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Christmas Shopping at I BROWN'S of CHESTER BROWN'S of CHESTER I it Ii By  Young Lady of Fashion. (have been spending a short holiday lately with friends in Mid Cheshire, "finishing up at my Aunt's house at □Tarporley. It has been very pleasant, and one of my experiences has been pomewhat of a coincidence. At each itff the houses at which I stayed, I was Ijtold that-they got most of their things —-I mean frocks, hats, and even Jurniture-at the same place, II Brown's 1Jf Chester." This made me quite anxious to see a business-house which evidently was well patronized, and, as Iar as I could judge from what I saw, Dot without good reason. I expressed my desire, and so my Aunt promised to motor me into Chester some Saturday afternoon. -,The Chester Rows have always had jSl fascination for me, but I had not -,s"n them since some years before the "War. However, the day arrived, and we went into Chester. I was surprised 1 had no idea that there was so fine a shop in the Rows as Brown's appears to be. The windows were really very at- tractive. The hats in one of them were most artistic in design, and yet their ieauty lay in their simplicity. In another window there was an attractive display of blouses, both wool and silk, and some with very pretty edging of black, terra-cotta, and yellow—a marked contrast to the white material of the blouse itself. .Looking in another window I could not help remembering that someone has said: A woman's desires consist of three things-Lingerie, Lace and Lavender." The dainty confections I saw, and noticed there, were in proxi- mity to some equally dainty bottles of perfume in one corner, which I thought was a very skilful setting, and quite illustrative of the phrase I have mentioned. Yet another window attracted our attention. In it were the most elegant bedspreads and a number of table covers of quaint designs. I noticed that some had Dutch windmills printed on them in Wedgwood blue; everything was so dainty and remarkably moder- ate in price that we thought it might be even more interesting within, and as my Aunt is a frequent customer at Brown's" there was no difficulty in my seeing everything I wished to, and indeed the attendants were courtesy itself. The Christmassy atmosphere was at once apparent. It is quite evident that u Brown's have laid themselves out to give their customers every opportunity of obtaining dainty and select gitts for their relatives and friends. As motor- ists, we were at once attracted by the lovely gloves suitable for motoring or driving—so warm to feel, so soft, so comfortable, that with these, one could brave the coldest weather with im- punity. Then other gloves of suede and doeskin were to be seen, equally alluring. What charming gifts And in their fancy department, such lovely lamp shades of artistic colour and quaint designs, and some set off with beaded fringe, which heightened their at- tractiveness. Handbags and vanity bags in pro- fusion, such as a duchess would covet. Some of these had tortoiseshell or ivory frames, some plain, some carved, but all equally attractive. And the sachets, which only a woman could appreciate to the full—they were beautiful. Manicure sets, so essential to every lady of taste, these were to be had in ebony, ivory and silver. This was indeed a wonderful shop, and to come within its portals was to admire and to obtain. At Christmas time