Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



ë: A\V) 11)) ,¡ ým <11)llii) SSTIL'S BKIOCE, f-outft alcfí. FRANCIS NORRISON IN returning his heartfelt thanks to those Ladies, Noble- men, and Gentlemmen, who so kindly put up with the inconvenience attendant upon the dilapidated condition of the House on his entry; takes leave now to inform the Public at large, that the Noble Proprietor has, at an immense expense, so enlarged and improved the Hotel, as to render it capable of entertaining any number of families. The most eminent Tourists of the day, pronounce The Scenery tlie finest in the World The Sleeping department is inferior to none in the Principality. Admission to view the Hafod Grounds, the Domain of HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF NEWCASTLE, K. G AND THE GREAT WATERFALLS AT THE DEVIL'S BRIDGE, can be obtained, only by Ticket from the Hafod Arms. F. N. has also the pleasure to state that the liberal Pro- prietors of the great Lisburne Mining Company, have granted permission to his Visitors to explore their extensive Lead Mines, on producing a Note bearing his Signature. POSTING DISTANCES. MILES. MILES. Abervstwvth 12 | Llanidloes 20 Rhayader (old road) 19 Rhayader (thro' Hafod Grounds 23 Ditto (new road 25 Lampeter (thro'Hafod Grounds) ..30 Ladies and Gentlemen who wish Recreation, Study, and to employ their Pen and Pencil, will find such an amazing variety of Scenery, and so wide a scope for the display of Talent, as cannot fail to delight them. Families or Single Ladies and Gentlemen, wishing to sojourn for a time, will be Boarded, &c. on reasonable terms. A Commodious Coffee room J. FOSTER, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER, No. 2, Pier Street, BEGS to return his most sincere thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Visitors, and Inha itants of Abervst" with, and the surrounding Neighbourhood, for the liberal support he has received since his commencement in busi- ness, and, by a strict personal attention to the repairing of Musical, Geneva, Repeating, Duplex, Lever, and all Watches of a particular construction, (J. F. having had considerable experience in London in that particular branch ef his profession,) and also all kinds of French Clocks, Musical Pictures and Boxes, and in every other department of the above business, hopes to merit a continuance of that support and patronage. J. F. at the same time begs to inform the public in general, that in consequence of the inexperience of many in the profession, and the great difficulty Noblemen and Gentlemen have in getting their French and Ornamental Clocks repaired and cleaned, he will attend them in any part of the Principality if required. August 17th, 1840. JOHN GRIFFITHS, fBaster Mariner, MOST respectfully begs leave to inform the Nobility and iYjL Gentry, Visitors to Aberystwith, that lie has a superior and very handsome four-oared Gig, Milford built, called "the caoww," in which he will be happy to take out parties of pleasure during the season on moderate terms. She is a ti-im-built, safe, and fast-going boat, and carries with her a suit of sails, which can be shipped at, a few minutes notice. J. G. is well acquainted with the Bav, and would under- take excursions to any of the Neighbouring Ports. He humbly solicits the patronage of the Public, and he is happy to inform them that he possesses Testimonials as to character and ability as a Seaman, signed by the Mayor, Vicar, and Comptroller of the Customs, as well as by the principal Re. nidents of Aberystwith, August, 18, 1840. J. COLE, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, 31, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWITH, TAKES this opportunity of tendering his best thanks, and j 1 very grateful acknowledgements, for that distinguished share of patronage, which he has so liberally received and to inform those who have been pleased to intrust him with their orders, that it will ever be his most anxious endeavour to confirm their confidence, and to merit their continued ap- probation. Every article in his Establishment is of the most pure and genuine quality; and he warrants all preparations to be made according to the different formularies of the Royal College of Physicians. A constant personal attention is given to the Retail and Dispensing Department. J. C. having had the advantage of being brought up to the Medical Profession, and having attended Messrs. Brande and Faraday's Lectures on Chemistry, at the Royal Institu- tion, will, he trusts, be a sufficient guarantee for his capabi- lity in accurately dispensing all Prescriptions entrusted to his care. ABERYSTWITH. TTO BE IKf"OB SOI/D, A DETACHED COTTAGE OR VILLA, SITUATED on the north end of.theMarineTerrace, calcula- ted for the residence of a small family, especially to those who, in summer, would wish to inhale refreshing Sea Breezes, and to enjoy an expansive view of Cardigan Bay. The House consists of a Kitchen, and Coal-hole, under ground. On the entrance floor, a passage leading to a back yai-d on the left, a parlour, and a neat stone-flagged Hall, with a Pantry inside and on the right, a Staircase. On the first floor, a suitable Drawing-room, and best Bedroom. On the second, or Attic, three Bedrooms. In the yard, an Outhouse, consisting of a Laundry and Wash-house, with a