of the {»<> Fields In Ontario and British Columbia, SHOULD WKITK TO ALLAN BROTHERS, Aft, James Street, LIVERPOOL, FOR THEIR HANDBOOK AND PAM- PHLETS, VWWI AKK SENT FREE, PHLETS, VWWI ARE SENT FREE, MONEY LENT PRIVATELY by the I ±TJL CHARING-CROSS BANK (Registered 28, BEDFORD-STREET, CHARING CROSS • LONDON. ESTABLISHED, 1870. Assets £ 512,475 18 2 Liabilities 209,475 18 2 Capital and Reserve. £303,000 0 0 Advances made upon approved Promissory Note as follows:— Advance £ 25—12 monthly repayments Of £ 2 5 11 50 « Ie 4 11 t- 100 « «« 9 3 4 Larger amountcthe same in proportion. LOANS of S30 to £2,000 granted at a few hour'snoticein town or country, male or female, on mortgage of furniture, trade and farm stock, plans, crops, &o., without removal, and to assist persont into business; also on deeds, policies, and reversions, at 5 per cent. for one month to 14 years. Distance no objeof. Easy repayments Strictly private. Call or write. NOTICE.—Before applying elsewhere ask any Solicitor, Auctioneer, &c., in England or Wales knowing this Bank, and you will at once find out you are treating with an old established (1870) safe and bona fide Bank. Having large capital we do business cheaper than others. No good loan ever refused. TWO-AND-A-HALF PER CENT. INTEREST allowed on the minimum monthly balances of CUR. RENT ACCOUNTS when not drawn below JE20 Deposits of .£10 and upwards received at 3 per cent. per annum payable at 14 days' notice. Subjectto3months'noticeof withdrawal 1; percent "6 Ie 6" 12 «« 6 &C Interest paid quarterly free from Income Tax Depositors have no liability whatever, and are 1 amply secured. Prospectus free. JIlt". A. WILLIAMS, Manage yWOETH A GUINEA A BOX. w FOR ALL BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDER SUCH AS SICK HEADACHE- WEAK STOMACH IMPAIRED DIGESTION- CONSTIPATION. LIVER COMPLAINT 1 AND FEMALE AILMENTS. CONSTIPATION. LIVER COMPLAINT AND FEMALE AILMENTS. LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. Beecham's Cough Fills, For COUGHS ASTHMA, and a CHEST AFFECTIONS, In Boxes, 91d., Is. lid., and 2s. 9d. esob Beecham's Tooth Paste, EFFICACIOUS, ECONOMICAL, CLEANSES THE TEETH, PERFUMES the BREATH In Collapsible Tubes, lB. each. Prepared only by the Proprietor, THOMAS BEEOHAM, St. HELENS, LARIOAAHLTOJ SOLD BY ALE DRUGGISTS AND PATENT MEDICINB DEALBBS EVBBYWHBBB. "FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE." i IF THE MISCHIEF 18 IN THE BLOOD I KNOW OF A CERTAIN CURE, c LARKE'S BLOOD MIXTURE, THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER. Frongooh Issop, Llechryd, Cara;6auankfc, March 16, 1896. "Gentlemen,-I write to thank you for the great I benefit I received through taking Clarke's Blood Mixture. I had suffered for over eighteen months i from ulcerated sores on my leg. and was unable to 1 Walk about the houae without crutches. During the j above period I had been treated by doctors, and J had tried all sorts of remedies, but none did me any good. At the latter end of last year I was recommended to consult a noted person for such*, maladies in Glamorganshire; I went there and re-, mained under his care for several weeks, but had to return home despondent, without having derived any benefit. A day or two after I returned home, Mr Jones, our police officer, called, md asked how I was, and I told him my experience in Glattoigan- shire. He replied 'If the mischief is in the hlod I know a certain cure, Clarke's Blood Mixture.' After further conversation I made up my ifiind to give it a trial, and shall never forget the day. In less than six weeks, and before I finished taking the second bottle, I was perfectly cured, and never felt better in my life. Eve.t since I have been able to attend to my household duties without the slightest difficulty -whatever,—Yours truly, "ANN THOMAS." 