our heart strings are loosed, and with them the strings of our purses, We think more of others than our- selves, and that is the real joy of Christ- mas and as I wandered round I thought of the "boys who were back with us again, and I thought surely they will be remembered this year by those who missed them for so long from the fireside. Be they fiusbands, brothers or sweethearts, there is ample opportunity here to select something for them. Attache cases, note-books, letter-cases, crocodile and pigskin bags, dainty silver ornaments of every kind. I saw some sweet little silver candle- sticks which would look just lovely on a writing table—there is no lack of gifts for the II boys." In France, Christmas Day is called the day of new clothes," from an old French custom of giving those who belonged to the Court new clothes on that day. In the time of Louis IX. it is recorded that at the chapel door each man received his new cloak, put it on, and went in." Messrs. Brown s is the place for new clothes for Christmay Day There .are some frocks and dresses so delicate that they cannot be shown in the window, only inside. Well, I have seen such things both in London and Paris, and I hardly expected that the ancient city would vie with the Capitals in this respect. We were shewn such wonderful dresses, suitable either for dinner or dance occasions. The designs were perfect the dresses were dreams, of loveliness, in all colours, so vapoury in their look, so silky to touch, that I really did wonder if the people of this City of Chester knew what was within their reach. It was a climax to our little tour. My Aunt made quite a number of purchases, ziid at a moderate expenditure. I imitated her, I have so many gifts to bestow at Christmas, but 1 am quite happy about it-I think that I have chosen the right things—I know that I have chosen good things of good material and of one thing I am quite sure- I shall tell all my friends that if they want real good value in their Christmas shopping, well,—TRY Brown's of Chester." LOUISE. 34-40 Eastgate Row, BROWN & Co., Ltd. Chester. SITUATIONS VACANT. Domestic Servants. COOK GENERAL. Mrs Bolton, Chcshara Knoli, Alderley Edge. COOK-GENERAL and Housemaid- Waitress, for Doctor's house; small iamily little washing.—Apply, Mrs Crowe, t. Bartow Moor-road, Didsbury, Man- $h eater. EXPERIENCED Working COOK-HOUSO- keeper, ago about 30; experienced rlousemaid. age 25: family two; three Maids; jMO eaolf—Mrs Redwood, Rhym- ley, Mon. GOOD, capable General required; not too young; Nurse kept. Mrs Hughes, Llanwnda Vicarage, Carnarvon- shire. (GENERAL f four in family ¡. IaIl kept for coals. stc. Widow and Child aeceptable.-The Vicar. Eccles, Manchester. GIRL (superior) Wanted for house- work; good home: smaIl family; no washing.—Apply, Mrs Rees, 3, Miriam Road. Antield, Liverpool. GENERAL required; good wages. Apply, Manageress, Oakwood Park Hotel, Conway. GOOD COOK' required; good wages.— Peacock, Ynysfaig Hall Hotel, Fair- bourne. HOUSEMAID required; good wages.- HApply, Ma?agerc-s, Oakwood Park Hotel, (?bnway. SUPERIOR COOK required, Doctor's house; Housemaid kept; comfort- able home; separate bedrooms; now or aft-er Cfirisitmas.—Mrs Shearer, Bank, Newtown, Wales. rrmUSTWORTHY GIRL Wanted be- A tween twenty and thirty; for small privato house; fa.mily of two; comfortable borne to reliable person.