good Cellar and Water Closet. A flight of steps from the yard to a room for servants over the Laundry, with a door leading therefrom to a small Garden, where it is intended to erect a summer-house, from whence a beautiful view of the sea may be had. Also, TO BE LET, on the 12th of November next, the well-known commodious Lodging-House, called PEIBBYI HOUSE, adjoining the Public Baths, projecting, and commanding the best view of the Bay of Cardigan, from St. David's to Bard- sey Island, suitable to a genteel family. Ð'3'" A Two-Stall Stable and Coach-House may be let with either of the premises, if required. For particulars enquire at the Marine Baths, or Mr. John Cole's, Chemist, Aberystwyth. EVAN ROBERTS, SADDLER, AND HARNESS f&laiutfiicturer, MARKET STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, EMBRACES the present opportunity of returning hi 1..j sincere thanks to those Noblemen and Gentlemen ii-li have so kindly favored him with their liberal support since he commenced business; and to assure them that he will always study by a prompt attention to any orders he may receive, to merit a continuance of their patronage, A good assortment of London, Whips, and Spurs. August, 10, 1840. WAUNFAWR BRICK YARD. "'V' WILLIAM HARRIS BEGS to inform the Public that by a greatly improved J3 method in the burning of Bricks in this yard, he is now enabled to offer ONE HimxmziD thousand, superior in quality, and cheaper than any imported and he feels assured that on trial, they will be found to give the most complete satisfaction. A large quantity of Draining Tiles, for conveying water from the springs for domestic purposes, now on sale. August, lS-10. m mw¡j1 CHINA AND GLASS WAREHOUSE, ABERYSTWITH. CHARLES HACKNEY avails himself of the present opportunity of returning his most grateful acknotr ledgements for the very liberal patronage lie has received from the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and public generally, and also for the marked distinction which has been shown hitn by the Visitors of Aberystwith. He would also respectfully draw their attention to a very splendid assortment of ornamental and useful China and Earthenware, which he has just.aid in i circumstances peculiarly fortunate, which enable him to offer them at from 30 to 40 per cent lower than the Manufacturer's prices. The present offers such an opportunity as may never again occur. The stock consists of Rich Dinner, Dessert, Tea, and Breakfast Services; Ornamental China of the most exquisite woikmanship, and Bisque Figures by an artiste who stands unrivalled in the present day. ABERYSTWITH. On Monday, the 7th of September next, WILL BE SUBMITTED TO UtaftUc 4rotupelitien ftp Unction, AT the Belle Vue Royal Hotel, in the Town of Aberyst- JTL wyth, between the hours of 4 and 6 in the Evening. subjectto such conditions as will be then and there produced, all those Two substantially-built MESSUAMS OR DWEIUKG-HCUSES with the Gardens, Stables, and Coach-houses attached thereto, situate in the most eligihle part of Portland Street, ir; the saill Town of Aberystwyth, now in the several occu- pations of Mr. Evan Morgan, and Mrs. Davies, and num- bered respectively 7 and 8. Each House contains a Parlour, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Pantry, and Wine Cellar, on the ground floor, with Officei at the back Drawing Room and best Bedroom on the first floor 3 good Bedrooms on the second floor and 2 good Attic Bodrooms. The property is held under a Grant from the Mayor and Burgesses of the Town of Aberystwyth, for the term of 99 years, commencing on the 22nd day of October, 1824, sub- ject to the nominal Ground Rent of 10s. per annum, and is worthy the attention of Purchasers. Any further information may be obtained upon appli- cation to Messrs. Hughes, Hughes, and RobertI Solicitors, Aberystwyth. August 6, 1840, ROBINS' PATENT FILTERS. V"V""o.>.fV J. COX, Bookseller and Stationer, begs to announce that he has just received from the Patentee, a supply of hit celebrated Patent Filters, varying in size from 2 to 6 gal- lons. It is almost superfluous to point out the numerous advan- tages of this invention of Filters, for it has been declared by the highest practical authorities (including Sir Henry Halford) that water, however apparently pure and transparent it may appear, oupht not to be used as a beverage, until it has undergone the proeess of filtration. Amongst the peculiar advantages of Robins' Paten t Filter s may be iiaiiied,-the rapidity of the process, the simplicity of action and manage- iiieiit, and seif-cle-insiiig properties ttiey are also supplied at a price which places them within the reach of every lamily and printed directions for keeping the filter in order, will b* given to purchasers. August 18 th, 1840. SAMUEL DAVIS, From, Cheltenham, and 65, Bold Street, Liverpool, OPTICIAN, 37,Pier Straat, aaar the Tawa Hall, HAS the honor most respectfully to inform the Ladie* and Gentlemen of Aberystwith and its Vicinity, that his stay will be limitedto a very short time; and he threfore begs to invite their early attention to his well-assorted Stock of Spectacles and Eye-glasses of the best manufacture, mounted in frames of Gold, Silver, Steel, and Tortoiseshell, fitted up with Brazil pebbles, and Glasses of every kind. Licensed Hawker, No. 1769, A.