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TEA AND COFFEE. 44, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL. "M/TESSRS ELLIS DAVIES & COMPY. It 1 beg to inform the Residents of and Visitors- at Bala and district that arrangements have now been completed by which Parcels may be obtained by Rail from Liverpool at a very small cost. Families may thus obtain their customary supplies, of good Tea and Ceffee while residing in this neigh- bourhood, and can now rely upon receiving their Parcels on the day following receipt of orderx. The following are a few selected quotations for the preseut Season TEA. ol lb. The Choicest Kaisow Tea .3/6 The Extra Fine SOUCHONG 3/4 First-class CONGOU 3/- The Very Fine COngou 2/8 FINE Congou Strong Congou 2/ Good Sound Congou .1;8 And intermediate prices. PURE COFFEE. rib. The Choicest Mountain Jamaica.. 119- Fine Jamaica M Plantation Ceylon.. Ceylon Coffee The above may be had Ground or In the Beiry. "^ed wi«f PURE GROUND CfllCORY,} 1 3 obtained from the Best English Root ) ^^d^thPURE GROUND CHIOafty.ll/. obtained from the Best English Root j E. D & CO. recommend Ground Coffee to be.kapt fa) air-tight Tin Canisters, whioh they supply when requested. TtRjcs Strictly Net Cash on receipt of Coods. Remittances may be made by Bankers' Cheques, or Post-office Orders .payable at the General PQt. QCie4 Liverpool. THE West Coast of Wales DIRECTORY. -=- (A) Signifies that there are apartments to let. (b) Willing to let the whele house furnished. ABERYSTWYTH. Marine Terraas. No 6 —Mrs. R. DEIAHOTDE, Dresden House — "Pro'fetsor and Mrs. Tanner, lindane iIra- and the Muses Robinson, Frenchay, Gloucestershire. N%IrM?MrsJ JohrCatieU, Mr. and jklrs Joseph Taunton and family Edgbaston; Mr. and )Irs. Schmidt and family, London- Mrs Dr. Burd and family and Miss Lyceet, Shrewsbury; G.'Baldwin «ndfamily,W< £ verhampton. No. 12.—Mrs, T. H. LLOYD— „ „ Mr. and Mr*. Stubbs, family, and servants Nottingham Dr. and Mrs. Cridland, Bath; Capt. and Mrs. Williams, family and gervants, Greenfields, Rhayadtt. NO. 16,—Mrs. & J. JOXKS^J— Rev. J. Mrs. and Miss Towason, Stren^am Rectory, Worcestershire; Rev. T. and Mrs. Whitney, Marsden, YorK- shire; Mrs. J. P. and Miss Whitney. No. 25.—Mrs. M. NELSON— J. Jordan, Esq., Mrs. Jordan and family, Manc&ester, Mr. and Miss Lewis, and Miss F. Brown, Longtoe, Stafford- shire Mrs. G. Williams and Miss G. Williams, aurse and family, Leasowes, Clun; Mr. Mrs. and Miss j&annister, Miss Hurit, Barton-on-Trent. No. 30.—Mrs. JONES, Claremont House- Air A. E. Heaton, Endon, near Stoke-on-Trent; Mr. Heaton, Poole Fields, Burslem; Miss Smith, Miss <J. H. Smith, Miss E. Smith, Master G. H. Smith, MasterW. R. Smith, Master T, O. S. Smith and Master L. W. hnnjtd, Handsworth, Staffordshire; Mrs. Whitlaw and family, Kensington, London. No. 52.—Mr. D. R. JONES (a) (b)- No. 60.— Mrs. GREEN— Miss, Miss J., and Miss S. Bawen, Hay, Capt. J. J- harden, • W. E. Lambert, M.G.G.S.,W.M.R;\ Tewkesbury; Mr. F. W. Price, Llanwye, Herefordshire; Mr. J. B. and Master J. A. K. Price, Eye, Herefordshire; Mrs. Sewell and family, Cheltenham. No. 61, Miss DAVIES (a b)- Mrs. F. T. Brown and maid; Miss Gertrude Green, Penmaes, Hav; Miss H. Hillting, Dye- eone; Mr. Ryder and family, Birmingham; Mr. J. Tutin, Mr. Thomas H. Walker, and Master Ernest Richards, Birmingham. Miss TRUB3HAW, Caerleon House, Victoria-terrace- Ladies School. QUEEN'3 HOTEL (Mr. W. H. PALMER, proprietor) Professor Palmer, Mrs. Palmer, and family, Cambridge, A. R. O'Regan, Esq., and the Misses O'Regan, Donning- ton Anthony Benn, Esq., and family, Oswestry^; H. Fehrate, Esq., London Mr. and Mrs. Jul- gour, London; P. H. O'Farrell, Esq., London; Mr. and Sirs. C. G. Leland and Mrs. Rodney Fisher, London; Mr. and Mrs. F. Tavlor, Manchester; Mr. and Mrs. Mackay, London Rev. A. and Mrs. Gray, St. Albans Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hammond, Ramsgate; Mr. and Mrs. F. Temple, Edinburgh Mr. and Mrs. Robinson; Mrs. Willis and son; Mr., Miss, and Master Maul, Birming- ham; Mr. and Mrs. Coles, Leamington; Mrs. D. Harris, New York; Mrs. Parland and maid and Captain John Parland, Rylands, Hereford Mr. and Mrs. T. Armitage and family, Pendleton; Ir., Miss, and Master Dicker, Stratford-on-Avon Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Edwards, Ken- sington; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Daviesand family Warnng- ton; Mr. and Mrs. Daniels; Mr- and Mrs. Hince, Salop; Mr and Mrs. Copland, London; Misses