—State particulars So Mrs Sutcliffe, Bron Wendonl Roumania- Drescent, Llandudno. w ANTED Siijgle-hwided Cook, im- r" mediately good wages; three Ser- vants kept.-Ap.ply, Mrs Andrewos, Bron Dwyrvd, Minffordd, Penrhyndeudraeih. WANTED, at once, good House Par- lourmaid wages £35 to 240; two in iamily; light, easy place; five Servants Kept. -Apply, age and full parti- culars to Hon. Mrs Mostyn, Pentreffynnon, Holywell, N. Wales. WANTED good General; able to milk w (four cows); help given.—Mrs Bil- iinge, Meyrick Arms Hotel, Bodotgan. -W-TED.a1-I)f';i;1çed Housemaid, Wf(>r tmaH fanu?y; a? House?P&r- lourmaid; wa?es in each case about EM; -equirod after Ch ri stmas.—Mrs Morgan, Br yn, Beaumaris. | WANTED, early in January, jjood- Vv Pla,in Cook; Kitchen maid kept; wages £ 40; age not over 40 two in family live Servants.—Apply, stating full pa.rti- •ulars, to the Honble. Mr Mostyn, Pen- fcvefFynnon. Holywell, N. Wales. WATED. good General, able to wash; good home and liberal out- ings. -Apply, Fixer, 379, Cfteetham Hill- road, Manchester. W ANTED, Cook and Housemaid- Waitress family of four, inclusive; 'w objection to ?igters or friends; please write, giving age. wages required, and lherwise full particulars; good references essential; travelling expenses paid.— Apply, Mrs Loudon, 54, West bourne-road, ftirkdale, South port. WANTED, superior General, able to Wc,ook, lady. and n; eidM?y pre- ierred.— Mrs Appleby, 161, Banks-road, West, girbyl SITUATIONS VACANT. Domestic Servants.  oi- ??T'ANTEn, supe'rior Servant, before or afkr Chri?-tma. one lady; ,mall house; uniform not essentia!— Mrs Fran- cis 21. Lyneenebe Hill, Bath. WANTED, good Plain Cook; country ?itu?tio)); Kikhevmaid kept; bak- ing; no dairy. A. "North JiNJaJes Chronicle'' Office, Bangor. M iscellaneous- BANGOR. Mrs Williams, Registry JD Office for Servants, 216, High-street, (Stamp for reply). GOOD Body-maker; also Wheelwright, used to bodymaking; Coachpainter I and Coachpainter- Labourer. Apply, Rhyl and Griffin Carriage and Motor Works. Rhyl. -u LADIES requiring Maids and Maids wanting Situations, should consult Bangor District Servants' Registry (Mrs Hughes), Paris House. References essen- tial. Replies: Stamped envelope. LINO OPERATOR Wanted, immediate- ly; knowledge of Welsh preferred, but not absolutely necessary. Address, Foreman, "North Wales Chronicle," Office, Bangor. MAN and WIFE Wanted; Man ex- perienced in Mixed Farming; Wife for housework; good home. Apply. sta- ting age and wage required, to Roberts, Blaenau," Rbydvmairi. near Dolgel/e:- WANTED Caretaker and Cleaner for St. James' Church; Salar3- L26. Apply to the Vioar. WAN TED, fir4-c!a' Hodymaker and Painters.—Jones Bro.. Bangor. I Wf ANTED, superior,, capable Single- » » handed Nurse; two children (six and one year) need)ewoman good references, j -App!y, Mrs Petmen, Ulanrhyd, PZ?? dawe. W ANTEI), at once, Shorthand- Typist.—Jones Bros., Bangor. YOUNG GIRL Wanted for general I house work.—Apply, Miss Munslow, BeUo Horizonte. Carmel. Hotyw?u. W301 YOUNG LADY CLERK, 20 to 25, re quired in an Auctioneer's and Estate Agent's Office; fair knowledge of Book- keeping, Typing, and quick at figures. State experience and salary required to. Ernest Jones, Auctioneer, Rhyl. 60183 H.M.