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 1'. 11 L ea d ed Classifier Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT 03 WANTED, TO BE LET, LOST AND FQUNQ i One Three Six j Insertion. insertions. Insertions; M WordB. 1 0. 2 0a U ? ?o Word. 1 6 3 0. 4 0 j 40 Words. 2 0 4 0. 5 0 j FOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS I On", Threu Six Insertion. Insertions. Insert ion* 20 Words. 1 6 2 6. 3 6 3a Words. 2 0 5 04 6 40 Words. 2 6 3 6. 5 6 fiRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORiAM, A NO MARRIAGES. One Three Six insertion. Insertions. Insertions « Worde. 1 6 3 6. 6 0 30 Words. 2 0 5 0. 8 0 4Q Words. 3 0 7 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertion* IIIJ Worde. 2 0 3 0. 4 6 30 Words. 2 6 4 0. 5 6 40 Words. 3 0 5 6. 7 6 MONEY.-6d. per line. t?=*= r = ——— ? MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. WOMEN AND GIRLS. Domestic Servants. EXPERIENCED General wanted: refer- eflee. required.—.iirs Horroclw, Sausro- ton Coity-road. Bridgend. 154A11-26 E'(l't.:itlE:,C.Ù) Cooli,t;eùeral wa.Jtêf-f¡ I E smaH famLy .-Apply. with reference to ?.ra. D?niela. 1?9, Bryn-road. Swai.sea. 154A11-26 GENERAL able to coik. wanted at ouce.— \? Williams, 5. (iwydr-terr?tee, Lpland? 1 Swansea. 152A11-25 lw A.NTED. Superior Servant; family one (» LUlY; no Washing or Cooking-Good Wages; .Fare Paid.—MM. Burden, ?i, Lyn- wmbe HiU,? au. 157 All.;¿G "M7'ANTED. Experienced General Kerva I If —Apply evenings. with references. lIles. Dickie. 16, Richmond-road, Swansea 156A11-27 W AINTED, St.t?ne' Gir! for Housework.— 'f Aooty Mra. HaJJ Tobacconist, opuc?tt? Hospital Swansea. I ANTED a erood Cerenai Serva "t.- y APPLY Evaw, Clifton liou, Gower- road. Sk?tty._ R.8.0. 152A?1-M I W A?NTE-D, immediately. experienced »?. General; rMe'-enee rcauirai.—Apply } Mrs. Da vies, 15 St. Helen'e-road Swansea 352A11-25 Millinery and Tailoring. WANTED, an Experienced Dressmaker: f ratu-it be capable of Cutting and Tak- ing Charge of V/orkroom.—Mathews, Davios and Co. Aberdeen House. 152Ali-24 1 Miscellaneous. HOUSEKEEPER Wanted by Widower II Working Man; id to 45; Good iiome I Offered to suitable per<>on; Widow not objected to.-E, E. Phillip, Llandilo-rcad, Brynammaii. 153A11-2S ,STOCKI,XG itterq ar(i Apr)reritice- wanted: no tim-3 to serve, we pay for all you make.—Apply Price and Son. Queen street Neath. C11-Z6 MEN AND YOUTHS. GE ?,?:ptendi-d Living for\Vorlm'S I A-The Provident Clothing and Sm'?v ? Co.. Ltd.. require a few trustworthy Men in I' Cwmbwrla Gowerton, Gorseinon, Morris ton. Sketty. Mumbles and Town Districts I excellent terms. The appointment need not I interfere with present occupation at first, but will lead to a more remunerative posi- tion if applicant is a porker.—Apply" bv letter or personally to W A Winaor. Diat I Manager. 20. Wind-street. Swansea; 9 to 11 a.m. each day, Monday and Tuesday 4.3i) to 6 p.m. 157 A11.28 CARPENTERS and Bricklayers Wanted.— Apply, Mackenna. Contractor, Wern- ddn Colliery, near Keoth. C11-23 D RAUGH'I"C,MEN -Wanted for Ser% ice re latins: to Graves Registration in France and Flanders, for one year or lees as dutv reauires. a number of Draughtsmen capable Of drawine simple plans of c-,Pricterics:. -For full particulars apnly to the nearest Re- cruitine Office or Central Recruiting Depot Great Scotland Yard. London Cll-26 MOTOR CYCLFSTS.' age H year?nd up. J. wards. wanted ae Despatch Riders for Service relating to Graves Sesistration in France and Fianders. for one year or less. aft duty reouires.-For full t)ai-ticular,- MPPIV to the nearest Recruiting Office or Central Recruitinir Depot, Great Scotland Yard. Lor;, don. Cll-26 I MOTOR TRANSPORT DRIVERS ur? t. 1' wanted for one year or les*, a6 dutY reauiree for Service Over««ae. Must lie j trained men, ago 18 yearo and upwards. For further particulars apply to u rarest He- cruitinsr Office, or Central Recruiting Depot. Great Scotland Yard London. CI1 -26 NAVVIES Wanted at Messrs. Gilbertson's Steelworks, Pontardawe.