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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ABERYSTWTH. E. JONES, COACHBUILDER, Moor Street, Aberystwyth. CARRIAGES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION MADE TO ORDER Repairs executed by First-class Workmen. JOHN BAKER, B Rhydypenau Farm, Bow Street. Y the request of numerous friends has been in- duced to take a VALUER'S LICENCE, and he will be happy to attend to the commands of gentlemen leaving their farms or requiring a Valuer's services con- nected with land or stock. BINDING OF ALL KINDS CHEAPLY AND EXPEDITIOUSLY EXECUTED. ORDERS RECEIVED BY J. GIBSON, 3, QUEEN'S-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH AGRICULTURAL SEED, 1877. E D W A R D ELLIS, 7 & 8, PRINCESS-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, BEGS respectfully to return thanks for the kind support given him during the last 25 years in the seed trade, and calls particular attention to the splendid stock he holds this season of all kinds of Agricultural Seeds, Seed Potatoes, Early and Late. 0 E. E. begs to acquaint the nobility, gentry, agricul- turists, householders, and others, that he holds an Auc- tioneer and Valuer's Licence. SALES AND VALUATION UNDERTAKEN WlTN CRE. R200 to £400 may be had on mortgage on freehold property.—Apply to E. ELLIS, Auctioneer and Valuer. FOR SALE, 800,000 BRICKS, Ready for delivery at any station on the Cambrian o Manchester and Milford Ralways. Also GLAZED AND COMMON DRAIN PIPES, RIDGE AND FLOORING TILES, COAL AND LIME, &c., &c. APPLY TO WM. THOMAS, Wholesale Merchant and Commission Agent, STATION YARD. ABERYSTWYTH. Sole Agent to the Powell Dyffryn Coal Company, whose Coal will be forwarded to any Station on the above Railways. A Cargo of WHITE'S CEMENT will arrive shortly. MRS. E. EVANS'S DINING AND REFRESHMENT ROOMS, 8, Market-street, Aberystwyth. Hot Dinners daily at one o'clock. Roast and Boiled Joints, Chickens, Ducks, &c., always readv. Mrs. Evans begs to call attention to her Pies, Puddings, and Tarts, made daily or to order. Ovster and Veal Patties, Fruit and Preserve Tarts, Cakes, Buns, &c., fresh daily. Tea and Coffee at any hour of the day. GOOD NEWS. CHEAP COAL. Owing to a favourable contract PETER JONES, Railway Station, Aberystwyth, Is new able to sell for cash on delivery BEST NEWPORT, 16s. per ton. BEST RCABON, ICs., Booking Price, 2s. extra. PAPER HANGING WAREHOUSE. T. THOMAS, PAINTER, &c., 12, Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth. A CHOICE STOCK OF PAPER HANGINGS, From the Best Manufacturers. CHIMNEY AND OTHER GLASSES. Ad Assortment of OLEOGRAPH PAINTINGS, PHOTOS, &c. Pictures framed in Gold, &c. All kinds of Moulding for Frames Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Glass, Lead, Closets, &c., &c., at very terms. T. & I-V BUBB, PAINTERS, PLUMBKRS, GLAZIERS. GAS- FITTERS, HOUSE DECORATORS, PAPER RANGERS, & GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHERS, Terrace-Road, Aberystwyth, znd Newtown. ent for Primer's BURNERS, and Wright's GAS STOVES. ESTIilATES FOK WORK OX APPLICATION. Agents for Atkins & Patent CHARCOAL BLOCK WATER FILTERS. ,GADD'S PATENT REVERSIBLE HANDLE PERAMB ULATORS. E&THS AND PERAMBULATORS OXUHIRE. fcX)LGELLEY. JAMES B. MEE, FISHMONGER, GAME DEALER, FRUITERER, &c., &c. Bridge End House, Dolgelley. Constant Supplies of various kinds of fresh Fish, Game, &c. according to Season. ORDERS PROMFTLY ATTENDED TO, An& anything not on hand procured on the shortest notice. Ice always on halld, and stt pplic-d by the peund and Upwards. JKS" Note the Address :— Bridge End House, Dolgelley. RICHARD ELLIS, j Unicorn Lane, Dolgelley, GENERAL BILL STICKER, POSTER MESSENGER, &c. Contracts may be made with Auctioneers and Publishers —— MR. CROSSLEY, Organist of the Parish Church, Dolgelley, RECEIVES