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'L ea d er' Classified I Advertisements. j APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OR WANTED, TO BE LET, LOST AND FOFNO. One Three Six Insertion Insertions. Insertion* 20 \Vord«— 1 (I 2 3 0 33 Words. 1 to 3 0 4 0 40 Worda. 2 0 < C. 5 0 FOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions M Words. 1 6 5 b j 30 Words. 2 0 3 0 4 6 40 Words. 2 6 3 6 5 6 BIRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAM AND MARRIACE. j One Three • Insertion. Insertions. Insertions j 80 I ?0 Words.. -2 0 6 0 B.O 40 Words.. 3 0 7 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. One Three Six Iiftertion Insertions Insertions j » "forJ!? 0 3 0 4 6 { 30 Words. 2 6 II 0 5 6 40 Words.) I) 5 6 '? i MONEY-6d. per line, MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT, rT? A?TED, a ac?ol Assistant (man or | woman for a Wholesale Ware!wn,f" eood business abilities necessary: ircn- nonffrv or grocery exix-rience preferred.— X*.ili particulars of previous employment, nK i. wanes required. etc to Box 42, Leader Office. 250A c": 6 MEN AND YOUTHS, {,,rJÜ'ri:D:'caoii;le Cchf'Ro?rFor?man to i I.y;? after 21 pairs.—Apply, atatiiu wages and experience to "X Y Z, 'ht?c of this Payer. "EGA5-9 |"Y\7AN TED, Piecework C?ng to work Ix>C BnJ(¡. Rack, Ci!'(uh'. Cutting Wa?n Oak Stts, etc.: also Tree Fellers Tree Haul. ierf: South Wales: \rith or without own j tackle.—-Hill, *23, North-road Bristol. C59 W ANTED at once, experienced Rook- V keeper, must be enersctic.—Apply, t-.tatins: aire, experience an.1 salary required to Lewis Stephens and Co. Atlantic Ruild- ines. Swansea. 253A5-o 1 .WANTED, Rabbit Catcher.-Write, with > T T full particulars, to Bos D ;l," Daily Loader. 243A5-5 "L^OBEMAN Painter war..ted.- Writ. shins: r JL lull particulars to Box X," Leader <UM'wa.??ca._ ?48?5-5 ) ??AXTED. lal1" a.: BeUi 'Gl?'CGnpry. }' DttU?hor.—A ftJy at Coi:icry. 2?A53 SALESMAN.—Larere Firm ruire a Uve Salesman t.-o market, their ins'?-?'Xti? f,vroduct. ?ith all the Grocers Confectioi?TS. jiairies. Chemists, and similar retailers. Ap. plications only entertained from bard work- ?.<. with ability, MnHdencf. and eapac'ty.— ?Tit.e ftiUv "Crocfr.' c/o Goulds, -.4. • Oxford-street, London. W.C.I. C5-5 ''?AM?MAX-A b?: MaMifaeturing Ccm ts pany require a hard-?orkin? ?c- T; an. with experience a-xE-ongst Hotels. Public Houses, Restaurants, Terupc'rance Bar?, etc., to market their high-grade food speciality Applications only entertained Srorn men wita ex;K-nene<> m nv>,m these particular trades: live, hard-workin" -T.jmbie salesmen.—- Write fully. vtDrinks," ,.1." Goulds. 54- New Oxford-street, | London W.C.1, 05-5 i.,J:1GlEER wanted totako full charge of JPi Ew'ctric Ua* Suction and Flotation Plants in connection with lead and' sire mine in Wales. Reply, staling experience end salary. Address: G&> Wm. Perteous and Co. Ad-:erti*ne Aeents, Glascrow .).5 NGIXE:DIÜVER-antd" t? ta?e chirce 'J of shift, permanent ?nb: no fri?:— •^tate ace. experience, and wares reonired. Box "D 9." Da.ily Leader 247A5-8 ;irlQ6N Bepatrers and Builders wanted. ,i » Particulars on application to the 'Cambrian Wagon Company. lAd,. Cardiff. 