Gretton and party, Bladon; Mr. and Mrs. D. Jones, Bangor; Dr., Mrs., and Miss Bradshaw, Nottingham; Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, London; Mr. and Mrs. Turley, Worcester; Mr. and Mrs. Proddon, London; Montague Spalding, Esq., Blackheath; Henry Hewlett, Esq., India; J. J. Birch, Esq and John E. Aspinall, Esq., Shrewsbury; Miss Ed- mondston, Ashley; Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Allen, Heme Hill; Miss Travis, Bishop's Sutton; Rev. J. Mugliston, Cheltenham. North Parade No. 14, Mrcr. JoNE3 (a)- Mrs. Kinsev, Maesmawr; Mrs. Childe, Church Stretton; Mr. and Mrs. Barker, Westland; Mrs Marten, Mrs. Green. Baker Street MRE JONES, Victoria Hotel, Baker-street (a)- Mr and Mrs. Lumley, Merthyr Mr. and Mrs. Symns, Kington, Herefordshire Mr. Massy, London Mr. Richards, London; Mr. Da-vies, Mourport; Mr. Clarke, London. Terrace Road Mr. F. W. CCLLIFORD, Welch Harp (a)- Mrs. W. BUBB, Lisburne House- Mrs. Lane; Major and Mrs. Lane, family, and nurse, Not- tingham; Rev. G. J. Emanuel, B.A., and Mrs. and Miss Emanuel, Edgbaston, Birmingham; Mrs. and Miss Hop- wood and Miss Youngman, London. Queen's Road. No. 4.—Mr. THOMAS ABBOTT, Crystal Palace Hotel (a)- *Mr. T. Davies, Sandon-terrace, Liverpool; Mr. and Mrs. B. Hussey, Arnold-street, Liverpool; Mr. and Mrs. T. Davies, Chatham-street, Liverpool. No. 5.-M-rS. WILLIAM WILLIAMS (It)- Mrs and Miss Husband, Birmingham; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Husband, and Master Chas. Husband, Handsworth. No 6 —Mrs. JONES, Glanayron House (a)- Mr and Mrs. Royle family and nurse, Manchester. Mrs 'EDWARDS, Wesley House— j G Roberts, Esq.; Mr. and Mrs. Ezarel, Manchester; Mr. and Mrs. Worslev, Miss Worslev, Miss Rogers, Miss Rumsy, and J. Fisher, Esq., Stockport. Pier Street, No. Mr E. P. WYNNE, Family and Dispensing Chemist- No. 32, £ r. C. M. WILLIAMS, General Drapery and Millinery Establishment— Irs. SMITH, Pier House, Pier-street- Dr. C. J. Covernton's family-Misa Constance G., Miss Minnie F Masters Percy H., Charles, A., Ralph H., and Clement E. Covernton; Miss James, Knighton; Mr. and Mrs. Wood wardj family and maid, N orthneld; Mrs. H. Woodward, Birmingham. Portland Street. No. 13.—Mrs. EVANS (a b)- Mr. and lrs. Squire Holt, Oldham; Mr. and Mrs. Howard, Miss and Master Howard, Mr. and MasterCrump, Wolver- hampton Mr J. G. Howard, Liverpool; Mr. Glover, Wolverhampton; Mr. J. W. Glover, Stockton-on-Tees. No. 23A.—Mrs. A. EVANS, (a)- Mrs. Ward and Master A W. Ward, Saintbury Grounds, Mis3 A. Shaw, Stourton; Mr. Whitley, Bath Mr. J. R. Morgan, Llitnelly. New Street. No. 11.—Mrs. COLLINS (a)- Miss Wilson, Hereford; Miss Hill, Broomy Hill, Hereford. Alfred Place. MRS T E THOMAS, Dorset House— -%Ir. Ales. Hill, Downing Coll. Camb. Mr. Leonard Hill, Finchley; Mr. R- Morris, Mrs. Morris, Miss M. Morris, West Felton Mrs. Franklin, Miss Norah Franklin, Mr. Charles Franklin, Wein. ABERDOVEY. Glcmdovey Terrace. No. 1.—Mrs. BELL— T, Mrs. Master T., and Miss F. Fmnemore, Birmingham. No. 2.—Mrs. EVANS — T T • „■ „ Miss Russell, Miss H. Russell, Miss L. Lowis, Miss Ethel Primrose, Miss Helen Primrose, Master R. M. Lowis, Master F. Pitt S. Taylor. No. 4.—Mrs. BLACK- „ Mrs. John Leech and family, Marple, Cheshire, Miss Suckling, Gloucester Mr. and Mrs. Stokes, Birmingham. IVtrs JOSES, Plas Dovey— Mr. and Mrs. Brown and family'and servant, Dingle Priory, Liverpool. Mrs JOHN OWENS, Brooklyn House— "^The Rev. J. B. Roberts and family, Whitchurch, Salop Mr. and Mrs. Arnold and niece. MR* EEWIS. Glanvor House— Miss Newmarch, Bri IgnorSb I)1ISB Newmarch, Chelten- ham and Masters Newmarch (2), London. Mr EDWARD JONES, Linen Draper and Grocer, Cambrian House (a)- Miss Robinson, Stockton Villa, Chirbury. Mr RICHARD DAVIES, Draper and Grocer, Manchester House (a)- Mr. EDWARDS, Pier House (b)- BARMOUTH. Porkington TerraQI. No. 2.Mr: HUGH JONES— ■Ciptaiii Z. Trooper and family, Leamington; IMl-s. Sjakeyne and chHuren. -No. 3.—Mrs. JANE JOXES- Mr. and'Mrs. Butler, London; Mr. and MR# Barber and family, and nurses, Liverpool; the Rev. T.F. Daesshaw and family, Preston Mrs. Leach and family, Prt,«t«n. NC. I-^MRS;T" WILLIAMS Eliiah Walton, Esq., and family, Broaisgrave:? A, re. Bark- worth and family, and the Rev. EL F. ^ANASORI.ILTMLSRIDGE Wells. No. 6.—Mrs. RICHARDS— 3iev. Edward Sturges and family, Mrs. W. fetuiges and family;} Mr. and Mrs. Pertoaet Sells aad FABTTIL: Mrs. and the* Misses Brooker. No.sO.(Bro,ynty-nHouse).