—T. Walker Contractor. 152A12-3 PLUMBER; good all-round man.—Appl ■-• 3- tMfctino: age. waees and experience. to Bemiett Bros. Gorseinon. 154A11-26 TTrgENTLY WANTED-500 Students to vJ Qualify for Existinir Vacancies Thip is a splendid opportunitv for a Youth be. tween the eZ,- of 17 and 24 to secure a per manent lucrative berth fo" life (JueID ployed Demoboliaed Service 'ncn with a knowledge of Wireless of the above should write or call at onre.- Wireless TraininE College, Ltd St Mary-street Car- diff. or Oastle-Rtreet. Swansea. "TITANTED, a oualified Fi^t Aid Nisrht f™ Attendant for Ambulance Room at Works in Llanelly; an ex-R.A M.C. man ¡.re- ferred.—Apply statinsr asje. aualifications. BOkS salary required, to Bo 0 2, Cambria Daily leader Swansea. C11-27 WANTED, for Job near Reeolven. two VV good Bricklayers: good wages to t;ty,, i men#— Watson and Horrocks. Ltd., Bridcr- end 154A11-26 ^ylTANTED Immediately. Bricklayers or I IMasons.-Ap,,)Iy, Williams Broo.. Con- Iractora, Pontardawe. 153A111"5 NTED a Gardener at Mumb]M: ?ood Preference .-Ai)rly, etatinar experience and waeree required Box L 1. Leader Olfico 153 A j 1-25  thorou?h!y experienced Short Tl hand Typi6t-Apply, stating age. ex- perience, etc.. to Box No. O 1, Leader" Office, Swansea. OFFICE AND ERRAND BOYS. GRÛCERY,-Strone- Lad w?n?cd.??uF?' Gt,o help in stores and drive out: one tssed to horses preferred.—Jonee Roro Sres. Neath.. 15ClAll-;4 V A.CANCY for Articled Pupil in a btv r, » Surveyor's and Auctioneer's Office. Opportunity for all-round prac^i. al experi- ence under a fuilv-qualified principal (live particulars to •Valuer." c/o Daily Leader. 156 All-27 -vv ANTED, for Clyne Valley Niii-s, » f Smart Lad accnstotned to drive pony. —Apply Parsons. 6 Oxford-street; or Fore- tdan. Clyne Valley Nurseries. 156A11.24 w ANTED. a Respectable Lad a?e about ? t 16 for Office Work-Write Box N 1. Leader Office. 253A11-26 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS WANTED. DISCHARGED Soldier Seeks Position ae out-door Foreman or similar light em- 1,10.v ment: ifrst-clglss discharge and refer ence.—" W. Y. 49 Oakland-road. M.imbles. 153A 1 1, -24 LIVE STOCK, &c. ij^OR SALE. 12 No;wlch Cock Canaries Jt- sell by the dozen —Apply E (,?uiley. '? Wc-gtern-etreet Swansea 154A11-M SALE, Rack and quantity of ..[1 and Single Breeding Cases: fitted com- plete. Also Egg Drawers. Neet Pans Bath- etc. Seen by appointment.—Write Box R Leader Office. 166A11-2■( DrCR SALE, Black Lechorn March Pulleis Rhode Islands, and others: all about to lay; room wanted—Write "Poultry," Leader Office^ 154 AH-22 FOHR SALE. cheap. Bay Horse, also Bir J. Horse. 15 b.h.: both srood workei-e.-AT)- tly Waveoed 51. Vincent-street Swansea. 150A11-24 GOOD, Useful, Old Pony for Sale cheap; \-T reason for selling, no further use.- ApplT. Hopkins. Belmont House. Resolven. 157An-?5 QQK EGGS from 7 Hena in 6 month!- h a OOcI 15 Years' Ovum nser's experience —Sold by Jenkine Brow.. Ltd., The Square, 0446011. is. T J MUSICAL IMSTRUfVIEWTS. f"O?CERT?lute.-FoF B'iSoii,lTl;:¡ 'L? Bohcm Flute, by Hudai) Cmtc- Et'i 'ic'v. £18: must clear.—22 Govvcr-street Sw ansea 170R SALE, Americai Orjyan; eleven <;Ïë¡J:" i Edwin Kail, Tofcaceor.- ist opposite Hospital Swansea. 152A11-7A G.ODFR-EY and Oo Ltd.—Special Rareains in Second-hand Piano" and Organ-: prices from 2-5p;ns New Pianos by all the leading makers, includinc Ccllard and Col- I lard, Wittor and Witton Sanies and Co. i Binismead Crame- etc.. etc. Prices fro: i 50-113 cash Terms arranged if desired h tHe for free list or .-ali and make a prr- sonal ct-lect-ion. -(-Iolfi-e:v and Co.. Ltd.. 2'? St fleleli'-I,oad, Swansea. GODFREY and Co. Ltd Pianoforte Max; i fuetnrers, have now Re-Opericd tl:t: Tu.'iin^ and liepairinfr Department Pia;! and Orcaiu Thoroughly Renovated and 1: paired Estimates giv "n Expert- Timers | Visit all Partu of Wales Pianola and Plavf r | Pianop a Speciality -«;odfrey and Co.. Ltr 22. St. Helen's-road Swan-ea. 153A11-24 Thompsõn-and-Sh-¿::Iell'- l\l1nOUncem e- nt:; Ii (f CHICAGO Onan, 4 aet? <jf r?.s. 8 -tl)!) <? 