-FOOT GUARDS. WANTED, immediately, smart Re- oruits of excellent character for His Majesty's Foot Guards. Age 18-25 years. Height 5ft. 7in. and upwards. Service three years with the Colours and nine years in the Army Reserve. Pay commencing at 19s 3d per week, rising to 22s per week for privates. Opportuni- ties for advancement up to L4 185 per week. For full particulars apply to the nearest Recruiting Office, or, Headquarters, Bri- gade of Guards, Wellington Barracks, Buckingham Gate, London, S.W. THE KING S COMPANY. WANTED, immediately, a number of Recruits, of excellent character, to fiU vacancies in the King's Company of the Grenadier Guards. Age 18-25 years. Height 6ft. and upwards. Service three years with the Colours and nine years on the Army Reserve. Pay varies from 19s 3d to £4 18s per week. Far full particulars, apply to the nea-rest Recruiting Office; or Headquarters, Gren- adier Guards, Wellington Barracks, Buck- ingham Gate, London, S.W. POULTRY. EGas. ao. OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice, sur- passes everything yet introduced for poultry. Sold by M. Roberta and Co., Chemists, Bangor. ONE-TENTH of a farthing per bird per day is a.ll Kill's wood Spice costs. And it produces eggs galore. Packets 2d, 7d,. Is 3d.—Owen, 31. Castle-st., Beau- maris. PULLETS lay we]] in bad weather if JL Karswood Poultry Spice is added to soft mash. Prove it to your profit. Packets 2^d, 7id. ls 3d. 0. Robert.s. Chemist. Menai Bridge. ? If* a Week profit was made from six ,) h0m by one poultr3? -keeper after using Karswood Poultry Spice daily. Packets 2d, 7àd. Is U.-IIoyd Williams and Co.. United Stores, Beaumaris. T-E Hon. Mrs Stapleton Cotton, Plas JL Llwynon. Llanfair P.G., has spk-n. did Brown leghorn Cockerels; Pedigree; May hat-ched; £1 each. HORSES. CAttRtAOet. *e. FOR SALE, a small Governess Car and Harness (complete), in perfect con- dition.—Apply, Griffiths, Ynysgain Fawr, Criecieth. FOR SALE, two Spring Carts, as new suitable for Grocery Business: carry-, ing capacity, 25-30 cwts.—Apply, J. and D. Chronicle" Office, Bangor. HOUSES WANTED. WANTED to rent good House with Kitchen Garden and small piece Grass Land (or Small Holding) must be convenient- for school attendance. Bangor. -Addr?s, Box 5348," "'Chronicle" Ofnce, Bangor. WANTED, immediately, to Rent, in WBangor, Hou"e under £ 30 rental.— Address, "5675," "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. CLERICAL- PARISH OF GLANOGWEN. Col- JL league Wanted, bilingual. Apply, Rev. R. Rhys Hughes, Glanogwen Vicar- age, Bethesda. SENIOR CURATE Wanted for Holy- head; Stipend up to P240 according to quaiificataons.-Apply, Vicar, Holyhead. BUMNMS WANTED. LADIES and GENTLEMEN desirous of Selling their Businesses would do well to consult P. Jolly and Co., Cathedral Building, 207, High-Street, Bangor. We have clients waiting for Farms, Cinemas, Hotels, Creameries, Confectioners, Sta- tioners, Tobacconists, Drapers, Ironmong- ers, GreogTvcers, Apartment Houses; in fact any kind of Business. No Sale. No pay- PIGS FOR SALE. rfTHE WARREN HERD of Pedigree A Large Whites; Boars and Gilts for Sale. The Sire and Dams of these Pigs were purchased at high prices from Sir Gilbert Greenall's herd.—For full parti- culars of breeding and prices, apply, H. T. Williams, Warren Hall, Broughton, Chester. 59746 C Hl:tlgTM.A,S HOLIDAYS.-Treewtdi, Bull Bay, Anglesey, will have Select Party with Special Menus; Entertain- ments, Whist Driv, Dances, Concerts, Golf, Sheeting..Write for Booms now. MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &c. MORRISS-LONDON! MORRŒS-LOXDO: MORRISS—LONDON I 2-3 Seater Clover-leaf LM5. 