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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ABE.TLYSTWYTH. IMPORTANT! I f you Want Good Boots, If you Want Cheap Boots, If you w ant Strong Boots, If you vVant Light Boots, If you Want Summer Boots, If you ^ant Fashionable Boots, If you yyant White Boots, If you Want Bronze Boots, I f you yyant Men's Boots, If you "yyant Women's Boots, If you Want Boys' Boots, If you Want Girls' Boots, If you vVant Children's Boots, If you "yyant Guttapercha Bottomed Boots, I f you Want Solid Leather Boots, If you yyant Boots that will Wear, I f you yy ant Boots that will give satisfaction, If you Want Boots to keep the Feet dry, I f you "yy ant Boots you can recommend, If you yyant Boots repaired with Leather, If you Want Boots repaired with Guttapercha, If you yyant Boots repaired Neatly and Cheap, If you yyant VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY, GO TO DICK'S, 16, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH; DICK'S, M AENGWYN-STREET, MACHYNLLETH; DICK'S, HIGH-STREET, LAMPETER; DICK'S, CHURCH-STREET, BARMOUTH DICK'S, VICTORIA BUILDINGS, DOLGELLEY. SHOPS IN NEARLY EVERY TOWN OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, IRELAND, AND THE CHANNEL ISLES. SECOND HAND MACHINERY DEPOT. NOTICE To Mine and Quarry Proprietors, Agents, &c. McILQUHAM, MACHINE BROKER, ABERYST- WYTH, HAS always Mine and Quarry Plant ant! Machinery for sale, and is open at all times either to purchase or sell the same on commission. Wanted wrought scrap open at all times either to purchase or sell the same on commission. Wanted wrought scrap iron, condemned hemp and Manilla ropes, metal, &c. Now on sale- Water wheels, 2, 30ft. x 3ft. breast; price, £70 each, where they stand in Carnarvon- shire. 1, (;Oft. x,,ft. breast; price, Z150. 1, ISft. x 3ft. breast; quite new, price P.40, as it stands in Carnarvonshiie. A large quan- ) tity of good second hand India Rubber Strapping. 50 tons new Bridge Rails from 14 up to 2S lbs, at G 10s. per ton. in not lco; than 2 toil lots, nett cash, in truck at Al>cr- ystwyth. A quantity of air pipes, steel borers, min's' tools,, (U., &c. SeveralgofHl second hand SteLni Engines, Boilers, &e., Ac. Draining )Iachinc. < HEART OF OAK HOUSE 23, Great Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth, ITALIAN WAREHOUSE AND LLANBADARN CANDLE MANUFACTORY. DAVID RICHARDS. EDE'S, EDE'S, EDE'S, The Cheap Provision Merchant of Aberystwyth, HA S taken the large premises known as MADOC HOUSE. PORTMADOC, where he in- tends to sell all kinds GROCERY and PROVISIONS of the very Best Quality, at the Lowest Possible Prices, Wholesale and Retail. BACON, prime quality, 6cl. per. lb.; do. Cumberland' cut, tiki. good American, 4Ad.; shoulders (Alkington Patent), belt quality, .>kl. and 6id.; Atkinson's patent mild-cured hams, 6Ad. and 7M. Finest American CHEESE, 8d. per lb. BEEF, in 2-lb. tins-Best quality, 6kl. per lb. MUTTON, do. do. do. 7kl. Finest Welsh BUTTER, Is. 4d. per lb.; two pounds, 2s. Gd. Good Salt do. Is. d. per lb. SWEETS IN EVERY VARIETY, FROM 6.. PER LB. One pound and a-half of Lump Sugar and a quarter of a pound of Excellent Tea for One Shilling. BISCUITS [OF. EVEUY|DESCRIPTION FRO IT 4.ID. A POUND. 100 Pounds of Splendid Irish Rock Potatoes, for 6s. 9d. A LOT OF SEED POTATOES, 100 POUNDS, 7s. 9d. The Business, carried on as usual, at- 12, CHALYBEATE TERIZACF, ABERYSTWYTH, AND BLAEXATR FESTINIOG. Any of the above Goods will be carefully packed and forwarded to any address ou receipt of P.O.O. to EDE'S NEW SHOP, PORTMADOU. ORDERS FOR PRINTING AND BOOKBINDING RECEIVED BY J. GIBSON, 3, Queen's-road, Aberystwyth. K "V eHMaBMEs fQUANTMY I I I BUSINESSADpRESSES. ''Ipswich may be described as the birthplace of Chemical Manures JOSEPH FISON & Co., IPSWICH, | MANUFACTURERS OP 'SULPHURIC ACID AND CHEMICAI MANURES. (One of the Oldest Firms in the Trade.) -V"w'"V' QUALITY I .:}:l \.šø: ) )\, II -&é Messrs. JOSEPH FISON & Co., having established a Depot at Swansea, are now prepared to deliver their Mmures free by Railway at any Station in South Wales, and the neighbouring'counties. To Famto-s:- These Manures have been found not only to produce a large yield, but also to improve the quality of the crops for w ich they are applied, to strengthen the soil, and to benefit succeeding crops. Full particulars may be obtained op in application to any of the Agents of the Finn, or to the Head Offices. To Merchants, large Farmers,- and others having a connection with Farmers Messrs. Joseph Fison & Co. are prepared to appoint Agents for their Manures in districts in which they are not already represented, and gentlemen of position and influence, who may wish for such agencies, are requested to apply by letter to the Head Offices. Early application is particularly requested, as many agencies have already been fixed in the Principality, and it s likely that the whole district will soon be fully occupied. WORKS IPSWICH AND BRAMFORD. HEAD OFFICES: EASTERN UNION MILLS, IPSWICH. N.B.