-CapL EDwtxtD Gwr-n,.qs- Mr. and'MRS fSolon and family, Stoke-oa-Trenti MC. and Mrs. Morton and family, WolverluUJlptoll. Aelydon, WOS.^LAND 2.Mrs. EDWARDS— Mrs. Shepherd and maid, Mkisea Shepherd <_ On the Rev; Mr; SOCLES, the Misses Eedes, Ttfiss J&ri^ell, C. Eccles, Esq.rogheda, Ireland; Miss Barrow and paity, .I.e:r¥rIJi!.gtQIr\j J r. and Mrs. WlrifceJi<JOse:; I No. 3.—Mr. Jos. WM. COTTON, F-G.S.— The. Misses Bickley, Moseley, Binai*ffcam:; Iffiss ,LWe!itb-. Y, Wheeler-street, Birmingham; Mrs. Carless,-Stafford K R. tTcaaLridge and lainily, Staiford; 3fimm BMRSCNSUI^ LOADER; Mr. and Mrs, JJCWDON, Coventry. ST«. 4—Mrs. GRISPR.'H— Mr. and Jm-es Wetherell ari faai'fly .CKA.,SERY»NV, Northampton M-. and Mrs. BaySsj Vr- =d, V, ',e Guy and servant, ji-ylesbury. C .rydd Terrace, N,Z. JOHN LLOYD- Dr. anfi rs. Argles and family, and MFCW HARDING^ London; T. M. •KumphriesI"E.3q., Mrs. Humphries, baby, d nurse,, WaJt -Vons. wcl, la(lame D'Aultity, I'ark.; JSjacWalsfi, Dublin -MR. George Wright, Stonnall, VTalaaiH. No. 5,-T-MBC- EVAMS— Krs ShoweU's family; li^ottsall Lodge, Oldbury; MR*. Leek, Oldfcury.; Mrs. Grah»N and family, Acodc'A <Sr«ea, near BIRMINAITA Mr..act Mrs. H. Eartland and family, West LIIKSJU.wicja. Glasfec- Terrace. No. 1.—Mrg. fNTERS fhj- Mr. AND the Misses WAGING, Gravelly Hill, BIRVAINGSIAM; Mr. Mole,'Mr. aad'Mrs.i awson, family, and 8erv Bir- mingham-; ?TLIE Misses, niid Mr. Mathews, Leeds, York- shire; J. JRX-tchings, EáKt., Iri. Hatchings, f, and servants, Welshpool. Mrs. KnrocH, Hcwe, High Street- Mr. and Mrs. Baker and family, Shipton under Wychwocd, Oxfordshite; Mr. and Strs. Yrenn, Beechwood, KingiÓLn, Surrey; Mr. AND Mrs. Eilictt, and Mr. and the MWS-M Goward, Markti:, Harborough. Mrs. MORRIS, Glanglasfor H«II»A— Mrs. Walsham liow, Miss iiavr, and Mr. A. W. How, Whittington Reffvory, Osweatty; Miss Burton; Mr. Erans, Trosypark, Denbigh Mrs. W!t;;ht, Coventry. Mrs. SMITH, 1, MGwajL.PleasajB.t- Mr. and Mrs. Jones, London Mrs. Scott, Birmingham, and; Miss Hughes, VTesl Bromwich. Miss DKDWITH, 1, Bryfehyfryd F J Pickup, Esq., aiid Liverpool; E. Wilkinson ana family, London; E.. STANLEY AR^TI /L&mlly, London; Major Smith and family, Lopdon. Mrs. EVANS, Quay Cottage, .Churc.h :nreat-(a) Mr. and Mrs. D. McMioc Liverpool R JSSR., Misa, and Master T. Elkington, Pendletce, Manchsstet- TIMOTHY, Panteinioa (a)- Mr. SCOTT, Arthog Hall- Mrs. JOHN EVANS, Glanymor House— S. T. Blackwell, Esq., Hillside, Harrow Weakl, Steanmore. BORTH. Mr. CH^3LE3 MTTTON, Cambrian Hotel- Mr. l Mrs. Bearcroft, Carmarthen; ifrs. Marpole, ■VVON^ATER; Rev. R. J. Leslie, •UHELTENBASA; Rer. Mrs. and ^P&STER Lascelles, Claverton Rectory,$I £ H. Cambrian Terrace. No. 1.—Mrs. PRITCHARD— No. 3.-FLLIWGR WATKINS- Mr. ad Mrs. H. Christian Corfield and famtly, -Oswestry Captain Ticefcurst, R.N.; Mr. Clifton Ticehucal. London; Miss Ada E. Blackburn, London; Mr. Mrs. and. Master Morgan, LlAnMvery. No. 4.—Mr. WILLIAM ROBERTS— Mrs. J. Jones and family, Machynlleth Mr. J, W. Jones, Penrhyn House, gethesdt; Mr. Thos. Charlton, H^sley, Staffordshire; Miss Evans, TunstalL No. 12.—Mrs. JANE EEWARDS— The Rev. S. T., M^ Miss, and Master Sproston, Wolverhampton Rfv, D. MTS., and Miss Jones, Uandinam. No. 14 (Uppingham House}.—Mrs. MCCLKLLAN (a)- Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis and family, Frankton Grange, Oswestry; Captain Walter P, Jeffreys and family, Renliys, Llandovery, South Wales. Picton Terrace, No. 2.-Mrs. MARY JONES (a)- Mrs. Norton and family, Ludlow, Prince Street. No. 8.—Mrs. JONES (a)- Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, Bridge-street, Corris. Mrs. MARGARET JENKINS, (Osprey House)-(a) Mrs. Ellis and child, Oswestry. JANE JAMES, Ocean View- Mr. and Mrs., Miss Gladvs, Master Douglas, Master Stanley, Master Clifford, and Miss Enid Greenougb and nurse, of Rrynyffynon, Dallington, Northampton; Ur. and Mrs. Ireson, family, and num, Park View, DARLINGTON, North- ampton. Mr. THOMAS GoUGH THOMAS, No. 1, Libanus-termee(a)- Mr. Rowland, Mrs., and MiJtM Elizabeth Owen, Dinas Mawddwy; Mrs. Elizabeth Owen, Gnipill, Llanbrynmair; Mrs. Jane Pugh, Llanbrynmair; Miss Ellen Davis, Adfa, Llanwyddelen; Mrs. and Miss Morgans, Bryncoch, Llanerfyl; Miss Elizabeth Davis, Tyhwynt i'r Park, Llanerfyl; Mr. Edward and Mr. Hugh Davis, Penmorfa, Cannoffice; Mr. Philip and Mr. Walter Gornall, Aber- ystwyth; Mr. Richard Jones, Aberystwyth. Mrs. JOYES, Picton House (a)- Mrs. Jenkins, London; The Misses Martin, Hanwell Mr. H. R. Martin, Hanelly. ELIZABETH REBS, Gloucester House- Mrs. Sheldon and family, Handsworth, Birmingham; Mrs. Henderson, Handsworth. CAPT. HUGH REES, Beach Grove- Mr. and Mrs. Gittins, family, and nurse, Newtown; Mr Bebb, Welshpool; Miss Jones and Miss Ashford, Newtown. MARGARET DAVIES, Diana House- Rev. J. and Mrs. Hill, family, and two nurses, Nottingham Mr. and Mrs. Peyrson Bennet, family, and nurse, Bir- mingham. R. P. ROBERTS, Garibaldi House (a b)- Mr. and Mrs. Francis, Newtown; Mr. Dixon and family, Birmingham. Mrs. JONES, Sea View (a)- A. L. LEWIS, Post-office, London House (a)- Lieut.