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FOR BOYS AND GIRLS. Starlight, the Fairy Doll. By ROY N. CLARKE. Once upon a time a little girl named Violet lived in a village near a forest. One fine day Violet went for a walk into the woods. Pre- sently she caught a glimpse of silvery water, ajid pressing forward beheld a lovely lake on 1Vhich white birds floated. Oh shouted Violet. Come here, you beautiful birds." Scarcely had she ceased speaking when one of the birds swam over to her, and Violet saw, to her astonishment and delight, that a sweet little lady, no larger than her hand, was Perched on the bird's back. She was dressed in 1Vhite, and had a sparkling crown on her head. the bird halted at the water edge, and the tiny lady spoke in a silvery voice,— My child," she said, I am called Dewdrop the queen of the fairies. I heard you call for the birds to come, and I bade my fairy bird Lilyleaf to obey. What can I do for you ?" Kind queen of the fairies, will you please bring me a doll ?" With pleasure, my child and waving her taagic wand in the air three times a pretty doll appeared on the end. Oh, you pretty creature!" exclaimed Violet. Itretching forth her hand. Instantly the fairy doll jumped on her arm and began to sing a Jong, every note of which was like a tinkling Wir Violet was entranced with the fairy doll's tausic. When the doll had ceased to sing the queen of the fairies said sweetly Now, Violet, I give you this doll on condi- tion that you never show her to any other Mortal. If you do she will vanish away like the mist. Call her Starlight." No. good fairy," replied Violet, I will fcever show her to anyone." The fairy queen smiled and nodded and sat down again on Lilyleaf. The handsome bird floated swiftly away amongst the other birds, Mid was lost to view.. Violet was very sorry the bird had dis- appeared, and asked the fairy doll if the queen not return if she waited longer. No," said Starlight, "she very rarely shows herself to mortals." Why did the queen tell me to call you Starlight?" Because at night, when the stars are shin- dig brightly. I dance." „ Shall you dance to-night, Starlight ? Yes, if the stars shine." That will be so nice, and I will stand at the Window and watch you." Then Violet put Starlight up her sleeve, lest 8Jlyone should see her, and went home. That her brother saw her looking up her sleeve, and asked what was the matter with her arm. I cannot tell you," replied Violet, and she laughed softly, because she had heard Starlight Riving a tiny chuckle. When Violet was going to bed that night she brought Starlight to the window, and stood her Outside on the ledge. She began the most won- derful dance, and the moon and the stars shone down and lit up her pale yellow drees like Bold. Violet heard, the sweetest and softest t)fmus, then she knew that the fairies were hi an invisible circle 'round them. Suddenly the music ceased, and so did Starlight. Now Violet," she said, I shall go to bed you, for I never dance when the music •tops." Violet was more delighted than ever. She tot into bed with Starlight perched on her shoulder, and was soon lost in the land of breams. She dreamed that the queen of the fairies beckoned to her, but as she advanced the queen disappeared and troops of tiny dairies dressed in all sorts, of lovely flowers danced before her. and the smallest of fairy babies were sleeping on roses near. She awoke and found herself in bed, and Starlight on the pillow beside her. Oh, Starlight!" cried Violet. I have had "Uch a beautiful dream about the fairies. We tnust go into the forest after breakfast and tee if there are any of them there." Very well," replied Starlight, in her little tinkling tones. After Violet had had her breakfast they their way to the forest. Sometimes Starlight would skip along at Violet's side, Jumping from flower to flower. Violet was charmed with her graceful movements. She heard sounds like the beating of drums, looking round saw troops of tiny men dressed in green and red beating the smallest of drums. Some of these fairy men had Miniature bugles, which they blew at inter- nals. Violet asked Starlight what they were doing there. She answered that they were hav- ing a picnic. Some more fairies came into the del], and to Violet's joy they were wheeling Perambulators in which fairy babies reposed. These baby carriages were made out of blue- o*=ll6, lilies, and diamonds, they were drawn by beautiful coloured dragon-flies, and butterflies. Six of the lady fairies marched out from the others and began to dance, then the same num- ber of men followed, and all mingled in the "lost beautiful dances. Starlight glided down Violet's sleeve and on her hand. Some of the fairies, seeing the doll, waved their wands. After they had da.nced awhile they brought out baskets of ''Xquisite flowers and began to weave them into farlands, which they twined round their bodies, then they ate small cakes covered with tfiney, which they had extracted from the flowers. When