2&7Ab-7 fiXTATCH REPAIRER Wanted to do Trade ? v R?Mir*' et Home; 20 <-? ? Jobs Box ?< Da, c/o r?!'y J#acier." ?cSAfr-ft i'i'ŒD. B?od Benchman in ,iilrl Repairs: no pajtchin?. no Rnifthi?; "ô 'fours' vnrk: top wa?fS Paid to Fuitable man.—Anply James Walters. Pontardnwe. UU rtSTANTED. Bricklayers for Port Talbot: S full district rates paid: work nnder jecver.—Apply Beeston and Stevenson's ,jnan,- Sfeaers. Baldwin's Limited. Nevs f'-WorkB. Marsam, Port Talbot. TC rr.-O SMART Youths are IR.equir,-ii V Iftained for Vacancies ax Wireless /i'pera^or# in the Mercantilp Marine — Apuly (for temis Wireless Training Colleges. Car- or £ ?W"E barp- a Few Vacancies for Students p » v to be Trained for AtL'Ointmento in r'he "'i1' Post Wireless Teieyraphy and Tele T'hony.—Anply Wireless College. Cardiff OFFICE AND ERRAND BOYS. (TPBRAND Bor kwanted.J. W. El'am>. J Castlt'-stteet.?wan?a.. 2MA&6 jib MART 0!Bre »r wanted. Shin?rokf-r'& Office; one wlh knowledge of D(.cks fHreferred.—Box "1115. Daily Ikader. ?i)referred.- ,S. MgA5 .'m/AJ?I?D. Stt-ons I?d for Motor Va- t T ADpty Jamea Jones and Son GMt. > 248A 5-5 ¡ M LORI NG. MfLUNERY AND TAILORING. fj £ AILOR-S.—Good Vest Hands wanted; best work only.—F rancid. Approach-road hansel ton. 247 A 5-7 mTANTED. E>periene».? Skirt Hand* An nreritices, and im,>ro\ers: al#»o ?. for Show n^vai —A only Madam [Wrilfin Thomas, Court Dressmaker. 21, Rt. L'rAILORKK.-ES Wanted. inTmedia'tVlv, jt-L Practical Coat Hands. Improver# nnd ;iApprcntjeefi: also Machinfft.. or one willjns :11. loarti.—Peltor and Rosenbanni Union < hambr-rs. Union-street. 245A5-6 ACTED. iinmediatelT. an Ae=;Ptant Milliner.— Williams. Oxford Flotwe. 5-6 WOMEN AND GIRLS. 'IT AN TED, ?en-E?n?ted Sb?'rthand ?'t.'iyHm (iady,. cx?rjcr'cpd, u?dto )tn?uIa."inR.—?rit?. witb full particulars to Box D 10," Leader Office. 248A5.5 rV^TASH HOUSE Woman rrrjuired, f-team Laundry; 25s. weekly.—Apply Matron. Swansea Hospital, between 5 and 12. or after j-6 [I.In C5-5 Bar-Lock Tyt.ewritcr li-JL street, Swansea, iina a few vacancies for i^ntelliKcot Younir Ladies to be tinned aft ?dy C!fthH: efncient. individuajfl oderCaatle l or ?-tp-da.te biisints, methods, in- '■iuaiTe fee unm pcait.ioa secUred, f?i) or rIt^ 243A 5-6 ^DOMEStlC SERVANTS. .G OOD General wanted; country girl nro- \A terred; good waffes.—Write Box 4.1 Lt.adI)ffic: 230A5-6 i"rANTED. Wardrnaid: wages, £ 16 a year- I" cood scrubber—AnnKv between 4 and f » p.m.. Matron, Fairwc-od Hospital, Kiila' CTC rXtrAV^D. a Working Housekeeper a-c< 1. to to 40 yeans, for working man with t\.p kyj k; one aged 7 jeai> and other 14 ycarb.—Appl.v 2. Pleasant View Bwlch-.v- llynydd. Ixsughor. 249A4-9 TED> a clMncharw<msQ..? PiXr M. Lcader.OtJk.. ??eath C5.7 ?OOK wanted: Et?d wa^ca: f a re 7. aid.- .? A?Dl? Gorseland. Kon.b-road. A'?r?-&t- i wyth. ?47A5.? m" 'ANTED Immediately. Experie^d'Cwk I .f.w (lenraj; ?ood ?ac-M and <uth)3?: •arse and hou?«»S)d kDt: man for coals tnd B-ooto.