2 knee 6wei!s; ven fine *,Ore. <?'?.- Thompson and Shackell. Ltd.. 39. C?otiu street, Swansea P IA.N,OFORTE by Ralph Allison, full com- pass, ivory keys; 50 sumeas cash, < easy terms.—Thompson and Shackel!. Ltd yj. Castle-street. Svansta LEXANDBA Paris, Harmonium; 1Z stop^. 4 sets of reeds; larso powerful in,sti-u. ment. suitable for place of worship; £35 Thompson and Shackell, Ltd.. 39, CaM: street. Swansea. MOTOR CARS. CYCLES, &C. A LmO? Chassis.—Dahvt-ry of 50 cwt. ana 1-, 60 owt. Chasds from Stock, subjcct tJ being unsold; cash or easy terms.—R. Jones, Ltd.. Motor Depot., Diilwyn-stree:, Swansea. *1C O.It SALE, 41 h.p. bTs^A. All Chain 1 Counter-Shaft with Kick Starter Motor Cycle. complete with Lamps and Tools; 2919 Model; Perfect; £ 87 ns. or nearest offer; Inspection and Trial invited.—Write, Bo? No. S 1, "Leader" Oc:e, Swai?ea. ?No. 8 1, "Leader" ,ice. Swctwiea. "IT'OLt SALE, Coventry Daimler: chain JL drive: new solid back tyrce. and pneu- j rnatio front tjre-s: cood running order—! Lkw J:;rnos Yfiysmeurlw 154A11-26 F^ORD Two-Seater with English built body, painted green, upholstered leather, double windscreen, khaki hood. dicky seal, right-hand drive; been little used; can be seen by appointment. Price including spare wheel with complete tyre and ail acces- sories, £ 355.—Apply, Box :0, F18, c/o I?cader Of5ce. Swansea. TC EL BY "J? h.p., 2 Speeds, 1917; take two -UBY Ja hill; fattest this district; any trial; lowest, £5: snap this nsnI'ing1 mount next year; low, comfortable.—Jam«. Gian Apiary, PontaE_ukfs, 157A11 -.8 ANON Light Car. in excellent runnjn? crr,.er q,nd condition: 4 new tyea: acety. lene headlights; enamelled grey; £ 210 — Apply Ben nett Bros.. Gorseinon. 154A11-27 •^rillF, following Cars are in Stock ready for ¡ i Delivery:— 1MP Rover 4-cylinler Van for loads 10 to I i £ e^t: back tyres rubberine filled; any trial I 3TI( examination. Two-ton Lacre Chassis, fitted with en- closed Cab: brand new I 3-4 ton Daimler Chassis: thoroughly over, banled: new tyres all round: guaranteed ap new. We have been apnointed Sole Agents for I the Albert Light Car. Orders now booked for Rotational De- liveries commencing February. Let us send ¡ yoil particulars. I Commercial Carrier Co.. Ltd.. 59-62 St Helen's)-road Swansea. Phone: Central 776 CI 1-24 1 014 SIGER 3? hp.. Motor Cyc]p: V Dr^ch mig Stnrmey Archer Three-3eed gear: in excellent condition: I £ &0.—J" Cole, Bridge House. Dunvant. 150 Al 1 -23 TRADE AKMOU?C??E?TS. I ? }lMAN J.C'IW.-ShoD i' u!TûTUsrfuTciu'-¡;¿ I Amp,s Cift-s Daz/iine Display of Plated GOUd8-DCB\.t Spocn«, Knivcs, Forks: Stain- less Cutlery of al! kind?. Have you tried "G1uit"-Harries', Noted i?uiiii?,?iers and IronmonKe?. CH-25 t?URS Remodelled. By our Process we Hre .c able to make Old Furs look like New All the Latest Styles in Fur Coat;, and Beta — Tennens. 5 Cradock-street. Swansea. 154AH.26 IT^OR Real Good Value in Footwear. W t' M Thomas, the uehable Boot I King Edward-road. Swansea. (T.C.) n: Y EIŒ %Ve are Agaii, You haven't heard XI of us for the last 4 Years. We have been fortunate enough to secure the largest stock of Working Clothes in Woles. includ- ing Police and Army Trousers, 7s. ld Coats, 7s 6d.; Waistcoats liõ. M Working Shirts. 2s. 6d.; Drawers. Is. 6d.; Overcoats. 12s. 6d Boots, 6ci- 6d.; Preechfes. 6s. lid !Zs. 6d B<)ots, 6L, 61 1 Mackintoshes, 7s. 6d.; Sleeve Waistcoats. 3s. lid. Special Strong Heavy Nailed Boots, suit Farmers, Collier;* etc. Write fcr prices, it will pay you to come and see our large |Sto;k. Our Sale is on Nov. There is only One Place in Swansea Make Sure and Come to the Right Shcp, Lcok out for Nv ,57 -The Army. Navy, and. Railway ctnre- 57. Alexandrr-road Swansea. 152A11-21 OOIJSE Repairs. Plastering, Tileing and "i. Kenovaticns of an kinds UtcDdfd to Advice civcn.—Bickford. Sketty. 154A11-27 -_U "l -1 "1 ?