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J r I"" I, FOR A REAL BRIGHT | CHRISTMAS FIRE I GET | BRACKSTONE & CO.'S Holly Lane or Cannock Coal j and Yule Tide Logs of Wood COAL from 18/6 per ton, Colwyn Bay Station. | Logs of Wood or Rough Chopped Pieces 1/- per bag. THREE BAOS DELIVERED FREE IN COLWYN BAY. p PRICES QUOTED DELIVERED ANY STATION. j T. BRACKSTONE & CO., i Central Buildings, COLWYN BAY. TSLBPHONK 186. ESTABLISHED 1891# F H PRICES QUOTED DELIVERED ANY STATION. Jj T. BRACKSTONE & CO., i j Central Buildings, COLWYN BAY. t TSLBPHONK 186. ESTABLISHED 1891. ;> 'é' I E. D. JONES, t' 1 High-class Grocer & Provision Merchant j ¡ BAKER AND CONFECTIONER, I THE STORES, ABERGELE ROAD (Telephon* XVo. Sy), COLWYN BAY, ======= NOW SHOWING A GRAND SELECTION OF | CHRISTMAS FRUIT i (Guaranteed New and Clean)* Fancy Boxes of Chocolate from Id. to 5/ Crystallized and Glace Fruits in ilb., Ub., lib., 21b. and 41b. Boxes. Boxes of Bon-Bons from 6d. to 3/6. Home-made Fancy Iced Cakes from 1/- to 3/- Fancy Boxes of Biscuits from 6d. to 3/ Boxes of Figs, Muscatel Clusters, French Plums. Ground Cooking and Dessert Almonds. Non-Alcoholic Wines, &c, 23025 ,="li I P CAFE ROYAL. I Home-made Ptom Puddings, Mince Pies and Mince Meat. Xmas Cakes (orn&meaw-ii), Plum tI Lunch Cakes, Shortbread. All kinds of JELLIES, CREAMS, TRIFLES, PATTIES and POTTED DAINTIES Made to Order at the Shortest Notice. COSAQUES from the most Celebrated English and French Makers. f Handsome Boxes oi CHOCOLATES, CRYSTALLIZED FRUITS, &c. ENGLISH & FRENCH NOVELTIES. I WEDDING BREAKFASTS. WHIST DRIVES. DANCES, CHILDREN'S PARTIES. &c.. CATERED FOR. ]\ TERMS ON APPLICATION TO MRS. CLARK, 1 CAFE ROYAL, STATION RD., COLWYN BAY. 11 »» »» ~—r. ]FOR ALL KINDS AND THE NOTED H 0 USE FOR EIS AND [ GARDEN REQUISITES. I AGENTS for 4U SU«Dge,s TENNIS j G. BEVAN & CO., I Furnishing Ironmongers, Electricians, Sanitary Plumbers, Q as fitters, Bell* 1 hangers, Grate Setters, Bkwksraiths, Tin and Metal Workers,' 1 TZLZPXONX14 COW WAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. ) J. DICKEN & SONS, I House Furnishers, Furniture Removers and Storers, 4Cc 1 CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE DISTRICT. LARGEST SELECTION LINOLEUMS, CORK, ENGLISH AND { FOJfrfilQN CARPETS. i BEDROOM SU-FTE A SPECIALITY, < VAUGHAN ST.. LLANDUDNO. STATION ROAD, COLWYN BA? TEL. S. TICL. 175. UNDEITTAKERS. J ALL GOODS DELIVERED FREE. ( JOHN HUGHES, f THE APOLLO MUSIC DEPOT. ABERGELE ROAD, COLWYN BAY (Nut Ð..r to Messrs. Pryce WiUiams & Co.) LARGE STOCK OF SHEET MUSIC, ORATORIOS, OPERAS, tfd t VIOLIN STRINGS ACCESSORIES. £ SOLE AGENT FOR STECK PIANOS s £ i the PIONOLA, PIANO PLAYER I and PIANO, also for the COLUMBIA QRAPHOPHONE. J ZONOPHONE & COLUMBIA RECORDS IN STOCK. TUNING & REPAIRING. PIANOS FOR HIRE. v ■■ ■■ —Wi^——g—a——B—B———1^— UNDER the management ■ Si B fiTfhfl IbJM f|91| Of Mr H. WPJ.RCE, B 4 B IVfl B II i I H E I I late Erecting Eig neer to the British Westinghobse MBWI^L»L»FHIR) ON C", I Co., nr. Chester. E LECT R tC ly;4M-7.T 11 jySCSlJlSHBBil Twenty years' practical experience in all branches of electrical work. Highest references. Guaranteed first 7 Class work and material. I ? PIERCE & CO., Electrical Engineers and Contractors, 'T. ^B fP PENRHYN ROAD, COLWYN BAY. j' HJIB TEL-



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