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I 'Leader' Classified I Advertisements. I APARTMENTS. SITUATIONS VACANT OR j WANTED, TO BE LET. LOST ANi) FOUND, t One Three Six i Insertion. Insertions. Insertions ID Worde. 1 0 2 0 .3 0 I it) Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 40 Words. 2 0 4 0 6 0 FOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. t One Three Six I Insertion. Insertions. Insertion* 10 Worde. 1 6 2 6 3 6 SO Words. 2 ft i 0 4 6 4a Words. 8 6 i 6 5 6 BtRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAM AND j MARRIAGE. One Three e L- I Insertion. Insertions. Insertions I M Words. I ( i 6 6 0 1 19 Words. 2 0 b 0 8 0 I 40 Words. 3 0 7 0 IS 0 I EDUCATIONAL. I Oie Thres Six i Insertion. Insertions, l&rertioos ? Words. i 0 5 0. 4 6 Je Words. 2 6 4 a. 6 6 40 Word.3 G. 5 7 6 MONEY.-4d, per Una. MISCELLANEOUS SITUATION^ VACANT. I EEQUISED iniriediz,,tel-, temporary Pet- i JH ie"nmaker for 3-4 weelis.-Write Box it. 11. Leader Offi,,e. j WOMEN AND GIRLS. j -+- CHARWOMAN Wanted for one day a 1 week.—-Apply JOhl ItioliardB 2^ i Cradock-street. Swansea. Z2AS.Z1 LADY Agent Wanted to fõell our Blcui^, JU Camisoles, etc.-Rh-pdc-o and Co., 14' and 149. Ne?,jngton Oauwway. London, z ,j .ffflT ED:-ëxPlnCëd'LädYA;istâTlt-f" (-irooeiy.—\Vri*e R.1. Leader OiHce I few angea 307A7-1 ^irANTSD, Yoiniz Girl to learn Postal » work.—Apply Marlboroath-road Poet ) "IXTANTED. experienced Packer and So.-tcr. t't —Apply Baths Laundry. 305A6-30 TIT ANTED. experienced Female Short'iard V Typist to write commercial correspcn- «e»ee.—Ant-tv stauik "(; ;o B<.j R.9. Leader Oaioe. _j05AS»30 MILLINERY AND TAILORING. AOOOD Vest Hand Wanted.—Apply E. A4jC)t)D Ve.t Fi-an-d Wttntecl.-ArrlvE. J'lL Marc!M. 27. U?ion Chambers. IJnj(m. sti e swan-,ea?. ? _302A6-2o i DiiAPERY .Y an tod, a Smart Y<'U!? j D L34.V ae P.n Apprentice to Fllncy Drapery; So Premium.-—Ai^iy personally, John Kictards .Drapers, 2, Craao-sI;-«tr«et, bn 366A7-1 Reauired in short hours; Koori wages: DuriuaneLi<,Y.-W rite Box R.I. I,e'ad Office. _??_ ? 'W' i.:iN"ifE"fi: Itni)-,jver or Juii?Icr. r —Apply etatine wa.gM. W. Jaa?os and Son 94 &Bd 100, Woodfte1ùb'eet. Morri?ton. ? AIM Apprentice. 06-27 i HOUSE-KEEPERS. WANTED, Housekeeper used t-o fari-i tV work able to raijkiner: t.oh,ndid home- "J1: about sW; only 3 in family; Welsh nrei'■ ferred.—Aooly Willi ame Lianant Farm, Gorseinon*. 305A&-30 DOMESTIC SERVANTS. 'AMMANFORD.-Rdiable M:á-ÚC-'VantP.{I: ?1. ttE? 120 to do Uouaework.—Write, civ- 'iJl refereuct? ai?,i stating wa-Gs i?(<uired R.IS. Leader Office, fewamea. S06A7-1 MAID W a n t e d.—R ea pec ta b 1 e Gin V. t. r" to assist in home; siaall fanuly .-1.. PPlv to Mrs. David, at Maesycoei. Pontardulah. 3U2A6-28 r r liNPORARY Cook-Gerieral Wontec. for J. family cointc to Farmhouse near the ,es.. neÜOlbourhood of S\va.n«ea, for uJtly; wa^es.—Apply 67. Laton-crcscent. JJ5.1.5-2.j jVvTANTED, all-round .MjaJ? AsMRta?t.— -TV. Apply J. A. M<n ;Í&. (Xrocer. ?1. Dill- reet. J07A7-1 ''?t/'AXTED, a, £ C>od General Servant..— y? A<?D? ?????? H??:&.U<.i-bart Mreet. ?ontArd&we. C7-1 WANTED, good General Servant. s!v. I f oiit.-Appiy E Coakky. 1. Goat-street. Syajjsea. 3tijAo-17 ~\7s7"ANTED. Cock-General —Apply Mrs- »J. V V T. Davits, Kil^reen, Casweli-road 11.umblet1. 306A6.21 -A-i-ANTED. & gxxxl General; also liouse.- Vt. maid V. aitresses.—Apply Mrs. Owen Boveno. Iiandrindod Wells.  J06A7-1 '\??..STED. &t once, ??"'nK Sv.uilery A'rri t V for )a"?e Private Ho?He.