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Business Notices. .I" REAL WELSH TWEEDS AND HOMESPUNS BEAT THE WORLD FOR HARD WEAR DIRECT FROM THE MILLS. ROYAL EISTEDDFOD TRADE :lURK. ABERYSTWYTH, I860. PRIZE [ED AIB. CIIESTER, 1866. ESTABLISHED OVER CENTURY AND HALF. P A TR ONISED BY P R I NeE S S OF WALES ALSO NOBILITY, CLERGY AND GENTRY \s3|H0HK0 THROUGHOUT THE UNITED KINGDOM. Also Her Majesty the Empress of Austria. SlMlMWBBL Guaranteed Hand-Spun and Hand-Woven from Pure Mountain Wool Only. The IjLjggjSf » £ | only RELIABLE MATERIALS for Cycling, Golfing,^ Travelling, Fishing, Sh°otmg,^W alking, G8Also,WReai Welsh Flannels, Blankets, Shirtings, Skirtings, Shawls, Carriage and Germany. Travelling Rugs. |[NJ)I^Q YALI E. HIGH CLASS TAILORING. TAILOR-MADE COSTUMES-A Speciality. Please mention Gazette. Wftt&V ALL PARCELS CARRIAGE PAID. vfjjliyP PERFECT SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. YjBjlffKjE Patterns, Price Lists, and Measurement Forms Post Free-with any range desired Postal and P.O. Orders, Cheques .—Made payable to J. MEYRICK JONES, LIMITED. Russia. Austria. r> 1 PTAPTUS! » MILLS ] I rALlOKlJlio «s^w-voa» FRONGOCH IILLS. MEY RICK STREET. \SSz$l/ "j- MEYRICK JONES, Ltd., Sntl¿ Africa. Royal Welsh Woollen Warehouse, Dolgelley, North Wales. TO OBTAIN THE BEST POTATOES FOR THE TABLE AND EXHIBITION PLANT SUTTON'S WINDSOR CASTLE. Undoubtedly the most popular second early variety in cultivation. Per 14 lbs., 3s. SUTTON'S IDEAL. This Potato will prove a formidable com- petitor on the eibitiOll stage. The eyes are quite on the surface; flesh white; of the finest cooking quality. Per 14 lbs., 4s. 6d. SUTTON'S RELIANCE. This Potato has a beautiful skin, is admirable in form, and the eyes are quite on the surface. An admirable variety for the exhibition stage. Per 14 lbs., 48. SUTTON'S SATISFACTION. The finest exhibition Potato in commerce. Tubers of good even size, thick pebble shape, with f a rough skin and eyes on the surface. Per 14 IDs., 4s. v. SUTTON'S SATISFACTION. For full particulars of Sutton's Disease-resisting Potatoes see Sutton's Amateur s Guide in Horticulture for 1900. Price, Is., Post Free Gratis to Customers. SUTTON'S SEEDS, GENUINE ONLY FROM SUTTON & SONS, Reading. GARDEN SEEDS OF ALL KINDS. Agricultural Seeds f OF THE FINEST QUALITY. I EARLY F POTATOES S- HADAU! HADAU!! Hadau Gerddi Hadau Amaethyddol Tatw Cynar Ceirch Had Haidd Gwenith Gwanwyn O'R FATH OREU AM Y PRISIAU ISELAE. AR WERTH GAN 4W c. Powell St Co., Market Street, ABERYSTWYTH. LATEST DESIGNS IN mtmorial Cards AT THE WELSH GAZETTE." Charges Moderate. HALF-YEARLY SALE!! JOHN RICHARDS & Co., ABERYSTWYTH AND COUNTY TAILORS, Drapers, Hatters, Hosiers, Athletic Outfitters, and Juvenile Clothiers, ALSO LADIES' COSTUMES A SPECIALITY, ONLY MEN TAILORS EMPLOYED, JgEG to inform their numerouse customers that they will give EXTRA DISCOUNT OF 3$. IN THE POUND FOR ALL ORDERS TAKEN DURING THE MONTH OF MARCH FOR CASH. ALSO 4$. IN THE POUND OFF MEN'S, YOUTHS', AND BOYS' READY-MADE CLOTHING FROM STOCK, MADE TO OUR ORDER BY BEST MAKERS. GREAT REDUCTION IS MADE IN ALL DEPARTMENTS FOR CLEARANCE. Umbrellas, Macintoshes, Portmanteaus, Travelling Rugs, Carriage Aprons, and Cheap Mats-Good Value.