-Col., and Mrs. Gwynne, Miss Leeds, four children, and two nurses, Caergwynne House, Breconshire. CRICCIETH. Ormsby Terrace, No. 2.—Mrs. WILLIAM JONES (a)- No. 3.—Mrs. R. P. THOMAS (a)- Miss Wright, Miss Burton, and Master Evans, Trosyparc, Denbigh. No. 4.—Mrs. R. ROBERTS (a)- Mr. and Mrs. Owen, Berkley-street, Liverpool; Mr. Jones and family, Holyhead. Salem Terrace. No. 5.—Mrs. PARRY- Captain Lee and family, London; Mrs. Lewis, London. No. 7.—Mrs. OWEN (ct)- Mr. and Mrs. Ash, Chester. No. 8.—Mrs. Capt. OWEN (a)- Rev. Mr. Fenn and family, Barnsley. 'T" Cambrian Terrace. No. 1.—Mrs. WM. ROBERTS (a)- No. 3.— Mrs. OWEN (a)- Mr. Whitaker and family, Shrewsbury. Corporation Terrace. No. 5.—Mrs. EDWARDS (a)- Mr. Rees Williams, Carnarvon Miss E. Williams, Carnar- von Mr. J. Owen, Ffestiniog. Parkia Place. No. 1—R. W. JONES- Mr. and Mrs. Fenn, family, and maids, Trent College, Nottingham. No. 2.—Misses FEAR-N-(a) Mr. and Mrs. Crowther, Brookside House, Newport, Shrop- sliire. Mrs. Captain JONES, Arvor Villa Thomas Costain, Esq., family, and maid, Litherland Park, and Miss Wright, Litherland Vicarage, near Liverpool; Edward Parry, Esq., B.A., and G. A. Pemberton, Esq., Edgbaston, Birmingham. Mrs. JOHN ROWLANDS, Taleivion House (a)- Mrs. Edwards and family, Liverpool. Mrs. WM. GRIFFITH, Fair View- Mrs. Barton and family, London Mrs. and Miss Pender, London Mr. Woods, Mr. Carter, and Mr. Knapp, Leamington. Mrs. EVANS, Castle View (a)- D. B. Hanbury, Esq., Clapham Common; Thomas Aggs, Esq., of Hollywood, Clapham Common; Mrs. Aggs and family. Mrs. JONES, Tynewydd(a)- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bateman. Mrs. PRITCHARD, Causeway View (a)- Dr. Sutherland, family, and nurses, Lee, Kent. Mrs. EVANS, Tynewydd (a)- Dr. Tyrer and family, Rainhill, Prescot. Mrs. WILLIAMS, Manchester House — Mr. and Mrs. Woods and family, Leamington. Mrs. JONES, Plasgwilym(a)- Mr. Mrs. and Miss Neil and family. Mrs. ELLIS, Cambrian House (a)- Mrs. Dunkley and, party, Northampton. Mrs. PRICE, Cardigan House (a)- Mr. Evans and family, Birmingham Mr. Lowe and family, Birmingham Mrs. Wimperis and family, London. DOLYDDELEN. THOMAS T. WILLIAMS, Benar View (a)- Charles George Kurtz, Esq., William Kurtz, C. J. J. Kurtz, Liverpool; James Ashcroft, Esq. GRIFFITH ROBERTS, Elen Castle (aj- J. F. BROWN, Fairy Glen, Bettws-y-Coed (a)- JOHN JONES, Pont-y-Pant Hotel, near Bettws-y-Coed- A. G. Mclntyre Esq., Trinity Hall, Cambridge; David Bates, Esq., Mrs. Bates, and family (3), Worcester Henry Dodwell, Esq., London; Alessrs. Bingley, Caswell, Patter- son, and Tunalay, Birmingham; Messrs. Bibbs and Gum- mery, Worcester. | DolgeUey Visitors will be found on another page, HARLECH. Mrs. BARROW, Bronwen Terrace (a)- Dr. and Mrs. Hall, London, Mr. and Mrs. Griffith and family, Ipswich, Mr. J. W. LOVEGBOVE, Castle Hotel- R. B. Simmons, Esq., Bamet Nilla, CEfton; Bengough, Esq., Clifton; the three MISSES Bengough, Clifton Mrs. Barrett and Miss Barrett, Welahpaol; C. J. Hulme, Esq., and Stanley Petty, Esq., Manchester; P. H. Webb. Esq." Furness Va.le'; 1<1r. and Mrs..Paget, Leicester; Rev. C. Male and party, Oxford. PWLLHELL Mrs. WALKER, Weetfield (a)- TOWYN-. Pier Villa. No. 1.—Mr. EYAW HumpHitrys- Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey, family, antkaervants, Cheltenham. No. 2.—Miss JOKES (b)- Mrs. Charles Davies and family, :Benaew:; Master Arkey abtd Miss Luie Tomson, Biiiimighaic. No. 3.—Mrs. HAMMANS— Mr. and Mrs. Darlington,:aud partyVAE(}'Mrs. Bailey,.Wjgac Mr. and Mrs. Bathe and family,; Kidderminster! No. 4.—Mr. OWES— W. Alliisgham, Esq., nurse, %ne,. fawilyl- London. Plas Edwards, No. L-Mn. HSCHJREDK— Mr. and Mrs. Cadbury and family,'Edgttasfcen. No. 2.—Mr. WILLIAMS— Mr. and Mrs. E. Beaumont, Miss G. Martin, Miss Hills ADD Miss Crow, Oxtcrd; Mr. and AIRS. Shaddep-, Masters C: IB. Tom and Herbert Sheddeq, SKss. Green, Great Bridge, Staffordshire; MISS Simpsou, Birmingham; Mr. AAD Mrs. Lleland, three children, anid NURSE,.Walsall. High Street. ^O. 2.