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HUGH WILLIAMS. TAILOft AND DRAPER, CHAPEL PLACE, DENBIGH. Begs to inform the public generally that he has on view an excellent ASSORTMENT OF NEW GOODS o the latest design, and of the best quality that money cau procure. LIVERIES of every description execut on the shortest notice. Riding Breeches, a. Speciality. H.W. being a practical Tailor and Cutter (holder of a Diploma) and having a staff of experienced work- men fit and style is guaranteed, consistent with MODERATE CHARGES. A TRIAL ORDER RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. DE M4 ASK FOR 'CAMBRIAN' SODA WATER, FROM THE NOTED ARTESIAN SPRING, RUTHIN Write for particulars— Address—Manager, Cambrian Works, Ruthin, North Wales. T. J. WILLIAMS' GREAT ANNUAL SALE COMMENCED MONDAY, JANUARY 30TH, And to be continued throughout February. TJHE IMMEJMSE STOCK In all Departments, at both Establishments, will be Sold at ENORMOUS REDUCTIONS. IMMENSE Stock of Wall Papers From 2d. to 2s. 6d. per piece. All Goods marked in Plain Figures. T. J. WILLIAMS' Motto is:—'Not to Advertize to Sell, but to Sell to Advertize.' Terms—Casli. 30 <% 34, HIGH STREET & TEMPLE BAR, DENBIGH. ..r.(,ooiY ■wnmwHWHWB ■H VI |l 11 II H 11111- ill I I11 tV|l HH VlllilllfinlUUILlUUIuiVI I' Lkt4CE.T 1'4A-1 281- TO N I C W 1 N E CIF TONIC VALUE-: TAKE A GLASS BfcFORE MEALS Sold by A. ANDREWS, Wine & Spirit Merchant, Denbigh. r~ Q r~' Balm o Gilead fu \J| I |\VJ3 Ll O GEORGE'S PILLS i mi," "They are more than Gold to me—they saved my life." 'One wonders that things so small should produce such mighty results," PILE & GRAVEL Many of my customers have been cured who have suffered for twenty years." The three forms of this Remedy:— 9o.l.—George's Pile and Gravel Pills Q I I j O Ifo. 2.- George's Gravel Pills | J | j «■<». 3.—George's Fills for the Piles. In Boxes, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each; by post, Is. 3d. and 3s. Proprietor :-J. E. GEORGE, M. R. P, S., Hirwain, Glam. AN ENGLISH AND WELSH DICTIONARY Wherein not only the Words, out also the Idioms and Phraseology the English Language are careful translated into Welsh, bv proper and equivalent Words and Phrases. T > which is added, a Dissertationon »he Welsh Language, with remarks on its Poetry, &c. By the Rev. JOHN WALTKBS. In 2 vols., 1 10s.Od. boards. A WELSH AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY: The National Dictionary of the Welsh Language, With English and Welsh equivalents. By W. OWEN PUGHE, D.C.L., F.A.S. Third edition, enlarged, by R. J. PRYSK With an Engraving of Dr. PTJCHF.. 2 vols, in boards, price £ 1 10s, 0<2.; half calf, £ 115s. 0d nd full calf, £ 1 17s. M. fHE MYVYRlAN ARCHAIOLOGY or WALES By WILLIAM OWEN PUGHE. D.C.L., F.A.S. (Idrihon); EDW. WILLIAMS (Iolo Morganwg), and DW ARD JONES (Myfyr). To which have been added Additional Notes th- GODODIN and an English Translation of the ws OF ROWEL THK GOOD with a Glossary of the Terms used therein. Also an Explanatory Chapter ANCIENT BRITISH MUSIC, by JOHN THOMAS ( Peneen/d waliaj. The present edition contains the whole the Original Work. besiiet, the above important and interesting additions which have been made to t. I one volume. £ 2 in boards Th? firvt potion wan <<»irftderpd .'•> vi: 'nat 1*1*11 v nave Hold for 2*V AN ENGLISH AND WELSH DICTIONARY, Adapte.1 to the present state of Science and Literature; in which the English Words are deduced from the riginals, and explained by their ynonyms in the Welsh Language. By the Rev. D. SILVAN EVANS. In 2 vols.; in boards, price j32 half calf. £ 2 5s. Od.; and ful calf. jE2 7s. 6d. BOARDS OF GUARDIANS. Their Constitution, Duties, &c. Compiled for the use of Guardians, in Wales and Monmouthshire. By j> T. BRcc-.(Am. General Inspector Local Government Board. Price 3d. May be had in English or Welsh. THE ENGLISH-WELSH HANDBOOK, AND VOCABULARY. ByRev. T. LL. PHILLIPS, B, A, Price Is. 6d .in boards. Poperv and Protestantism brought to the test of God's Holy Word, F: f ,-r In the form of a Cateelsm, for the use o Schools and Families. By the late Rev. T. FHOURL D.D., Anwn to the British k Foreign Bible Sooietj. FrioeM.

CAMBRIAN GOSSIP. "'-''-'''---

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