4, Greenfield-street, Govan, Glasgow, Jan. 6,1897 "Dear Sirs,—1 feel in duty bound to add my testimonial in favour of Clarke's world-famed Blood Mixture. I have suffered for three years and six months with a dreadful sore on my upper lip and chin. I was forced to go to the Skin Hospital, in Elm Bank-street; they did not do any good to it. Then I tried most of all the principal institutions in Glaxgow, and lastly the Skin and Cancer Institu- tion in St.. Vincent-street, and paid one pound before receiving any advice, and the advice was that he was afraid I would lose my upper lip I received treatment in this institution for one month, and received no benefit Then he told me he would have to take the lip off, but I would not consent, and of which I am a proud man to-day After this I went to the Western Infirmary, and was under a r clever skin specialist I received treatment for 13 weeks, and received a little benefit, and came out and commenced working again at my occupation, but I soon got as bad as ever I then commenced with I Clarke's World-famed Blood Mixture,' and after taking five bottles was completely cured. But I still continued taking the Mixture till I had taken thirteen bottles You can make use of my name in any way you please.—Yours truly, WILLIAM PATEBSOX. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS For cleansing and clearing the blood from all impurities CLAKKE'S BLOOD MIXTURE cannot be too highly recommended For Scorfula, Scurvy, Eczema, Bad Legs, Skin and Blood Diseases, Pimples, and Sores of all kinds its effects are marvellous. As this mixture is pleasant i■, t'.e taste and war- ranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, from infancy to old age, the Proprietors solicit sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL.-Cleanse the vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, and sores; cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul-your feelings will tell you when. Keep your blood pure, and the health of the system will follow. Sold in bottles, 2s 9d each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors thioughout the world, or sent to any address on receipt of 33 stamps, by the Proprietors, THE LINCOLN and MIDLAND COUNTIES DRUG COMPANY, LINCOLN. CLARKE'S QLARKE'S QLARKE'S WOBLD- FAMED WOBLD" FAMED WORLD- FAMED BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD MIXTURE. MIXTURE. MIXTURE. HEN WHEN you ASK for CLARKE'S BLOOD MIXTURE, don't be put off with something else. Many retailers stook substitutes for all artioles in large demand, and pay their assistants a com- mission on the sale of these imitations. This explains why different articles from the one aoked for are so frequently pat before purchasers. V THE Qieen's Diamond Jubilee WHITFORD CELEBRATION). LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS. £ a. a. Amwnt previously published 26 14 0 Sums of Five Pounds. Rigtt Hon. Lord Mostyn Sums of Three Guineas. Mr V. H. Tate, Downing Mr«. Folds, Pentreffynnon Mr W. Healey, Pantasaph Sums of Two Guineas. MrsGreaves, Tanlan Sums of One Guinea. RevGriffith Jones, Mostyn Mr r, J. Pownall, Mostyn Nli-t Sutcliffe, Mostyn MrHammond, Trevor Mr Robinson, Mostyn Hotel Mr J. T. Barratt, Bron Heulog MrPeers Jones, Bridge Houae Laly Superior, The