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I'itfuhue. tl tra, nrc. fBooks and publications intended for review in this journal may be sent through Mr. C Mitchell, bookseller, Red Lion Court, Fleet-street; or direct to the Office.j The Art Journal. Part for January.—This valuable publication will be doubly interesting to its readers in in South Wales on account of the series of articles just commenced by Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Hall, and entitled Excursions in South Wales." In the present part the writers treat of the -1 Wye, from Ross to Monmouth and they announce their intention of eventually describ- ing the beautiful river from its source to its mouth, from the well into which it dribbles in the far off moun- tain to the estuary where it joins the Severn." Mr. F. W. Ilulrne will illustrate the work, and the sketches he produces this month are very satisfactory. We have pleasant little pictures of Ross from Wilton Meadows," The Wye from the Prospect," The Church of Ross," Wilton Castle," lioss Market-place," and of seve- ral other and objects. We need scarcely say that all of them are produced in the true Art Journal style. As to the letter-press, Mr. and Mrs. Hall dis- course agreeably on the points of interest along the route, and conclude the first chapter with an interesting account of the Man of Ross." The article, in short, is full of attractions, and we warmly recommend those of our readers who do not already subscribe to the work, to send their names to their booksellers at once. The large engravings are, "Gil Bias at Pennaflor," "The Marmozettes," and "Emily of Rylstone." There are also several illustrated articles in the part. The con- ductors are manifesting a determination to surpass their former efforts, and we have no doubt their exertions will be rewarded by an in, reased measure of public support. National 3C"gazine. January. — In this part com- mences a new series of Recollections of a Detective Officer," which promise to be very entertaining. Mr. Brough continues his humorous story, and the illus- trations are numerous. The Family II-rail.—Several new stories are com- menced in the part for January. The leading articles are excellent, as usual, and a large portion of the maga- zine is devoted to useful family recipes. The London Journal.—Scott's "Fortunes of Nigel" is continued in the part before us, and Miss M. Power contiibutes portions of a new story, entitled Too Late." There is a capital "Christmas Supplement" bound up with the part. The Home Circle.—The re issue of this favouiite magazine is still progressing, and we recommend it to the notice of our readers. ———— Routledgv's Shakespeare continues to deserve the high praise we have frequently bestowed on it. Mr. Gilbert's illustrations are excellent, while the care and attention which Mr. Staunton devotes to the elucidation of ob- scure passages in the text cannot be exceeded. The work will doubtless be in the library of most lovers of Shakespeare.


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