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WOMAN'S REALM. DRESS — FASHION — HOME. ACCORDION PLEATING. Accordion-pleated dresses are going to be worn a great deal, a writer in the Queen says. Ma.ny of the latest creations of the are treated in this way, and it seems as though the spring fashions will continue this yogue. Accordion pleats axe jus.t ,as much em- ployed on gowns or tailor mades of serge as on those of taffetas, satin, chiffon, voile- de-lame, or silk. In some gowns the entire skirt consists of deep flounces; in others of one single flounce made ih flimsy mate- rial and shorter than the underskirt, which is' seen through the transparency. Coat-dresses may be arranged with several cross pleats, showing a plain ban-d down the front. Sometimes the skirt will have the front and back pleated and the sides plain, and at other times the con- trary is the case. With ekirto the effect is achieved without it being necessary to sew one pleated fold to one not pleated; it iseems that the skirt is first of all pleated all over, then the parts are pressed out which are to remain flat. A SMART WINTER SUIT. The distinctive winter suit illustrated was made of velours cloth, and was cut on Russian linee-. The coat is long, and is trimmEd with fur; the skirt is long also, and much fuller than many recent models.) All the new costumes show some tendency PATTERN No. 2,543. to greater width. The coat is an excep- tionally chic example, fastening on the IBft, side with a long row of buttons and loops. The waistbelt is folded, and also carries the buttons and loops. The efteeves are plain, and widen out a'trifle at the wrists. LEATHER COATS. Some people like to think that if women no longer wear high leather boots in the winter it is because of the scarcity of leather and the high prices it reaches. I am afraid, writes Francoiee Jardy in the Ladies' Field, women's coquettiahneas hardly ever obeys considerations of that order; and, in the present case, the best proof is that, if there seems to be no leather for boots, there still is enough foar coate. A SIMPLE BLOUSE. The charmingly simple hlouse below is made Of crepe-de-chine, which is hem- stitched as a finish. The collar is tied loosely in front in the old kerchief fashion, and thus arranged is very becoming. The blouse is out on Magyar lines, and i& has PATTERN No. 2,544. I elbow sleeves which widen oat in bell fashion. The hem-stitching is carried in two lines from under the arms over the shoulders, and it also trims the sleeves very daintily. The laouse-is wither full, and falls in pretty folds at the waist. A marrow belt holds in the fulness to the figure. TO-DAY'S RECIPE. PLUM PTJDDING.—One pound of sul- tanas, one pound vaisdns, two pounds currants, one pound oandied peel, 16ur to eight ounces sweet almonds, one pound fine brown breadcrumbs, one pound beef suet,, one pound brown sugar or half a pound sugar and four tablespoonfuls golden syrup, one pound flour, and eight tinned eggs or dried eggs. A good liberal pinch of salt. Allspice to taste, enough milk to make a stiff batter. Wash and pick over the fruit very thoroughly. Dry it on dean blotting-paper. Blanch and chop the almonds. Chop the candied peel and sost very finely, or put the peel through the mincer first and then the suet. Mix Baa flour well with the salt and breadcrumbs and sugar, and spioe and suet before adding it to the other bagre- dientfiL Mix the whoki together thoroughly. Add the liquid ana tne eggs, aim Deat tDA latter into the liquid for at least fieri minutes. If you cam obtain all ingredients Woman at Home. HOW TO OBTAIN THE FATTMK. We can supply paper patterns each week tI the sketch bearing the number below it Our patterns are specially cut for 118 fII8 designs expressly prepared for this cwam% and the cost of each complete psttini H Ski., post free. Address an letters, enclosing amount it has penny stamps for patterns, to whitefrlars House, Carrrvelitft-etre^ London, B.C. 4. Be sure and mention number of the pattern required wknff ordering. Patterns will be despatabNfl within three d»y» ot the reoelpt «f MS application.



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