—Apply, ?" Retci?n?? ?rf. jj ?t?pF. B?la.n l?a-?. b. Bntonferrv C' OOD HOME O?c?d to Staid Dci?Mtic X H:p; Plain Cco?inx: Sm?I) L-smilT: f'un?? h id Kept. state Aa'e. etc.. "'f?wt.r- jFn l?adar (fflce, Sran6t. 244A5-6 JYV" ANTED! General Servant (thren hi ?mi!yi.—App]y Mr?. Jenkins (iron- will<)Ws-l -)lace, 241AM, ANTED. C??Rpncrai: three in f&:rf)?: bo ii,-emaid and nursfrna? kept —Ap- f? Mrs. English, Murton Gr?i?c. nj,bop 24 3 A 45-5 "\r ANTER-ÿ;ï;Hoü-aid: nrevious e1IJeri.nce and refel enep.? required — A(;lT I!' }.ÁJ!¡!as Hcu?. nearNcath \\f ANT'ED, Wldow '?-Si!iKte"WQn?n for *?. hon-.t'?ork: sleep out.-Apf? 63 CrMowen street ?Aa5 HOUSES AMD SHOPS FOR I SALE AND TO LET. t?OR ?A LE7 Substantial Leasehold' n?TiF Jt- in?-bounc in Mansion' in good renair; in mediate DoMMsion.—AT)!)?' to D. Harriet J Bov-?.i. 01ICltOI", Gorseinon and PcntKr- dt;5a:0. ? 243A5-9 \.?A L'? A?LWYDD.- For Sale. 2 "Cottar. VT :HUc.inint: the School —Apply Mrs.j) Rcos. Windsor House. Ws-unarlwydd.   ?-. ———  ? 2MA5-? i \rANTED, for three or five years, Unfur- j tt niahed Rc&idcncc. s<x l,edroot, neighbourhood Mumbles preferred; )w?s?.! siou June or September nest.—Send particli- hI's to Mutual." Cambria Daily L?ad?r. i Swansea. ? 248A5-8 <LY?AC3.-Dw'p!!inc-housc. No. 6. Heoly- v^' Era:?. FreEbold, for Sale: )Qcs8ion I cariv in June.—Write (with oricp offcH'd) to K Williams. 2. Termonde Villas, jit. James-road. L'ere'orJ 2<8A5-3 I^OE SALE, at Cadm:ton Neath Two well,  built, ^otivenient. and attractive Eicht- roomed Hou<sef; low ground rent.-Apply Charles Gower. Skewen. 248A'5-8 S^REEHOLD House and Garden I (about J acre). neAr Three Crossce. for I ?Ic.—Ar'n!:v H?'x D 8." U.-ader 24?A5-7 j t?OR SALE, Freehold D?ihKg-hc).)??: five j If^OR SALEs, i^ tuated in .iJ1 th(wtlghfare at Trebopth.—Wri?e "Grocer. Le-wler. i Swansea. 4A 5-7 ]1"10R SALE, Catbedino House, Abercrarc i I 'Freehold. 11, acre?]; bath-room and usual office.?: h;veiv T>0sition: aspect: within-easy ion-nev of Swaw:ea.- Annlv T. J. Malor. 32, Cpii-Coed-road C:^r- | '-?a'. 24?,A5-6 PONTARDAWfL—For Ss?. 2 Houscs; !f'" j I<-??: low proemd rent.—Aoply Wi!. liams, Household SGre", Treba.nos Fontar- i dawe. 244A5-5 ) BUy your House with the Rent: 37.000 i Houses have been bouirht on this t'ys- t tem. Send for particulars tcdtv.- White, j 1:. Uplands-cr.escent. Swr-nsea. 247A5-7 ONE Firm Sold £ 50.000 worth of Property thir. year through Small Advt# 20 worris for 3 insertions 2s ftd in the Cam- Daily lieader. E. VERY man his own L»rdiord Whv not -L< Purchase a of voar own? Send or call for Booklet, Jlv Own House" ITsrd. wkk. 38. Roschill-terrace Swansea. 245A5-6 4/6'- WEEKLY will Purcha? ;?t,501 -r/ U any district; m?.c?:on by arransre- menl-" Landlord.1' Leader. Swansea. TC N'Etv Moulin? Scheme for West Wales.— N, Et%' 1-fou-ir,;r I?cliewp for West Wa',e,?.- Purchasing their House or Shop with tbfir Rent, send name and addre.2*, marked lioufina: Scheme." Leader. Swaiisea ■ 'o? A 5-7 Messrs. J Blcvjitt Jenkins and Sons' Announcements. +• M CMBLEf?