4 Seater Coupe i;46D. 12 -16 h.p., disappearing Hood and L Screen, magneto ignition, electric self-starting and lighting, Wrro Detach- able Wheels, Adjustable Front Seats, etc. DELIVERIES COMMENCE MARCH. RETAIL AGENTS INVITED. Sole Distr-ibutors for V?'ALF,S an d i ON' WALES and MONMOUTHSHHiE: DA VIS' GARAGE, BARGOED, GLAl. (Tel. 4). A RGYLE Open Touring F)Te-Seater, 15 h.p., five Lamps, one man Hood Tyres good, Owner-driven, Body fgrev, and in good running order; trial given: what o£rer'F, Taylor, Queen's Garage, Newport, Mon. CARS, Motor Cycles or Push Bikes repaired Of timed up by competent man; 16 years' experience; three years re- pair workshops in France; Agent for all leading makers and dealers; asses-ories supplied at shortest notice; nothing too large or small. J. Parkinson, Hotel Garage, Benllech Bay. Anglesey. ON SALE, 20 Lurrin 8-cwt. to 16-cwt.; all good condition; four Ralli Cars, eight Governess Cars, Cart Gears, Chains, Harness; various sizes; cheap. Apply, Edward Orrell, Manchester-road, Ince, Wigan, Lancashire. 'Phone 412, Wigan. "Adaptors" give easier starting. 30 per cent. Tnote mileage, perman- ently clean plugs; (nice £ 5.—Solo North Wales Agents: Ruabon Garage, Ruabon. I APARTMENTS WANTED. HOLYHEAD. Geritdeman requires Furnished Apartments, including board, in good locality; permanent, if suitable.—^ rite, stating terms, etc., to Box 5827." "Ctironide"- Office, Bangor. } SHOOTING. WANTED to rent, from 22nd Decem- ber to 2nd January, good Rough Shooting; two guiw?.—State full particu- lars to Naval Officer, care of Millington, Pitsford. Korthampton, LOST. BLACK SILK HANDBAG, illiti.a.1 "E" outside, containing Money, White Gloves, etc., in Bangor, on Friday, Dec. 5th, between Bayne atW Daxgic's, Holyhead-road, and Station.—Return to Police Station. Bangor. Reward offered. AOENTS WANTED. AGENTS earn a pound a day; solicit subscriptions; whole or spare time. —Write. A. W. L., 54, New Oxford-sit., London. '■ HOTEL TO LET. MALLWYD HOTEL.—To be Let, from Lady Day next, the Peniaxth Arms Hotel, MaLlwyd, Merioneth, with Farm Lands of about 107 acres. The Hotel con- taim four Reception-rooms, Bar, Kitchens, Dairy, CeDar, etc., twelve Bedrooms, Attics, two Bathrooms, two W.C.'s, etc. The Outbuildings are good and afford ample accommodation. Offers to pur- chase this property would be considered. —Apply to Mr W. H. Morris, Land Agent, Chirbury, Shropshire. MISCELLANEOUS. Trade advertisements under this are charoed at trade rate. APPLES.—Bost Ea?)Lsh varicties;  choicest dcssett and Hnest large cooking, warranted all carefully hand- gatiieirod and selected, perfectly packed, 7!bs.. 3s; 281bs., 9s 6d; 56lbs., 18s carriage paid; complete sa-tisfactio.I entirely guar- anteed. — Padiield, 20, Chantrey-street, Andovcr. CIlGARETTEiS, Apples, Oranges, To- 3 matoes, Chocolates, Sweets, for Sale at Evans' .Stores, adjoining Old London House Temperance Hotel, High-street, Bangor. FOR SALE, small American Organ, sweet tone tMason and Hamiin), two complete sets Reeds and six Stops; price £ 16.—Address, Box 5715, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. 15 H.P. Crossley Gas Engine and JLw Suction Plant; complete; excellent; condition £ 115.—Arthur Hurley and Sons, Toudu. 1231: FOR PIGS there is nothing to equal Thorleys Food as a conditioner. ooo GOVERN.\IENT Water-proof a Rubber Sheets, very little used, 6ft. by oft., 2s 6d; 6ft. by 6ft., 5s; post free.- Gasson' s, Government Contractors, Rye. 2C)OO GOVERNMENT Water-proof t"d Rubber Aprons. Will send one post fiee for 2s.