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To Assist the Farmer.


To Assist the Farmer. Attempted Revival of English Agriculture. The Great-Western Railway, says the "Daily xpress, ,is preparing a scheme for the benefit inflSm formers which, should have no mean Tience upon a revival of English agriculture. Up to the present time the' man with a /small 0 doig has found it more than difficult to get a,ir profit for his produce. The middleman and *n an'd bought his fruit, vegetables, airy produce for paltry prices out of all proportion to the profits he mate's; for himself the, big markets of ithe towns. 11, many 4zases, inore?over, the ,?imall producer is Passed by even 'by the middleman, Who deals with farmers on a larger scale, and b?uys en?or- nlc)u,s The qu,antities of for6i, prod!tzce forrn,er has ther,fore,; been p,laceld at a cotn-plvte di99-'d'?vanta'ge, for there is, no orgaitis?ed system? ,by which the, producer can gdL into direct con- n'ec,ti?,o,n wi,th the, consumer. Not only this, but until qu,?t,e recently, whe,it the Great-Western Railway r-ev.4?se?d its ra,?es? for th,e 'Conve?'ar??c,e of farm a!nd dla?,ry produce, the Small f,arm,er living at thirty or forty miles from a' big itckwn hias had to pay far more, for the ?tarr-iacre c?F s?l-rlall qu,anti'Li,es to? th?e market than if he -had,- sent a heavy load from oi-ib, end of e kmgdom to the other. a» 8 ra-'way- have- hitherto given no encour- agement to senders of "small packages for com- batively short distances. Easy Facility. The Great Western Railway's, new scheme will 'IOW provide every fae'l?i'ty Tor the conveyance 'Df farin? and,,d?airy ptodluce at c:hic-ap rates andi aA ,?n.y d?i-sta-ne-e ,dire?c?t to ffie consumer. iNf,oreov,er, the offi,cials of this gre?at ra;-ilr%vay are going to enorm?ous e.?x-pense, and tro,ulb-le to lor- thLo?Fe connet'tin,z iii-ii??s between consu,m,ler alld producer wli:ch are at present lack,,in-g in our co,ininer,ial organ-I s)at'on ,c:, Spc lal commt,- "Viisiitin?,m many issioners, ar l'Icul,t,ural cen,tres ii Englan(I "?,?o ob?tair?, tihe, es, aind ad,?dt?resses of those farmers, d?a:iry- r"e", an?d o-wn,ers of small -hollddn;gs ivho d,es:ro bell;efiit Ithe ,,dheme, with patti?'cu?llars oT e'ki,n,d aad qu?alit,ircy of prciduice they are -?ble Ply. circular, with a fori-R of ap,pl,icatio?n Lo? be 11?e'd an sent to the railway, -i?s beling dis- li,te ro dta!st In all farrr,?lngandi garden?iii'?g str, t, a, great numbers, are being returned, el reqtiired informia?tion, and eVincin,,7 eral d'esire of the small agric'ultur,?.sts to ail, e" ad?NIanltXge,s, of the, new syste,,m. or abo-u,t Dec,em?ber 15;?h ne,)ae all these .2laMI's, addresses, an(! p,art-;Ic,u!lars -will be col- ,.Iecte!ai b -d Pt,iivtec, -Y 't?ile 'Great Wes?te?rn R?a;llwaly, an th III the form of a pai-nphl.e,t, whlic?b, will be s.e,, nit oiat to hundreds of ?chougands of Ollseb?ol-,d,r's in -the great :c?itie- l?t will be a great liat?ion?al ?exper?im?ent. t I'?Ot truel vh?tat there exisits? a large, cla-ss of dw ellers who will welc:cr?-ne, th-,e op,p,ortu- f 'tai?n,ng regular sup?pl,Lles of fresh vege- fruiit, e, s, aiid all? ki,,Tds of dairy, farm ?arde,,l pro u,e s?trai?gh't from t?he, country? fact that, inhabitants of b,,ig cities find 'Sil Ilext to a??,nT)ossil;ble to get eggs that are albov5 ?P"?,iO'I, and :fruit with thet first blooni still 'ra-gra,lt Is .upon, it? tble to expect thiat w,"t,.h the ab It unrea,son. a,b"?'