-Freehold Hoin convenient ?.t. MtuatMn for ak with e:uly pos?og- sion a0 Ouse ) foc'Xs. etc.i for Sale, with possession Mirt-snmtaer. ^TINCI'T-STREET.—Four Leasehold Cot I t?.s*s for Sale at low figure. SALE. Houses in Pryn-rnad. Eaton. crescent, St. Helen's-nwui Oxford-strew j Gwjdr-erc«eent. Malverp-terrace. For full particulars of above, to Messrs. J. Blewitt Jenkins and Sous, Land I j and Estate AgontR. Surveyors. Valuers, etc., 4. wansea. C5-S | 4. Collece-street. Swansea C5-5 HOUSES WANTED. j ?T?A?TED, Cottage or Uyfurn?hed Rooms —Xc?th or Swansea dis,rict; Matf :?!-?-—L. PhiUjp?. Dolcoed," Cad ox: on. Xosth. 248Af-8 T LAXSAMLFT.-Wsntf] Ho)?< with L and back entrance.—Stata ioweat .!?'i | to Eyausv_ D?iry, Skcwcn 247A5-5 ?,TAXtED. Burnished House, four or ?re V b'drooras, for r't'rMd two years: Up- bnds di41'ict; satipftctorv refcrcnee ;Trl1, Write "B. Daily Leader. 247A5-7 | TTT"ANTED, for month of August. Fur- » ? ninhed Rouse at Mumbles — Write fun pai-ticnlars and terms Box D 3." DaiJv Lcadel: 243A 5-6 j APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS i TO LET AND WANTED. ,\7" .TED,- Furnisbtd Apartment's for ? T married couple at Mumbles, Uplands, or Eood locality: temporary or permanent. Write "D 16," Leader Office. Swansea. 249A5-6 LADY requires Sitt-insr-room and Bedroom, t or larsrc Combined Room; moderate [terms: cerraaocucv: Uplands district — •T'rite n Dsily Leader. 24SA5-8 BANK Gentleman would like toa O.)m.fortaole Home with superior ? ocotue ? a, Payine' Guest.—Please connnuni" t'a? with D. 0. Thcma.?. Barclays B?-n? Ltd. Swansea. 245.\5-6 BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. rPO LET. or for Sale. General Stores, with J- splendid Living Accommodation at. tached; St. Thomas district. — Aoplv "Stores." Daily Leader. Swan^ea. 244A5-5 BUSINESSES WANTED. L T.A"'ŒUN.-War.t"d, in or just off rain street. Premiss suituhle for double- fronted or corner High-class Shop —" K.D, Leader Office. C5-6 j MONEY. f 'Q MADF frr fi.111 r,articllla ?'?'-? a? to how small amounts of money be orpfitably emploveii to give larce ur.fits an;)!.? to Graham Marsh and Com- :>ai:.v. 240. II igb Holborn L/Tidori, C4-31 ELAW, 12. fondon-r,-i(i .4. Cash Advauces from £ 5 and ulJardJO ■"trictiy priv-np. Established 1376 TC IF you require a Loan apply to George 1 Thomas, Manager. ChurCh-street rocmo- Htf t !:U1' Church). ?ws?Eea.. Private and confidential. C6 30 MONEY to Lend to Respectable House- holders; Prhate and Confident.)?).- h-or D Thomas 5 Waterloo-street. Swansea _0 Genuine Applicants c&n ODCI; Accounts with the | J^OUTHESN JHl CITABLE ^D VANCE CO. (LliliTED), EXCHANGE-CHAMBERS :Oueen-«tree! end). 1 w by our business steadily increases in all Vur Branch Offices: Fact 2.-Havinc fhed Lowest Rates possible combined with Fair I'Satroeut for many rears ''if' gradiiitl'y ehmmate the high-charglric private lender. rtnd foe-enatchinc companies Jel. 239:1 (Not a Money Society.) Estb. iftaft 11. Charles-st. Newport Mon MONEY LENT PRIVATEIY: £ :o to £ 10C?0. Reputation without blemish beats bounce. The OM-Esrahlished British t'ir.aroe Company, with offices iri every principal town in the United Kingdom, ap- proved and recommended by the Pre-e bu t not 3 limited comuanv with directors and -bareholdors to consider your application j and know your are erantinp Loans. All) to jeo.poo without Bother, or Loan Office Routine. No Hil! of Rt'e wanted NO Sureties reunired. Absolute Privacy etiaranteed BRITISH FINANCE COM. PANY. ^0. B R IDG F.