Convent Sums of Fifteen Shillings. Ref W. Williams, Mostyn Sums of Ten Shillings and Sixpence. Mrs Iraao Davies, Trevor Mr Tobn Jones, Glandon Me John Owens, Plas Uoha Sums of Ten Shillings. Mr P. Smith Jones, Saithaelwyd Mr Edward Morric, Marsh Farm Mr Ishmael Griffiths, Mostyn Mr J. Gardner, Lletty Mr W. Gliffe, Mostyn Mfi Sanders, Mostyn E, Brjau, Trade Hall I Fanning, Pantasaph iJtHa#kyard, Llanerohymor ^Messrs. Dav'.6s and Co. Observer' Offioe Sums of Five Shillings. Mr Bakewell, Whitford Mr Jones, Hen Dafarn A Friend Mr E. Jones, White Lion Mr R. W. Newbold, Mottyn Mr J. Barnard, Mostyn Mr A. Sheffield, Rhyl Mr T. E. Williams, Pentreffynnon £ £ r Williams, Lims Bank |«r J. V. Lean, Mertyn Ifirs Williams, Carmel shop r Busb, Celyn wrs Owens, Pantasaph Siss Bassett, Bridge House JB Par til, Mostyn fjhr T. Partis, Mostyn gp T. C. Ellis, Mostyn Wk T. Gosling, Mostyn Quay Jfr Sweeney, Mostyn Quay Ml T. Strickland, Mostyn Samuel Davies, Halendy fir Richard Davies, Pen y quay W Sums under Five Shillings. fluss Pownall fir J. S. Lloyd, Highbrook fir Edward Jones, Glandon I Sums of Two Shillings and 3izp«noo. r Robert Davies, Isglan r Edward Hughes, Pentre r Edward Booley, Bnarthdraw r Rowland Roberts i W, Thomas, Garreg r Roberta, Tre Abbot r Williams, Plas Captain rs Edwards, Rhowl House rs Davies, Swan r D. WillianiB, Shop r E. H, Reveley r J. Simons tair J. Inglis Mrs Robert?, Whitford Mr Japheth Jones, Whitford Mr W. Gardner, Whitford ;*Mr T. Hilditoh, Whitford |Mr Edward Williams, Whitford Edward Ellis, Whitford [*Mr Holmes, Pentreffynnon Mr Owens, junr., Plasucha MT Tbomss Kyffln, Mostyn Miss Cookton, Mostyn Mr r. Ellis, Coed Isa r Mr B. Lloyd, Sohools Mr Reuben Evans Mr W. Pturr, Glyn Mrs Jones, Carmel Mr Bagshaw, Celyn Mr Edward Davies, Psim:fforddbedw Mr Edward Williams, Halfway Mr Reed, Mwdwl Mr H. Jadd, Ty Maen Mr P. Owens, Lloo Mr John Morris, Gorsedd Mr Joseph Hughes, Gorsedd Mrs Jones, Druid Mr Thomas Williams, Mertyn Mr Thomas Bagshaw Mr Joseph Williams, Post Garreg Mr David Owens, Tyddyn Uoha Police-Sergeant Nelson Mr Cazanovits, Halendy Mr Robert Williams, Post Offioe Mr W. Byloi, Stationmaeter Sums of Two Shillings, Mr Kendriok, Llanerohymor Mr Robert Pariy, Trevor Mr Robert Davies, Trevor Mr Peter Foulkes, Pontro Mr Robert Foulkes Mr W. Joiiec, Tanrallt ir D. Davies Are Jo>s. Tauyglol Dr. E. I^an'Jinps to" oiirs Wrlliairs, S £ wp!,|Coch 1!'«- Mrs Healey v w Mr E. Jones, Rook Miss A. Vaughan Mr Thomas Thomas, Garrog Mr Joseph Hughes Mr R. Morris, Ty Newydd Mrs Owen, Wern Mr J. Griffiths, Bryn Miss C. Kyffin, Mostyn Mr John Jones Mrs Jones, Pant Farm Mr T. R Jones, Pant Farm Mr Parry, Cottage Mra Hague, Mwdwleitbin Mra Morris, Pantasaph Mr E. Davies, Highbrook Mr Edward Thomas, Ffynnon Oswald Mr Thomas Evans, Goloh Mr Edward Williams, Holway Mr William Booley, Glanydon Mr Thomas Williams, Glanydon Mrs Griffiths. Pen y quay Mr Edward Davies, Halendy Sums of One Shilling and Sixpenoe. Mr Edward Williams, Pantglas. Mr F. Kendrick, Taalan Mr Enoch Davio3, Pwllhighbrook Sums of One Shilling. Mrs M. E. Roberts, Trevor Mr Trevor Roberta, Trevor Mise Egerton, Trevor Mr R. H. Jones, Pontro Mr Thomas Hughes, Bnarthdraw Mr E. Edwards, Glol Mr P. Hughes, Gelli Mr W. Lloyd, Pantglas Mr E. Samwuya (keeper) Mr P. Jones, Caea Mr E. Jones Hendrebach Mr E. Williams, Smithy Meir. P. Williams, Rhewl Uri Davies Mr Jones, Feathers Mr., Hugbe-, Chapel House Mis3 Hughes, Whitford Miss Hughta, Whitford Mrs Hughes, Lodge Mr Thomas Owen Mr Hough, Penrallt Mr John Williams, PenraUt Mr R. Jones, Bern