/?E&SRa. Dile Forty and C?.. Ltd Piano Merchants, 20. Ivin^ Edward'o-road. j Swansea. Write for Sale List of Pianos and Organs. 152A11-24 RAINCOATS.—We are showing an exten- sive range of Smart Raincoats for Boys and Girls Prices moderate at Johr, Richards. Raincoat Specialist Cradoek- street Swansea. 152A11-24 EAINCOATS and Canes for Ladies' JH, We hold an exclusive rpnge of rrrade Raincoats and Cfipes for Ladjes Moderate prices at John Richards Raincoat Sùec!nlh:t. Crr.doe1,,4reet Swan::<e"1.. J52A1.{,4 ^JURGICAL Appliances.—Trusses, Sprays. u Enemas. Surgeons' Rubber Gloves and Surcica: Rnbbei Goods of every description Writ j for Catalogue, Rent (w.t free.—Lc I Brnsseur. Snrzical Co.. Ltd Dept. D V ). 91 and 9i. Worcester-street. Biimingam. T.C. rX pO Let you have a Nice Present for Ainrs i we invite you to call end inspect our A ttraeti va and Lte"t Styles of Lsdie-' Crepe de-Chine Blou??es. etc.—T?ondc? CW'- in? Co. Bay-&trpet_Pc'rt?r(3T)?ant_153 A ?-?5 I'Tf^TdTBFKrs P" Cr"m W1nnt -?n? } A!mor)d TofF'T? are now on Sile at h? t OYford-strr?t Shop. P?e-wa?' ftua'ity Tnf? First ni!? the Best. 154 A J1-26 YOU set Hplial!, School Bootp. at the N: R .(, Shoe Store Goat-street. Try n Pair this week, 15aA 13-^3 I LOST AKD FOUJVD, I T-OST, the 20th inst.. C'{)!( Locket and i Chiin. between Elysium and Col- I' I)otiriie-terr,ice; great value to owner; (rift from her dead soldier brother; finder re- warded.—4. Colbonrne-terrace 156A11 -2] OTEAYED or Stolen, VVhite SettZr-Dii I O few Black Spots, with Muzzle and Collar; answers to name of Snipe: anyone 7iving information will be rewarded; de- tainer prosecuted.—D. John Be van. Garn- I STRAYED from Gwynfain Farm, Lonehor. STR.YED from Gwynfain Farm, Louc(hrJ' C) three Sbr&) with swallow tlil Tncorl¡ rn left ear and mark under risht ear. Finder t rewarded on informinsr Jenkins-, s,, V?eu*. I Penyrheol. Gorseinon. 356A11-24 rnmmmmptmmmmmmmmmmmji UMimmpuumiiiimi i jiiwh. i j jii HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND 70 LET. BONYMAEN.—For Sale 3 LeMeho???! inK-housc; 9S? years lease—Apply J 1 Owcus T.vr Sam, Bonymaen. Swansea. 152A11-26 ]OR, SALE, Foar-rcomed House in centre of town; twelve years' lease unexpired. Vacant possession.—Aui>ly T. R flams. Solicitor York^street. Swansea. 156A11-24 }7'ORgALE.?'Houses—?? 24, 25 Hone- X t,CL. PontarduiaM. main street.— Apply Lake, 5, Fisher-street, Swansea. 156A11-2.1 F OR Sale by Private Treaty, Three well- built Houses, situated in the Bel. prt of iJrynmiil; leace 86 y:-rfi; low ground rent; will-sod separately.—Write Bux K 2, j^OR SALE, two Conmodicna Leasehold JL. Houses bituate near Duvvant Stit?,o? and easily adaptable for shops.—Apply Cole, Bridge Hon0, Dunvant. 153A11-2:) TpOR SALE, two Dwelling-houses, 30 and 32 J Wliittington-street.—Apply for particu- ) lars. Payne. 42 (;-cythan-rmld..Neath. Cll-24 J t?FORE.S?ACH.—For Sale. Two'?M'?oId i 1. nwcl1in-houscs: 4 roame. s<:ullen: garden: bach: enrance; close to train and' 'bu?.—J. James Ilavenswood, Fferestfaeii. j ?5?A11-2? i T^FORESTFACH-For Sole. Leasehold Sh- I X and Premises; 4 bedrooms; side and back entrance; goc-d position.—Apply J. Jo.rioa. Raveaswood." Ficrestfach. 150A11-2-; 1 I^FORESTFACII — For Sale Dwellii: ] JL House: 4 rooms, scullery; long lease: I good garden; built six years ago.—Apply J. j James. Ravens wood," Fforestfacli i 150A11-24 John M. Leeder and Scin's Announce-i ments. HEATilFTF.LD. S7ra???ea..—WeH-bni!t Free- I 1. hold Ke&id&nce for Sale, with ea!,iy uo?cssion. _?? i \y AL.TER-ROAD.— Well-arranged Lease- ( ho!dRL?!de:!fe: 8 bedrooms, bat?"- oom. w.c.. ueua) domestic aLCommodatiun; j v/elifcuilt back premi-ses tstable or garage; ;| cxcellet!t dry?r?am oyfthcad.  i BRYNYMC)R-CKESCENT.—For Sale. w~ I B built freehold Residence: 3 reception rooms 5 bedrooms, bath-room, kitchen, scul. lery. etc. VUiTHIN five miles of Swansea ocenpyi n T » a delightfully open position. Preeho d i Residence: outbuildings, and three acres ot I ground. t ? R1FF]THS-TEERACE. Sltetty,F.reEho,' I 'L?' DwHin?