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 N. >EW ftJEA "ODS i??? ¡Vi' !i l\l Elections in the y?' « jL Districts. &plow we grre the formal election cere- xuoni-es in the West "Wales Boroughs:— EATH. CwincSHor J. H. Jcnes Invested, Uvhere was a good attendance at the Gwyn Hall, Neath, at noon on Monday,, ior the annual statutory meeting and tu -witness the i llstaUa t jonof Councillor J. 1: Jones., a Labour member, as Mayor for -tbe engrjill,- year. Councillor John T'-ees, J.P., the out- going Mayor, presided at the outset, j Councillor John Davies (South Ward) moved the election of Councillor Jon"! fi5 Mayor. Mr. Jones had always been a rc-uBt straightforward and honest mem-j Tsei of the Council, and an able advocate of the interests of the working iiieii Councillor W. Burrows Trick, J.P., M.1LE., in Beconding, said that althouglil ihe a»d Mr. Jones sat. on opposite sides of the House, he hoped that during his year of offioe they would all pull together. ^Cheers). It was alway-sllis (Ir. Trick's) desire to give every possible \help to the mayor, and he would do every- thing- he could to make Mr. Jones' year ,r,f office a year of pleasure He hopex-1 that, ftvery member of the council would do I likewise. (Cheers'). THE INVESTITURE. Councillor J. R. Jones was then unani- mously elected amidst applause, and duly invp-tc-d with the robes and chain of office, an dto kthe oath, and civic, chair, In Keturning thanks, the new mayor said he had always been in a small inin- i ority, hut he was glad to find himself) At last in a majority. He had ¡Jways I (1OYu" his best for the town. There did seem to he a change coming over all towns and t-T.rv right-thinking man welcomed it WTien the people took a greater in- in matters of importance, things »vould be better for the town. He hoped that the day was gone when the business of the mayor was discussed in clubs and parlours. Referring to the work of the Council, IbP Mayor said that the (Council was braking good progrpss in their greater I Neath -A-bei)io. ^r- Jones nominated Mr. Ch.vles as -his deputy, and fixed Sunday, Nov. 23rd. I as Mayor's Sunday. LLANELLY. I Councillor D!. Williams, J. P., I Re-elected. The mayoral investiture at Llanelly I Wag attended by a largo gathering of eii I- zens. The Mayor (Councillor 1)1. Wil- • liatns, J-F.), who had been re-electod to the chair, was robed by Ald. D. James Davies, ex-mayor. In the course of his address the Mayor stated that among the eeriou* problems in front of the Council were the housing question arid th e water supply. The old Council had been blamed, quite unfairly, over the former. It had not been their fault that, the housing schemes were not more forward than they were; but he ¡ hoped, nevertheless, that the new Coun- cil would contimw to tackle the matter in all the seriousness it Commanded, and try to get rid of the red tapei:-m which -3iad really been the Mumbling block. THE DROUGHT. I They had suffered considerably owing I to the prolonged drought, but the Coun- cil. had done all in their power to keep tlw local industries going. They were -jrentl,r indebted to the liural District Council for coming; to their assistance and supplying them with water, which was badly needed. Ho heartily welcomed the new members, particuiafly the late representatives, and expressed the hope that there would be no division on the Council, even if there might be differ- ente-s of opinion. I LADY STAFFORD HOWARD RESIGNS I The Mayor then announced that lie had appointed Ald. H. D. Rees, J.P.. as de- puty mayor. Lady Howard tendere(I her resignation as alderman to the general regret of the Corporation and others present. Lady Howard was co-opted on the Council as Mayor upon the death of the late Sir Stafford Howard, and latterly served as alderman, being co-opted to the office. Slie hoped, however, to act come day as an elected representative of the citizens. The resignation of Capt. W. T. Davies I ftii councillor was accepted, and a vacancy 'Ii; formally declared. I LLANDOVERY. t Election of Mr. M. H. Nichols. I At the annual meeting of the Town I Council on Monday, Mr. Daniel Jones, the outgoing mayor, moved the election of Mi. M. It. Nichols to the office, for the ensu- ing year, paying a warm tribute to his valuable services to the town during the 12 years he had been on the Council. Aid. T Watkins seconded, saying that Mr. Nichols possessed All the necessary finali- ties to be fit the head of affairs. He fully deserved the honour. He had done an immense lot, of work for the town gratui- tously for a long number of years. Aid. Roberts, supporting, 'said he con- sidered Mr. Nichols the most useful man in Llandovery to-day. He referred to the Whit-Monday choral contests. Acknowledging the honour, Mr. Nichols referred to the housing and drainage CJues- tions. and remarked thpre would be a striking division of opinion both inside the council and outside over the problems. I These important. matters ought to have befit tackled long ago. Neither would of eonrso lie finished during his year of office, but he hoped to see both well on the way to completion. Another matter- he hoped to* see dealt with during his term of office Wf\s the provision of a war memorial. Mr. C. Michael was re-appointed treas- urer, and Messrs. Isaac Havard and Jarnes Hughes mace hearers. Aid. T. Watkins was re-elected deputy mayor for the 15th 01 16th year in succes- sion. CARMARTHEN. I Rev. A. Fuller Mills Elected. I The retiring Mayor (Aid. Wm. Evans), in reviewing the work of the past year at the Carmarthen Town Council on Monday, said the Council bad not en- tered upon any now schemes or improve- ments, but despite this, the rates had had to be iiic reased-t h rough no fault cf the Council, hut rather through the in- creased cost of commodities, labour and education, and the demands for police purposes, and also the increased sums required by the County Council. With the ne-? powers under the Housing Act, the cost of augmenting the water sup PlY,' ?<i the h?avv demands tor road purposes .Iung the coming vpar. it would require I frwisiderable skill and judgment by the Council if the rates were to be kept from increasing. For next yaar their rate8 would be 14s. 2d. in the 2. The Mayor's war relief funds colme to an end during his terip of office., the amount subscribed daring the period of war being over £ 1,000. He ven- tured to say that in proportion to its I size, no town in great Britain did more for the Belgian Refugees than Carmar- then. During his period of office, he had ¡ the pleasure of publicly welcoming back to the town the 15th Welsh Kegiment; (CV.rmarthensihre Battalion), 1,th Welsh Regiment, and the Carmarthen boys be-! longing to the 4th Welsh and the Royal Engineers. Glowing tributes were paid by Ald. J. Lewis and Aid. J. B. Arthur to the re- tiring Mayor and Mayoress. On the proposal of the retiring Mayor, seconded by Aid. Jno. Lewis, and sup- ported by others, Councillor the Rev. A. Fuller Itills was elected Mayor for the ensuing year amidst, cheers. I MUNICIPAL TAXATION. I Acknowledging the honour, Mr. Mills said there were local matters w hidl de- manded their close and concentrated at- tention, and he hoped that the Council in their proposals would have regard not to one section, but to all sections of the nvtepaj'ers, and whilst sacking to lighten the burden of one, would endeavour not to make heavier the burdens Or the other. A great historian had stated, Excessive municipal taction was one of the fore- most causes of the downfall of the Roman Empire." That was a sentence, said the new Mayor, that ought to lodge in the bosom of every member in their efforts for improvement. Mr. Mills appointed Ald. W. Evans, the retiring Mayor, as his deputy. Councillor Jno. Jenkins was appointed borough sheriff. Ald. Jno. Lewis was ap- I pointed returning officer for the Western Ward, and Aid. J. B. Arthur for the Eastern Ward.


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