Miss Wi liame Mr Edward Salisbury Mr Cooper, Tre Mcstyn Mr George Price, Tre Mostyn Mr John Williams Mr Thomas Jones, Mostyn Mrs E. Matthews 1 Mra Jones, Pentro I Mr Samuel Evans Mr John Williams Miss Jane Hughes Mr Enooh Adams Mr Baxter, Downing Mr W. Edwards, Saithaelwyd Mr John Williams, Saitbaelwyd Mr Atkins, Carmel Mr W. Williams, Pant Mrs Hughes, Pant Mrs Humphreys Mr V. Williams Mr Brien, Mwdwleithin Mrs Jones, Mwdwleithin Mr Pieroe, Mwdwleithin Miss Martha Jones, Lloo Mr Wm. Banks Mrs Banks Mr Wm. Jones, Rook Mrs Jones, Rook Mr Joseph Williams, Rock Mr J. Pugb, Golch -Mr Wm. Davies, Saithffynnon Mrs Jane Jones, Saithffynnon Mr Robert Jones, Saithffynnon Mr Thomas Foulkes, Cae Cooh Mr John Owens Mrs Alice Foulkes Mr John Birchall Mr Thomas Williamo, Penymaes Mr Moses Roberts, Glanydon Mr Thomas Jones, Glanydon Mr Thomas Jones, Mostyn Squares Mr Hugh Roberts, Mostyn Squares Mr Thomas Williams. Garden Row Miss Pierce, Garden Row Mr Riohard Williams, Garden Row Mrs Clements, Crossing Mr Abi-alom Jones, Halendy Mr Charles Williams, Halendy Mr Joseph Roberts, Halendy Mr J. Wynne, grocer, Halendy Mr Hugh Jones, Haleniy Mr Robert Williams, Halendy Mr Owen Jones, Marsh Row Sums of Ninepenoe. Mrs Jones, Penro Sums of Eightpence. Mr John Thomas, Trevor Sums of Sixpenoe. Mr Moses Williams, Platsa Mr Henry Parry, Penybryn Mr Thomas Evans Mr Edwin Jones, Kinsale Mr John Isaacs, Trevor Mr Enooh Lewis, Trevor Mrs Hughes, Trevor Captain Dennis Mr Daniel Edwards Mr Joseph Davies Mr Wm. Roberts, Pontrow Mr Evan Pieroe Mr Daniel Washington Mr E. Williams, Gelli Mr D. Jones, Pantglas Mr Holland Mrs Roberts, Penrhewl Mrs Vaughen, Chapel Yard Mrs Joiie;, Chapel Yard Mr Sam Jones, Whitford Mr Robert Roberts, Whitford Mr John Roberts, Mynydd, Mostyn Mr Wm. Sykes Mr J. R. Jones, Wern Mr Peter Williams Mr Daniel Roberts Mr David Jones Mr Thomas Price, junior Mr John Washington Mr William Roberts, senior Mr William Roberts, junior Mr Thomas Davies wMr Enooh Hughes, Lime Bank Mr John Williams, miller Mr William Robt. Williams Mr Edward Metoalf, Carmel Mrs Thorman, Carmel Mrs Williams, Carmel Mrs Parry, Carmel Mr Emrys Jones, Carmel Miss Sarah Jones, Lloo Mr Thomas Evans, Lloo Mr John Williams, Lloo Mr Edward Jones, Ffynnon Oswald Mrs Roberts, Ffynnon Oswald Mrs Huxley Mr David Williams Mr George Hutfhes Mr Hugh Roberts, Glanydon Mr Morgan Jones, Glanydon Mr Mesas Hughes, Glanydon ,Mr Samuel Jones, Marsh row Mr Samuel J ones, Mardh Row Mr Edwin Jones, Halendy Mr William Hayes, Halendy Mrs Cartlidge, Halendy Mr J. Evans, Halendy Mr William Griffiths, Halendy Mr Frederick Egerton Mr William Roberta, Mostyn quay Mr Edward Parry, Halendy Mr Joseph Pierce, Marsh row Mr Thomas Jones, Marsh row Mrs Richards, Marsh row Mrs Whittle, Marsh row Mrs Hughes, Marsh row Mr John Hughes, Marsh row Mrs Henry, Marsh row Mr Joseph Bloxham, Railway cottages Mr Owen Lewis, Railway cottages Mra Oetlor, Tanlan Mr John Williams, Vint Mr Thomas Roberts, Garden Row Mr William Roberts, Garden Row Mr Robert Williams, Garden Row Mr Thomas Francis Evans, Old Slagyazd Mr Edward Williams, Mostyn Square Mrs Sarah Ellis, Mostyn Square Mr Peter Thomas Jones, Mostyn Square Mr Hugh William Rolland, Mostyn Square Mr Thomas Roberts, Moetyn Square Mr William Jones, Mostyn Square Mr Riohard Roberts, Mostyn Square Sums of Fourpenoe. Mr John Jones, Carmel Mr James Roberts, Carmel Sums of Threepence. Mr John Lloyd, Bnarthdraw .Mrs Robert?, Buarthdraw Mr Hugh Jono3 Mr H Hughes, Crown Mrs Rogers, Sara Mrs Thomas, Chapel Yard Mr Wm. Jones, Whitford