?tiOll of the, m,d,61,e,m?an, producers ,Vill I)e 4t'e to sell at a hi"gher, and consumers to bui- 114wer, price than now is poss,i;ble,? A Great Experiment. cannot answer the?se qu?estioiis at thF?, 'Pre'serit t'?iline," said dii o?ffi;cial of 'The Gre?at Railway to an "Express" representa- ,ve. our scheme, will be the means of p?uttling a test case t 11 o the public. Tt d?epends enlel*rely PO'll the energies of the sm,all farmer and, upoii the c t O,rn,rrllolll sense of the tc)fwn: hou?se-hold-er as the fa-cil-ities we offer are taken ad- if tj 13u-' we are firmly convinced that, le scheme su,cce,ed,,3, up?on l'It?s? n-ier,its, t.i,,ere be the opportun,ily of i.ncre?ased busin,-ss hl,dr,d, Til s of people I*n rural d,ils-tric:t,s." faillo,wing is, the Great Western Railway" rates for cre?am ch,e,ese, eggs, 1-ioTiey, fl I gaowers, seeds, fruit, ve,evablcs, fresh m&4t, d 11 ead pcultry and dead rabbits, in,,clusive, very to ihe 'purchaser W*,thai'n the, com- ordinary free cartage ,b-ou?n,dary. 871b. 91b. l(?lb 1211) 141b 1611) 171b to 30. (1 s d F; d B (I s (I s (I s d ..0 f) 0 6.C 6. 6.0 6. 0 (; 0 6 () 6 0 6 .0 6. 0 6 0 6. 0 6. 0 6 '()0.0 0 6. 0 6.0 7.0 0 8 0 6 0 6 6.o 7 S.o 9.o 1() 010 0 li? 2W.. 0 6 0 8 0 9 010 0 11 1 0 1 0 Above IV., 191b. 211b. 121?lb. 221b. 231b. 24]b. 241b. 7JD to' e" 11 d 8 d s d 8 d s d s (I d 30..0 6.0 6 0 6. 0 6.0- 6 11 6 p I b 50 loo. 0 6 0 6 0 6. 0 6.0 6.0 6 2 0 o 8 0 1).o 9.0 9. 0 9 0 oI 1 1 0.l O.l 0. 1 0 1 2? 1 2 1 3 I S. 1 3 ,be "'I' I)e seen that 24!bs. of produce may e t f or ?lly distance up to, thirty m-Ies? for a iliv,red at the purchaser's 'hio-use. IS, it s lou?l be? noted, is I(Ywer thai-.L? the, par- cels el'iver rates. 1 kt s- is a consliderable amount when fo Sl r, jOf si-nall items. I' would incluide, vace, the bufter, el.9s,, ch,eese,, fruit, Sii les, a,nd p;oul'try. needed f;or the weekly ly, of oderate, household. s a very small slim to? pay for the fro, of lavdng this stock of food fresh Ord' t e?c-()Unt..ry, and the, profits? which would anarily ()Ul 9() into the iiiidd;lelrnan' po?cke?t saved for the, man Affito is ro,perly p e",?,b.led'to have them, s(y that he, m;ght well be to 1"-ay the, cost of c?arr-?iage'himLself, (Dr ,C e h' e)t?t .?S P?i?,e -to, the purch!a?s-er, so that the: iTt? rd -e,d' lot, be (,,ru:inbled at. 'ers l?'Poss:?ble, .)f co? ?' tha,,t some hoixseho'ld- t.lay urse O?c Clare to, send an. order for good?. Person Rild wbc,,S,l whom they may know nothing, may not be of the bei?;t Test of Bo 'rhe na-Fides. e?,'er, t-NVeste?rn Railway Company will, lia,illt to a c,ertain, exten;t the bon?a-fid?e.9 "a?te s arid adid?resses. on their 14st, ,ind pri- Sp., ,,forma ?etor"; tibrl wi?ll be suliypl,ie.,d? by local an- er- 'h w,'lll en,abl,& thi,*Is list to serve to ext as 'a gu'arantee of honesty, and t, a" conli?an?, however, that t s" Of ?the, s,clh,me deipends a good, deal t an?d c-qrelfulne,,ss with t10,e !Sclv who wish to benefit by it adapt r's 10 n.- .dl? -'Or s"rlall d?t,Aons. It will be, i-i 'e- tt el re P,r'od,ucers to keep ab?reas't ec' 'U,,rerneiits, f 0; the?? p,ublir-, and ,av iiee?d?s Of Ih ,k* eir own? produce, in l?g, land pr.e lar ?co"Lll,li par?,iig for sale. ge ',nY the,?n:s,elve;s ?ir,- constructin, .17.'di Z-O(Jds veh?,cles fitteld withl,an ??p-pli'll?e for -,uppor-ting th alid keep, it e water- ts an?p, ('11 well ?ibc>ve, ,'hie 3f I "h Th?i3 will per-n?it a a, Ir to ass, thr<)u??,11. An experiment by -a greait railway company so carefully thought out, and promising to be of such real benefit to the public is deserving of all praise. h will be informing to note whether the agri- cultural ,communiity is sufficiently alive to its own interests to meet thesse proposals half-way. On the face of it, the .scheme seems full of hope for the future prosperity of a class that is a present figlhlting against many difficulties ana disadvantages.

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