-STR EET. BRISTOL i 1675 .===- 'e' MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. ¡ "\T10LINS: Vioias! 'Cellos: Basses! Bonffht. i y Sold, or F.vcbanir-id Mr?ic.Strtns'?. j Fittings .'SCCCHSO!ies Ttip ii(?litic. for vpliie,i ??ims.2. Walters-road S?anss?. 24j8A5-8 ?()D? ?hYa?i!C<j.. i.ut.. iiiive now in Of Stock upwards of One Hundred ;10C> ) Pianoforte; iron f'r.?n!'?:?U late improve I !npT):?: in Walnut. Rosewood, Ehonid. or ?ol!d0nhr'?.?s. Prices fromMg"ir)?a? ca&h. Terms arranged. App!v for frM Hst, or call and mak? a personal selection.— Godfrey itnii Co.. Ltd.. 22, St. Helen'ro{>.d Swansea 248A5-8 .n_ ¡ '\TALCOLM Or?n. 7 stod.? mirror top. ex- j -m oellent condition. £ '5 or \illin tD ¡ exciiance as part payment foe ?e?o?d-hand Piano.-Writc Malcolm." Daily Leader. 242A 5-5 | ?pMOMPSnr< an? ah'??-hp)) Md ? ?'as)i. 1 street Swansea —Black (;clhr Piarx? j £ 78: Walnut Collard Piano £ 70: Walnut C'hallen Piano £ 95: Walnut Kirkman Piano I £ 70: Walnut. Normelle Piano £ *S: Walnut I Brinsmpad Piano. Piano FSS. Walnut Hiwkyir, 165 IOS. Walnut Thomo.-iri and SbackcU. Ltd.. Piano £ 70: Imperial Organ £ ?6 5s.: Jones ftrtjan £ 15: F.FPev Orean :Pis SITUATIONS WANTED. COLLIERY "Tr:- Nc' Ö;k and 'Wfie'?'- c formerly fo, 20 "ears ironmQn¡¡-f>r'" I book-keeper and cashier: excellent refer- ences: now at liberty—Fuller. Y M.C.A.. Ammanford. 243A 5-5 '-rOUNDKD:- SoMier p(k" situation as ?t Learner in 0<fic": a?"'?6..E<'od refer- ence.- Wrie "C IS." Da!Iv Lpader. $-5 1 EXPERIENCED Af.-o?rtMt'cppn to En- J gatrenjent to write up MerehantV or Tradesmen's Booi^ 2 and to crrpar(. thfro an'Ut.—Address ?v 2," Daily Leader, Swan. ?? A 5-5 å LOST AND FOUND. IOST, on May 1st. Gold Locket and Chain J between Hafod-street and Empire. — £ 1 rev.srd on returning same to Police Station, Swansea. 243 A 5-5 -_u LOST, on Thursday, May 1. a Bunch of Key. attached is one long bent key Finder rewarded on returning same 10 "Leader" Office. 250A5-6 OST. on May 3rd. Lady' s Skunk Fur bf- J tween Ben Evans' and Market. Finder rewarded on returning same to Rees. P.O.. Peelawdd. 250A5-6 T7?.T. "May' 1? Lody'h Go!d Wr?:)et: i Ij Watch "?'rerch make'. between Castle- j street and '??rp: nossiblv left in Brynby- j fryd car. Would finder kindly retnrn to Orphan," Dsily Leader. 248A5-5 | LOST. 2-year-old Chestnut Pony. H ?'? j Jt-J white stripe on forehead Al?o Br;nrn j Heifer. Finder rewarded. Owner: Jones. Blnen Nant, Alltygraban-road, Ponyir- dn'ais. C5-5 bicigo N r,, H"'MT-A?riJ ??-d. Bit Hndge No. 361.632. jiJ i?wcen Sands ana Oxford-street: binder Rewarded on E«urning to 3. Lion- street! _.?.? 