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Children's Corner. ¡ .I


Children's Corner. ¡ BY UNCLE JOHN I We will begm to-day with a note from one who lives quite near the Children's Corner." 5U, VVind-street, Swansea.—Dear Uncle John,—This is the fiict time 1 have ever written to you. 1 would be pleased 1..0 see illy name in your "corner." 1 am sending you a lew riddles, such as:- What sort of a vegetable is it that a sailor never likes?—A leak (leek). What goes up dry and comes down wet?—An umbrella. What gofbs up white and comes down j-ellow r-An egg. -1 remain, your niece, Mary Stiles (age 10). The next letter contains quite a budget. Here it is:- or RIDDLES AND RHYME. I Mary Ann Webber, 19, Penybryn-road, Gorseinon, age 11 years fuur months, writes:—Dear Uncle John,—1 have the pleasure of writing to you for the first time. I am sending a few riddles and a piece of poetry. Why is the letter w like a lady's muff ?--Because it makes arm warm. What bird sits at every table P— Swallow. Why is the letter A like the honey- siipkle ?-Because it is followed by the B. 1 am neither tiesh nor bone, yet I Iihvp four lingers and one thumb. What am I P —A glove. Barber: Now, Tommy, do you want a hair cut?—Tommy: Oh, no, sir, I wanT all of them cut. GIVE OTHERS A HELP., I ijtte has some wonderful lessons to teach To those who are willing to learn; Heights that are noble and lofty to reach Though the method may sometimes b? stern; Though the task may be hard and your progress seem slow. And the teits may be often severe, With plenty or courage and patienco and pluck You'll win your way through, never fear Muriel Pugh, 1.3-1, Llangyfelach-road Brynhyfryd, ivrites.t- Why is the suu like the Union Jack f- Becauso no powel" on earth can pull it down. Which is the best way of going to tho dog??—By following the hounds. Why does a man with one eye see more than a man with two?—Because he can see your two and you, car. only see his one SHORT STORY FROM COCKETT. I I he very absent-minded professor bad I taken his little daughter, aged three, with him un an errand to t$e post office. Ho I came back without her. Where u' I)ot ? the mother asked. "Dot?" ex- claimed the professor. Why, dear me. she must lie still in the post office. I sal her on the counter with the parcels while 1 was writing my telegrams, and told her she was not to stir." Dot hadn't stirred. When the professor went back- he found her still sitting just where he had left her. It's all right, daddy ciear. she gnid, when he apologised. TTf took the parcels, but he d¡dn't talik, me. I s'pose that was 'cause I hadnt been addressed "—Linda Bowen, No. 1. Duffryn-terrace. Cwmbach-road, Cockett T'forestfach, Swansea. v Evelyn Mary Thomas (age 101 years) Arvon House, Trinity-street, Gorseinon writes:— How many sides has St. Pauli, Cathedral?—Two sides, the inside and the outsrde. What beam is it that a carpenter cannot saw through?—A sunbeam. What is it which goes when we are going and yet goes when we stop ?-A watch. Sissie: What would you do if our boat were to fill with water?—Sailor Jim: Oh. iust bore a hole in the bottom and let the water out."


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