-Gasoon's, Government Con- tractors, Rye. IDOOFINCT;ROOFING '—Tarpaulin, Rsu'table for coverings of Poultry, Pig, aud Out-houses; large pieces, 15s cwt. Gasson's, Government Contractors, Rye. ELECTRIC BELTS.—Make your own Eat a cost, of Is complete instructions Is 3d.— Hawkings Bros., 56, Maidstone-rS., Grays, Essex. L EFT-OFF CLOTHING bought, of -LJ every description best prices given will call on receipt of post-card distance -110 object.—Mrs F. Sweet, 22, Victor-road, Colwyn- Bay. 59689 TARPAULINS. Large quantity of Railway Truck Tarpaulins, titted with Lashes, very little used, well oiled and dressed; size about 19ft. by 16ft., 70s each.-Il. J. Gasson, Rye. g M: OLESKIS. 100s per 100. Rabbits^ Hares, Foxes, Badgers, also Wanted. Cash same day. Write for Price List.— D. L. Richfeld and Stone (1919), Ltd., 112, New Oxford-street-, London, W.C. 1. WANTED Bicycle, suitable for child Wof nine. Apply, M? Cameron, Llandegfan. ARMY BOOTS, 10s 6d 1A' r; Army Car- Adlgwi Ja(-kets, 12s 6d Army &x\ks, 2" 6d, hand-kn Ltted, 3s 6d; Army Overalls, from 2s; Army Blankets, 8s lid; Army Boots (new), 22s 6d; Railway Overcoats, Khaki Trousers, almost new. 8s lid.- Army Boot Stores, 51. Stanley-road, near Boundary-street, Liverpool. i;OR SALE Sailing Boat; in good work- ing order length l&i feet; complete with centre-board.—Apply, W. Hansen, 2, Victoria-terrace, Criccieth. FOR SALE, about 160 pounds of Honey. —Price on application to Williams, Cefndu, Gwalchmai. ON SALE Clogs (Wholesale) bet quality guaranteed shops supplied. Prices, etc., apply Liew. Roberts, Church-.stToat, Llangefni. DYNAMO, 7S k.w., 500 volts., 150 L amps., compound wound, open type, r.p.m. 690; Pair Robey Horizontal, 12in. x lOin.; 20C yards 1914 Armourod Cable; all Tools, oomplete-fiiie tools.—David M. Davies, Caer street, Swansea. 1:5 -NIOLF.SKI-NS.-Milliaii Skm's Want- od. Five Pounds per 100 for Best QuaJity. —Ge>rrar<i, Furriers, Edinburgh. rpHORLEYTS WORM POWDMS FOR J- PIGS are certain and effective cures for Worms in Pigs. HEAVY OVERCOATS, brown, London H cut and tailored; 50s (postage 9d); fifty only; money returned if not approved. Send chest measurement, height, im- mediately to C. II. Beetlesone, 103, Seven Sisters-road, London, N.7. W A'TEf) a regular Weekly Supply of I good Rabbits; best price given; cash in advance; aLso Poultry. -Thomas Lacy, 30a, Liverpool-road, St. Helen's. T. nYIIÖRES:-27i; highfTs 6d each, J- carriage paid, send for j,hoto.- Hoxinn Toy Works, Cropley st.. Hoxton. N. 1. CANARIES.—Clever Rollers, Prize-bred Norwich and Yorkshires, Mules, Parrots, Budgerigars, etc. List Free. For catching destructive Birds, Rats, Mice, Beetles, etc., send for List "B." Strong- est Birdlime in World, 4d, Is 3d, 3s. All varieties. Canaries purchased for prompt Cash. W. Rudd, Bird Specialist, Nor. wich. COSTUME, navy serge, West End tailor-made, beautifully lined, new Autumn model, accept guineas; also set very fashionable Black Fox Furs, perfect condition, accept 4 guineas; approval wil- lingly.—3, Aubert. Park, Highbury Park, London, N. 5. BLICK Typewriting Officc and Portable Models; Standard Keyboard; new; £ 11 11s; complete in case. Blick Co., 39c, North John-street, Liverpool. LX)R SALE, Fruit Trees, leading vac-ticg, Apple. Pear, Cherry, half-standard, or bush, 2s 6d; Holly, Laurel, Conifers, Iri-sh Yew, 4ft. Aneuba, Lilacs, Laburnum, Rhododendron, 2s 6d; Forest Trees; free on rail; ca,sh with order.