their repast was finished some ^lvee, who were the fairies' servants, led out no larger than Violet's hand, and the iry ladies mounted them. The horses and aiders all danced, the fairies executing their s on the backs of their steeds. While the performance was going on the fairy queei* rode down on a little white horse, Miich had a golden harness studded with rubies £ &d emeralds. The silnlight glistened on the harness and made the precious stones sparkle 'ike dew. Violet felt as if she could not move [fom the spot, when, to her disappointment, Starlight told her the fairies were going home, as they were wheeling the tiny perambulators, the horses were also being led away by Gives. Violet and Starlight proceeded homeward, "nd they did not return to the forest for a J^eek. One morning Starlight told Violet that they had better go to the woods, for the fairies ére to have some sports. Violet, accompanied by Starlight, lost no time in going. Scarcely had they arrived when troops of fairies, riding ^cycles, sped into the dell. The sun shone on the emeralds and sapphires with which the cycles were studded, and Violet thought it all "beautiful. The fairy queen was on the first "icicle, and from her golden crown flowed a Saiize veil, which was studded with tiny dia- monds, which sparkled like dewdrpps. When the queen was within a short distance Violet she whirled around on her little J^achine and waved her wand, and all the taipies ceased at once. Then she brought forth a silver bell from which she extracted lovely {^usic., and the fairies kept time and rode about '^different directions,- yet never collided with each other. Sometimes the fairies caught hands Or jumped from one bicycle to another, and each in turnback to their own. When the fairies Jtopped cycling they began a flower fight, throwing the most beautiful flowers at each her, and the air was filled with their frag- The breeze wafted the flowers to Violet. ho caught them in her hands, but they were ^possible to hold tfecause they were fairy flowers and flew back to fairyland. Violet had .ried in vain to* retain one, but each in turn out of her fingers, and glided through 'o* air and disappeared from view. Next on the programme the fairy queen ^aved her wand and instantly a sparkling Iountain sprang out of the ground. A number of the elves bathed their faces in the fountain nd the fairies clasped hands and danced about & The fairy queen waved her wand towards Y*olet, and" a dozen of the fairies ran up and fenced in a circle round her. Their beautiful and dancing charmed Violet, and she t down on the grass and Starlight danced her hand to keep the fairies company. Star- Jet had magic slippers on, and Violet never them on her hand. The Queen called for to return to fairyland, and in a few minutes ?*ter she had given the command there was t a fairy to be seen. The queen was the last go, and she went riding away on a hand- B°tie dragon-fly. v. About a month after the fairies' last exhi- P'tion Starlight told Violet that the queen of he fairies had visited her during the night, £ &d said there would be a festival for the I^ry children the next afternoon. Starlight Violet arrived in the forest just as the airy children, headed by the Queen, appeared '11 the dell. There were about a hundred, and dressed in flowers They carried pink and dumb-bells, and at a signal from the en went through a lovely tlrill. Sometimes t'b ey would throw the dumb-bells far up into e air, and being magic dumb -bells, they fe°uld return to their owners. The queen r^de enchanting music from a little bell which ^ood on the end of her wand. « After the dumb-bell exercise was over the ftiry hoys selected partners and all began to the most wonderful dances, their feet w ai'cely touching the ground. Sometimes they |°uld soar*up into the air, thus exhibiting gorgeous wings. Suddenly the queen &ved her wand, and all the children dis- ^Peared as the older fairies had. Then Violet Starlight went home, the former filled with i y at her good fortune in having a fairy dol 1 take her to the entertainments of the fairies. ^°ne day Violet, with Starlight up her sleeve ^°*»ded her way tp the forest, but just as sh,' j, .going to enter she met a playma te. For-e g *t»ng what the fairy queen had told, she drew • flight down her sleeve and stood her upon er hand. Starlight looked reproachfully at Violet and instantly vanished. Violet ran into the woods to the lake, and saw the fairy queen, sitting on her bird, who said. Violet, why do you wish to see me ?" Oh, Queen Dewdrop, won't you send me back Starlight ?" The queen shook her head mournfully, and replied, My child, you can never have Starlight again, because you broke your promise, and fairies never stay with mortals who do that." And dipping her wand into the water, she floated away, the other fairies following. Violet never saw any of them again, though Starlight sometimes visits her in her dreams.

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