-hoHoe for Sale: 'Z sitting-roor's. 4 bedroom', bath-room, neuai domestic ac- commodation.  ':LAXDR1?DOD\VELLS.-Fr?eboIdD? JU tached Rcstdence for ,,tie; possession .Mrch. 25th ?93?: 6 rc:cDtion 19 bedrooms.' bath-room 4 JavatoriC": eminently suitable- for boardins honsa of nurs;n Dime Tl,-TUMBLES.—For Sa1e Detached Freehold I t Residence, Landau-road: ha!I. 3 re- ception. 7 bedrooms, ba+li-room, w.c., uiua! ] d a me- t i c a c c a rn mo d a t io n ON ES-TEURACB Swansea—Several 4- <J' roomed Houses for ? ale: I<easehold Wl',] let: loiv figure; may be purchased scpar- ¡ C'tciv if desired. I ^REBOE'i'H.—For Sale 4 Freehold Hou?T X Brynsin-terrace, Tfeboetli; well !et: moderate price. T ?A3R of Bu?din?' Site. b centra) ?''r L tion. for Sale: 6ultable for garage 01 J stores. LEASE of well-built Building on the Strand: 10 bedrooms, large store-room. 2 kitchen's, large dining-room about 22ft 1 20ft.): suitable for lodging-house or stores ITUIEEHOLD Dwelllnc-honse for Sale in JL Gianmor-crescent. Unlands. QUITE of CBcca to Let Temple-etreet. ?3 Swanoea. LANGLAN'D BAY overlooking the Chal:, nel; ;orious outlook: most comfort- ably arranged: Detached House all con- veniences: freehold: for Sale, with posses- sion.—Apply John M. Leeder and Son, Swap. sea. Cll-24 1 j}Oe, further Particulars of the above, ap J. to John M Leeder and Son. 46 *V atcrloo-si reet Swansea APARTMENTS A^.S LODGJNG3 TO LET AMD WANTED. TWO or Three Rooms (Unfurnished) re- J) quired by Workman; no children; Clv- dach. Glais, Ynydawe. or dietrict—WTit?. I._}ader OT.i:!e. ??A?l-M i HOUSES WANTED. ANTED, moderates! zed House: West V ? End district; immediate possession- rent or purchase.—1. Wind-street Swansea. 153A11 -25 PREJVSSSSS TO LET & WANTED OFFICES Required, central part of Swan- 0 sea; will pay Good Rent.—SoUrit?T. c/o L-e P d,- r 0 f* (,11 -27 \74* 7ANTED to Itent Premises suitable or adaptable for a Ladies' Private School: St. Helen's or Uplands district.— Addrf?a "Scholastic." o?ice of this pap?. 163A1-24 BUSINESSES WANTED. YOUNG Lady wishes to purchase Tobac- conist business, Centre of Town :f possible; Or would purchase half interest and devote whole time.—Aeply, Box 222. "Leader" Office, Swansea. 156A11-28 f-i-O UISLS Purchased on easy terms; Any district; you will benefit by having the lowest repayment in House Purchase.— Write, "Ownership," "Daily Leader" Uiilce, Swansea. WfiY not Buy your House with the Ren?" » V Write now and let me help you to save money. Immediate Advances, acd Houses found any districtt. Write now for r)-,ti-tictilars.-Gilbert Evans, Sketty 153.\11.Z11 A //? W'EEKLY will Purchase 9450 House f) anv district: po^M-ssio-, bv arrange n'ent.—' Landlord." Leader. Swansea. '1' If MONEY. ELAW 12 Tjondon-road, Neath Ninkis Cash Advance.; from £ 5 and upwards Strictly Private Established li.76 T(- IF YOU are in Temporary Financial Diffi- j ± culties, don't worry, consult M For.e". 9. O< Swansea, and you will not be sorry. yo..i ret.-iiire. a fo-i.n. ni)r!N- to JL Thc.mas 'Chnrr-h-stree 'opposite FIt l'.f:Uy'" Church), Swansea Private and Cor fidentinl- 1 UTONEY to Ijend to Respectable I1(1U. i>i ho'ders; PHv-ite si't.d Conf-dcctial Ivor f) Tliomnc. 6. Wafi-r'oo-st.swnneta ADVANCES, ;CI5 TO £5,000 Oil written promise to ret)(is or any securitv I'tincipal rernains or can b" repaid by '-5 or instalments, no charge of any hind unless business done: promptness and j privacy; avoid exposing your reouirenients I locally — Write oldest Companv exleting II E. LAWRENCE. LTD.. j Don Chamber* Wsnn-street, Bristol j PERSONAL. N- C-Pelt Bert'p Toffee Shop there is JL U ?i r I p fl c,- n bis Son thank you foi yom help Y(,ii Pr(, '•oifjg 'Yon: Bit" ae we did onw Thanks! Swansea Thanks'! -1' n"l- "Ih" I—BBK-W—«MIUHUJilJJMJJMI'll) III I IW'W iWUjll mill II — SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORri. j I. j I I __L > 1 —1_ ■_[_ | ——————————————— Please publish the above for which 1 | ■ enclose .a. d. Name and Address: I Iff desired, replie" m- 51" ,i!