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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

6 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



A DDCESSEH. MR. KERSHAW, SURGEON DELIST, NEWTOWN, KTTEN-I)S Mr. COWAN'S, Chemist, 18, Broad 6,3q Street, Welshpool, every Monday from 11 to V j," atients attended at their own residences Li meiu- fro allidloes-Everv Saturday, at Long Bridge St., LjJJ3° to 7.15. 1(1 tli r—^liss Jones, Bridge street, first Friday e Qionth. etlts attended Dailv at his Residence, Croesawdy New Road, Newtown. ^MMERCIAL and L. TEMPERANCE HOTEL, STREET, WELSHPOOL. ACCOMMODATION FOR COMMERCIAL GENTLEMEN AND TOURISTS. Hot Joints Daily from 12 till 3. 1 | CHARGES STRICTLY MODERATE. ———— L M. REED, PROPRIETRESS t WILLIAMS & KIDNER, DENTAL SURGEONS, AT OSWESTRY.. A ^DANCE AT 22, SEVERN STREET, p.ijj 'every Monday. Hours 12 to LANFAIR First Friday in each Month. NOTICE. 1WILLIAMS & SON tr TOBACCONISTS, aVe the FINEST STOCK in the County of PIPES, POJCHES, CIGARS, CIGARETTES, Hd every requisite for the Smoker. 4.LL Tilt LEADING BRANDS IN STOCK. 3 NOTE THE ADDRESS 4. CHURCH STREET, (Opposite the Bull Hotel,) WELSHPOOL. ()I -=.. X Agellts for the Celebrated L N PIPE, and T KIRK & SONS' TOBACCO'S. Q. G. HIGHAM, FJ, 6°K MANUFACTURER, sfliSct ROD AND TACKLE MAKER AND CUTLER, AGENT AND REPAIRER. hr- FOR SALE OR HIRE. tits (Double Tube Detachable Tyres) from £ 8 10; Ladies' from £ 9 10s. TAUGHT FREE to all Purchasers. IRS of every description. »SALITIES IN FISHING TACKLE— ART FLY RODS, two tops, in bag 10/6. U Cane FLY BODS, 15/- each. PORTING G00DS DEPOT BBRRIEW ST., WELSHPOOL BAILEY STREET, OSWESTRY. O^MERYSHIRE §Ai0 ^RIACtE WORKS, &OAD, WELSHPOOL, °S^ALD ROAD, OSWESTRY, „ ESTABLISHED 1837. Rogers & SON. eI;Two First Prize and Tliree Silver 8 for Superior Work and Finish. OF CARRIAGES OF J.A. OWN MANUFACTURE ALWAYS IN STOCK. It ——— PAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. ^^—ESTIMATES FREE. V' 110'1' ESTABLISHED 1861. GRAPHIC & FINE ART STUDIO 9, 26, BROAD STREET, AND RIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. ANDERSON to t. lheir thanks his numerous patrons for itiK,11*1 florin eia^ and increasing support extended Up ^UciQt> 35 years, and trusts that, by A. p., date4 -^ew Processes in Photography I with the most Approved J^Q^Pport,° Dler't a continuance of their favour G^APHS PRODUCED IN THE FINEST CT> Han, STYLE ^rom Miniature to Life Size. N'S PHOTOGRAPHY A SPECIALITY LT T>OOR S°CCESS CERTAIN. FJ-OOF ^NOTOGRAPHY VLEWS, GROUPS, &C. & Satisfaction Guaranteed. {>] NEGATIVES DEVELOPED, PRINTED, ETC. twesa^ry PaPer, Apparatus, Chemicals, and all aterials supplied to Amateurs at List Co\r0w CUPisS' ^«,»STITUTION BALLS Unfailing remedy (Write for pamphlet). Tegt; For Horses for Grease, Caino Swelled Legs, Cracked beaGaftiiQCkAp- 00., Ltd. Heels, Coughs, Colds, Star- kl' l6>189°- ing Coat, Influenza, giving £ the tone and vi?0Ur' and keeF" jq"1 y°ur Horse ing high-fed Horses in 10 ti t ALLS. We Health, &c. For Cattle &Sheep you like in cases of Hove or Blown, aagiif' Blr*Y R gJUrs H ide bound,loss of Appetite director. ABT' Distemper, Epidemic, &c. For Scouring in Calves Ju*6Pare(j u they are almost infallible. L0F 60 -Vt5arb BY the late PKAWCIS CPPISS, ek)»by n Wwls9d and 3s 6d each, 7 small 10s0d,or »The Wilder1 ^sdicine Vendors, or from Pro- e*&> DI SB, Norfolk, on receipt of amount fuj^moterg of NOTICE. to reque8teH meetin«f8. concerts,&c., are respect- ,°ffice of Sei)l^ early noticeof their fixtures ^°int^Ve will y> .1S PaPer> when, if possible, arepre- 0t,t that se,lf' lo rol'<rt same. We would TLVe Prpf„_J advertised in our columns fe CQU.4Y ?r to ot»,ers. i> rorfv thP f„i,IMES lna^ obtained every Satur- •jv'NTYPRiDn vrWlUg Ageuts in South Wales = EiiARHis Ewan Jenkins, Taff street. p &thyr -y. • r- urn'>■ J ,Qt-s, Thomas street. *N|)AI,e Powell, Post Office. r. W. Davies, 21, Oaklands. STENTS OF INNER PAGES. J^ystvvvtli Al l3-4015 2. Strict news erdoV(iy, Machynlleth, Newtown, fjlij^i^R-of q PAGE 3. 01 Oawesti^6 °j ^r" Hugh Harrison; Llan- p an(^ Welshpool news. *Ocket a ^A(;r iy news; Cycling Notes; Cor- • Jone8' Trew0™6 ^ome to an(^ Mrs. ^amenta Pagk 7- cary news, Agricultural Notes, Markets. PUBLIC NOTICES. B O U 11 N E N G I N E E R I N G AND ELECTRICAL CO. TENDEltS arc invited for the PAINTING of Aberystwyth Marine Pavilion. Specimens of the colonrs required and Specifications may be seen at the office of the Resident Engineer on Tuesday, May 26th, between the hours of 12 noon and 6 p.m. The lowest or any Tender not neces- sarily accepted. MONTGOMERYSHIRE SUMMER ASSIZES, 1896. TO JCTtOns, PROSECUTORS, WITNESSES, AND OTHERS. "\TOTlCK is hereby given that the Commission -.&- of Assize, Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Deliverv for the County of Montgomery will be opened at/the PUBLIC ROOMS, in NEWTOWN, on FBIDA Y, the 29TH DAY OF MAY, 1896, by the HONORABLE SIR ROLAND VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, KNIGHT, one of the Justices of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice; and all Jurors, Prosecutors, and Witnesses, and all Plaintiffs and Defendants are required to attend at the said Court on SATURDAY, dIe 30TH DAY OF MAY, 1896, at Half-past Ten o'clock in the forenoon precisely. JOHN MARSHALL DUGDALE, ESQUIRE, Sheriff. G. D. HARRISON, Under Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, Welshpool, 14th May, 1896.

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