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Aberdare Police Court. 1


Aberdare Police Court. 1 TUESDAY.—Before Sir T. Marohant Williams and Dr. E. Jones. DRUNKS John Davies, in Cardiff-road, Ynys- lwyd, 10s. and costs; David Price, Aber- cwmboi, 10s. and costs. A BERN ANT BROTHERS. Thos. Morgan and Joseph Morgan, two brothers, hailing from Abernant, were brought up at the instance of P.C. Pan- niers, for fighting on the street. P.C. Panniers said that the defendants had their coats off, and there was a crowd of about 200 people standing round them. The defendant Thomas Morgan complained that he could not have peace. A man named Miles testified that Joseph was the aggressor. The Stipendiary fined Thomas 201. and costs, and Joseph 40s, and costs. SUNDAY TRADING. G. Bracchi, Aberdare, for trading on Sunday, 5s. A. D. Jones, Aberdare, like offence, 5s. THE LADY SIR MARCHANT WOULD LIKE TO SEE. The Powell Duffryn Coal Co. were summoned for working a child 13 years of age, full time instead of half-time. Mr. Ashworth, H.M. Inespector of Factories, prosecuted. Mr. Ashworth said that he wrote to the school which the boy had attended at Bristol. It was kept by a Miss Lovell. She had misin- formed the Company, and had written two letters to him in which she corrected mistakes which she had previously made. The A6sistant Inspector having given evidence, the Bench inflicted a nominal penalty of 5s. and costs. The Stipen- diary added that the Company had been misled by the woman. He would like to see her very much. It was a pity that Mr. W. Kenshole (who appeared for the Company) could not bring her there. A SERIES OF CHARGES. The police brought several charges against John Bounds, Market Place, Aberdare. Mr. W. R. Edwards, Aberdare, appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. Spencer, of Cardiff, defended. The charges against Bounds was that of wilfully interrupting the free passage of vehicles, also for not having an identi- fication mark in front on his motor engine, and for employing a person with- cut a license to drive the engine. Wm. Lewis, the driver, was also sum- moned for driving the vehicle without a license. Mr. Spencer said that Lewis had ab- sconded. Chas. Abbot said he was driving a car- riage and pair from Merthyr to Aber- dare. The defendant's vehicle was in front of him, and he could not pass. He whistled and shouted to the driver, but no notice was taken. Inspector David said he saw the motor engine and caravans in Market-street. It had no identification mark in front. He asked to see the license, and the driver did not have one. The charge of interrupting traffic woq dismissed. For having no identification mark there was a fine of 10s., and 20s. for keeping a person in charge without a license. A fine of 15 and costs was in- flicted on William Lewis- BUFFS' QUARREL. ABERAMAN MAN S FRACTURED ARM. Fred Bassett, Aberaman, was sum- moned for doing grievous bodily harm to John Lloyd, by throwing him to the ground. Mr. W. Thomas, Aberdare, de- fended. John Lloyd said that one evening he was in a. Buffalo Lodge meeting which was held at the King's Head, Aberaman. The defendant was there as well, and he had some words with him. Witness gave notice of motion to suspend or expell him from the lodge as he was not a fit and proper person." Defendant then said: "I'll give you 'fit and proper per, son' when I see you outside." Defend- ant then left the King's Head. As wit- ness was standing on the corner of Glad- stone-street, defendant came up and said, Come here, Jack, what have got against me." "Nothing, only I have got a notice of motion against you," re- plied witness. After a few more words, wit nee s started to walk away, when de- fendant followed, caught hold of him, and flung him to the ground. He fell cn his back and fractured his right arm. He then went to Dr. Finney's surgery. Cross-examined by Mr. W. Thomas, witness said that they were friends up to the meeting referred to. Defendant had said something derogatory to the Order of Buffaloes. That was the reason why he (as chairman) gave the notice of motion. Mr. Thomas urged that the charge of wounding be reduced to one of common assault. The Stipendiary assented to this course. Mr. Thomas then addressed the Bench, stating that it was quite an accident for Lloyd to break his arm. Defendant had expressed regret at what had happened, and had gone to the surgery with Lloyd that evening. Defendant wa,s prepared to compensate Lloyd for what wages he had lost, if the Bench would agree to that course. The Stipendiary said it was not an crdinaTy assault, and he was prepared to withdraw the charge on payment of costs, and on the understanding given by defendant to compensate complainant.









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