Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

15 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

From the Banks of the Dovey.


From the Banks of the Dovey. The relief of Ladysmith was hailed here on Thurs- day with frantic delight and noisy rejoicings. Terrific excitement prevailed throughout the town— boys shouted and shrieked, thé church bells clanged and clashed, and the engines most effectually did their little best to swell the din. All sober business for a time was at a standstill—the streets suddenly blossomed forth into bunting-scarlet, blue, yellow, WbLite-flag after flag triumphantly waving, and everywhere the staid citizen beamed, shouted, con- gratulated, prophesied, and chuckled over the joyful news. An attempt was made to organise a torch- light procession—failing that, to illuminate the town freely, spaciously, even, yea verily, even so far a, the Rectory But this came to naught. A fire broke out at the saw mills belonging to Mr. Richard Owen one night last week. Instant alarm was given at the fire brigade station, with the result that the brigade were immediately on the road with their splendid engine, arriving at the scene of the conflagration in the very nick of time. Xone too soon, however, for the fire, hitherto unchecked, was making giant strides and threatening universal demolition. But the firemen knew what to do, and did it, the hose, with striking rapidity, was steadily playing upon the blazing timber and machinery in seven different places, while the brigade men, rush- ing hither and hither, were enabled to save from destruction much valuable timber, which was in dangerous proximity to the flames. Owing, indeed, to the skill and promptitude of our valued brigade very little real damage was done, and the loss trifling, and when one considers the exceedingly inflammatory nature of the material it is remarkable that a fire, which might have proved to terribly disastrous, was got under so speedily. And we, who saw them return, felt a pleasant tingling of mingled admiration and security-admiration for the spirit which shirks no danger, brooks no delay-and security that we possess such champions to summon herewith to defy the fire demon. Alas! This is how things should have been, but the reality was sadly different. Machynlleth has no Fire Brigade, no approximation, however humble, to such an institution; so we might be all comfortably charred to cinders before adequate help could reach us. Naturally, much sympathy is felt for Mr. Owen, whose loss some estimate at £800. Believing the origin of this disaster non-accidental, he has issued handbills offering a reward for the incendiary. But when is Machynlleth going to awake to the necessity —the burning necessity-of either the formation of a Fire Brigade or some similar organisation, however modestly equipped and named ? A large section of the population has all the requisite dash and daring. Discipline, training, thorough instruction, and the few essentials—are these impossible to obtain; Other towns manage it, and turn out a very creditable set of men, too. Why should Machynlleth alone be so sapine in matters so seriously affecting the public safety? An entertainment and distribution of prizes for attendance was given in the Town Hall by pupils of the Board School on St. David's Day. Everything went off very well and successfully, and there was, as usual, a full Hall. Great credit is due to the teaching staff for the evident pains they had taken with their young charges, who thoroughly entered 1 9 into the spirit of the entertainment. Even the very little ones went through their parts, whether singing or recitation, to the general satisfaction. It is said that the site for the new Board School has been chosen. I was apparently somewhat premature in my strictures, some weeks ago on the town football club committee, and my remarks were not without their good effect, for the team has been quite busy of late, and has been holding its own too, well done players, committee and officials Some capital football has been witnessed in the last two matches, one against the R.W.W. Newtown, and the other against the Newtown Reserves, and it is a pity that in neither case was a definite conclusion reached. But the foot- ball was unquestionably good, and in one of the matches at least, our lads experienced hard lines in failing to register a win. The Intermediate School team too has been active drawing on the town ground -with the capable Aberystwyth School team, but getting most of the game I thought and beating Llanidloes School on the Rectory Field by two goals to one. I should like to see the Machynlleth boys more formidable and dangerous in front of goal. Visitor, pausing near the Intermediate School, and gazing about him in a puzzled style-finaliy he accosts a workman. Workman Beg pardon sir ? Visitor You don't mean to say you are at this job 'still!' Why—you'd done very nearly as much r as this last Xmas!" Workman (grinning): "Nice ealthy sorto' job, sir, keeps a chap goin comfortubble all the time. Big job, sir." Visitor (explosively): "Big job! Big-Good heavens How much longer is it going to take ?" Workman: "Big job, sir. They takes us on by the year, and I never was what you might call a grumbler si: Nice open sittyuation, good pay, not too much meddlin and interferin like. Nice place for my kids to fool round in oliday times sir. Visitor (gasping) But, what are the Governors about ? How many millions have they voted for this job ? Does I nobody' look after you ? Workman "Bless you, sir, we does the work an' the looking' arter, and no extry charge as the waiter said when the feller swallyed the 'errins' backbone. Ther's only one thing we gets a bit narvous on like —that they'll set the bloomin' womin on us by-and- bye then they'll bleat us off the bloomin' place, for womh is maggots for persiftin', sir. Why I 'nows one—('becomes lost in melancholy memories.') Visitor: "You'll hardly suffer from over-work I fancy-at this rate Workman: "I 'opes not, sir. I hopes not, 'eartily. A fair days work for a fair days wage, is my motter, and nobody could ever say I was the chap "Q shirk one, or (drops tools with alarming suddenness). Beg pardin, sir, clock's goin' to strike—wonderful long time she be over it -moriiin' sir." MAGPIE. [Rapid exit].

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