PUPILS. Organ, Pianoforte, Harmonium, Singing, and Harmony. Bank Buildings, Dolgelley. — « • • When you asK. for tt Reckitt's i Paris Blue See that you get it j as bad qualitis s are j often, substituted, j ALLAN line SHORTEST OCEAIF PASSAGE TO M E R I c A HALIFAX, CANADIAN, AND UNITED STATES MAIL. COMPOSED or TWENTY FIRST-CLASS STEAWEKS. LIVERPOOL every THURSDAY, and LON- p™™6ri^FIlIPAY' for HALIFAX, QUE- BEC, POR1 LAND, and BALTIMORE Through Tickets to BOSTON, NEW YORK, PHILADEL- PHIA, and to all points in CANADA and the STATES Low Fares and excellent Accommodation. Passengers who secure their Tickets before leaving home are met at the Railway Station by an appointed Agent of the Company, who takes charge of them until they go on board the Steamer. r> c o ian Government grants ASSISTED PASSAGES by the ALLAN" LINE. IN M SlTOBA1-'6 Pamphkt "L0KD CUFFERIN Apply to ALLAN BROTHERS and Co., Liverpool cr Londonderry, or to Or to the Agents— EVAN .TONES, Builder, 1. T. PARBT, The Bazaar, Cro»s -street, Oswestry. WI-IITE STAR" LINE ROYAL AND UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. ';1' v. NOTICE.—The steamers of this T ■- line take the Lane Routes recommend- ed by lieutenant Maury, on both the Outward and Home- ward passages. LIVERPOOL to NEW YORK Forwarding Passengers to all parts cf the United State and Canada. These well known magnificent Steamers are appointed to sail weekly as under, carrving her Majesty's and the United States Mails From LIVERPOOL. ^PJJ^ATIC Thursday, May 9 Thursday, May 16 ^^LTIC Tuesday, May '21 GERMANIC Thursday. May 30 BALTIC Tuesday, June 4 From NEW YORK." BRITANNIC Saturday, April 27 REPLBLIC Thursday. May 2 From QUFENSTOWN the following day. These splendid Vessels reduce the passage to the shortest possible time, and afford to Passengers the highest degree of coijafort hitherto attainable at sea. Average passage 8^ daysjn Summer, days in Winter. Each Vessel is constructed in seven water-tight compart- ments. The Saloon, Ladies' Boudoir, State Rooms, and Smok- ing Rooms are amidships, and are luxuriously furnished and fitted with all modern conveniences pianos, libraries, electric bells, bath-rooms, barber's shop, &c. Saloon Passage, 15, 18, and 21 guineas R-eturn Tickets at reduced rates. The Steerage accommodation is of the very highest charac- ter, the rooms arc unusuaUy spacious, KC(1 li$kt-td, ventilated, and warmed, and passengers af this class will find their corn- fort carefully studied, and the provisioning timvrpasse-d. Stewardesses is Steerage to attend the Women and Children. Drafts issued on New York free of charge. For Freight or Passage apply to J. J). HUGHES, 1, Railway Terrace, Aberystwyth. ISMAY, IMRIE AND Co., 10, Water-street, LiTerpool, And 34, Leadenhall Street, LONDON, E.C. ADDRESS ES EAIIM0U7B. 1, A HUGH OWEX. GOMERIAN HOUSE. BARMOUTH, PHOTOGRAPHER. I BEDFORD'S AND uTHER ARTISTS' VIEWS. WINBSOR AND NEWTON'S ARTJSTS' MATERIALS AND COLOURS. S T A T I O N E R Y LADIES AND CHILDREN'S UNDERCLOTHING. DRAPERY- A GOOD STOCK OF HATS, BONNETS, & MILLINERY Always on hand. PORTMADOC ROBERTS, LEWIS, & CO., GENERAL MERCHANTS, PORTMADOC. ROBERTS, LEWIS, & Co., beg to announce that they have opened new and commodious premises near the Cambrian Railway Station, Portmadoc. where they have a large assortment of goods. The Builders' Department. consists of :—Kitchen Ranges—close and open fire, Regis- ter Grates, Sham Registers, Mantel Shams, Mantel Pieces, Marble Chimney Pieces, Cast and Sheet Iron Ovens, Sash Vv eights, Eaves Troughs, O.G. and other Ornamental Guttering, Rain Water Pipes, Stove Pipes, Wrought Iron Pipes—block and galvanized. Sheet Lead a«d Zinc, Glazed Sanitary Pipes. Bricks,' Paving and Ridge Tiles, Chimney Tops, Cement. Piaster Paris. and Zinc, Glazed Sanitary Pipes. Bricks,' Paving and Ridge