-Mrs. Josnsfj. Stailway Tesyace- Mrs. and Miss Edwards, London ),Liss J, Morgan, Aliis Humphreys, :m& -Mr.! HU\IlVhrey,s" Llan- fair Mr. Jmes, Newtown; Mr. ffiraas., JLlaiiair. 4.-Mrs. THOMAS WILLIAMS— Colonel Sandwith and Camily. PJrrRK WILLIAMS- ReT. D. Stanley DAVKS and Alrs. lb&vies,, LlaftMn Mrs. J. B. Simpson »nd JPATFRY, Londo Mi¡¡s¡.E.IJJ!I;.1an Tref- eglwys; Miss S. ILLlopd, Llanidloee;; MissMiicfmphreys, Carno. STBPHESTS, BELMOKT House (a)- •, and Mrs. Bacon, AAIDJ^R. F. BACON^FETFOC^ERS iHaslefoot, London. WazwJik Place, o.' 2.—Mrs. ONBg- p iss MSIf and Miss C. Mills, Lily .Rcse, Halesowen Xr. and -Afrs. Morris AFCI?. Miss liuncox, Btrmingham; Mrs. Topgon, London; MISS POWEL, near Ifehops Castle; Mrs. Owns, Newtowiv; the IISSES I ,II<P 7ells, Huaiphreys, aad Fmans, near WekiiipooJ. Mrs. J-ES- .• John F wen, Esq., Rock, XEWUWN; Mr. asli Jvlrs..RJ^SES, ■Council House, Llanfyllin Mre. Lewis andfeixily, gro«^r, L(lanf|'llin Mr. Mrs. Bebb, faasily, and mait;, T.JRERPOCL Mrs. tughes, baby, and nurse^ Liverpool; ITAN. MR. MID .Vrs.,Js-hnes, family, and nurse., Longton, Strffbwd Mrs. Hall, Oswestry Miss Smitk. Blodwell ERFS,, .OSWEI try; MI-IS Ward, Miss A. D. WariL. and M. A. JR. >W»NL. Blodwejt Hall, Oswestry. J- Mr. THOMAS-63ATON, Cerbet Arms Hotel (a)- i Miss PhillipFs, Liverpool; Col. and Mils Cuyler; Mr. ,an6: Mrs. Ladypan, LiTerpool; Mr. LI. F-ureell, Shre vsb-Y. Mr. E. Kinscy; Mr. J. Jones, MANCHESTER; Mr, and MIS.1 ilacRea;'Jit. J. R. Jones, Salop. Mr. WATKIN, Pecllyn Farm- I JFJS. Orell, ^IR. Orell, Masters Thos. AND Joseph and Miss Oreli, Liverpool; Mr. and Mrs. Houssen, m'lld, a ED baby, Lires-')ool; Miss Hall, Liverpool; Mr. and Mra. Thomas, and ,i"miIy, Lodge, Oswestry; Mr*. German, O&westry. Mr. EYt'3" NEWELL, Escuan'Hall— Mr. and Mrs. Herbeit Birley, family, and SERVANT, Spring Bank Pendletop, Manchester. Mr. E. lkf, lONES, Brouprys (a) (b)- Mrs. JONES., Bryngqlep (a)- Mrs. Nixeiz, Mr. A. J. íxon, Miss G. M. Nixon, nurse, and baby, Leek; Mr. and Alm. Tuelon, family, and nurse, Woburu-pl.,w,e, London; Mr., Mrs., Master, Miss, and Miss A. E. ■Smith, nurse, and baby; Mrs. and Master J. G. Gibson, LCWION. Mrs. J. D. JONES, Cantrav House- G. Rodger, Esq., family, and maid, 1, Cambridge Villas, Cheltenham; Major Cotes, and family, London. Mrs. WILLIAMS, Place (a) Mrs. ANNE JONES, Glanymor Farm Miss Thomas, Llanfair; Mr. and Mrs. Benbow, and family, Newtown Irs. Owens, and Mrs. Evans and son, Corris. Mr. JOHN WYNNE, Brynymor— Dr. and Mrs. Durham, family, and servants, London. Mrs. DREW, Morfa Farm- Mrs. Hill, family, governess, and servant, Newcastle, Staffordshire; Mrs. and Miss F. Farmer, Mrs. and Miss M. Smith, and Miss E. H. Jeffries, Tenbury, Worcestershire. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ;o. ^ABERYSTWYTBC AGRICULTURAL SEED, 1877. EDWARD ELLIS, 7 & 8, PRINCESS-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, BEGS respectfully to return thanks for the kind -D support given him during the last 25 years in the seed trade, and calls particular attention to the splendid stock he holds this season of all kinds of Agricultural Seeds, Seed Potatoes, Early and Late. E. E. begs to acquaint the nobility, gentry,, agricul- turists, householders, and others, that he holds an Auc- tioneer and Valuer's Licence. SALES AND VALUATION UNDERTAKEN" WITH CARE. 2200 to £400 may be had on mortgage on freehold property.—Apply to E. ELLIS, Auctioneer and Valuer. TAPER HANGING WAREHOUSE. T. THOMAS, PAINTER, &c., 12, Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth. A CHOICE STOCK OF PAPER HANGINGS, From the Best Manufacturers. CHIMNEY AND OTHER GLASSES. A Good Assortment of OLEOGRAPH PAINTINGS, PHOTOS, &c. Pictures framed in Gold, &c. All kinds of Moulding for Frames Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Glass, Lead, Closets, &c., &c., at very moderate terms. USE THE CRYSTAL PERISCOPIC AND EUREKA NEUTRAL TINTED SPECTACLES & EYE-GLASSES. TOO much cannot be said as to their superiority over the ordinary Glasses worn, producing a Clear and Distinct Vision, as in the Natural Healthy Sight. The material from which the Lenses are ground is manu- factured specially for optic purposes. Before buying Eureka Glasses see that the Manufacturer's trade mark (Eureka) is marked thereon. Spectacles from Is. per pair. Agents Aberystwyth R. DOUGHTON China Dealer, opposite thejTown Clock. Machynlleth: J. REES and SON, Watch and Clock Makers, Silversmiths, Jewel- lers, &c., Maengwyn-street. MUSIC WAREHOUSE. A STOCK of First-Class PIANOFORTES and HARMONIUMS FOR SALE OR HIRE ON MODERATE TERMS,AT MR. E V A, N S'S Organist of St. Michael's Church, No. 8, PIER-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Agent for Messrs. Chappell & Co.'s Prize Medal Piano- fortes, and Alexandre's Organ Harmoniums. All new Music at Half Price.