244AM T??ILL Ft:c PprMT. who took Lady's Coat. proh:b!y in error, from last. row o! pit ceats rt the Picture House on Wednesday last, between 5.30 and 5.50 kindly return same to the Manager :to save further nre- c(?di':T-?' C:5 6 T'']LIJ 1<;ilt¡-,X Child wbo picked up »> >eii Ccliar in R<y? Cinema. Thnr?- dny Night, return to Manageress? 248A5-5 MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &C. 1iOK ,-ALE 2-<'wed Kcar 'Tandm; eood as JL -c\ t?arh;n..n. ?15. cr nearest ofer. Ab ?eM'x iiumo?r?Bicyctf. j-p"cd pmr', practically new machine: bargain, £ :0 or t nearest- otTer.-Apply Price 40, Brunswick- | tAieet. Swansea. 248^5-6 A A'i i ,■> h-auipnvent Co. are Makers 11 cf Ali London General Motor 'Buses: j Ai South Wal2 can Gnaranf/e •iM'i:jjr-" iM>livery 3-1 Ton 45 Cb-»ssi?: | Tippin Bodie; 14 days; .)2.ate!' Chara- j bancf; o tecs. -) iin'.t.?atjon :rciai ¡¡(;'i o.y¡;{:i'j(¡.\J(;. ¡L;( B.y.n Tel., ,1, ?"lAt-2-3 Whoicsale Delt. 500 Doxer i 21enV Weie-h Grey Stockings; 600 Dosen Heather J Hose; Pants and Vests; Immwliate De fiTorv.- Pe n hale, 232, High- street. 248 45-8 B~ARGATNS\tpenTiTLE^ B Tailored Mcn'" Suits, Dark GI'Y. Sale Price. 70s.; Ideal for Discharged Soldiers and Sailors who requi-e a Town Suit with- out waiting: WO Boys' Tweed Suits; Grand Selection, froxa 30" Bay To-day and eeeure the P.< st brfci'e Whiteun Rush. Pen hale. 3Z H i;;h ->:trco;. 245A5-8 Ot; Fintf' Beautifvin? Hair Tonic for *3. Purely herbal: far superior to the much advertised hair preparations.— Deakin Alexandra-road. 247 A 5-2 -ï:"OR Ú-!fW('fCrSÚ¡{¡ciy Crn ;-Pïfet Condition; Five Se tei-; F??',y EQU1pped with Au.?tcr Back Shic -A,,)rlv. Roh?rt?. Lk-.ndi!o-r; nd. Brynamm-r.n. 243A6-2 1():1? H P?" 4;;td B(;dy-ii- JLU ±? double iam if ion: 7?n!*h enrbur-j rettor; lamps hood. spare tyre, etc.; all as in use when laid no through war: carefully used, chiefly to and from owner s ofyiec. Stevens. Blackpill 244A5-5 OR 14-16 b.D. Darrar.-a. 4 -c,,ttc,,r i- hndy in pood running order: 5 lamps. Stepney Wheels c-t-, 2 new tyres: naint- work INod: owner driven: EZOO-rc) o Apply C. Evans, 1, Station-road. Bynea 244A5-5 TWO Ford Van Bodies: present sTanda»d type: new; including class screens- nrice £1)0 each— Hutchins 37 Wind-street. ] Swansea. -'d'U,- CTC "17[7E can offer early delivery of m .A-t'iTi and 4-ton Chassis.—R E Jones. Ltd. (Motor Dept.), Dillwyn.street, Swansea. Commercial Csrrier Co., Ltd., 59-62 St. HeiDr.'s-road, Swansea. 1FORD Van. 1916: detachable wheels; well tyred: ready. FORD Tonrinp: Car. 3916. with English-1 -L built body: detachabla wheels; in first- class order. ¡ O-TON Chain-driven Sehlfn Ijorry: euara-n- w teed in first-class order: ready any trial and exnert eynniitttion. j I "1 SI!\GLE.DECK 'Bus. 2.o.l1ter; rca?y' in 2 -L weeks from date of order. I 1 SINGLE-DECK 'Bus. 24-seater; ready in 3 JL weeks: paTlTret! and lettered to instruc- tions. S EYERA 1:-3.t;n': one 4-ton Lorries, with or O w.t?ont tipping ?ear. I COMMERCIAL Carrier Co-fLtd Commer- L\? cial Motor Soecialist.s 69-62 St. Helen's- ?road. ?atisc?. Telegrams: "Garage." Tele- rhone:j[''?r!tra?7o. C6-7 Ivor L. Roberts' (223 Oxford-street) Announsements.. I DELJYERY from Stock. 