—Please app]v watil)g particulars to Housekeeper. Benbain Valence. Newbury. Berks. 3C5A5-25 "f"i\i ATEDa- good General.—State traces and references, to Mrs. Jenkins. Grocery Stores. Brynamiuau. 303A6-Z7 •"VVTANTED, Cook-General; small f: if t V; Apply Sitaone. 82. Eaton-grove. J0A6-25 MEN AND YOUTHS. 4 BOOT T.e- auired.—Api iy Manager. Saxone Shoe Cu. Ltd.. Swansea, 303A6-25 (;I.NLERS Waute.,I: rtomdard rate 1: 8d <-F hour. We supply Doors, Windows, Woodwork. Timber of all deacriprious.-C. JenninK3 and Co, Ltd., Bristol. C7-10 MANAGING Clerk Wanted for Metal It. Merchant's Office, capable of conduct- inir corresnoadence.—Statw age. experience, icferences and salary reauired. to Box P16. Leader. Swansea. 302.4.6-26 fA jxiAOTION Ecsrine Drivera Wanted for -1 Aberxa?euuy dieLMct and other dis- tricts: fully experienced in loading ana hauling trees.-U. Jenning- aj)d Co., Ltd., Bristol. VS/" ANTED, WarehoTiseman; must havc, knowledge of Grocery trade.-—Apply Jamem Jones and Son Goat-Street, Swansea. 305A6-27 WfANTED. Shorthand Clerk; also » j Smith.-Topham. Jones and Railton, Ltd.. Orymlyn Burrows Su an sea. X.i-27 an tT man of the Galvanisine Departtaent of a eibeet Mill W orks.-Anuly with refer- ences and stating experience and ivauem, re- auired to Galvanixinic." office of this paper. C6-30 TX7ANTED, two or three Walling Masons: 1 f V. South Wales rate.—D Rees and Sone. Bidlders. Ystalyfera -M2A6-27 "W'JBELESS.^Weisave this year ?nt OUt 80 Students to coed permanent r&nd bave Situations waiting for an- b?'ttm. 50 Youths between IS and Ll years of berthe. 50 Youths between 18 aM 25 years of apte. If vou want one of these berths, write or call at Wirelcse CoHene, St. Mary-street. Cardiff, or Cattie-street, Swansea. 'Phone 3008. -(j-? e.D:I' Q'MAI:TTBoy Wanted to learn ?Tynr?rrtpr C3 R.eDainng.-Write Box R.6, Tea0er OtHce. 304A6-26 .S'-iïÄBP Lad from seboo Peouli-ed for 0 liery OQce.-Write Duff,' Tjea4er OfBce. Swangoa. 303A6-26 SITUATIONS WANTED. ADVERTISER has 4 or 5 hours each even- ing to spare and would like any liuht employment to fit same.—Apply Kix," Leader Office. Swansea. 504A6-30 OITtJATION Wanted by Discharged Soldkr 0 4? years' pcrTice: 12 years' railway ex- Dt'ripnce: storekee er warehouseman, or ? ein'ilar work: exclvill? t referen ?bte wa,ge.-Wrjte Da\ies. Tan-y.g,ai! t anwrda tormarthenaiire. 'C, ZA C? 2 7 PERSONAL. III Dncle Bert's" ToRe« Shop there is JL Standibg Boom Only." D?cie Bert and hi. Son th?uh you for your help, Tea mre doiiiK Your Bit as we did ours. ThankF;11 8vmnsoa. rfbanksll! PAl^nsiTli" and Clairvoyaii-cy. Ncted Jt. Indian- Pal-migt; 3D years' experience jn Amerioa, France. London. Australia. Fees IfSj11 6d,; eorres. invited.—Prof. Kicuiitt, r.H.D.. A.B.: 11 to 9 p.ra.-11. Muni- ) &wan«ea. S. W. 304A6-?S 1 ft YEARS' Success —Lilian Flftr"v" JLvi M.B.P.S. Test Beadipg Free. Send birth date and stamped Arcade. Pontypridd. 3C6A7-1 ] w— ^—nww».wwr—mzrj* Ml M!SCELLAMEOU!?. VVEEKLY wiU purchase Higli-class i *KJf /m Ladies' and Gent.'s Suitings, alfo! Beady-mades, at tiarjufactnrerf' Pricm— Henry Grundland, Bay-etreet. Port Ten. rant (late of St. HC!{'!1's-ro:1dl. 302AS-?J6 FURNITURE. T?RNrrURR?Eest'P?e?'give??y'?c Ffor Second-hand furniture and Anttoue ) Furniture of an* description Drop me a » poetcard. or call-W,M. James, 8, CTO I ■. etrcct. E: TIwm IlIL CTO j MOTOR CARS. CYCLES, &c. I A NOTHEB A.E.O. Foar-toft Chassis for de- I livery i-! 7 nays.. VI* have been the owners of a licet of >lon inotors sunie *910; our experience in heaw motor repairs is uiiioue. We are cow seliinc all our oij cbaesin aud burins A.PJ.'J. Our advice is to A. do iikew iee.