—Pianofortes Tuned, ISAAC AND GEORGE LLOYD, COACH BUILDERS, Little Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF REPAIRS EXECUTED Country Orders Promptly Attended 0. M. JONES, COACHBUILDER, Moor Street, Aberystwyth. I; N;O_ CARRIAGES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION MADE TO ORDER Repairs executed by First-class Workmen. COALS. RICHARD JONES, Lewis Terrace Coal Yard and Weighbridge, SUPPLIES all kind of Coals as follows :— s per ton. NEWPORT. 18s. BEST CANNOCK 18s. SMALL 13s. Best Ruabon Coal at 16s. per ton in quantities of not less than 5 tons. Delivered to any part of the town for Is. per tonfextra. Fresh burnt Lime always on hand at the Bridge End Kilna. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ABERYSTWYTH. ELLIS AND OWEN, ABERYSTWYTH PLAIN AND ENAMEL SLATE AND MARBLE WORKS, MANUFACTURERS of Enamelled and Plain Slate Chimney Pieces, Baths, Cisterns, Milk Coolers, Headstones,:Urinals, Mangers, Cattle Troughs, Dairy, Larder, and Wine Cellar Shelves; Window Sills, Door Steps, Hearth Stones, Flooring, Skirtings, and every description of Plain and Enamelled Slate Work. CRESTS, &c., ENAMELLED ON KEYSTONES OF CHIMNEY PIECES. Designs ofevery description executed to order. An Artist sent to take Views when required. Aw- The First Prize for Slate Carving was awarded to this Firm, both at the Chester Exhibition (1S66), and the Carmarthen Exhibition (1867), of the National Eisteddfod of Wales. if Tlie | HIGHEST Quality. Jj DAVID ELLIS, IRONMONGER, HAS in stock best ELECTRO PLATE and CUTLERY, suitable for Presents; and also, BEST LAMP OIL at 2d. per pint. Q&QD PAINTS in Tins ready for use at 6d. per lb. 1 AT 1 DAVID ELLIS'S, Ironmonger (Opposite the Police Station), Aberystwyth. ft The [I LOWEST Prices. JJ THOMAS ELLIS, DRAPER AND MERCER (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE), TERRACE-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. S5E3CIAL ATTENTION. SHOWN TO THE HOSIERY DEPARTMENT. CUFFS & COLLARS, SCARFS, TIES, RIBBONS, .LACES, AND HABERDASHERY. NOTE "THE ADDRESS! OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE. EGBERT ELLIS, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST (FROM PICCADILLY, LONDON), to intimate tfcat :he ,kas opened a CHEMIST'S BUSINESS in TERRACE-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. FOISFR DOORS FROM THE MARINE TERRACE. T. POWELL & CO., JNARKET-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, ABE N0SV OFFERING HARRIS WILTSHIRE SMOKED BACON, CHEDDAR I- I AliD OTHER CHEESE, AND A SELECT STOCK OF FIRST CLASS GROCERIES. N ANBERSON, ABBOTT, & ANDERSON, INDIA RUBBER MANUFACTURERS, 16 and 17, .c AS"T L E STREET, SWANSEA, MANUFACTURERS of India Rubber Sheet, iudia Rubber Washers, India Rubber Valves, India Rubbe1" AND Cottom Canvas Driving Belts, Leather Driving Belts, Gutta Percha Driving Belts, India Rubber Packing for Piafo ns, Pateat Chalk Packing, Patent Plumbago Packing, Cetton Waste, Hemp, Oila, Grease, Tallow, &c., fee- Agent for Aberystwyth :-MR. GEORGE GREEN—ENGINEER. ALL KINDS OF BINDING CHEAPLY AND EXPEDITIOUSLY EXECUTED. J: GIBSON, 3, QUEEN'S ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. PRICE LIST FOR BOOKBINDING. Half Half calf Half ealf Weekly & Monthlr roan plain neat Publication* cased in sprinkled sprinkled inarble PubUahers' Covers. eased edges. edges. edges. 4L s/d. s. d. s. d. Child's Compsnion. 10 13 20 33 Children's Friend 10 14 22 36 „ Prize 13 13 20 33 Oswestry Congrega- tional Magazine. 10 18 30 Churchman's 1 4 2 2 36 Family Friend 1 6 16 24 36 Home Words 1 4 2 2 3 6 Infant's Magazine. 10 13 20 33 Parish Magazine 1 4 10 20 33 Sunshine 13 20 33 Tract Magazine 10 10 18 30 Christian MISCELLANY 16 22 36 S.S. Teacher's illagazine. 16 22 36 Chatterbox 2 0 20 33 46 KIND WORDS 20 20 33 46 Sword and Trowel 16 22 36 Bow Bells. 50 63 03 Cassell's Bible, 1 Tol 10 6 15 0 17 0 En,Iand 30. 