-No SUB-Agents are appointed, but all Agents being in direct communication with the Firm, order received throvghthcrn will have the same attention as if handed to theprincipals. 2, LITTLE DARK-GATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, APRIL 20TH, 1878; HUGH R. PUG-HE; BEGS to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Aberystwyth and its vicinity, -D that he has opened the above old established premises (lately in the occupation of Mr. J. P. Jones, deceased) with a CHOICE SELECTION OF DRAPERY GOODS, THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN MOONSHINE, RAINBOW, AND SILK TRIMMINGS, FRINGES, RIBBONS, AXD EVERY ARTICLE IN THE DRAPERY TRADE. RESPECTFULLY SOLICITING YOUR KIND SUPPORT AND PATRONAGE. ALL GOODS MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. THE GRAND NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD PRIZE MEDALS FOR GE^UJLNE HAND-MADE WELSH TWEED CLOTH, 'FOD e C4 "I q 1- I Ll. FISHING CLOTH, FLANNELS, I SHIRTINGS, AND LINSEYS, t At Chester in 1868, and Aberystwyth in 1 £ 65. were awarded to JOHN MEYRICK JONES MEYKICK HOUSE, DOLGELLEY, > Wl°se Mll!s have gained considerable celebrity for the Manufacture of these Articles SUPEP.IXTENDENCE a„<] can be ;var?,,te/,„adf?f1the and free from any admixture and at prices far below tho^ ri.r • f .u iv,ij ^JULJ-N 1 ALA WOOLS, English Manufacturers. Clothing made from these Welsh Tweed M'tlc^e^usui^I.V8old as "Welsh" by Shooting, N„W%,a,„i Gentry f„, Wholesale and Keta.l Orders executed on the shortest notice. Cash or refLS .ipMted with .11 new orden, THE'tvO^ON ^lfmSS 0e"tr" W«"° ^-P it 1 1, i, ■ A^D IDRIS WELSH WHITTLE SHAWLS. -N.Jt5.—Dolgeiley being the Termini of two Hmnphp* r»f {* Ty COnlenK"Ce *° Se"d article practices of certain unprincipled persons', wl^hLe stnt s^riou^6 0<lCasi0n t? caution his friends against the Welsh Tweeds and flannels, pattern's »f the wiJhSTlS? to 1,8 dtoT r be inS,ed Mr' J' Jl Joi'ra. Manufacturer, pS totto^y I I Beyond comparison the Best Tourists' Handbook to Wales."—Chester.Chroniclc. The most popular and widely circulated of Welsh Guides. GOSSIPING GUIDE TO WALES, TWENTY-FOURTH AND SUCCEEDING THOUSANDS. Crown Edition, 5/ Half-crown Edition, 2/6; Popular Edition, 1/6. Published by HODDER and STOUGHTON, London; and WOODALL and VENABLES, Oswestry. THE sale of the Gossiping Guide in England and Wales last season X was far larger than the very large circulation which it had before obtained, and the Publishers are now about to issue the Twenty-fourth and succeeding thousands. Two London Houses last year took over Two Thousand Copies between them, and a bookseller in a Welsh watering place, Five Hundred Copies. As the Guide has to be circulated in the English towns, to be sold to intending tourists, before the season commences, Advertisements for the 1878 Edition should be sent AT ONCE to ensure classification. Seventy Hotels, including most of the principal inns in North Wales and the Borders, were advertised in last year's Edition. An index to them and the other advertisements is given. The fact that last year's Edition contained about sixty pages of advertise- ments of various kinds shows that advertisers recognize the admirable medium supplied by the Gossiping Guide for announcements of hotels in Wales and the English towns, travelling requisites, and all advertisements which it is desired to bring before a large and important portion of the public. Advertisements, which are inserted in all the three editions at one charge should be sent by May 6, at latest, to WOODALL AND VENABLES, Caxton Works, Oswestry. "Should be Indispensable to every Tourist in Wales"—Figaro. I JUST PUBLISHED. PORTRAITS OF THE LATE "MYNYDDOG." CARTES-DE-VISITE 6d. and Is. each. CABINETS 2S IMPERIALS ,4s. Free by post for one extra stamp. N.B.—THE TltADE SUPPLIED. J. 0 W E N, I BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. < TNION BANK OF AUSTRALIA. i Established, 1837. Paid up Capital, P,1,250,000 Reserve Fund, 2450,000. LETTERS of CREDIT and BILLS on DEMAND, or at Thirty Days' Sight, are granted on the Bank's Branches throughout Australia and New Zealand. BILLS ON THE COLONIES are negotiated and sen for Collection. DEPOSITS received, at notice and for fixedodstion. terms which may be ascertained on applioeripn, ac W. R. MEWBURN, Manager. 