—Thos. White and Co.. F. gjneera So'!tb Wales AKcnt? B-ar! C6 ? F-Ö1ItJi¡11L;:r tt;-fUI:(; A' ?nd revci-?n. self-starter: stored for )a.-t 4 years: once overhauled- (ushion a?d u?iutwork Hkf new: £ 160.—Davics, Dar?- parc, Goppa. PontardHl?i?. (?-?? ;'o"Ít);'ALE.fiYe:ete Motor (?ar ISh'. t <U<'?<*y Wolalcy?. in pood condition, 14. 20 horse vower.-Write- Box I^arirr Office. 3C5A7-1 "f1-iÖÏtBALE, Gent.'a nM?.!c. ?n?.: ;t!-? J' Tdy'. 8n8.: eaual to new.-ZO, Ki?? Edward-road. Swan&ea. 30SA6-26 ONE 1316 Belsize Chassis iftted with f Lorry Body and Cab Front, for Sals: easy ternta or exchiiirv.-R. E Jones, Lid. (Motor Dept.). Dillwyn-etreet Swansea. TC SINGER Car for Sale 10 h.p.. Dynamo Lichtinsr. BrmrÐ Wheel etc.. good con. dition: any trial.—5. Up'sxids-terrace. Swan- Rea. Telephone Cental752. _Q5::2 Commercial Motor Car. IU Bewt.. Bosch Maeneto Stepney Spare Wheel, in sreing order, would suit ftj=h'- nionceror Rimiiar trade admirably; nearest £ 70 drives away.—Box R.7 Leader Office j 305Ac-50 ffACWT. Albion Chassis: fnnr for (Teliver, in July snhlee to beinfr ii-E-niti.-P 1, Jones (Motor Dept.). Dillwyn-strect, Swan- ger- TC Ivor L. Roberts' (223 Oxford-street) ) Announcements. COMMERCIAL I,oRRIES-.Aent for Den- nis. Austin, Karriers Store-, <.tc. Send me your inquiries. I cau offer Early De- liveries. SECOND-HAND IyORRIES.-I have a Lafse k3 Assortment from 1-toa to 4-ton; prices i'rori il'Jo to 4'.6S0. bend lor Usta, or a^k m? I to cah on VOU- ] Mto "OTOB CYCLE?AFp!H"" for Trf^Tr I 1TJL B.S.A.. Dou.iM. Sunbeam. A.J.S.. En- fW' P. and il. Nortons Ptc Oc-t VnTir ¡ name on my waiting liat. to ensure early deMveriee.  SUjNEEAM 5-Seater Car: cood condition; 0 £ 425. T'JE!oO;'NIS.i-k.nmPlõiè- ,itb bod-,r. JL? :,t<k: immediate de!i\ery. I YOUR Old Car or Motor Cyc'e taken in JL Part Payment or Bought for Cash. Send or write, with full particulars, to tyor L. Roberts. Oxford-street. Swansea. TRADE ANNOUNCfiMENTS. j A .LFE?D T6nrons. the Ladies' and Gentle- .i men's Taiicr. n.akcs every i;ind of 'jailo! evcry i-.ind ,t Rportinff Cost ames. Genl!em<<?'3 Suits of every description: Breeches and all kinds of Uniforms, both wholesale and retail: on of the finest cutters in tho trace -.5, Ora dock-street, SwawsaA. 20uA?-i j BOYS' BOOTS in Good Selection at the new Sior&s, G-oat-atrec; Boots that will wt>ar wr.ll. OTSA7-1 BEAD Necklets and Ropes, all the tK I patterns, from Is. 6d ea-ch.—Bullock Bros., Porc'snd-^reet 5C6A6-30 CiOSTUMES and Suits from 4å Gtrina". j Ladic-s' and Gent.'s Own Slateriate Made Up.—T. Berry. Union Chambers. 27. Cnicr- j Etreet.Sv»vanBt>a. 305A7-11 FOR Ba?tJ, Trunks, Portmanteatss. Kit E and Brief Bitrs. Week-end Cases a Speciality.—Swansea Saudlery Co., Bierh- Btrce; Arcade. 304A6-28 MAEVBST Implements Going Strong!: Motrins Maonines Hay-rakes, and Hay- i makers: also Cream Separators. Don't for- t set our Ftn'n?biilK DeDart:œer.t New D¡s- f play of Etectrc?nlat? Goods—Harries. House FurBiBhere and Ironmongers, Am- CG 30  TVOB L. ROBERTS. Etecthca! Endneer. f JL w!Shea to inform h?s old Customers and I the Public generally that hi* Chief Eloctr;. cal Engineer, who ioined iLM. Forces, ha* returned to bis employ. The Electrical Df- I partmeat b&iug now thorou?hiy eouitir?d ) with an EiHciedt -StA3 of EiectricaJ En?i?. I eers Electrical Work of every description can cow he carried out. Heating an J Power Instaliatioas my Speciality. Your enuuiries Rolicitel. 