26 40 50 „ Little Folkit 30 26 33 46 „ MAGAZINE 30 26 40 50 Martyrs 30 26 40 50 OJ Pop. Educator 30 26 40 50 Technical 30 26 40 50 „ QUIVER 3 0 26 40 50 HISTORY OF THE War .3 0 26 4 0 5 0 Chamberg's JOURNAL 26 26 40 50 London JOURNAL 3 6 5 0 6 6 Books of a similar size bound at the same price. Half Half calf Half ealf WEEKLY OR MONTHLY ROAN PLAIN NEAT PUBLICATIONS CASED IN SPRINKLED SPRINKLED MARBLE PUBLISHERS' COVERS EASED. EDGES. EDGES. EDGES. d. S. d. s. d. s. d. ARGOSY 2 6 16 29 3 9 Christian Age 36 50 6 6 World MAGAZINE 26 30 4 3 „ Pulpit 36 5 0 6 0 Churchman's Companion 20 2 9 3 9 CONGREGATIONALIST 26 30 43 Dickens's Household Edition. 26 30 5 0 Evangelical iNfa,-azm*e 26 40 4 9 Family Herald 36 50 66 Treasury 26 40 5 0 Golden Hours 26 4 0 5 0 Good Words, GILT edges ls. extra 26 26 40 50 Good Things, ,2 6 26 40 5 0 Happy Hours 36 50 6 6 Leisure Hour 2 6 26 40 50 London Reader 40 56 70 PEOPLE'S MAGAZINE 20 26 40 50 SUNDAY AT HOME 26 26 40 50 „ MAGAZINE, GILT EDGES, IS. EX. 26 26 40 50 Spurgeon's Sermons 26 40 5 0 Belgravia 4 6 16 3 0 3 10 Cornhill Magazine 2 0 16 30 3 10 Gent's Magazine 4 0 16 30 3 10 London Society 4 0 16 30 3 10 PUNCH ) FUN. [ 3 0 4 9 J UDY J Books Illustrated with Plates charged additional. Books Illustrated with Plates charged additional. Jn ±dS.n JONES AND MORRIS, SLATE WORKS, QUEEN'S ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, ARE in a position to supply CEMETERY MEMORIALS of every Description in Red and Green Granite, Marble, Stone, and Slate, at moderate charges. TOWYN. COESBFTRMSTTOWYN, MERIONETHSHIRE. Posting in all its branches. An OMNIBUS meets every Train- Billiards, &c. Good Fishing in the neighbourhood. Splendid Beach and Sea Bathing. Choice Wines and Spirits. Burton Ales and Dublin Stout in Bottle and on draught. T. SEATON, Proprietor. CORBET ARMS HOT EL COMMERCIAL AND FAMILY HOTEL. OSWESTRY, thF^biddulp^^ COAL COMPANY AREiPREPARED TO SUPPLY BEST WREXHAM AND WELSH WALL'S END COALS IN TRUCK LOADS, "AT'FOLLOWING PRICES BEST WELSH BEST WELSH STATION. WREXHAM, WALL'S END, STATION. WREXHAM WALL'S END PER TON. PER TON. PER TON. PER TON- :} "»• M <«. SXDISHI:} 17S-M- IS: X: ST & A1LC?YTS RV4 IC,« W. LLANIDLOES 15S. 5D 16S.LOD. YSTWYTH AND TOWYN .) CAERSWS ) PONTDOLGOCH I 15S- 7D 17S> 0D. CARNO J Llanbryumair Prices for other stations noVmentioned aboveforwardedlon application. WIGAN, STAFFORDSHIRE, AND SOUTH .WALES COALS AT MARKET PRICES. Orders to be addressed to the Secretary^ EDWD. LLOYD COMPANYS OFFICE, 1, HERBERT VILLAS, OSWESTRY. JULY, 1877. °-u' EVANS and LEWIS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, WHOLESALE DEALERS AND BOTTLERS OF BASS & CO.'S ALES, ALLSOPP & CO.'S ALES, GUINESS'S EXTRA STOUT, LONDON BROWN STOUT, BEG to draw attention to their General Price List of WINES, SPIRITS, &c., which, being, selected and imported by themselves, may be relied upon as thoroughly genuine—and at prices quite AS low as they can be had in London or other large cities. FAMILIES AND THE TRADE SUPPLIED. -ii- PRICE LIST MAY BE HAD ON APPLICATION. 68 & 70, High-Street; 1 & 2, Bank-Place, PORTMADOC. BUSINESS ADDRESSES BARMOUTH. fpl MR. SELLIS, SURGEON DENTIST, Barmouth. Consultations at home every MONDAY, and on other days by special appointment. Reduced fees made to patients attended to on Monday- Attendance at the following places DOLGELLEY—Mr. Owen Rees, printer and bookseller, First and third Saturdays in each month.. LLANIDLOES—Mrs. Ashton, Bethel-street. Second and Fair Saturdays in each month. NEWTOWN—Mr Hugh Davies, grocer, Broad-street. Every Tuesday. PORTMADOC—Mrs. Bennett Williams, dress maker, &c. 126, High-street. Second and Fourth Friday 1D Each Month. TOWYN-Mrs. Jones, Cantrev House, High-street. First and Third Friday in Each Month. HUGH OWEN, GOMERIAN HOUSE, BARMOUTH, PHOTOGRAPHER. BEDFORD'S AND OTHER ARTISTS' VIEWS. WINDSOR AND NEWTON'S ARTISTS MATERIALS. AND COLOURS. STATIONERY. LADIES AND CHILDREN'S UNDERCLOTHING DRAPERY- A GOOD STOCK OF HATS, BONNETS, & MILLINERY ) Always on hand. ABERYSTWYTH. THE LATEST STYLES IN MILLINERY, PLUMES, FEATHERS, FLOWERS, &c., at MRS. HAWKINS'S, 23, Pier Street, ABERYSTWYTH. MRS. HAWKINS Wishes t. inform the Ladies of the town and neighbour*" hood that she has returned from London with a well selected stock of FRENCH AND ENGLISH MILLINERY GOODS, Mrs. Hawkins wishes to call especial attention to her 10s. 6d. Bonnets. FOR SALE, 800,000 BRICKS, Ready for delivery at any station on the Cambrian o< Manchester and Milford Ralwayg. Also GLAZED AND COMMON DRAIN PIPES" RIDGE AND FLOORING TILES, COAL AND LIME, &c., &c. APPLY TO WM. THOMAS, Wholesale Merchant and Commission Agent, STATION YARD, ABERYSTWYTH. Sole Agent to the Powell Dyffryn Coal Companyr whose Coal will be forwarded to any Station on the above Railways. A Cargo of WHITE'S CEMENT will arrire shortly. MRS. E. EVANS'S DINING AND REFRESHMENT ROOMSr- 8, Market-street, Aberystwyth. Hot Dinners daily at one o'clock. Roast and Boiled Joints, Chickens, Ducks, &c., always ready. Mrs. Evans begs to call attention to her Pies, Puddings and Tarts, made daily or to order. Oyster and Veal Patties, Fruit and Preserve Tarts, Cakes, Buns, &c fresh daily. Tea and Coffee at any hour of the day. DOLGELLEY. JAMES B. MEE, FISHMONGER, GAME DEALER, FRUITERER, &c., &c. Bridge End House, DolgeUey. Constant Supplies of various kinds of fresh Fish, Game., &c., according to Season. ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, And anything not on hand procured on the shortest notice- Ice always on hand, and supplied by the pound and Upwards. 4ST Note the Address :— Bridge End House, Dolgelley. RICHARD ELLIS, Unicorn Lane, Dolgelley, GENERAL BILL STICKER, POSTER MESSENGER, &c. Contracts may be made with Auctioneers and Publishers PORTMADOC ROBERTS, LEWIS, & CO., GENERAL MERCHANTS, PORTMADOC. ROBERTS, LEWIS, & Co., beg to announce that they have opened new and commodious premises near the Cambrian Railway Station, Portmadoc, where they have a large assortment of goods. The Builders' Department. consists of :—Kitchen Ranges-close and open fire, Regis- ter Grates, Sham Registers, Mantel Shams, Mantel Pieces, Marble Chimney Pieces, Cast and Sheet Iron Ovens, Sash Weights, Eaves Troughs, O.G. and other Ornamental Guttering, Rain Water Pipes, Stove Pipes, Wrought Iron Pipes-black and galvanized, Sheet Lead and Zinc, Glazed Sanitary Pipes, Bricks, Paving and Ridge Tiles, Chimney Tops, Cement, Plaster Paris. The Agricultural Implement Department. consists of :—Mowing and Reaping Machines, Haymakers, Horse Rakes, American Rakes, Chaff Cutters, Turnip Pulpers and Slicers, Machinery for bruising, grinding, and splitting Grain, Winnowing Machines, Ploughs, Cul- tivators, Chain Harrows, Zig-zag Harrows, Clod Crushers, Field Rollers, Mangold and Turnip Drills, Wrought Iron Gates, Hurdles and Continuous Fencing, Waggons, Carts, and Market Cars, by all the leading makers. The Mine And Quarry Department. consists of Circular Slate Saws, Files, Octagon Cast Steel (L), Blister Single and Double Sheer Steel, Cast Steel and Iron Hammer Moulds, Crucible Cast Steel Waggon Wheel and Axles, Bar, Hod, Hoop and Sheet Iron, Pumps, Crane and Rock Chains, Wire Ropes for inclines, Anvils, Vices, Smiths' Bellows and Tue Irons, Portable Hearths, Machine Belting, Oils for Machinery, Fuse, Dynamite. AGENTS FOR NOBEL'S EXPLOSIVES CO. Applications for quotations are invited. Second Hand Quarry Materials bought and for sale. BIRMINGHAM. An 1 SEWING MACHINE NEEDLES. We will forwaid on receipt of stamps as under A sample half-dozen needles of the best quality made—viz.:— For Willcox and Gibbs' Machine, 13 stamps. For any other Machine, 9 stamps. 7 SEWING NEEDLES. OUR BIJOU NEEDLE CASE (Registered) is at once elegant and appropriate for either a Christmas, New Year, or Birthday Present. It contains One Hundred best Needles of an improved make, the easisest to thread and sew with ever invented, and wherever used have always given satisfaction. A Bijou Case sent on receipt of 19 stamps. Needles without cases or for re- filling the same, 12 stamps per hundred. Either of the above may bo returned if not approved. THE PARK WOOD MILLS CO., NEEDLE MAKERS. 230, BRADFORD STREET, BIRMINGHAM. SIMPLISSIMUS-THE AUTOMATON CLERK. tO Mahogany, Oak, or Walnut. This new patent Letter and Invoice File and Manuscript Holder super- sedes Letter-Copying Books, Pigeon Holes, and Boxes, dispenses with Docketing, Folding, Piercing, Binding, or Fastening of any kind. SIMPLISSIMUS FILES need no implements or extras of any kind. SIMPLISSIMUS lasts for ever. When filled, transfer contents, just as they are, to Simplissimus Case. This is all the direction required. Simplissimus Case and Index complete Five Shillings per dozen. No Invention has been more honoured by notices of the Press, a few extracts of which are subjoined. Bullionist.-A triumph of mechanical ingenuity and skill. The cost is a mere trifle. Money Market lie view. —Very valuable in business houses. I Financier.-A New Invention.—The newest article for office use is the "Simplissimus," which commends itself to business people for its simplicity and its usefulness. DAVID LLOYD, Printer and Stationer, Portmadoc. Sole Agent for Portmadoc and surrounding district.