2-3 Ton Austin: J'L? also 3-4 Ton Dennis. First cheQue se- cures. C'- "1m.! {ERClA.L LORR!ES—Agent for Den- ? nis Auetin. Karrier? Horb. etc. Send me vour innuirif Terms arranged to euit vOnr convenience. I can offer Early De- liverl8. OECOND-HAND Larries.—I have & I?rse A?.?-?rtmert from 1-ton to 4-ton; Dricee from 4176 to £ 550. Send for lists, oi ask me 'o cl1 on SOU, 1- QRC.O?D HANlTCars: nri&es from ZM to ?Si,;7,?. Send -for lists. OTOR CYCLES—Acent for Triumph. Triumph-  E. i)ougu<; Su, A.J 8. En- Held P and M.. Ncrtons etc Get ronr name on my waiting lists to ensore early deliveries. QECdxD-HAXrr?MotOT' Cycles.-I bare S ?era.? to offer from ?5 to .JEl?. I can fix yon up at anv price to suit yonr re- (I iiirpmrnig, Send for llet-a TTOIJR old Car or Motor Cycle taken in x part nayment. or Boneht for Oash ■^end or write with full particulars, to Ivor L. Roberts Oxford-street. Swar.soa.. FOR SALE. REPEA TER Watch. Second-hand: strikes H. quarters: 9 carat gold case; £ 12 )0s. Also .a few Secondhand Gold and Silver Watches at Low Prices.—Bullock Bros,. Port- land-street. Swansea. MSA6-< CJECOND-HAND Opal and Diamond CInst?r Oi)n.l and T)iamond C-l'ist-er Bros.. Portland-street, Swansea. 245A5-6 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. 4 DVERTiSER wishes to Buy Bedroom and ?-L p.n!our ?tit: Write "SppffUf." Dai!? Leader. 248A5-5 f, to !a- ??AXTE'b-P<?t=-b? Boiler12 to 15 ? » ■railor' for t?3 partT- in I the fielM.- Write Boi1er," Daiiv Leader. T^rANTED, Double Palr: Chip Ranse and V1. in goori order. Price, sire, 10.7. Da-vi". Snowdrop House. Pemberton. Halfway. Llanelly. 247A5-7 (1 ENT'S Cycle war ted: 22-24 inch: in fairly I e<y? condition: ?eath. Britonferry or Aberavon area.-ATrlv "Cycle," Leader I Ofncf. Neath. C5-7 COCOA Butter Wanted in large quantities. 2. n('r U, Accept th? ap o"r order, I and r&i) anickIy-—G. F. IjOvcH and Co New- t.ortTC TC ;J-;R-i;d i!(' -.I(or" I r'¡'/I Ltd W'?'dwo'hf Pennv?en Hri^tol Branch at P.^mcawl PT( 'OR ¡\f:'r!O'¡ Kntrn'M or Wanted < Hife daywork or uiece?ork. for P, I 1no Tpee Hauling in yariou« coun ies -ennina,e L'd i<V>rifrrtled Establish •r,»uti Woodworkers PennvweL road Brie to1.. _—————— EDUCATIONAL. I .-¡ -1 PKACE-AM) PLENTY of lucrative posts for DE BEAR-TRAINED STUDENTS. All Commercial Subjects and Exams. New Students Commence any day. THE DE BEAR SCHOOLS, LTD. Castle Buildings, Swansea, Td.: Central 5S7. LEARN Dutton's 24-hour Shorthand: 3s. -Lj per month secures speed of 150 w p.m.: ?(.ieeiTzien lessori Zd.-Dutt.on'¡o College Depk P Skear.ess. ) PRIZE DRAWING. B15HOPST ON Prize Drawing: Winning Numbers—1011. M79. 3934. ?13 :?53. 2?5. 5319. 1513. 3033 116:; 559. 3491, 1404, 1641. 2007, 208 2.344, 2681. 3015.—H. S. Hawley. 250A5-6 BJU-l. 1- -I J—J MISCELLANEOUS. I' R7 Holland Booth, of the Town Clerk*' ?JL OHtcc. Swansea Articled Clerk to Mr H La:.E Coaih. the Town Clerk, is informed that he has passed the recent Firptl I.ojlci- Examination with Horotirs Mr. Booth enlisted iri Aupust. 1914 and after consider- able service in France, was only demobilised in Fehnvar* tbio vear.