223 Oxford-ttreet Swan. gea JP. Walton. A.B.S.M.. Anaiytioal Chemi&t and Sampler, Consulting Metailurffiei, fcUvert in Electrical Smeitinu.—103. Victoria- ? road, Aberavon,  .tMA6-? PRiN TING-BE-LUXE.—I.C&3 Crea.m-kx:a P Biilheada Memca or Letterheads, bia. by 8in., 9s.: Husine? Cards 6s.: samples and estimates frce.-W. H. Jon? Wcpt. C.), 5?. t'Yr?Tt?M-g. Lo'.d?n. N.'S, 303A7^d ) RUPTURE Positively Cured.—Free Tr.ui JL? from Le Brasmtir Sureical Mfg Co. I Ltd.. Dept. M.Y., 90 and 92. Worcester-street. I Birminghmm. Wofks; Pawv. Paris. Q J. TH0?<1AS (late J. M. James, Union- lJ. street). Undertakers and Cabinet Makers. 57. Plymouth-street. Specialist on Antioue t,nd Modern turi-iture Work. Un. holsterme. and rFench Poiishin?. M4A6-2? I S-mÊy.-pa;in;-èr;5n well-bown Cake? and I Pastries are made (': best Inl'üdlents .crjy. Wedding and B?-tLday Cikos m stock and mad? to order. Noted for Teas I and Cold Luncheons.—Palmer's Gale, oppo- ¡ site Empire, and Eranches 304A6-2ij S UIT,Ù:LE -!()rClü-bs or PtTbJics? 0 the-Slot Self-acting Automatic Pianoe. 110 tcood tunes each, splendid working order and condition; ypees XD. E26. Penny-in- the-Slot Handle Piano Organs, 10 good tunes i each. splendid condition, Prices ?6 M?.612 j 20s.—Walker, Automate Depot, 25a, Peter- ctreet. Bris". M2A6.25 QAFES. 22in. to ?810. hiRb. in &tock. fo I O Sale: also Steam Wacons. Steam Cart? 200 Ibs. Dressure.—Birt 47a. Strand Swan se». C6-28 S.TÛRGICAL-AnD1TaDë.-Tru;Svrâyg. O EnemM. 8urgoons: Rubber Gloves and Surcioa) Rubber Goods of every dPMription Write* for Catalogue, sent post free.—Le I Braeseur Surgieal Co.. Ltd. tDept. D. V.). 90 i and 92. Worceeter-street. Binninshain. SUN BL' tomrijpe rollers). Hook-up C? Blinds Tents. Awnlnrs, Flap- Tar- t paulins. Cart Covers. 8,n,1 Loin Ototlis.— I Morean and Richardson (Liniitel). Manu- faoturers, 20. Womanby-street (opposite Castte Clock Tower). Cardiff. C8-? ¡ TTXCLE BERT'S Full Cream, Walnut and VJ Almond Toffees are now on Sale at his Oxford-street Shop. Pre-wa- Qaality. The First and the Best. 303A.6-25 X\7 ATCHES for lAdios and Gents, Wrist f f or Pocket; travellers' enroples: bar- gain i)riceix.-Bul lock Bros. Po-rtland-s-tr,et. 305A 5-30 3(IT DIAMOND Rincs. all second-hand. 12) <- ) } to £100; exchanges made if desired.— Bullock Bros., Portland-street. 305A6-30 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. A RTincrAL Teeth. PIetimuo. Gold. P;' A ver. Bought: any coidition: utmost value given. Post parcel- J. Chernick 34. Excfcance-etreet, Cheetham. Manchester. 306A7-1 ?EEES Wanted over Pitwood size.—Jen- J- nings, Ltd., Woodworkers, Pcanyw?!- afl P?r,&tol Ifreneb at Porthc-awl. STc '??TAKTED. 8tron Gont:s Second-hand V VBicvcle also a Lady's suihble for workman: will pay e(K?d Dricc.—Write Workman." leader. Swnneea? JM4A6-Sh! T^TaNTCD, Three 8cotld-hand L:fMr? I Jacke 5 to ?'' ton. 9 infhM ?nd ? inches thereabouts when down State 10wt price.—Box R,2. Leader Office. j HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR j SALE AND TO LET. j BUI Your House and Save the Rent. Ove' 37.003 Houses have been purahascd on ffU- system.—A 1),.)Iy for particulars to Ü. Evans. i::versley-road. Sketty..30¿.A6.Z.s a sis-rocmert Houae, No. V.l.. x Keatb-road. Plasraarl Swansea —Arpjy for particulars t-o J Rees .52. Long Oaks- avenue. Swansea. i05A7-i i L'OB. SALE, ad. 'Laî}dore:-Fr('< JL House, poll stone four rooms and sc?- i,?rv: ntar cars and station—Write "A:&h: j ?'