Mr S. Williams, Whitford Mr Peter Roberts, Tre Mostyn Mr Thomas Hughes, Byohtoa Mrs Ann Jones Mr D. Williams, Gwibnant Mr Thomas Jones, Carmel Mr Robert Jones, Glanydon Mr Joseph Rowlands, Mostyn-square Mr Thomas Jones, Mostyn-square Mr W. R. Williams, Mostyu-squara Mr Wm. Lloyd, Old Slagyard Mr J. Roberts, Mostyn Square Mr John Edward Hughes, Mostyn Square Mr John Davies, Old Slagyard Mr James Hughes, Garden Row Mr Thomas Hughes, Garden Row Mr John Evans, Garden Row Mr Thomas Jones, King's Benoh Mr John Parry, Halendy Mr Thomas Roberts, King's Benob Mr Riohard Roberts, King's Benob Mr Joseph Davies, Mostyn Square Mrs Harriet Davies, Mostyn Square Mr W. Roberts, Mostyn Square Mr John Parry, Halendy Sums of Twopence. Mrs Jones, Plas Captain Cottage Mr Thomas Jones, Garreg Mrs Jones, Old Slag Yard Mr Jacob Rowland, Mr Samuel Hughes Mr Joseph Jarratt Total *80 0 1 Hon, Secretaries: S. HAWKYARD, Llanerohymor, Nr. Holywell. J. S. LLOYD, Highbrook, Nr. Holywell. ALFRED MAYERS^ 8, MILFGRD STREET, AIOL.D. BILL POSTER AND DELIVERER Sale by Messrs. Churton, Elphick 9" Co HOLYWELL, FLINTSHIRE. Important Sale of a Valuable FREEHOLD RESIDENTIAL ESTATE, known as Lygan. y- Worn," with Gardens, Out- buildings, Farm and Lands, situate near the Market town of Holywell, and within a short distance of Bagillt and Flint Railway Stations. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK, & Co. WILL SELL BY AUCTION, AT TUB GROSVENOR HOTEL, CHESTER, On SATURDAY, JUNE 19th, 1897, At Two for Three o'clock p.m. punctually, in the following or such other Lots as may be determined upon at the time of Sale, and subject to Conditions, the under-mentioned valuable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, FARM and LANDS, viz:— LOT I.-The RESIDENCE known as 11 Lygan. y-wern," with the stable, coach houses, and other outbuildings, pleasure grounds, gardens, and land, comprising in the whole 12a. 3r. 31p. or there- abouts, late in the occupation of Ll. J. Henry, Esq., deceased. LOT 2.-A Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY known as Pentre Farm," with suitable Housa and Farm Buildings, comprising together 28a. 2r. lp. or thereabouts, in the occupation of Mr B. Jones. LOT 3.—Two Valuable FIELDS, situate on the north-west side of and adjoining Lot 1, having extensive frontage to the main road leading to Holywell, containing 8a. lr. 24p. or thereabouts, in the occupation of Mr B. Jones. LOT 4.—Four Fields of Superior LAND, situate near the above, being part of "Pentre Farm," containing 16a. lr. 28p. or thereabouts, in the occupation of Mr B. Jones. LOT õ.-Two Valuable FIELDS, situate close to Lot 4, containing 5a. lr. 29p. or thereabouts, in the occupation of Mr B, Jones. LOT 6.-Several pieces of LAND, being part of "Lyganywern" Estate, having frontage to the road leading from Halkyn to Bagillt containing 24a. Ir. 14p, or thereabouts, in the occupation of Mrs Tapley. LOT 7.—Two Valuable FIELDS, situate between Lots 1 and 6, having frontage t j the same road, in the occupation of Mrs Taplty, together with the COTTAGE and GARDEN belonging thereto, in the occupation of John Foskott. The Mines, Minerals, and Quarries under Lots 2, 3, 4, and 5, and Nos. 6, 7, 22, and 24 of Lot 6, on the Sale Plan, are not included in the Sale. These Properties are situate in a very healthy looality, and command fine views of the estuary of the Dee, Heswall Hills, &o. John Foskett, who is in charge of all the Property, will shew the various Lot. N. B -Particulars with Plan and any further information may be