>. to Be-x at the H Cambria Daily f Leader Office. | I Thia form ahou!? be a<1dregsd ta "Oatnbrla DAily 1 Le?Cter," Swane || f      .??—— I u I'-ø¡-' FOR SALE. DON'T Miss This! Good Cooking or Eat- t ing Apples. 28 lbs for (*> carriage paid, package tree. Ctush with order.-Il Edwards Fruit Grower Wellington, Som 146A11-26 FOR Sale. Covered Furniture Van; Single -L Horse; 7ic. x 4ft. inside; in splendid condition.—Push Bros., Coweii-sU-ect, Lian- elly. 111 -25 jjiOR Sale. 3-ton Steam Crane; ail niotioris ,-A. by tbm; inspection South Wales.— Box Ortice, Swansea. Cll-25 Or, SALE Pony Governess Car. and 2 X Set.s Harnee-s all in splendid condition, or will Dispose of Governed Car, Harness, etc.. separately. Can be seen by appoint ment Ko dealers.—Bradiord. Oxford- sfreet, Swansea. 156A:1-¿4 It DISPOSAL 2 Lancashire Boilers. Sit XI dia.. 30ft. long, compicte with all ftl- ings: recently dismantled. Wel", working at 100 lbs per square incn Those Boilers aro road.v for iznmediate .sare and Tenders are invited for them f.o., rt South Wales Work-i» Boilers may be inspected by ar- rangement.—Reply to Box 11 Z, Camhna Daily I>eadei*. Swaneea. Cll-21 j SALE, a large quantity <f !e "v az,tl Second-hand Rails of various wc:c:h's and sections, together with all acce^orios for same. For price and further particu- lars apply to Messrs. Holntee and Howell, 2. Glouc&cter-placc; telephone numbe?', 331 ('én- tral: telegrams, "Direct Swansea." Cil-26 FOR SALE, a number cf G?nt?' Over?cp??. ¡ ?. Frock Coats, Suits. Boys Eaton Co! Ladies' Dresses etc.—Apply, by letter to S4. Brvn-road Swansea. Cll-25 DOR SALE good, fast Jenny Donkey and X Ha"ne.'e; lot complete £ 5 10?.—W rue Edwin Thomas. Hill Bank Bryncoch near i Xpath. 153A11-26 j }/OR SALE, Dairyman's Turn-out: lot.-Ariply J. n. Jonee Windsor D-nin I 50. King Edwapd-road. Swansea. 1J6A11-25 F OR SALE. New Cider, le. Id. per gal. in I X purchaser's casks; f.o.r.; cash with I order.—Mills, 'i'yrbryn, Talgarth, Brecon- shire. 153 All-25 F Oa# SALE Couper Geyser: perfect cor- J' dition.—Apply Edwin Hall. Tobacconist opposite Hospital, Swansea. "152A11-24 C AFES (fire rc*istina). 20in to 4810 hizh 0 for Sa!e: alo nair 8" Winding Engines, j Steam Wagono Pump«.—Birt. 47a, Strand. Swansea. c 12-3 'lïO JAM MAKERS—Jam Apples <Mixcd j A Swccts and Scoura]. ?5 per ton in buy- ers' bags; F.O.R. Cash with older.—F Ed wards. Fruit Merchant Wellington, Som 146411-26 1 A A TON? of Small Coal Tar Pitch ??uit -LUU able for Briquette: etc.; baS, per ton on rail Manchester.—Write, Box T 1, 1 "Leader Office, Swansea. 156A11-23 j FURNITURE. j L" UK}; lTlJ RE.-Best Prjcl given bv tne iT for Second-band Furniture and Antique Furniture of any description Drop tne a postcard or call.— Wm. James. 8. Fabian- street, St Thomas CT.C "tir E Part with Regret with Summer, but ? Y V Autumn is not without its special p!easurps 1 he day's wok dene, the door pleasures. blinds drawn, the gas lit, the fire shut, the bright (with scuttle, let'8 bo?. full of coal, and. perhaps, a bit of wind in the chimney at intervals), the pipe dfawing well, the company congenial and the wherewithal of a modest supper in the pantry—why, then tioine is Home, and there's no place like it W" Ltever adds to the comfort of the Home is worth while, and in that Category out Immense Stock of Household Furniture of Every Description iB the Sure Basi3 of Com- fort- and the right place to buy is from the Manufacturers for Cash or Easy Terms —ilills, Furnishers, Gower-street, Swansea. Also 14, Windeor-road, Neath. 147A11-26 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS,, A PIANO Wanted: an old-fashioned one not objected to if good tone.—Box K1. l e-der Cidce, Swansea. 153A11-25 I BUY Furniture. New and Second-hand — JL Scrldn. 219 High-streat. Swansea. 150A31-27 'l^REES Wanted over PHwood size.—.ien- 1 nings. Ltd. Woodworkers. Pennywel) road. Bi;st<,l Bramdi at Porthcawl. STC. "IS^ANTED, Piano, in eood condition, f > V able for learner.