.?sr. 3G6A6.S9 ii^OB 3ALE. äotÜ,bMh. ek: éf(>,i()r; en completion—Apply 45 Pert Tc'- nant;road. 304A6:Z6 ¡ I^URNISHED House to Let in Brynnrill, 2 Sitting-rooms. 3 Bedrooms, etc. for j 3 montlls from 1st July: 2* arnineac a wnlt inclusive: best references essential.—App.y i David HoMrt? and Son. 61. Wbld-st.rcn. Ii H wan sea-. j Inoii SALE, 9-roomed House in Brynmil!: j  loK?teaM: one minute from car: eel! i £ 750: immediate Dose?es-'on. Anr?" "ÜGU3e:' Leader Qlfice. 305A6-25 j T1";OR,-SAÚ:-iÙ Lctfoi'SlyfM!?' !?a?c. j D 5; hop aad Premi?sN in Morri&ton:! ood dwFs. lliiifr part: lone: lease: low grouna j r(?.t: centrally situated: early Dùf)io1J. -Write D. and E. Leader OBBce. Sw?n.. sei; 302A6-2i ONE Firm Sold £ 5C.OOf) worth of Proiteriy j this year throiigb Small Advts. 20 words for 3 insertions 2s Sd In the (?m j! hria Oa11 v_ Leader i^ii—YING Rent does not solve the ?Hmis??' A TR^Problem. Ouf Approved System helps V >a to PurchMo your own House.—Box 274, ■ Leader. 302A6-23 T f.) those dCtsirioas of Purchasing a House, j X The Provident Association of London Ltd.. issues House Purchase Policies for 25. or 30 years' periods.—Prospectus contain. ins full particulars free from Mr. R. Hard-, wick. iS Rosehill-terrace. Swansea t ?ACANT PossessiDQ.—Modpra Houpe. 12. j Park-?trt'ot. Kc?t? Vatb (bot and co]-' p?cpHcrt condition: Ra!c by Auction. Ca?e I Hotel. Neath, on the 30th June ft thar particulars from 6. Qncen-street. Port Talbot. Ct-30 A fCt WEEKLY will Purchase £ 450 Ho« £ e: | U any district; possession by arracee- ment. Lnd¡c-r,j." Leader. Swant-ca. 11,C Messrs. J. Biewitt Jenkins and Sons' I Announcements. i "A T UMBLES.—For S?Ie. with enYI7 DC"?s? eion. Freehold Hou? near Bays: 2 re- ¡ ce^rion-rooms, 6 bedrooms etc. 0 LET, Furnished. Detached Residence 3 j Tm; IV ci from Swansea, overlooking i Mumbles and 8waN&ca Bay, 2 reception- t ro-'ms. 5 bedrooms, ha?hroom (h and c). ( taraxe dairy, etc.: excellent garden weii j shocked: immediate poesegftion. ?:!Y?ROA 1?-??'sphof i Dwelling-house J for S?'p at r?'aMnahIe firure. 2 sitti( rc-o!??. kit:.hen. 4 bedrooms, b-ouoom. bath- i, rcorn, etc. ) (^>' t WYDRICS^CENT^S^CTal^nb^ntial I G- Leasehold Houses for Sale at moder?,t,, prices. .n  ?/rALVFRN-TERi?CE.?-TwoSix?roomed  .?.TA Ilou&ee in convenient petition fot I Sale; l??ne a'bcut 7C Years, ground rent [ x3 Pp. per house. j 6-^oomed » Houses for Sale at reasonable figure. TP OB farther particalaw of above r to Jfe^sns. J Blewitt Jenkins and SOYltI i Land mal Eftate Agents Surveyors etc.. 4. i C7.1 < J. Piigh V/HHams' Announcements. j SKEvVEN.—Desirable Modern and Well-j built Villa for Rale, with possession — j .7. Pnsrh Williams Auctioneer and Valuer, j 12. Collecre-street, Swansea. HOUSES for Fale ii, -e.riõTt t.:tT cÚ; I :t. eea and suburbs; Dior teases arranged —J. Push Wjniaiqg. House and Estate 12. Collefrc-etreet Swansea. WANTED to Purchase or Rent, in Swan- t ? sea and LIancIIy comfodious Bne:- npc? Prümi8 with ?;o(4 Rhon Frontage.— Full particulars to J Push WilHams EstaV ■ Agent. 12. College-street. Swansea. C6-2? I HOUSES WANTED. TVT ANTED, immediately Furnished Konse, Skctty or U piands preicrre.Ci.- Per>Iy Winoott, lenby Hotfel. j06A6-27 i "iATAjyi'M) imiBttdiatoly. Fart of La-r?  v T Hou?e in Walter&-road or Upl?nde td?trict preferred; nnfurni?h<d.—RepIv | J-'?nMM??i.? .?dcr" C?co..M5At.< ?n7'AXTED.forAn:n:6t or D?rt Au5taîl j i?'otem?r. Rooms or Houee at ?ew ton or LanElund; four bcdroome reqaired.— Apply Mra. Vaughan, 70 Llandaff-road. Oar 3C6A6-2'1 j APARTMENTS AND LODGING • TO LET AND WANTED. BUSINESS Girl requires Bed Sitting-room, V or would share rooms with another nrl: near town. With or without board.