—Barrow Nurseries, Ltd., Barrow, near Chester. OFFERS Wanted for Bradford Ironing Machines, Mirror, Marvel:" perfect; seen locally. Address, 5796, Chronicle" r)Mce, Bangor. WALLPAPERS!—We still supply any Wquaiii?itv, large or smal I, at Net Cash Trade Prices.—Write for patterns (Dept. 230), Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd., Manchester. FOR SALE O'Brier's Patent Cash Till, equal to new, size 18 x 10 x 8; Tan dem Cycle for Lady and Gent; two Coffee Mills, No. 2 size, for Grocers; two small Stand Scales; two Sets Weighs, Iron, 7 to llb.; Flat Brass, l6ozs. to oz.; best cash offer accepted.—Lewis, P.O. Stores, Ty'nygongl. VTTHIST DRIVE SCORING CARDS. folded, beautiful design, po&t paid, 3. 6d 100. Stationers chairge double.— Economic Printing Company, Pershore- strect, Birmingham. RUBBER-TYRE SCOOTERS, &- 4d Reacb, carriage paid. Send for photo.—Hoxton Toy Works, (Jroptey st., Hoxton, N. 1. FIREWOOD, in Bundles, in large quan- tities. Apply. Dixon and Co., Eureka Slate Works, Bango.. FOR SALE, a Wringing Machine and J' Mangle combined, in good order; also air Ornamental Hall Clock with Baro- meter and Thermometer combined.— Apply. Harp Hotel, Bangor. WANTED to buy large and smaM Pleasure Boats, including Rowing and Sa Iling.-Send particulars and price to Pritchard, Pleasure Boat Owner, Carnar- von. FTWDJGHT SLEEP.—High-cla^s Nur.s ing Home for Gentlefolk is devoting one House to iVlaternity Patients for above. References to Doctors and for- mer Patients. The other receives rest cure, convalescent, and other cases chronic or acute. St. Faith, Ealing, London, W. 5. MOLESKINS.-We are buyers of Mole- skins, in any quantities; highest prices given for clear winter skins;-cash on delivery.-S,.d your eollec-tioti to A.. and M. Winter, 3, Falcon-street, Alders- gate-street, London, E.C. 1. 60285 i FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY the SEVERAL STACKS of Well- harvested HAY, of the growth of 1919, standing at the undermentioned Stations on the Cambrian Railways, and estimated to contain the respective quantities, more or less, also undermentioned, viz. k- i Estim'd lEstim'd SRAT ION& Weight. STATIONS. Weight Tons. Tons. 'J:a.lsarn1 5j kion Wen 6 A, Criccieth ? Vbererch 16 For further particulars, and to treat, ap- ply to THE SECRETARY, Cambrian Railways Co., Oswestry. Oswestry, Dec., 1919. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. llHOSMEIRCH, Near LLANGEFNI. S AIALI, Freehold Tenement, with im- mediate possession, PENTERFYN, about, lis Acres, small Cottage. suitable Out buildings, and excellent Land, all late in occupation of rr Evan Jones. Also, two Cottages called LLAIN- DELYN, adjoining Penterfyn.—Apply, J. S. Laurie, Solicitor, Llangefni. T0 BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, Valley-road, Llanfair- fechan, Freehold Cottage called Myrtle Grove, containing iiiee Sitting-room with bay window, two Kitchens, Yard, t-bree Bedrooms, and 2 W.C.'s; small Garden in front; immediate possession. — J. S. Laurie, Solicitor, Llangefni. SIX-ROOMED HOUSE with large Gar- den, Coach-house and Stable, in the Village of Bodedern. Particulars from David Jones and Co., Auctioneers. Holy- head. Your Next Concert ? CANTORION I'EXAF CYMRU For vacant dates, terms and all particulars, write to- t CONCERT DIRECTION R. T. EDWARDS, 62. DALE Sr., LIVERPOOL, Telegrams: Education' L'pool.