—Reply, with )owe? nrice. to Music," Daily Leader OfnrR li2A]1-1?4 EDUCA TIONAL. Parents and Guardians enjoy a beneficial PEACE 1 regarding the future of their girls and boys enrolled at j THE DE BEAR SCHOOLS, LTD. where no effort is spared to train for SUCCESSFUL COMMERCIAL CAUEERS Write or Call for Prospectus, Castle Buildings, Swansea. Tel.: Central 587. PRIVATE T U IT IO N orLorTdon Matric i. and alt the Professional Frelim E7:. ams; Shorthand and Book keeping rapidly taucht at Lisbman's (,'oachine College, 40-41. \V oreter-n lacé (opposite Castle Cinema) Swansea _——— ¡ TC SWANSEA Business College; Specialised k3 Training for Business, Public Exam- inations, etc.; Day and Evening Tuition; Prospectus Free.-PrineipcLI. E. V. Kuddell. |B.A. 154 All-25 i I SALES BY AUCTION. I GOWER AUCTION MART. I Reynoldston. TUESDAY NEXT, NOV. 25th, 1919, | FAT CATTLE and SHEEP will be Sold and Allocated in v-ccordtiiiee with the Live Stock Regulations. Store Itock .y Auction as usual. All Fat Stock to be at the Mart by 10 a.m. Sale to commerce promnlly at 11 a.m Messrs. JAMES & AMES, F.A.I., Auctioneers. 7, Goat-street, Swansea. I Telephone: 172 DOCKS. —————————————————————— —————————————————————— I AUCTION MART. ¡ 21, UNION STREET, SWANSEA I I (Opposite Mond Buildings). I WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1919. Mr. H. C. Higman, F.A.I., I Has received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the above audress and date, Superior Household Rsrmture, principal items o-rrprisin, FORTE, CARVED GARBLE TOP CHEEi ONIER, Dur-heMc Pair, Letter I Prcss, Mahogany and Oak Pair, Lt-tt(,i- Dining Room Suite, Sitting Room Suite. i Overmantels, Whatnots, "abinet Orna- raents, Pictures, Carpets, Rugs, Carved Oak and Walnut Hail Stnud, Vi'-hoRany I Dining Table, E.P. Goods. Stair Carets. Rods, OAK CHEST OF DRAWERS, Bedroom Suite, Walnut Bc-dsteati, GENT.'S WARDROBE, Copper Wire Jlattresses, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, i Overlays, Ottoman, Beds, Kitchen Tables, Dvesser (glass front), Chairs, j Dinner and Tea Ware, Oilc'oth, Cutlerv, II Child's Cot, Kitchen Utensils, nnd various useful effects. Goods on View Morning of Sale. Terms-Ca,sh. Sale at 11 a.m. I ',3 BERNARD-STREET, UPLAwDS. SW ANSE 1. I THFRSDAY, NOVEMBER 27th, 1919 J. Barron Pascoe, F.S.I., F.A.I., I Has been instructed to SELL by PUB- I 1JC AUCTION, without Reserve, at the 1 ah'—e Address and Date, the Surplus ) Household Furniture ¡ AND EFFECTS. Sale to Commence at 11.15 a.m. I prompt. Goods on View Morning of Sale-. Terms; Cash. Full particulars on Posters. Auctioneer1! Offices: 7. Gower-street, i Swansea-. SALES BY AUCTION. 1 SWANSEA AUCTION ROOMS. IMPORTANT SALE of EXPENSIVE, WELL-MADE BEDROOM SUITES, DINING ROOM FURNITURE, CHAIRS, SETTEES in VARIOUS WOODS and COVERINGS. John fil. Lesdsr anti Will SELL by AUCTION, on WEDNES- DAY, NOVEMBER 26th, 1319, at 11 am., HANDSOME INLAID MAHOGANY BEDROOM SUITE, comprising 6ft. Wardrobe with curved front fitted 2 Hanging Cupboards, i Drawers and Shelves, Pedestal Dressing Chest fitted with Cheval Glass, Wash- stand—Marble Top and Mirrored Back (Swing Mirror centre), Pedestal and Threo Chairs; ANOTHER 1 VLAIT) ■?! PIECE SUITE; A SATIN WALNUT I BEDROOM SUITE: AN OLD MAI{n~-1 ANY WARDROBE, Lower part fitted Drawers, upper part Sliding Trays; Overlays; Commodes FINE OLD SARVED OAK AND MA HOG ANY SIDEBOARDS; HANDSOME WALNUT SIDEBOARD; Well-Framed Dining-room Snite covered i in Red Leather; Good Mahogany-Framed Suites in Leather: Dining Tables in Oak and Mahogany; Mahogany Frame Deal- Top Table (5 leaves), extends to 15ft.; Fumed Mahogany CHINA CABINET; OVERMANTELS; a Few Fine Oil Paintings; Decorative China; VALUABLE PIANOa.