— ????' "Leader" Office.  j I-ÃDY .'šaJ ¡ private hocec. vrouM rorfiTp ? oayint! guaets: maeical: cloee West ] iior: bu6ii," gentlemen Preferred.-B.. 6. bill wood-road. Brighton. < 305A6-30 W'ANTED, Two UafurnMhed' Rooms a- f Neath, c<!HtraHy situated: no children. Writ.,Lt Box 70, Leader Office Neath. 302A6-27 \JUANTED, Bedroon- and Sitting-room at T T Neath cr Skewcn for Busintx?s Gentle. man. away daily: state terms, with itiun -.vithc-ut board; must be centra!.—Bc\ j N.17. Leader Office. ¡04.A6-2t- I PREMISES TO LET & WANTED ? ?/?A?TED?mmediateJy. PrMni?6 ?.7  T j able for Garaee, to hold 4 or BK?e cars: central position desirable.—Wrire I "Alobile," I,Pader Offi-ce. 504A&-3Q "VATANTED to Ront. Yard oTStabtes snit- f t. able to accommodate 4 to 6 Motor Lerriee.—Reply statins rent, etc.. Motor." ) Leader Office. 05-26 — f—^==v- 1 II 1- LIVE STOCK, &c. B EGI-NNER bought four email roach store i pica at 5s. eaoh. used Karswood Pie Poivdeis as directed, and in five months they realised £ 30, You can do the same. Penny | caeh. twelve for Is.—Davies Bros., Chemist*. 48. High-street. Goreeinoq. 306A6-27 i jplHlCKS.—Chicks from excellent all-rouna Layers. 14s. 6d. dozen: hatching every week.—M. D. John. Sisters Pit Hatcheries. 302A6-26 I' IOR SAIjE (Eeeistered) Thoroucrhbrec: Greyhound Bitch ("Mifwany"). known 1 ».3 Fair Lady; 211 inche3 hixh: sire. "The Monarch dame. Mia<- Ofcatterbox own Sister to "Lord Protector"; trial gi,-en I against anything living.—Apply to P. Cum- mins, 21, Canal-bank Clydach-on-Tawe. | 306A7-1 FOB SALE, beautiful showy Chertm,. Jt- Pony. 7 years old about 1.).3: to he seen by appointment Thursday afternoos: no dealers.—Apply. Rees, liON jioutie, Hotel 304 A 626 Tfj'OOD which is food—not Brit or rubbish. 1KirsAvood Chick-Rearinc Meal (SuMex Ground). 3??b. batr Is. !d. Easily digested. Makes rapid frrowth.—Skewen &Pricultucat ,Aœoc Ltd.. 2?1. New-road. Skewen. 306A6-27 I .G' RÏNDSTONES-'õovr. many ?ins. 1m', in GKarpwood Meai (Sn?et Ground) Z?b. barl if, id., there is none to oover. Every irrain in pure honest food Largely increases eeir output, as thousands of poultry-keepers i testify.—Davies Bros. Chemists. Hebron- road. Clydach. 304A6-28 PKKlNOESEDoprBrown. Lost Mond.iv i. offered finder or information leading to recovery: detainer prosecuted.—Dr. Clifford. 142. Bryn-road. 306A6-27 IUMWiMinwiwmajLMUi—1« ——um ii L U n in imiii IMIIIIIIII i—w SMALL ADVERTI- ORDER FORM. I   ¡" -:1 _iu.j.?-tj.?! t- r. -?-M'?.—?—Tif"Tr"?"?- ? _—i..? t i I; yC I 1 'to. <rr)rr"?" "tn. ,„„——'—? *?-?, i {? '— n r* "?-—— r,— t ? -D-nn—r—<i -u i ,.F i laimwuw ii ■' 1~i; j.- -i-, 1. T|.|(r | -t ,T- ——— l | 'j I ,r v *1 ■ mill—'ni'l'rj L- Ii ii I "1 | J Tlecae publish the abote advert««for wMch. I p e.M: ,8.d.. Nsste and Addreao i .1 U "a- UaHy Leader Office. Thla rorm ahould Be s4<trMee6 to Adrc5r^»t3«B(t 2>?a«a5wtu. OaBj&ria Dolly j | LMMier," Swaceea. f ..JIL A II.L_ HM. -tAæI&: _;II. n l: FOR SALE. -,=-L-I ?KiCK?fAK'ERS' T h r ee Tr a<^on Enpdli e s. ?-) Traction Trucks, junior lorries, 2? Modern Zf" ruako Brick Kiln Cars Ci*anef. i Portables, and various Machinery and TiTre- I her cf all kinds; new offered are i linisiiiue our Government contracts.—C. JOli. nir.e-6 and Co., LM.. Timbey Merchants and Woodworkers, Bristol. Some .at our I Branches. Porthcawl. Besolven. Leicester. f C7-7 BUNGALOWS can be lined with J'-? Nenonget Walhoard 3d. ,"°, {tt,' car- j nanc paid: also Cement Sheetb, ?oorc. Wu. dowe. Woodwork, Plywood Timber, Fin v.ood.