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HIGHWAY BOARD MEETING. The annual meeting of the Highway Board of the Holywell district was held on Friday afternoon, when the waywardens present were-Mr. St. John Charlton (chairman), Mr. Isaac Taylor (vice-chair- man), Rev.- D. Morgan, Ysceifiog Rev. D. Williams, Newarket; Messrs. W. Michell, Whel- stone; E. Lewis, Mostyn Robt. Bagshaw, Calcot; W. Matthews, Glanllyn; E. Pierce, Trelogan; Leigh Howell, Bagillt; E. Hughes, lsglan Robt. Jones, Merllyn; W. Matthews, Caerwys; John Edwards, Caerwys; Wm. Griffiths. Gwespyr; John Owen, Brynllystyn John Ellis, Berthen Thomas Jones, Bronfadog; Edward Williams, Pentreffyn- non; John Jones, Fachallt; Thomas Williams, Mertyn H. D. Thorn, Caerwys; W. Thomas, Babell; John Jones, Brynford; John Hughes, Pethybwl; John Price, Gwaenyscor; and N. H. Morris, Ysceifiog. Clerk-Mr. H. A. Cope sur- veyor-Mr. H. Judd. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN AND VICE-CHAIRMAN. Mr. Robert Jones proposed that Mr. St. John Charlton be re-elected chairman of the Board, and Mr. Michell, Mr. Edwards, and Mr. Edw. Hughes seconded the motion at the same time. It was put to the meeting by the Clerk and was carried unani- mously. On taking the chair, Mr. Charlton said he was very much obliged to the waywardens for re- electing him as chairman of the Board. He was particularly obliged to them for the orderly and business-like way in which they had carried on the duties of the Board in the past, and had it not been for that the duties of chairman would not be very pleasant. He Lad received the greatest courtesy and civility from the members during the time he had occupied the chair, for which he thanked them. Mr. Matthews (Caerwys), proposed, the Rev. D. Williams seconded, and it was unanimously carried that Mr. Isaac Taylor be again appointed vice-chairman. In acknowledging the vote, Mr. Taylor remarked that he would do the best he could to carry out the business of the Board, for a time was coming when they would have considerably more to do than they had at present. THE DAY AND HOUR OF MEETING. Mr. Robert Jones moved that the meetings of the Board should be held on the first Friday in every months and the motion was seconded by Mr. Edw. Williams, who remarked that they should endeavour to fix the meetings as far as possible to suit the convenience of tenant farmers. The motion was supported by the Rev. D. Morgan, and carried.— On the motion of Mr. Matthews, seconded by Mr. Edw. Williams, three o'clock was fixed as the hour of meeting. THE END OF TURNPIKES. The Clerk read a letter he had received, intimat- ing that the question of the further continuance of the Flint, Holywell and Mostyn Turnpike Trust bad been referred to a Select Committee of the House of Commons, which would meet on the 9th inst. A similar letter had also been sent to the Commissioners of the Trust, but they did not intend applying for a continuance of the trust, which will expire in November next.—The Rev. D. Morgan: Why ?—The clerk: Because they have paid off their debts, and they consider that the work for which they were called into existence has been accomplished.—The surveyor in his report, stated that in consequence of the probability of a portion of the turnpike roads coming under the management of the Board on the 1st November next, the sum of L500 had been provided in the estimate for repairing the 45 miles of disturnpiked roads during the last five months of the year. Three fourths of the expenditure would be refunded to the Board, by the annual grants at the end of 1885. The Surveyor suggested that the 25th of March next would be the best time of the year to disturnpike the roads, an opinion which was shared by the County Surveyor. The County Road Surveyor reported on the 10th July last, that the turnpike roads within the district of the Board" were on the whole well kept and in good order," and every effort should be made -llnl Surveyor) to maintain their present state until they came under the direct manage-out of the Board on the extinction of the £ a in existence nearly ISO years. -Mr Edward Williams said turnpike gates were now becomin g_ obsolete, and they were seen in but few places. It may be that their extinction would add to the taxation on farmers, but they must move with the times. He believed that the turn- pike gates had l>oen a great hurt, to the