Tiles, Chimney Tops, Cement. Piaster Paris. The Agricultural Implement Department. consists of Mowing and Reaping Machines, Haynakers, Horse Rakes, American Rake", Chaff Cutters, Turnip Pulpers and Slicers, Machinery for bruising, grinding, and splitting Grain, Winnowing :Machines, Ploughs, Cul- tivators, Chain Harrows, Zig-zag Harrows, Clod Crushers, Field Rollers, Mangold and Turnip Drills, Wrought Iron Gates. Hurdles and Continuous Fencing, Waggons, Carts, and Market Cars, by all the leading makers. The Mine And Quarry Department. consists of — Circular Slate Saws, Files, Octagon Cast Steel (L). Blister Single a-d Double Sheer Steel, Cast Steel and Iron Hammer Moulds. Crucible Cast Steel Waggon Wheel and Axles, Bar, Rod, Hoop and Sheet Iron, Pumps, Crane and R-ock Chains, Wire Ropes for inclines, Amib, Vices, Smiths' Bellows and Tue Irons, Portable Hearths, Machine Belting, Oils for Machinery, Fuse, Dynamite. AGENTS FOR NOBEL'S EXPLOSIVES CO. Applications for quotations are invited. Second Hand Quarry Materials bought and for sale. =:c:= OENSON'S WATCHES. W^tch and (ikMaker to the Queen and Royal Familv, and bv Special appointment to the Prince of Wales and Emperor of Russia. Old Bond-street, and (S beam Faetorv) Lud-ate- hil!, London. BENSON S BATCHES or every description, suit- able for all climates, from £ 2 to 200 guineas. Chrono- graphs, Chronometers, Keyless. Levers, Presentation, z Repeaters, Railway Guards, Soldiers, and Workmen's Watches of extra strength. TTENSON'S ARTISTIC ENGLI.-H CLOCKS, decorated with Wedgwood and other wares, designed to suit any style of architecture or furniture also, as novelties for presents. Made solely by Benson. From 5s. OENSON 'S PAMPHLETS on TURRET CLOCKS, -L' Watches, Clocks, Plate, and Jewellery. Illustrated, sent post free each for two stamps. Watches sent safe by post. Benson's new work, Times and Time Tellers"' 2s. fid. "SANIT AS." This incomparable colourless Fluid is the most powerful, cleanly, and agreeable Disinfectant and Antiseptic known. A REALLY MARVELLOUS DISCOVERT." "SASITAS" js the best preventive against the KJ? spread of Small-pox, Typhoid Fever, Scarlet Fever, Hay Fever, Foot-and-mouth, Cattle, and all Infectious Diseases. IT IS KON-POISONOI-S. aid has no injurious action on the finest clothing, fur- niture, carpeting, &c. It is strongly recommended by the highest medical authorities. U ftA^1TAS is the only preservariv^Ti BEEE kept in the house two fluid ozs., costiii" a few r»en< £ should be added to the 9-gallor. cask." Wi, should be used in every LAUNDRY to bleach the_ clothes and prevent the spread of infec- tion. Half a pint.should be added to ejrery 20 gallons of water used in rinsmg the clothes. ° Prices.—Bottles, 1st Quality onlv 1« Is M 9■ in bulk, 1st Quality, 20s. per gallon, 2nd'Quality," 5s. T 0 }. L E T "RANI T AS." This preparation is the most luxurious of its kind; it removes tne ouour_of tobacco, sweetens the breath, im- l\r°\VJhe c'\n,exion a"d the growth of hair it whitens 2*4 6d prevents dental caries. In Elegant Bottles l>a™pL1^ ;yk}; PaT"ticulars free on application to the ,A''lT^r.r °?J,pA-Ny- °~J Moorgate-street, London, E.C. oAMiAS may be had of Chemists and Wholesale 1 ruggists, or direct from the Company. sale THE LEADING PAPER FOR CARDIGANSHIRE, MERIONETHSHIRE SOUTH CARNARVONSHIRE, &c. T)ET-IVp.{ED y "T°\v' °I at any Station en the ^ambrian, Great estern, or Manchester and Milford Railway, for Twelve Months, for 8s. sd in ad- vance. THE CAMBRIAST XEWS. Delivered by agent* (through whom it may be ordered) on I nday morning, for twelve months, for 6s. 6d. in ad- vance, ::t ail the places mentioned in (,: List of Allents on page 7. Published by <1* GIBSON. J A COB J O N E S. p~ V 1 a D. LLOYD. Portmad >c.


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MAY 1. 1878.