—0. Jennings and Oo. Ltd.. Br?Loi. Leicester and Poi-theawl, ? jC6-30 ( DRIPPING.—To Fl?h Fryers. Grocers. etc. DFor ale. a regular 6Upu!y cf Drib. nine: and Compound Lard at low priced.— For Quotations apply Box 13. Leader Office, A6-26 DOORS for Sale. I.COO at Pcr?hfawJ fnear 1? CurdiS'). 5.CM at Bristol. 800 at New- castle-on-Tyne. Prices and particulars en application. Inspection invited.—Jennirsra and Co.. Ltd.. Joinery Manufacturers. Tim- ber Merchants and QGueral Woodworker. Pennvwell-road, IP OR SALE, Yorkshire Bangro, 4ft. x 4ft. (,1 JL -ApplY Bevan, Cross-roads Gorseinon. 505A6-27 FOR SALE, about 220 tons good Relay? i Second-hand Steel Bull head Rails. &r, and 85 Fiangu 75 and 90 lbs. per yare: also all descriptions of Railroad Accessories: 20 h.n, Steam Semi-Portable Loco-Type Boiler by Mar?halls new 1916, 120 lbs. wp., etc.—Geo. V. Perry. Cambrian-place, Swar.- J ae a #4 A 6-30 KITCHEN P an ire for Sale. condftion as -LTL new.—Apply John Richards, 2, CrndOrk- street. Swansea. 302A6-27 1- -OGS(i;QUare) for keel' J Timber in \'arict. new and secord hand Inspection invited -'Jennings and Co., Ltd.. Timber Merchats and General 1 Woodworkers. The Docks Porthcawl (rear i Csrdiffi. Similar stocks afc Brietol and l>icc?t»r. C7-11 UA-NTITY Cnarnelq aid Roiind Stml ?& Joist for Sale.—Send for List Rrd Priced to Mescrs. G. Mcrcrr and Fors, Ltd.. Contractors, Pembrey-road Llanelly 303A6;2? ^T'YPTWP.ITER fc)- Sale,, Roval Barktok A (Brief) ..igible writer, excellent eondi- | tion. Con be MM any even ine between 5 and 7.—A?c?y Iv\" John. 65. Cro?'B-atr?pt. j Morriston. C6-28 Ml. in ■— .Ji. I ■ MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. } GODFREY and Co. Ltd., have a Larce Sé- lection cf Iron-frane Pianos (Vertical and Ovefsti>"i-;g) in Walnut. Rosewood. Oak or Ebonised bv G(\.t Ropers. Collard and Collard. ?«*itton and Witt'>n, Samrg. Burnard- Waddin.irtoB. etc Prices from 60 truineas. Casfc or Terms. Write for Free List or .,aU and mske a pereonai eelectioi;. i (iodf.,n.v and Co.. Ltd 22 St. HeleftV- road. S"anro.< "VTEW Piano« by Chappell. London. Bell Ai London, and Collard and Collard and John Brinemcad, from 55ens.: Second-hind Pianos from 50trns. cash or terrr-,4 arrrnmifi: Organs froa .&10.—Da:o Fortv %nd Co.. T?d. ?LKinEdward-road, Swansea. 305A6-6 -wa.rlaea. PIANOS.—Aetoundin? BarKaina: ?P. ? p59 49. 58 FuiapM. two Mack Over. stran's. ch?D.-?Piano E2:ehan. 1? parIK strept Swansea. 305A6-,v0 TR<)MPS(?a.ndHhn"heii Ltd £ 9 "Oa«;i-r A street Swansea —Black Cct!&rd Ptan? ?78: Walnut Coihrrt Piano ?70: W?nat (;ha.ll(m Piano. £95! Wal "lit Kirliian Piano Challen Piano. N'ormclte Piano £t5: Walnut Brtnemead Piano. £ 3C5: Walnut Squire Piano £ 85: Walnut Hawkins Prano f,65 11'3: Walnut Thompson and Sbaekeil. Ltd Piano £ 73; Imperial Oryan £ 25 5s?.- Jontd f)r'ran C".5. pv Oreap £ i5 v &Ii or Exchengcd. Bovra. Stringg. Fit. i Sold or Exchanged. Bows. gtMD, Fit. tings, Accci-sories, String Music a Speciality. —^ima. Z. Walter-road 6.t1,na..3{t7.A;í-:5 ANTED. Second-hand Pianos. Organs, Vf Gramophones and Records. Good Prices eiv«n.—D. J. Suell High-street Ar. cade. Swansea. -p'1 E25, C40. £4(, npwards* Gramophones. JE4 10s.: Records from Is.: Need lea. 6d. bo< T?jT SNELL'S (Onlyl Add ess: mch?treet. !D. Arcade, near G.W.R Swansea. I 304A6-26 MONEY. ?'LAW. 12. I/ondor.-r?ad. Ke?. Ma!