- GRAND by BROADWOOD. UPRIGHT by BROADWOOD, UPRIGHT by G. HEYL, LEIPZIG, all in Rosewood Cases; Music Stool: Music? Cabinet* Walnut and Oak China Cabinets; Hall Stands; Chef. fonieres; Card Table; Corner Cupboard; I Gramophone and Records; (iff. Dresser; Curtains; Books; Scales and Weights: Sewing Machines; Clocks; Occasional Tables; Telescopes in Cases; Fire Guard; Brass Fire Suites; and Sundry Miscel- lanea. Goods on View Morning of S&le Messrs. JOHN M. LEEDER A SON j j BEG TO ANNOLNCE THAT NO MORE FURNITURE CAN BE RECEIVED FOR I DISPOSAL AFTE'? THE 30rh INSTANT. They find it nocessary to extend thoir Office Accommodation, and must utilise the Sale Room for this purpose, I Auctioneers' Offices: 46. Waterloo- street, Swansea, I BY ORDER OF THE OFFICIAL I SOLICITOR. ¡ SALE OF VAT-UABLE i.-CENSED PROPERTY. Messrs. Isaac Edwards & CO. (Mr. ISAAC EDWARDS;, in conjunction with Mr. F. A. PHILLIPS (Fellow s of the Auctioneers' J itute) Will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, in the DUNRAVEN HOTEL, BRIDGEND, on TUESDA Y¡ DECEMBER 9th, 1919, at 3 p.m. (subject to such Conditions p-s shall tlwn and there be produced), all that LEASEHOLD Free Fully-Licensed Premises known as the SIX BELLS INN, GILFACH GOCH. The Hotel is in hand and carried on ) by a Manager; there being overal ád- vantageous features in eonuection with this Property which strongly commend it to a purchaser. The Premises are held for a term of 99 years from the 29th September, 1874, subject to an Annual Ground Rent of ;£3 ius. lOci. I Also, on the SAME DATE, In ?e SIX HLLJ?S INN, F1LFACH GOCH, at G ¡ p.m. (in Single Lots), all those pm'1( :;a:; a;I;;geSJ known k £ 11 to 20, MAESTEG-ROW, GILFACH GOCH. These Premises are held for a term of 99 years from the 25th March, 1872. sub- ejet to an Annual Ground Rent of £ 9 Gs. 4.1., and let to monthly tenants at rentals amounting yearly to £ 13 each. For further :1!tiènhrs Hpp'y to cither of the AuctIoneers. "t the1r Ontcen. Bank Chambers, and Post Office, Chambers, Merthyr Tydfil, respectively; to Messrs. D W. Jones and Co., Solicitors, Merthyr Tydfil; or to the Courts of Justice, London, W.C.2. —————————————————————————— ) CARMARTHENSHIRE. ¡ AT CAPEL ISAAC AND IN THE TOWN I OF LLANUILO. MESSRS. I Wm. & W. James, F.A.i. I Are favoured with instructions from flic various owners to OFFER for SALE bv PUBLIC AUCTION, at the DRILL I HALL, LLANDJLO, on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29th, 1919, a Compact and Desirable Freehold Property, called the LLWYNPARTRIDGE ESTATE. coi&prising:— l.-LLWYN PARTRIDGE FARM. C- 7,9. Or. 21 perches, rent 4110 inclusive. 2.—FFYNONDAWEL FARM, IVa. lr. iK perches, rent inclusive. 3.—LLWYN LODGE, House and Pad- dock, la. Or. 12 perches, rent -13 10s. 4.-BRYNHYFRYD HOUSE, and Pad- dock. la. Ir. 13 perches, rent £8 10s. in- clufrtve. 5.-LLWYNPARTRIDGE HOUSE and Paddock (now the Pofit Office). la. Or. 33 perches. 6.—PANT HYWEL, Small Holding, 4a. 2r. 11 perches, rent £1) 10s. inclusive. 7-12.-Six FREEHOLD Modem DWEL- LING-HOUSES, 1-6. Brisken-terroee, Rliosmaen-street, Llandilo. 13.—TROED Y DRY N HOUSE (Scmt- detached), Small Market Garden with fine Glass House, Llandilo. < 14. Two Freehold Accommodation Fields at New Inn, Llandilo, 8a. lr. 12 perches, with vacant possession. SALE TO COMMENCE PROMPTLY AT 2.30 P.M. Detailed particulars, Plans and Condi- tions of Sale may be had from the Auctioneers, Swansea and Llang&dock, or with reference to Lots 1 to 6 from Mr. T. H. Powell, Solicitor, Llandilo, and J. W. Pavnter Reece, Esq., Solicitor, Aber- [ele; Lots 7-12, Messrs. Jeffreys and Powell, Solicitors, Brecon; and I«f^ 13 to 14. Messrs. T. W. James and Com- pany, Solicitors, Swansea. I CROSS INN HOTEL, AMMANFORD. Messrs. J. Davies & Co. Will Sell hy PUBLIC AUCTION, Jat the above place, on SATURDAY, NOVEM- BER 29th, 1919, A "Sunbeam" Motor Car, 16-20 Horse Power. To Seat 5 or 7 Persons Privately owned, and having clone very little work during war time, and now in excellent running order. Would make a Splendid Hiring Car. Trial Trips can be arranged on appli- j cation to Messrs. Watkins and Blicit, Llandovery. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock. Terms—Cash. Auel ioneers' Offices: Llangadock. T.Ian-j 1 r. jverv and Llandilo. J

For -the -Ladies. : ———CI…