town of Holywell, and particularly on .such a day as that (a fair day) for they could not come into the town without having their hands continually in their pocket.II, the course of a conversation it was stated that any money the Turnpike Trustees may have in hand on the extinction of the Trust would be handed to the Highway Boards. -It was resolved not to apply for an extension of the time for the continuance of the trust. THE SURVEYOR'S ANNUAL REPORT. The Surveyor presented a voluminous report, appended to which were the estimates for the current year. The totalexpenditurwasestimatedat£2,181, equal to a rate of sixpence in the pound, which is the same amount as levied by the Mold Board; and three half-pence less than that levied by the St. Asaph Board. The sixpenny rate was based on the assumption that the Board would adopt the turnpike roads this year, or a rate of 6-1d. would suffice. The roads generally within the district were greatly im proved as compared with the previous year, special attention having been given to Golden Grove, Gwaenyscor, Gwespyr, Garneddwen, Graigfadog, and Trefed wen roads. Similar repairs were required at Trelanucha, Trefraith, Trefedwen, Tremostvn, and the eastern portion of Axton. In consequence of the carriage of timber from Bryngwynucha, the road would require constant attention before next winter. The use of Penmaenmawr granite near Caerwys station and at Tremostyn has proved very beneficial, and the Surveyor further suggested its use on the roads between Rhewl Mostyn and Plas- ucha, and between the Boot (Bagillt) and Twll farm. Since the formation of the Board upwards of 900 notices had been served for reducing and trimming hedges running alongside the highways, and much good had been done without having in any single case to resort to litigation. Some persons still remained disobedient, and he applied for authority to compel them to comply with the requirements in this particular. Several applications had been made requiring the Board to adopt the road leading from Greenfield Railway Crossing to the sea, the owners being willing to put the same in a good state of repair. The road was an important one, and was continually used by the carriers of the neighbourhood. Similar applications were also made with regard to the roads leading from Talacre Arms, Gwespyr, to the turnpike road, and from Trelogan to Trelogan Isa. The report further dealt with the circular recently issued by the County Surveyor, and also with the question "Extraordinary traffic" and suggested that the purchaser of Bron Fawr wood should be asked to pay the Board the sum of L20 to- wards the extraordinary expenditure which must be caused on the highways in the townships of Tre'rdre and Bryngwynucha by reason of his operations in timber haulage. The Surveyor further begged to be allowed to lay before the Board the necessity at some future time of considering the desirability of making new roads through the Holy- well Common, viz., from Naid-y-march, southward of Pantasaph Monastery to Brynford Church, thence to the Denbigh turnpike road near Old Hall. Halkyn, it being expected that the Duke of Westminster would favourably consider the matter and render assistance.—No steps were taken with respect to the question of extraordinary" traffic raised in the report. NEW RATE. The estimate having been passed around for the inspection of the members, it was resolved that precepts should be issued for the first half of the rate, equal to an assessment of threepence in the pound. ADDITIONAL WORK. Mr. Edward Williams proposed after some discussion, and Mr. E. Lewis seconded, that no expense exceeding the sum of X5, beyond the ordinary expense of repairing the road should be incurred without the matter being first brought before the Board and the necessary consent being given for the carrying out of the work.—Mr. Wm. Thomas proposed as an amendment and Mr. Matthews seconded that the words C.5 be omitted. The motion was carried by 10 votes to 8. LICENSES AND TENDERS. The Surveyor was instructed to invite tenders for the supply of materials, team work, &c., for the current year, and also to solicit tenders for the re- pair of the Rhesycae Fire Clay road.—The Clerk was also requested to apply to the Justices em- powering the waywardens to enter into contracts with the Board.









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