obtained on application to Messrs CHUBTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS and RIGHABD. SON, Auctioneeri; Mr T. A. BECKETT, Surveyor, 0 Messrs BBOWN and DOBIE, Solicitors, all of Chestarr TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. DO you require your Corn ground ? Send it to FLINT MILL. The work can be done quiokly and well. NORTH WALES AND SHROPSHIRE BILLPOSTING COMPANY. Owners:- The Wrexham District Advertising and Billposting Co., Ltd.) HEAD OFFICES :— 24, OHESTER STREET, WREXHAM. BRANCHES HOLYWELL, BUOKLEY AND ELLESMERE Proprietors of best and most prominent Private Stations in Holywell Distriot. Orders, Posters and Handbills, should be sent to E. P. LYONS, Billposter, Holywell. This Company have carried out the largest Billposting Contracts last year ever given in North Wales. JUNE SAILINGS. NORTH WALES AND BACK THE SAME DAY. The Cheapest and least tedious Sea Trips out of Liverpool. BEST AND QUICKEST ROUTE TO HOLYWELL, St. Winefride's Well, PANTASAPH, PRESTATYN AND RHYL. THE FAST PADDLE SALOON STEAMER FLYING FALOON, SINGLE FARES I RETURN FARES: Deck. Is. 6d. Available for day of issue only Bridge. 2s. 6d. Deck 2s. Tickets not transferable. Bridge 3g. Children under 12 half-fare. Will sail from the Prince's Landing Stage and Mostyn (weather and other circumstances per- mitting) as under:— LIVERPOOL TO MOSTYN AND BACK THE SAME DAY. Average passage 1 hour and 46 minutes. Giving passengers two to three hours ashore, in one of the prettiest spots in North Wales. e- LONG DAY TRIPS ABOUT TEN HOURS SAILINGS From Liverpool. From Mostyn. 17th Thursday 10.0 a.m 2.0 p.m 18th" Friday 10.0 a.m 3.0 p.m 19th" Saturday 12.0 noon 3.30 p.m 21t cc Monday 12.0 noon 6.0 p.m 22nd Tuesday 1.0 p.m 5.30 p.m 23rd" Wednesday 2.0 p.m 6.30 p.m 24th" Thursday 3.0 p.m 7.30 p.m 25th Friday 4.30 p.m 8.0 p.m 26th Saturday 5.0 p.m 9.0 p.m *28th Monday 8.30 a.m 10.30 a.m 44 6.15 p.m 9.0 p.m 29th Tuesday 9.30 a.m 9»0 p.m *30th Wednesday 10.0 a.m a.ig pmBa Southport every Sunday at 3 p.m. Return fare Is. 6d. ijgT May 29th, June 14th, loth, 28th, 29th and 30th, Long Day Excursion from Liverpool to Mostyn and Baok. ijggp May 29th, June 14th and 28th, Long Day Excursion from Mostyn to Liverpool and Baok. Refreshment on B"ard at Moderate Charges. For further particular- K Telephone No. 2334 FLYING FALCON STEAMSHIP Co., Ltd., 27, Water-street, Liverpool. #3" LADIESI T ADIES REQUIRING ASSISTANCE and TF"F i L< all FEMALE AILMENTS. IRREGTTTARTTTFS- SUPPRESSION8 and OBSTRUCTIONS tbShe most valuable mformahou whereby difficulties are over- SkAORDINARY MKmf or Long-Standing. THIS in ICINE has m8t with immense nJri P8 0F CASES after all others have failed. Read these extracts from Testimonials :— Dear Madam,-Kindly send me a bottle of your medicine nnf Jui ■' vT ve tried them before; on one occasion they put me right with FOUR DOSES AFTER SIXTEEN WKKKS, ana another tame ORB DOSE DID ME GOOD,—Mrs L.T NEWOASTLE-ON-TYNE. Dear Madam,—My case was a very obstinate one of EIGHTEEN WEEKS, but with perseverence and your good advice I am happy to say I got relief.—Mrs M.J. YORK. Dear Mrs Dasmailt-I received the medicine and pills safely. The last I had proved effectual after FIVE MONTHS' SUPPRESSION AND ANXIETY.—Mrs A'.B, The above, and Thousands of similar Testimonials guaranteed Genuine UNDER A PUJTALTY or £ 1,000, Abandon not hope; here you will find a Genuine SPECIALITY and CURE. Failure impossible. Si-nd stamped addressed envelope for particulars. A, DASMU-, IWx, 887, Langdale" House, Walthamstow, LQtuUu*