1, Bank Buildings, Lothbury, London, E.C. I- m PORTMADOC. vV. rjpiTTERTON, BILL POSTER, PORTMADOC. I MEEimGS. TREGARON CHURCH. A B A Z A A R In aid of the Restoration Fund of the above Church will be held in AUGUST NEXT, EITHER AT NANTEOS OR ABERYSTWYTH, As will again be made known. Contributions will be gratefully received by Col. POWELL and Major PHELP, of Nanteos, and by Mrs. DAVIES, The Vicarage, Tregaron. ABERYSTWYTH, GREAT HORSE FAIR THE FIRST OF THE NEW HALF-YEARLY HORSE FAIRS WILL BE HELD AT THE ABERYSTWYTH SMITHFIELD, ON TUESDAY, MAY 7, 1878, (The day following Welshpool Fair, and preceding Lam- peter Fair (May 8), and Dalis Fair (May 9). THE FAIR WILL COMMENCE AT 10 A.M. The second Horse Fair will be held the (lay after th6 North Cardiganshire Agricultural Show in September. "Tan nawJd Duw a'i "Y gwir yn erbyn y d.vngnef." /9^. bytL" Iesu na'd gamwaith." Calon wrtli galon." A laddo a leddir." Duw, a phob daioni." THE BIRKENHEAD ROYAL NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD, CADAIR ARTHUR, A GORSEDD BEIRDD YNYS PRYDAIN, SEPTEMBER a17, 18, 19, & 20, 1878. NEARL Y £ 1,000 will be given in prizes. The Compositions to be sent in by August 1st; the names of candidates for Degrees, Examinations, and Musical Competitions, by the 20th August. A Complete and Revised List of the Subjects for Competition may be had, on receipt of two penny postage stamps, from the Secretaries, namely- OWEN JONES, General Secretary, Birkenhead. GWILYM ALLTWEN, Literary Secretary, Birkenhead. MESSRS. STRANGE AND WJLSON'S Great Pictorial, Scientific, and Musical Illusion' PROFESSOR PEPPER'S Great Optical Wonder er PROTEUS!! FIRST VISIT TO ABERYSTWYTH. QUEEN'S HOTEL ASSEMBLY ROOMS, for one week, commencing MONDAY, MAY GTH, 1S78. Each evening at 8; doors open at 7'30. Two Grand Mid-day Entertainments, Wednesday and Saturday, at 3, when a select programme will he per- formed, equal in every respect to those in the evening. Tickets and Plan at the H "n daily, g ON Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Dickens's Christmas Carol; on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Faust. Change of Farce Nightly. Professor Pepper's PROTEUS between the pieces also a Character Song by Mr. Linton. Admission—Reserved seats, 3s. unreserved seats, 2s.; f-b^d seats, Is.; children under twelve and schools half- price. PUBLIC NOTICES "J"r-v-A TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. LLANYCHAIARN CHURCH. NEAR ABERYST- WYTH. THE Committee are desirous to obtain Tenders for re-building the church in accordance with the draw- ings and specification which may be seen upon application to the Rev. David Jenkins, vicar, and any further par- ticulars required may be obtained from A. Ritchie. Esq., architect, Chester. Tenders to be delivered to the Rev. David Jenkins, at Llanychaiarn, on or before Saturday, the 25th of May. The Committee will not necessarily accept the lowest or any tender, neither will they he responsible for any ex- pense incurred in the preparation of tenders. Llanychaiarn, 26th April, 1878. MERIONETHSHIRE AGRICULTURAL. SOCIETY. STALLION PRIZES FOR 1878. THE following will be offered at the Show to be held at Towyn on the 12th September, 1S78 :— For the best Stallion for Agricultural purposes that has travelled and served not less than forty Mares, the property of Members residing in the district of the Society, and who have paid their Subscriptions for 1878. The competitors to prove (to the satisfaction of the Secretary) at the time of entry, that the owners of the Mares have paid their Subscriptions:— First Prize £ 20 0 0 Second Prize ditto 5 0 0 Entrance Fee, 10s. each Horse. Apply to Mr. T. ELLIS. Henblas. Bala. SEASON, 1878. WILL Travel the north part of Cardiganshire, from Aberystwyth down, the celebrated pure-bred Cart Horse, ROYAL ALBERT, red roan, four years old, 1fJ hands high, by the world- renowned Roland, dam by Active. Also the well known Roadster, MERRY BOY. The two horses will travel the district on alternate weeks. Owners may engage cither or both at the charge for one. The owner will challenge "Royal Albert" for £ 50 against any cart horse for moving. Prizes will be given for the best colts bv these horses. Further particulars may be obtained of Mr. D. EVANS, Talyrynn, Llangeitho, R.S.O.