<f? E. Cash Advances from £ 5 and npw&r;? ?'ct!y Dri?te.?E?tabt'shcd 1676. TC i "J F you require a Iwan. apply to George A ThomM. MRnawer. Church-etreet <oo& site t Mary's Church). Swansea. Private I and cotifidential CA 7t C, O.NEY to Lend to ReepectabJe ïimJl'to. i-rJL holders; Private and C-onfi(lyntial.- Ivor D Thomxa i Waterloo-street, Swansea jpt>Q MADE for £ 5. For full particular^ û as to how small amount* of money I may be profitably employed to give large profits apply to Graham Marsh and Com- pany, MO. High Hoi born London. Small or Large Accounts may be -Oven* I with the SOUTHERN JgQUITABLE A DVANCE j QO. (LIMITED), I EXCHANGE-Cii AMBERS (Queen-street end). 1. EDWA2D-TKRRACH CAUDlJ-l?.# Fact 4.—The Advantasre that Sonth Wales !.People have in dealing with %-Cat-d,ff Fi-m. i is that you can know by inquiry that you I are Safe in doing eo and OUR TERMS are lower than ALL out of District Advertige.,re I Tel. 2399, (Not a Money Society.) Estb 1880. Branch Office: 11. Charlea-st, Newport Men.  A BRITISH FIRM FOR BRITISH BOR. 'A ROWERS-THE BRITISH FINANCE I COMPANY. Not a limited company with directors and shareholders to know your business and consider your application. I NO BILLS OF SALE WANTED. NO SURETIES OR PUBLICITY. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY GUARANTEED. BRITISH FINANCE CO., 20. BRIDGE STREET, BRISTOL. EDUCATIONAL IPRENCH Thoroughly Taught by Modern ) F Methods, Commercial, Conversational j or General Courses.—Beatrice M. Jones 3. i George-street. Swansea 302A6-26 P LANOFORTE. Organ Composition • re- j t courses: Beginners Speciality; Advice I Free.—Cyril Ba.viibam F.R O.O., F.T.C.L. | L.R.A.M.. Organist Parish Church, 8, Page- i street. Swansem. 3f!5A6-3C j Y\rHAT About the Future "1 The In terna- { VVl nonal Correspondence Schools of I Lopdon give sound, up-to-date practice; j traininc in all branches of Engineering, In I CGmmerce. Advertiaim, Salesmanship O?. ern languages. Architecture. Farmioi. etc. ) -Auply for prospectus stating require- ments. to International Correspondence I' Schools. Ltd.. Castlje-Ftreet. Swansea. C7.21 SAILINGS. I CUNARD LINE. TO UNITED STATES, j SOUTHAMPTON TO NEW YORK I (Calling at Plymouth Eastbound) Mauretania Fri. June 27 Aeuitaiiia S-t. J'uly 12 LIVERPOOL TO NEW YOfcK Carmania Wed. July I Royal Geor.-o -SAt. July 12 Orduna Sat. July 19 LIVERPOOL TO BOSTON. Ikala (Freight only) Tues. July 22 LONDON TO NEW YORK. Valacia (Freight only)—Fri. June 27 (Loading at Surrey Commercial Dock) Sax-onis gat. June 28 (Loading at Tilbury Dock) Malancha (Freight only) .»at. Jnly 6 (Loading a.t 32 Shed Tilbury Dock) LONDON TO ROSTON Indianola (Freight, only)..Sat. June 28 LONDON TO PHILADELPHIA. Vennonia (Freight only) Sailing data later. BRISTOL TO NEW fORK. Port Elliott (Freight, only) Sat. June 28 BRISTOL TO BAI/TIMORE. Scottish Monarch (Freight only) Sat. Aug. S3 BRISTOL TO PHILADELPHIA Venusa (Freight only) Sat. July 5 ROTTERDAM TO "EW YORK. An?io?ChUian (Freicbt only) Sat. July 26 ANTWERP TO NEW YORK. Norman Monarch (Freisrht only) Sat. Aug. 9 CUNARD LINE TO CANADA. LONDON TO MONTREAL. WiJiaston (Freight, only) Sat. July 11 BRISTOL TO MONTREAL. Yallavia (Freight only).Sat. July 10 All Canadian Sailings connect with Cana- dian National Railways. For Rates of Passage and Farther Par- ticulars apply (Jutiard Li-n- Liverpool 51. Biehopssrate, London. E.O, 6i 29-31 Cock. spur-street. London. S.W 1; 65, Baldwin- street. Bristol: 18.. High-street Cardiff 117. New-etreet, JSirnvlnRham: Maritime Chnm- berte. Oanut»<oad. Southampton; or to > Local A.nDt.

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